Ringtones for iOS7 - Ringtone Maker and Free ring.tones collection Music App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Music
  • Publisher: byss mobile
  • Updated: Jul, 13 2010
  • Version: 7.8.2
  • Size: 32.54 MB

Languages: English, German

Seller: BYSS mobile

new year update with fixes

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78 Ratings
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All in ONE RINGTONES App (convert music & record with mic & use extensive library - over 1'000 ringtones)

Never again pay for your ringtones! 15'000 reviews!

There are 9'000'000 happy customers with our ringtones worldwide!

We give you unlimited ringtone possibilities!

Over 1000 custom ringtones included.

Ringtone designer will convert all (mp3 & AAC) iTunes music to ringtones.

Ringtone recorder will allow to record family and friend voices as ringtones.

Top ringtone app in US/UK/AU/NZ/FR/IT/JP/MX/BR/PL and many many more AppStores! This is BEST RINGTONES APP in AppStore period!

This is PREMIUM QUALITY APP just read AppAdvice.com "Ringtones is like four apps in one — an extensive soundboard, a collection of ringtones, a ringtone recorder, and a ringtone creator."

Unique ringtones features:

Share ringtones on Facebook & Twitter

iOS 5 Text & Alert & SMS & iMessage tones support

Real waveform for each of your ringtones

If you love this app, please rate it in iTunes and add comments to help spread the word!

Ringtones works flawlessly with: iPhone 5,4S,4,3GS : iPad and iPad2 : iPod 2,3rd,4th and 5th generation.

iPod 1st gen and original iPhone (2007) and 3G is not supported

Customer Reviews

  • Title

    by Kardiā

    Awesome APP!!

  • .....

    by Mr. Flappy

    This app appears pretty good, but it's complicated to actually get a ringtone, and sometimes when I try to download a ringtone they show in the ringtone library, it says it's to old to download. If it's not gonna work, don't put it on the library!

  • Firme

    by Rebpat21666


  • Ok

    by Tipin point

    Some of the tones aren't what they say once downloaded!

  • I like it.

    by Jules4jrm

    Like it.


    by Clemmer_Family

    I keep trying to download the good bad and ugly ringtone but it keeps giving me this "baby jupiai" and it's really getting old I just want my ringtone this needs som work

  • Sound

    by Jeffr85


  • Ring tone

    by Cookiepie <3

    It's good

  • No Volume Control!

    by No Volume!!!!!!!!!!

    It's good, but there's no volume control! I want to have my phone on full volume for both my text tone and custom made phone tone! PUT A FREAKING VOLUME CONTROL ON HOW LOUD YOU WANT TO MAKE THE RINGTONE FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!

  • Good

    by ★彡Tina°

    I like it

  • Awesome

    by Wilson777

    Super easy to use. Very nice.

  • Great

    by Brodyard32

    Good stuff!

  • I like it!

    by Man o few words

    A little complicated...but nothing a third grader couldn't figure out....given enough sugar coated cereal and a Tuesday afternoon.

  • Love it

    by Ryan Tu

    Easy to use

  • Five Star

    by Windswept57

    Very useful app. Just what I was looking for.

  • Ring tone

    by Barry bin Laden

    One off the best , love it !!

  • Like it but not very user friendly :-(

    by Dusk807

    I am pretty tech savvy but every time I want to create a ringtone it takes forever because I need to remember how to upload, download, convert, add to library, blah, blah, blah. Would be 5 star if it wasn't so complicated.

  • Very good

    by Timc182

    Very fun

  • by Moochoclate


  • Bueno!

    by Bmbills

    Nice app!

  • Fine if you want random

    by PredawnBelial

    I didn't even try to get one. There's no search or anything, just the lists. Idk if it's a direct dl or if you have to go through iTunes and do the conversions and such. Not worth it for me.

  • Too much

    by M n B!!

    I don't want to go thru my computer, I jus want to use my phone...

  • Good

    by Jvalso

    I like it

  • Annoying complicated

    by Ali2b4

    Annoying complicated

  • Spamming Required

    by Red7E

    As far as I can tell, this app forces you to spam your friends via Facebook, Twitter, or elsewhere before you can use it. Not cool.

  • Usefull thing

    by Kictito

    There is so many similar apps to this, but if you need one now, go no wondering any more...

  • This app is ok

    by Poppies yo

    This app doesn't work that well

  • Cool

    by $Ashia$

    Great jams!!!!!!

  • Best rate

    by Jsjdjshehdjshshsdh

    Best app ever

  • Good

    by Live 2 skate

    But I can't get the ringtones to send without message failure

  • Like

    by KK Mdy


  • Simple and effects are good

    by nikitalayne

    Despite a couple of popups it's a great app!

  • Great

    by star407

    Good ringtone program

  • Stupid

    by William Edgerley

    Not Original Voices So Lame

  • Designer

    by Montee Hai

    This app is incredible!!

  • the best

    by n3Kro

    I didn't seen better ringtone app on iphone

  • :)

    by Kkforeva! ;)1554

    Amazing app, love it!!

  • Audrey likes it

    by Jrcshort 

    It's ok not the best

  • Good enough

    by Pinch_MF

    Too many ads and when I made my ring tone it didn't work so good when I got a text or call I didn't hear anything at all

  • Awsome

    by Mastema6969

    I love it

  • Fantastic!

    by Judith Heidi

    Very easy to use and it is so fun!

  • Ok

    by VaughanJ

    I had this app for a year until it updated and all my ringtones went silent made me think my phone was damaged turns out it was the app updates can truly mess things up

  • Update

    by Apppappp


  • Too complicated

    by realyrosetta

    I like that I can use songs I've downloaded from iTunes, but you have to go through file sharing and connecting your phone to your computer. If you make the ringtone on your phone, why would you have to involve your computer? I didn't actually do it, but I feel like it's a setup

  • eh

    by Kyleen4ever

    its ok but idk much about this kind of technology… but for me it was a little confusing instructions would help. alot

  • Bad

    by Cordial Savage

    Terrible ringtones and too many ads.

  • Awesome!!!

    by Tom 1974

    Very good app !!! Very Very nice !!

  • Great app!

    by mortarro

    This is all i need, thanks

  • Don't think so.

    by 2948282;&/'xnancjakzjs

    Easy to use and stuff, it's great, but seriously? It's so dang difficult to upload the song for your ringtone if you're choosing the song from your own music.. Stupid, and worthless...

  • Stupid

    by Mikibasketballroks

    Dont have a laptop to sinc it onto...

  • Best Ringtone Maker Ever

    by Vincent Navarro

    Read the title

  • Cool app!!!

    by  cydra88

    It's great!!!

  • crap crap crap!

    by Fkyoi

    ads everywhere, and you have to record to put that on itunes. IT ALREADY DONE BECAUSE THERE IS "VOICE MEMO" ON EVERY DEVICE!

  • Cool

    by W K xnx


  • stinks

    by 775awesomeman

    i tried to use the record and it closed out unistalling right now

  • Horrible

    by Dksndhsjsbdjc

    Don't use this app it is not fast and easy it took me ten minutes for a stupid little ringtone!

  • ADS! Don't waste your money!

    by Kayla1703

    The app was great. But unfortunately now there are ads. All the time. Do not waste your money on this app! Get another ringtone maker! It works - there are just ads everywhere. And that is not fair to those who paid money for it, like me!

  • Horrible

    by Jackinkc

    It makes no sense on how to use this!

  • Best app

    by Princess_bahrain

    I like this app and i need it

  • Terrible

    by Orchid22808

    I downloaded the song but once i tried to sync to the iphone then it came out the song.. It's not the same song that i've downloaded from the apps..

  • Ads Ads Ads

    by jduncan2786

    This app is not verty good unless you like your phone filled with ads for products you don't want. Other apps are out there that are far better and don't patronize the user. Don't even bother to download.

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