Yahoo News App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: News
  • Publisher: Yahoo
  • Updated: Mar, 31 2009
  • Version: 3.2.5
  • Size: 20.93 MB

Languages: English

Seller: Yahoo! Inc.

• Sharing option on the article list
• Improved stability
• Bug fixes

Customer Ratings

Current Version:
59 Ratings
All Versions:
96072 Ratings


Yahoo brings you the best of the web in a virtually endless stream of personalized stories.

The more you use the app, the more relevant stories you'll start to see. The app’s redesign is complete with beautiful and modern touches - it’s fast and easy to use.

Main features:
• Endless stream of personalized stories
• Highly visual article pages
• Ability to save stories
• Push notifications for breaking news
• Summaries by Yahoo
• Multiple news sections, including Technology, Finance, Entertainment, Science, and more
• Email or share stories with Tumblr, Facebook and Twitter
• Revamped web search experience including images and video
• Discover other great Yahoo apps for your device

Customer Reviews

  • App

    by Missmichelle1932

    This app is great! Very busy but also very helpful!!

  • Yahoo works!

    by Bigkev3273

    Great app. Easy to use and much improved since the update!!

  • Most Online Web!

    by CherryCane02

    This is the most popular web ever!!!!!!!!

  • Best Customized news stream

    by First mail

    Love the way stream is personalized for my interests and infinite scroll is my favorite. Sharing options are perfect and j would like to see "trending now" notification and more polished UI.

  • Love it!

    by Joeyg120

    Before recently I would of never thought I would have enjoyed using Yahoo and it's services but I love it! Great work guys!!

  • Fair

    by Ljubljana Hojio

    It is satisfactory

  • Cool

    by Emmy**Loo

    Like it. Very useful. Keeps me up to date.

  • Great App!

    by Bass Man Too

    So far a Great app!

  • Fabolous !

    by yaserk91

    Extremely interactive

  • Fantastic app

    by Lutts1

    Yahoo's search app is fantastic. Much improved. Good job Yahoo

  • Great App to be informed of interesting news

    by PepeTonio

    Simply and very well design

  • Useful app!!

    by ராஜேஷ்

    I get to read news about sport and other tidbits which does not appear on regular news channel. Only this missing is share via iMessage.

  • Mz intriguing

    by Phat Catt

    So loving the app

  • Convenient

    by Goodtunesfan

    This app is convenient and easy to use.

  • by Kambridge420

    Good so far.

  • Good update, needs refinement

    by r012333

    A definite improvement. But please fix the double tap that moves to the next article. It is way too sensitive. Lower the sensitivity or allow sensitivity as a setting. Using iPhone 4S.

  • Good but two things

    by Maxxie O

    It's really good but it needs to have top and breaking news and the ability to see comments. Otherwise, it's an amazing update and app in general.

  • Happy App User

    by Paula Baulch

    Yahoo! did a great job with this app. The content is well-organized, and the app does a great job as my preferred search engine.

  • One flaw?

    by USMarine0913

    Yahoo you've hooked it but you should beef up your breaking news/push notifications, aside from that.....awesome app!!!

  • News just how I like it

    by Soun Mao

    Organized just the way I want it

  • Overall A

    by Mrj7979

    I give it an overAll A for ease and feasibility.

  • Great app but needs 1 more thing

    by trickyb8

    Needs landscape mode

  • Great, ease of use!

    by Volvo4ever

    Works with ease and allows full access to the Yahoo! website features I use!

  • Not reliable

    by Ryanlahg

    Random crashes when choosing a story. Been an issue through several updates.

  • Yahoo

    by Yc Raj


  • Best site on the web

    by DebbeC

    Everything you'll ever need in one place. I love Yahoo! Yahooooooo-oooooo!

  • iPad Version?

    by AMzee1543

    great app, waiting for iPad Version no audio when playing video

  • Horrible

    by Tdgvijdvp

    Can't hear any volume when viewing videos on yahoo app.still having the same problem. No volume with videos from my yahoo news app. Never have this problem with google.

  • Very well integrated app

    by indianrediff

    Love the way the app brings multi media to life!

  • Yahoo!

    by Brick Inthewall

    It's the yahoo news homepage. Great, quick articles. Very informative. Good app

  • Great app

    by michael cevoli

    Great app to stay updated with stuff. Love it

  • Great

    by jose cardenas

    Love the new update but were are the comments. The comments are the reason I love yahoo :D.

  • Hi there.

    by Ali a dehghan

    OK but...........

  • Great app

    by Att82

  • News Junkie

    by Dew it good

    Grate graphic, very informative

  • Yahoo

    by Raúl Soto

    It's a great appl I liked

  • Yahoo

    by Raúl Soto

    It's a great appl I liked

  • Much improved version!

    by Bizquik

    Finally Yahoo is looking like something its competitors

  • Great app

    by Bwcutie10

    Very nice app! Some of the glitches and stuff has been fixed ! Thanks for the great work!

  • Ok but......

    by M8857

    Really belongs on an IPad. That said, it. Is a good partner to the other Yahoo apps.

  • Well designed and fast

    by BryanZ

    Good job yahoo

  • Solid

    by Partrick Gilby


  • Comments not there.

    by Mr mr 123

    I just deleted mine. The news is full of left wing ideas that are past of as news. I would like a app that would just give you the news. Thought this was it, wrong. Can't even comment like you can in line.

  • Good

    by Joe1563566435789


  • Leaving It Behind

    by 'idighistory'

    At first I thought this was a good news app. unfortunately I now find their choice of articles are terrible and not very interesting. The News Republic and the Huffpost are much, much better.

  • What you need on the go

    by Wicked Erika

    It has ended many arguments

  • It's great BUT where is the iPad version?

    by Jets2010

    I don't like reading on the phone. Please make this a universal app so I can read on iPad!!!

  • .

    by Flickr 1tb

    Definitely a good update. Note that now you can swipe left from the article list to save, instead of entering the story and having it crash in the midst of saving. It still crashes sometimes when swiping from story to story, but seems to be happening less often than before.

  • Better - but room for improvement

    by BlickTX

    Some of the old problems I had were alleviated. That's an improvement. Hoping for more! Oh, yes, as for support - we just make 'suggestions'. My suggestion? Fix it.

  • Yahoo

    by Chivas_57

    This app is awesome

  • App Review

    by WMorrisPattonJr

    By far the greatest app ever. Keep up the good work.

  • Nice app, crappy ads

    by zuk1999

    The app is really nice , but there has to be a better way to fold in ads (see flipboard)

  • Great app

    by Eygreat

  • Good app

    by Usman Ul haq

    Very good app

  • Greeeeat app!

    by Auryrun

    I'm a Yahoo! fan and I'm totally in love with this great App.

  • Useless

    by GagaaaXD GagaaaXD

    It's not made for ipad!!

  • Great app

    by Trod93

    Very good articles. Up to date information

  • Love it

    by I luv susu

    Works great

  • Yahoo

    by Skodamar

    Great app

  • Love this app

    by Chawke62

    This is a very wonderful app news and much more it's worth your time every day

  • Easy

    by J-lo27

    Good, informative app. Easy to navigate.

  • Panchirin

    by Chicolon

    This app is beautiful ,very simple, easy to nagivate.

  • Not bad.

    by TheJakalope

    It does it's job, and is visually pleasing for news at a glance.

  • I like it

    by Kayla I am cool

    I like it when I don't have to always go online I just go on this app u should try it to

  • Left me still wanting

    by CaesarTG

    Overall, this is a good app. The only issue that I have is articles that have photos or videos as the focal point. Other than a cropped preview image, there is no way to view the media in question. Some times you are lucky enough to have a like inside the article, but many times they have nothing to do with the desired media.

  • Better than the web... Want on iPad

    by Sadgwebb

    This app is hands down the best way to read Yahoo news. Really wished there were an iPad version.

  • Great app

    by Nbench

    Works great with IOS 7, it remembers yours preferences and shows you articles based on it.

  • Incomplete and Buggy

    by GBC151

    Often see a "Read More" link which goes nowhere. Video very slow to load. Like the customization ability but usually give up using after a few stories frustrated by the two issues noted. Come on Marissa.

  • Great App

    by DaxBat

    I love the scrolling news. So easy to use.

  • Good but...

    by Miklo De La Noche

    I like this app. I always read the yahoo stories and this makes it easier to do on my phone. The only thing I wish it had is the comments. They are funny to read and I like to throw in my 2 cents once in a while.

  • Love it

    by 流星雨8

    Great app!

  • Stale stories

    by Mumford Tillwiliger

    14 hours after the game ended, still have a story up that was posted at halftime. I'll end the suspense: Seattle won.

  • Yahoo! Comes Back Strong

    by Anthony Iavarone

    Great app. Easy interface.

  • Great!

    by Roy Hightower Jr.


  • What do u expect from Yahoot?!?!

    by GZZZZZ

    They have good topics on their news feed but do everything else half @$$ed! It's almost good enough but in this day and age, almost doesn't cut it. You are one of the biggest websites in the world. Why not put the few hundreds of thousands of dollars more into it that would put this over the top???? I don't get it... I know u guys can do it!

  • Great app

    by Missy S

    Love the app and no complaints

  • This app had been ruined.

    by Hated it also

    This app now seems more like a gossip news source than it used to. Having to open a news article twice to read something is a waste of time. The images load partially and it makes unnecessary steps to find information. I am deleting this app.

  • Good to pass time

    by Mandinger

    I enjoy this app when I'm waiting somewhere for an extended period of time. I get some good news and some useless information but overall it's good for me to pass time.

  • Very buggy

    by robsanramon

    Turns screen upside down. Last time it got stuck and I had to delete and reload app. Apparently no one at yahoo tests this on an ipad.

  • Very good.

    by Pastordavefl

    Great app

  • Yep

    by RUISCO

    Just like reading my yahoo desktop.

  • Yahoo!

    by Tomáseqsanchez

    Tomas Enrique Sánchez Sánchez is ready to use the application Yahoo! To read, find new article (s), News from famous Authors,and to be able to see the great photos to share with us the customers. I'll glad to include this application for the next evaluation that will be for 5 Stars .

  • Love it! Use it everyday!

    by Hjtilton

    Great app. I read through the articles everyday. Sometimes the title doesn't match the article or part of the article is missing which is annoying. For the most part it is a fantastic app.

  • Blah

    by Cjab999

    Poor resolution and no iPad version. Not what I old expect from one of the biggest companies on the planet. Delete

  • Great app

    by Xfitmonster

    Well designed fun to use.

  • Terrible

    by TDHinTPA

    I downloaded this app originally several months ago, got so frustrated that I deleted it. I enjoy the stories on My Yahoo on my computer so I thought I would try installing this app again, on hopes the developers actually read the reviews and attempted to improve it. Nope, still a crappy app that doesn't work correctly. Half the time you start reading a story and touch the "continue reading" link or arrow and there is no more story! Or, you select an article to check out the picture from the "teaser" and there is no picture in the article. Also, it interrupts your reading to poll you "more articles like this"? Your only choice is yes or no. Most of the articles I just read. I don't necessarily want more of them, but I also don't want them to not show me them anymore either. Problem is, If you say "no" (don't show me more like this), it tells you it will stop showing those kind. Too many frustrating issues, gonna have to delete - AGAIN.

  • Waste of time

    by Renee Matthews

    This app really does not do anything positive,but rather it cause frustration to the users. I am extremely unhappy about this and seriously thinking of dropping my Yahoo account to something that is much user friendly.

  • Where is the iPad version?

    by Jets2010

    I don't like reading on the phone. Please make this a universal app so I can read on iPad!!

  • I like it

    by astaronearth

    I like it

  • Yahoo

    by Dfoross

    Easy to use. I love it

  • Yahoo rev

    by Jeschillin310

    Organized sections. Up to date info. Great great app!! Love it!!!!!!

  • Fast simple default

    by iEbutters

    Very happy with yahoos products overall bc of the focus on speed and performance. The app has a great user experience and works great

  • Pathetic

    by Smithosity

    Clunky. Unreliable. Terrible.

  • Not a bad improvement

    by 2011pudgy

    I like the fluidity and stories but why is yahoo everywhere. TV, sports, weather, screen, messenger, the list goes on an on. Make things both interesting and exciting and I'll be glad to download every app.

  • Not very good

    by lkjlkjljkjljk

    This is very hard to read. Where are all the comments? I love reading the comments or even making them, this app is useless. Thinking about getting rid of it altogether.

  • Good app.

    by Marty9007

    Awesome interface.

  • Lousy and lame

    by Do cool

    It does not even have any thing on it it makes u download it f,in crap

  • Yahoo

    by Bri Ty

    This yahoo mail is good

  • Excellent!

    by Gwilly136637

    Great produc

  • Finally deleted it!

    by Zarkinfrood42

    Dealt with this app for a long time. It would force close itself and refuse to display random stories. Some stories would never fully display text. Many stories have adds imbedded in them. The last straw was an add that was tricky to get past in the middle of a photo gallery for a slots game and removed me from news app and sent me to the App Store. Not worth the time! Fixable!

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