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  • Category: News
  • Publisher: Zinio LLC
  • Updated: Apr, 04 2010
  • Version: 2.5.10
  • Size: 34.63 MB

Languages: NB, Catalan, Chinese, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Swedish, Chinese

Seller: Zinio LLC

This update is highly recommended for all users. It resolves new crashes and bugs.

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164 Ratings
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43882 Ratings


Browse over 5,000+ digital magazines in the world's largest newsstand or read fresh articles daily for free. The best in news, politics, technology, art, style, travel and more at your fingertips, on any device. Zinio connects you with the stories that shape history from the magazines that matter to you.

- READ your new magazines the moment they arrive, and sync your library offline and across all your devices.
- EXPLORE articles to preview magazines or discover great stories from our favorite magazines worldwide.
- SHOP our global newsstand, with great values on subscriptions and single issues.


- Read new free articles every day
- Get library updates via Push, and instantly sync your library across all your devices
- Connect with Facebook and share what you read
- Set your library to auto-download, and read magazines offline and on the go
- Browse more on the web, shop for products or view interactive features and rich media from select titles and issues


- 148Apps BestAppEver Awards “Best iOS Magazine App” – 2013
- TechCrunch “20 Best iOS Apps” – 2012
- iTunes “App Store Best of: Top Grossing” – 2011, 2012
- IMA “Best Global App Award” – 2011, 2012


“To see magazines done correctly look at Zinio” — Huffington Post

“If you're a magazine devourer, this is your app.” — PCMag.com

“The iPad newsstand that works” — Fortune.com

“Zinio is to magazines what Kindle is to books” — Engadget.com

“Zinio editions on the iPad are terrific” — Salon.com


NEW ADDITIONS — Wired, Vanity Fair, Fast Company, The Atlantic, Architectural Digest, Wine Spectator
BUSINESS & NEWS — Forbes, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Economist, Harvard Business Review
FOR MEN — Maxim, Esquire, Car & Driver, Men’s Fitness, Outside
STYLE — Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire, Nylon, Harper’s Bazaar, BlackBook
LIFESTYLE — Saveur, Oprah, Dwell, Wine Enthusiast
TECH — T3, Macworld, PC World, PC Gamer, X-Box World
SCIENCE — National Geographic, The Smithsonian, New Scientist, Science
INTERNATIONAL — Vogue France, Esquire UK, Hola, GQ Japan


Tell us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/zinio or follow us on Twitter: www.twitter.com/zinio.

Zinio supports iOS versions 5.1 and greater. If you haven’t updated your iOS software in awhile, you should!

Customer Reviews

  • Great App for an alternative to reading magazines--

    by HTNut

    ----on my iPad/iPhone when I am away from home. Well done Zino

  • Library use

    by Gtk pilot

    My library uses Zinio. I can download over 150 titles with my library card. Program works well, but I would like to see an auto download feature to subscribed magazines.

  • By far the best magazine app

    by Palexand

    Consolidates my entire magazine library. Easy to use and allows me to travel with many choices of reading material. Only gripe is that digital subscriptions are more expensive than paper subscriptions, which makes no sense (probably an advertiser or zinio profit issue).

  • read my magazines anywhere

    by SandiNZ

    I do wish the interactive part of National Geographic was not dependent upon wifi. but I am very happy to be able to read my favorite magazines outside the US without breaking the bank! And now I can read them on my iPad mini! Thank you Zinio!

  • Great app

    by Fab rat

    It does what it says it does. Many choices does not use a lot of memory.

  • Love Zinio!

    by obsolete29

    I truly enjoy being able to read my magazines on the ipad!

  • Alright, Could improve a lot!

    by Orriooss

    The application is easy to use. It was designed simple to use. However, functionality is very important and this application needs some improvements in this area. It kicks you out too many times. It looses connectivity to the server and freezes more than plenty of times so your patience is almost at the brink of explosion. However the amount of periodicals is very good and diverse but they need to make a better job at getting these issues resolved. It seems that they need more personnel to accomplish this in a satisfactory way for the best of Zinio and the customers.

  • Always late with magazines

    by skekum

    I subscribe to Macworld and always receive the current months issue around the 10-15th day of the month. Today is the 8th Feb and have not received Feb issue yet. If you want to be really up to date then this is not for you.

  • Good stuff

    by Bozeman cat

    Works well Integrated with my library.

  • Great asset for travelers

    by Unmig

    Having digital access to my magazines is great. I divide my time between the USA and Austria. Before Zinio my hard copy subscription magazines ended up at the wrong place half of the time. Now that never happens. RLH

  • Love it!

    by AmSecret2U

    I love Zinio. A wonderful way to keep up with your reading!

  • Zino

    by Ms Palm

    I first started using Zino because I had a digital subscription for Women's Day magazine and it was the only way at the time to do the download. I really enjoy you it is a clear read and I'm thoroughly satisfied with this app and I would highly recommend for reading. It has been very reliable and has never failed to amaze me it is very clear and the in the various options are always spot on.

  • a stable app - limited ability to share snippets

    by alwaysontheroad_21

    Zinio has matured into a stable app. Magazines look great on it. All I ask now is that it feature iBook like ability to email a selection of text or a graphic.

  • Love Zinio

    by MyInput

    This is the best magazine app available. Excellent selection.

  • Best public library offering

    by Mrs. Beezly

    If your library carries this feature, it's well worth it. Convenient and easy to use. The interactive National Geographic is incredible!

  • Great!

    by Montuna09

    I love to be able to read magazines using my library card!

  • Enjoyable

    by Lost Al

    Enjoyable.. thx for your efforts..

  • Zinio 1st Choice

    by Johnbray

    I read a lot on the Ipad, magazines and books. I've tried different readers, including magazines like The New Yorker and The Economist in their own web editions. I prefer the Zinio format because I like to see actual magazine pages, then change the font size as desired. Also, being able to see the text of any article and email the text is ideal. This is my reading choice for mags.

  • Zinio

    by Matrixhobbies

    Awesome app. Get all the mags you want at great prices. And always with you.

  • Needs Saving and Emailing options!

    by JCTel

    I like the portability of carrying a variety of magazines but do no know how one can save and/or email copies of articles.

  • Can't load ZINIO app.on my new iPad air

    by Fgotham

    The icon shows ,but is blacked out and shows (loading) under it.But it never does load.and I can't get it off the page. I have not been able to read my PC magazine for last two month.

  • Zinio review

    by Calexico Guy

    I'm very pleased with the selection of periodicals I've purchased through this app, but I intensely dislike the hang-ups I experience trying to get to the issues. Today, for example, I've been unable to log-on to my new issue of GQ and your site repeatedly "locks-up."

  • This app is awful

    by Broke in California

    I have been trying to read a better homes and gardens subscription I bought and can't even get the app to open it keeps reading server won't respond , when it does open it won't recognize my purchase I would not recommend downloading or buying anything from this app

  • Completely useless app

    by Jackaardman

    Ipad ios6.13 Trying for two days to access autoweek for a preview all I am able to get is a error indicating "a server error has occurred, please try again later"

  • Doesn't sync all purchases

    by Kirbee N

    As someone who likes Zinio mainly for the ability to access less available magazines, I am really frustrated by this app. I subscribe to a UK magazine, and even though Zinio's site lets me read it, the app will only show my US subscriptions. Would have been nice to know before I forked over my subscription fees.

  • Useless!

    by Waiola

    I can't even register with Zinio or purchase a single issue. For the past two days, I have been getting nothing but an error message indicating a "server error" has occurred.

  • Always crashes!

    by PCmag Subscriber

    Can't read the magazines I've purchased because it just crashes every time I tap on the issue I want to read! What a piece of garbage!

  • Not working

    by Golderxp

    The last update ruined the experience. The reader don't work anymore

  • AWESOME!!!

    by JBTDC

    Love this!! Easy to use, current, super!!!

  • Zinio

    by A dead cat

    It's a great and easy app to use

  • Help!

    by CJBR

    I can't find the app on my iPad anymore?

  • Good, but it has issues

    by Fisus57

    It's A good program, but I am unable to unload some of the magazines in my iPhone, it works better in my IPad.

  • First time app rip off me

    by Bite me 222

    Do not believe their lies, worst app, worst online experience for me. I signed up for three magazines, nothing but problems. February 1st tomorrow and still no February magazines. I will never do this again. Beware!

  • Frustrating!

    by Spider1sgirl

    I love the convenience of having so many magazines available to me on my iPad but downloading magazines one at a time is tiresome and so unnecessary. Can you please include an option to download multiple magazines at a time? Like an Edit/Select/Download feature? It would be truly helpful especially since having to uninstall and reinstall your app due to myriad problems is a necessity every other month or so.

  • Will not work

    by fadedandrew

    My Automobile magazine subscription is not loading the pages for March 2014. I tried emailing Zinio and never got a response. I would like my money back.

  • Consistent

    by IceMan~

    There's a reason the experience is consistent from magazine to magazine. Essentially each magazine is a photocopy. It is not formatted for reading on the iPad at all. Pinch to zoom? I don't want to bother with that while I try to read a magazine. I want to tap a button to increase the font size and leave it at that. Bloomberg Businessweek is much better read in Apple's Newsstand. I do not have to fuss with pinch to zoom & everything is nicely formatted. If I had to choose between print and Zinio, I would pick print -- that is how terrible Zinio is for reading magazines.

  • Update no good!

    by Hbunch28

    I can't access my magazines because I can't open the app. It deleted itself from my Ipad. Please fix!

  • Broken for IOS 5.1.1

    by MikenLizQ

    Whatever was done in this version to fix bugs in IOS 6.0 must have broken the app for 5.1.1 users. The app hangs on startup and then crashes or just immediately crashes on start up. It is totally unusable. Please fix this!! Lucky for me I still had the previous version in iTunes and was able to delete it from my iPad and install 2.5.8 which works great.

  • The best way to keep up

    by Glenn Stieneke

    I travel several weeks at a time and it would be impossible to keep up with my magazines if I had to wait to read them until I got home. With Zinio I can get all of them wherever I am along with easily carrying a "stack" of them with me. Zinio has been my constant companion for over a decade. I could not think of live without it.

  • Good, but is having issues

    by Hman222222

    When viewing car and driver and road and track magazines pages are skewed and do not line up correctly. Automobile magazine for March 2014 does not load. It keeps having network connection issues.

  • 2 teen vogue issues missing on my iPhone/Itouch.

    by Nat E.

    2 of my teen vogue issues are missing on my Itouch/iPhone. Please make another update available.

  • I love it.


    I love it

  • Great for reading magazines!

    by Cathirs

    Love reading magazines with Zinio. Check them out from the library and read at my leisure. Allows me to sample mags I hadn't read before and have found many new favorites. One of my favorite apps on my ipad.

  • Disappointed in new version

    by DadnCasey

    New look is slick bug buggy. Very disappointed that you can no longer download feature articles and then read them offline or in airplane mode. Continues to degrade with each update. Haven't been able to read a complete edition of a magazine without crashes in months. Stopped renewing magazines here.

  • Great app

    by Daniel C.R.

    Fun to use, easy to navigate, interesting page turns, well laid out content.

  • The beys way to read magazines

    by Jcraig1800

    Period. The actual copy of the actual magazine. I don't want a customized flashy animated version like wired does for their app. Just the original magazine like Zinio offers. And the file sizes are much smaller with Zinio. 30 to 50mb. Not 600 to 800mb with others. Easy to download over LTE while at the airport. I love it.

  • Avoid

    by rrrrbbb

    1. App update forced me to re-download EVERY magazine I had in my shelf again. 2. App now crashes after about 30 seconds so I can't even get to any of my magazines. Sure I can read them on my computer but that's kind of pointless. So do I get a refund for all my magazines now? 3. App never creates a new icon. It just stays gray even after reinstalling, rebooting and every other trick here is. This app is going to be deleted.

  • My favorite app

    by Michelle mybell

    This is the best way to read.

  • Crashes

    by AMAC...

    Even after installing the new update app keeps crashing!

  • Best way to read magazines!

    by Tidy Desk

    Say goodbye to stacks of magazines, my favorite way to catch up on my tablet.

  • Magazine goodies without the clutter

    by cocosharon

    Zinio + my iPad Mini are my perfect companions on the train commute to work. US Weekly guilty pleasure fix? Check!

  • poor update

    by dhrob

    the app icon did not update. what does that say about the rest of the update? also, you have to do two installs with this version - after the first you are prompted to update again. disappointing

  • Zinio

    by G8R26

    This is a very good app. I can read all my favorite magazines without all the paper. I highly recommend.

  • Excellent app

    by Dglcog

    Easy to use and reliable. A great way to read current magazines. I use it almost every day.

  • Broken Again

    by LASoundCrafter

    I have truly come to HATE Zinio. The only reason I still use this excuse for a magazine ap is because of magazines I subscribe to are through them. As of their last upgrade, they ported to a new server but forgot to port over subscriber accounts so now I have "no profile" and currently don't exist on their servers -- all of my mags are currently lost in their ethos. Oh sure you can call, get some very confused tech, muddle through and wait for them to realize "we got a problem." But why?

  • Don't upgrade...

    by Under Stars I Dream

    You lose all your magazines and will need to download them again - which can take many, many hours. On top of that I lost a couple magazines they no longer carry (but that may be a bug). This is not a good upgrade.

  • De clutter

    by Wildernessguide

    Great system. Save things to read again without mountains of magazines! Works good!

  • Great app

    by JWo64

    Works great with awesome customer service.

  • Left wanting...

    by jimd7744

    This is a fine app for those of us moving around and interested in keeping up with whatever subject we're interested in. Unfortunately, we like to tag items so we can go back and check a fact, re-read some interesting so we use bookmarks. We also like to move from phone to laptop to tablet and upgrade those devices as well. The problem is you lose all bookmarks when you do any of those things. In the world of cloud computing and sync'd everything it should be simple to solve this problem for us. Until then I'll stick with GoodReader that does all that .

  • Great reader for the iPad

    by Ikanuba

    Easy to use and navigate. Love using Zinio for all my mags. No problems or bugs experienced, works flawlessly!

  • Great App

    by wtsportsfan

    Great app for cheap magazines. Crashes a little too often sometimes, but worth the crashes for the prices.

  • Buggy, unreliable, and Zinio is completely unreachable

    by Ellivenud

    Been a Zinio customer for a couple of years and can only say I look forward to phasing it out. Frequently unstable, buggy, and they notoriously ignore any and all communication. If you run into a problem, as people naturally do, you're screwed. If you have a way that currently works for reading magazines, I'd stick with that and save yourself some headache and wasted money.

  • Best e-magazine app

    by Gearyster

    Yep. It's the best.

  • Easy to read ... But hard to highlight, "dog-ear tag"/bookmark, tear out images

    by Tiffany N

    So easy to maneuver through pages. It even has hyperlinks to pages for quick reference on products. However, what I miss about a traditional print magazine is the ability to highlight, "dog-ear tag"/bookmark, tear out images or articles for saving. If they can add those features, we would be golden!!! Side note: that app crashes a little too much -must be stabilized.

  • Good way to read

    by Agabustony

    I like the format that Zinio presents. I can read several different magazines any time, anywhere and not have to carry a big stack of reading material. Downloading is not smooth and sometimes is unsuccessful at the first couple of attempts. But other than that, this is a great app.

  • Bug

    by jorgepontual

    I wasn't getting any of my 2014 magazines. Couldn't get any help from Zinio. Finally I deleted the app and reinstalled it and it worked. Not very good.

  • Rip-off artistes extraordinaire - DON'T DO IT!!!

    by Me not you again

    If you don't have wifi, you will not be allowed to download your prepaid content - whether you have internet service or not, whether your ipad is cable connected or not. NO WIFI, NO DOWNLOAD FOR YOU! And if you happen to make the mistake of logging out of your account when you have no wifi, you will not be allowed to access your downloaded content. I can't believe this sham is even legal. I have spent over $100 in digital subscriptions which I can't download because where I live and work overseas we are not allowed to have wifi. And this service will not simply allow me to download thru my laptop. What is wrong with you, Zinio??

  • Like it

    by Maghoader

    Like it as it keeps the piles of magazines around my recliner non existent. Wife likes it. Its Loading up my iPad however.

  • Great app

    by -63Vette-

    I have used Zinio since it first appeared. It is wonderful. Even my local library uses it to read periodicals.

  • Frustrating app

    by CoD compulsion

    I have been using this app on my iPhone 4 for some time and have been pleased with it up to now. Recently when it's opened it displays the message that it is closing due to low space. There is nearly 300 Mb of space left after having downloaded the magazine. If the app is reinstalled, the magazine can then be downloaded again and it works fine until the app is closed. It is frustrating that it forces the app to close when that is unnecessary.

  • Great app

    by Xiao-tai-tai

    An excellent way to read magazines - especially when i can enlarge the font.

  • Excellent

    by MitchMack

    It just works and provides high quality. I only read an F1 magazine (F1Racing) but I love it.

  • Best Newsstand in Charleston

    by felicianojr

    What a great app!! I have all my favorite magazines in just one place and not that expensive. What ever I want to read in a click of a button. Definitely a must...

  • Even better than the real thing

    by bigRoN18

    Since receiving my iPad and this app, I have found the BEST way to read magazines. Not only are their better deals than paper magazines but it is easier and more enjoyable to read. I can see every page as it was to be printed, but I can read the text in a eBook style of size-adjusted fonts and scrolls easy. If there is a link, such as table of contents, I can jump straight to that article. If there is an advertisement with a URL, I can click on it to go to it... never that easy with a traditional magazine.

  • Great App

    by Buster56

    Great App, It just plain works. I have this for my computer, and iPad. Other than having to be online for some of the effects to work, it's very easy to download and go, without the internet. Tons of magazines.

  • Great app

    by Randall1013

    Nice way to get my favorite magazines read wherever I am. Easy to use and I like the added articles as well

  • Very good

    by iPad user 99

    The only thing I wish it had was when you tap the screen you can see the clock somewhere, seems like a simple fix.

  • Reading is a pleasure

    by Rogue Listening

    I really enjoy reading my magazines on my iPad while I'm on the go. Their prices are reasonable and the pages are a pleasure to read.

  • Great app but one major flaw

    by Yell06

    I think that this app was very well designed and functions without major issues. My main complaint about the app is that it uses 10x's more battery then any other app on my ipad air. I can watch internet tv, play games, etc for hours and not even use half my battery but if i go to read a magazine the app uses almost 1% of my battery per minute, if i use zinio for 50 minutes my battery is 50% gone. I just dont understand why the app uses soo much battery when i would think that an app streaming video would use so much more battery but doesn't.

  • Great App

    by HankSpank

    Does what it's supposed to....no fuss no muss

  • Could be better

    by Deepika Jain

    Magazines don't download automatically

  • Subscription renewal reminder

    by Lovesit94

    Good app except for the fact that I have never received a notification to let me know the my subscriptions are about to expire. It can get frustrating especially when you don't realize that you haven't received a new issue for the past couple of months because you didn't renew.

  • Love this app

    by Dogmom18

    So nice to read an issue without having to recycle etc.

  • Awesome app, plz add dictionary function!

    by Pyopyoy

    Would be even better!

  • Easy to use ...

    by Neverwill9573

    And mags look terrific! The text is clear. Great app, I wouldnt want to give it up.

  • Server error

    by Jordan Meyer

    Can't even create an account. Gives a server error message every time. I've tried it multiple times over several days on three different devices and all have the same error message.

  • Fantastic app

    by No nickname 4567

    Great way to read electronic magazines.

  • Useful app

    by OzarkMTNR

    Good reader.


    by motherocean55

    great being able to bookmark important articles for further review and/or send via email! Wish bookmarks would synch across devices tho.

  • One of my favorite apps

    by Jeffjrich

    I have been using Zinio for years now. I buy all my magazines digitally if they are available, which most are now. I like the multi-device app; no matter which device I use, from my Windows tablet to my phone to my iPad, it just works and is really easy to use. The one thing that would be nice is if, like Kindle, it could keep track of where I am when I change devices. Thanks Zinio!

  • Difficult access

    by Svbj

    I use it to access my library magazine which i cant access through the app. Have to go to my library website and again have to download the magazines in the app

  • Don't waste your money -

    by Bite me 222

    Purchased 4 magazines. They either come 2 or more weeks later than news stand or not at all unless I complain. I will not purchase another. Beware!

  • Disappointed lately!!

    by Sandy Petersen

    I don't know what they have done, but for the past month I have been experiencing crashes. Every time I try to open a magazine it crashes and it has done it many times in a row. For the most part I have been very happy with the app, but not so much this past month.

  • The absolute best.

    by JIm in Rock Village

    I have been using Zinio for 9 years to fulfill my digital magazine subscriptions and NEVER a problem. Digital magazines reached a new level when the iPad came out 4 years ago and Zinio followed quickly with an app. Another great feature is your personal on-line library that allows access to every single issue of every magazine you've ever purchased.

  • Works good!

    by Mu#*

    Good magazines!

  • Great App

    by Jacqui.ts14

    I love that I have all of my Hockey magazines in one place!

  • Me encanta

    by Rbrt Espinosa

    Muy buena app

  • Great app

    by Isherb

    Really like this app! Very easy to use!

  • Review

    by Sdc6949

    iPad version is pretty good. But the iBook versions are difficult and a pain to use and have many bugs requiring me to reload the software constantly.

  • Zinio Rocks the app!

    by sureowl

    I love this magazine reading phenomenon! Awesome app indeed. Thank you Zinio! Friends, Nels

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