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Introducing the new NYTimes app for iPhone, now optimized for iOS 7. Experience The Times’s award-winning journalism, elegantly redesigned with enhanced imagery and multimedia, clean design and streamlined navigation. The New York Times app now includes a new International Edition with global news and cultural content drawing on our 50 bureaus around the world.

Features of this app include:

• Multimedia— view videos and slide shows within articles and in the Videos and Photos sections
• Save articles to revisit later from any device, and add your favorite blogs to your sections list so that they are always updated and easily accessible
• Share articles, photos and videos through Facebook, Twitter, e-mail, SMS and AirDrop
• Breaking news alerts— be the first to read about events as soon as they occur
• Edit your sections list so your favorite sections are just a swipe away
The app is free to download, and all users can access up to 10 free articles per month, from any section. Subscribers get full access to over 25 sections plus unlimited access to NYTimes.com on any device, with a Times Digital Subscription. Subscribe today and your first week is free.*

Your subscription options:

• NYTimes.com + Smartphone Apps for $14.99 per month

• All Digital Access (including the NYTimes app for iPhone and iPad, plus unlimited access to NYTimes.com) for $34.99 per month

Your subscription will automatically renew each month and your credit card will be charged through your iTunes account. You can turn off auto-renew at any time from your iTunes account settings.

If you have any problems, comments or suggestions for improving our app, please contact us at [email protected], call 1-800-591-9233, or find us at @NYTimesMobile on Twitter and we will do our best to assist you. Your feedback is important to us.

* Introductory offer only valid for first-time subscribers. Offer valid once per user. Does not include Premium Crosswords or The New York Times Crosswords apps. Other restrictions apply.

Customer Reviews

  • Good, but there are many issues

    by zziccardi

    It's a great app, but in my experience, it tends to be quite buggy. The most frustrating issue — and one with which I've been coping for some time now — is as follows: Seemingly every other day, the app signs me out of my all-access account for no evident reason, which is a pain, to say the least, to rectify on such a frequent basis. I'd also like to point out that yes, a subscription for the New York Times is unquestionably overpriced; that said, it has always been so, and should not come as a surprise, accordingly. Further, the invasive nature of the ads, which take up a disproportionate amount of space even on my iPhone's 4-inch screen, is exceedingly bothersome, especially considering the price of the aforementioned subscription.

  • Absolutely love it

    by drewb18c1

    I have no idea what the complaints are about from other reviews. I have had this app for about 3 weeks now and it's definitely one of my favorites. I spend a lot of time on the road so I greatly appreciate apps I can entertain myself with when out eating dinner alone and this is perfect for that. It's great to be informing myself about current events rather than merely killing time. The app is gorgeous to look at and the text works well in the format of the phone. Some people are unhappy about still having ads even when you subscribe. I'll admit I'm not crazy about that but really am not too bothered.

  • Incredible app

    by MikeB24

    Best news app out there. Use it everyday!

  • so far so good

    by noobestdt

    I havent encountered any bugs so far. the app looks good

  • Love it, use everyday!

    by Marikoiko

    I don't understand why it's rated low, this app is AWESOME. Easy to navigate and great reading, of course. Five stars all the way :)

  • Missing the Education & TV section !!!

    by It's Alive00

    I dont get why it doesnt include TV , Media & Education sections !!!! I need these sections for my job... what gives @nytimes ?!???

  • Love it

    by f2004

    If your news is frozen on feb 1 delete and re-install the app, it worked for me.

  • Doesn't update since Jan 31 - frustrating!

    by Xna

    I'm a subscriber and I liked the app much better than the 90's WSJ app, but new content now isn't refreshing after the Jan 30th update. I'm stuck with 'news' from Feb 1. When it works, though, I like the app.

  • NYT app refreshes perfectly with new download

    by Pennyalisa

    Updated review: I deleted and re-downloaded the NYT app this morning. It is now refreshing perfectly. Good as new. .........,,, The app won't update in iPhone 5S after January 31. Very frustrating! Otherwise, I love the app - it's my go-to news source. Please help NYT!

  • Love it

    by billy bats

    I have read The Times since I was a child and this app is amazing.

  • No reading list integratiom

    by chuckille

    Still can't easily send articles to safari reading list. Twitter, Politico, and now Flipboard has this but NY Times can't implement it.

  • Well worth the cost and convenience -a bargain really

    by Bobby Miz

    Do yourself a favor and sign up

  • Love it

    by dublidu

    Love the full page views. Wish it had a black night reading mode.

  • Decent app, great paper

    by samcking

    This app makes reading the Times surprisingly easy. I'm not sure why people are fussing about banner ads, they're not that intrusive and I'm pretty sure ads are caked all over the print edition of every newspaper in the world. That's just par for the course when it comes to newspaper subscriptions. A couple of things I would like to see different are a Today's Paper section and a little tightening up on the overlapping of articles associated with different sections. There's no reason for me to see the same article in the Top News section also appear under the World section. It would also be nice if the Times stuck dates under the headlines so I know what's old news and what's new news.

  • Top border over pics and vids very distracting

    by el burritito

    In general dig the update for os7 but am not a fan of the border at top of pics and vids. This should be made to disappear in landscape view, yet it stays. Why? It needlessly obscures images and makes what could be a great user experience annoying.

  • Not much improvement

    by Aloe9678

    The NY Times app is getting progressively more difficult to read. Many of my favorite features, which used to be available off-line, can only be read when there's an internet connection; and whoever is posting the One-Page Magazine doesn't seem to have uploaded the phone-friendly size, and I can't zoom out to make it readable. It's all taking away from the intended convenience of the app.

  • Safari is better

    by smis7

    The reading experience in Safari's read mode is so much nicer, with the use of Helvetica and full screen reading experience sans ads. I don't use the app for anything but alerts.

  • Love

    by Lauren ClickityClick

    Got a 3 month subscription for Christmas, love reading it during class. I wish the Style & Weddings pages were updated more frequently.

  • Great update

    by tjp13

    My most used app. Update looks great. Nice job!

  • Love it

    by ישר

    Very professional and well written

  • Don't like it

    by Leaks245,

    I can not delete this app let alone go into from the Icon I have to go through the App Store to get to it n open

  • Ridiculous

    by Burgermeizter

    How money hungry are you? 10 articles a month. Ridiculous.

  • 10 per month? For who, non-readers?

    by KanosTumbili

    I want to READ the NYT. More than one thing happens every 3 days. 10 per month is ridiculous. $16/mo sub is not a solution.

  • Pathetic

    by Commander_505

    10 a month. I never minded the ads, but 10 a month, just deleted.

  • It disappeared

    by Fletchdawn

    I came to the App Store to download again. It only gives me the option of "open" which works fine, but there is no longer a NY Times app.

  • 10 a month?!

    by Mikeyfinns925

    Down from 90 a month (3free articles a day) to 10? Come on Times

  • $180 / year is too much for a digital subscription

    by corby2000

    App is now restricted to ten articles a month, making it all but useless unless you are up for paying $180 / year to subscribe.

  • Do not update

    by Puzzler922

    App will not load after updating. Thought I'd give this thing another shot an hence subscribe. Still not worth it. Who the heck is developing this thing?

  • New update logged me out, subscription unfound

    by Abc man

    With the latest app update, I've been denied access to my subscription and when I try "renewing" it tells me subscription not found. Thanks, guys. Will I lose all my saved articles again like last time the app had a problem? We'll see after I call up customer service.

  • Average person Chicago

    by Not from New York

    The change from able to read three articles per day to ten per month is disappointing. For me looks like I will delete the Times app and go to Google or Yahoo for daily articles. Which are almost identical. As I don't live in New York, no loss.

  • Buggy App and Crappy customer service

    by 718mama

    Great content but app is buggy. I'm a digital subscriber but app suddenly said I'm not so I called nytimes customer service and they were useless and could basically care less if I dropped the account. They may want to reconsider their digital strategy if this is how they treat paying customers! So annoyed!!

  • Newsstand NY Times

    by NYRfan4ever

    Not sure about everyone else here, but I’ve found that after the last 2 updates the cover pic doesn’t change with the daily cover of the physical paper. This has happened in the past when I had the 4S. This app is getting ridiculous. This makes 4 different updates that had this bug. NY times is a decent paper but the APP is terrible

  • What Garbage!

    by Codenamerix

    What if I want to look at a traditional front page? There's no section for contacting the Times. No way to make comments. No more most popular section, or most blogged; only most e-mailed. Now probably there's an easy fix for all of these things but the nytimes is so unintuitive and the page is so uninviting that I'm taking it down. And there are just too many deliberately designed sites to get the exact same crap. I am not tempted to play around with this silly old corpse. Bye bye NYT.

  • Stopped Working...Entirely

    by Soho Brad

    NYT is my favorite publication. Period. But this App is a travesty.

  • Don't update

    by JonJon4534666

    Every version of this app gets worse. It was great app when it first came out, but they have slowly limited the number of articles you can read and in general made it worse

  • Stuck in the past

    by Michael32266

    This app no longer updates with the most recent news! It's literally stuck on news article from last month and doesn't bring in new content. It's quiet literally useless as a news app.

  • Won't let you cancel trial!!!

    by cpove

    App is fine, lets you read articles, etc. When my trial neared expiration and I opted to not pay their recurring price, i tried cancelling via the app (not possible) and the website (not possible -- "Please call 877-xxx-xxxx if you really want to cancel." Sooooo... Played along, called, got some joker amid loud call-center din who lamented that he was not able to cancel because his "access to cancellation screen is down today" (mmmm, no it isn't) so he transfers me to other guy who begins littany script of other possible subscription options. I assure him I really wanna cancel. He hangs up!!!! I am still paying and am not happy at ALL.

  • Not able to see reader comments

    by JZ 12853

    This app does not allow one to see readers comments. I end up logging in through the safari browser, which defeats the purpose of having an app. Please update!!!

  • News does not update

    by LittlrRickR

    The app is now stuck in a time warp of Jan 29th and will not budge. What has happened????

  • Does not update

    by newsless for now

    app no longer refreshes with new news.

  • Poor Quality App

    by JackBeanStock

    Often, at least once a week, the articles don't update. I'm reading one week old news.

  • Update is broken

    by Fthft34444

    Please fix the app. Doesn't update.

  • 10!!!!

    by Jrod6686

    I used to be able to read 3 articles a day... Which I admit was annoying but I understood that it was Because I hadn't subscribed.... But now they cut me down to 10 articles a MONTH! That is .32 articles a day!!!! Please give them back....

  • Crashes

    by Afterdavid

    My NYT app was my favorite destination until the recent upgrade. Now it crashes every time I open it before I can even view a story. Booooooo.

  • App Icon image Bug

    by RangerFan86

    The app icon image isn't updating!!!

  • Frustratingly buggy.

    by Jujube99

    I've been a subscriber for years but am poised to cancel with these recent buggy releases. The app keeps freezing and shutting down (iPhone 5s). Awful.

  • Keeps crashing in both iPhone 5 and iPadMini Retina

    by Segev48

    I am in avenues are in big fan for years now but this new update Simply doesn't work!

  • Do not update, removes content

    by DRE033

    Loaded the latest update, and access is limited to just three articles per day, rendering the app useless without subscription. The access to "top news" articles in the previous version was great. Do not update!!

  • Don't update

    by Tarabine

    Latest update Jan 30 2014 makes app crash after a few seconds.

  • Waaay too expensive

    by YesNoCancel

    I want the NY Times to survive, but $195/year is not going to happen. And now that we're limited to 3 articles, I'm looking for a replacement.

  • 1/30/14 "update" is a crash

    by 2Fennario

    This app used to be the worst crasher of any in the big league. It has been much better recently, but as of today's update it will not stay open more than 1 minute on my iPhone 5s. Boo! I want a refund.

  • I am paying for ads

    by sirgromit

    Thanks a lot for showing me ads when I am already paying you $15 a month. Absolutely ridiculous for an iOS app.

  • Weird scrolling bug

    by B.L. Scott

    Beware! When text in an article is highlighted in the upper or bottom third of the screen, the article begins rapidly scrolling to the top or bottom, respectively. It's very obnoxious, especially considering how expensive the subscriptions are.

  • The iPhone app doesn't give the latest news!!!

    by RSSrsvp

    The iPhone app is always 1one day behind the print copy I receive at home. This is unacceptable!!!

  • Won't update since Jan 23

    by Online News editor

    The stories won't update on the app for the last few days.

  • Eh

    by Bill Holmes

    Banner ads are annoying. Isn't that why I am paying, so I don't see ads. Also I felt a bit duped by the auto-renewal. I know that's probably my fault but just a reminder to shut it off if you don't want to continue.

  • Ads?

    by kittycorbu

    Ads on a subscription app?! Wise up NYT or you will not be around much longer. Occasionally a full page. Which is unacceptable to me, a customer paying over $150 A YEAR for the privilege of reading this fine paper. Desperately needs to add comment functionality. Generally lacking a sense of hierarchy and a feeling of what news is Big news and what is minor. But that's industry wide. Beautiful clean design.

  • Need to switch back to old format

    by Uclageog

    Scrolling is bad. Full popup ads for subscribers is ridiculous.

  • Worse than reading in the browser

    by enb14

    The NYT actually punishes people who download this app by making them stare at fixed-position ads. At least when you’re reading in the browser, the ads scroll away. NYT, get a clue and stop treating your most loyal readers like crap.

  • Pay for ads?

    by Cheintz

    Terrible ad placement in this version makes it hard to read. And I pay for a digital subscription ? Thinking about canceling

  • Poorly designed

    by 2harsh4u

    Article being read disappears when app goes to the background.


    by Dr.Steven

    I have subscribed to The New York Times daily and Sunday editions for 40 years. I also pay for a gift subscription to my son. I hate the new online format. The intrusive ads obscure the pages online and cheapen The Times site. For those of us who pay The Times hundreds of dollars each year, the ad saturated site is an embarrassment. I have discontinued using the Times iPhone app and urge The Times to drop the ads for paying subscribers.

  • Ouch

    by JesusIsComingSoon

    Banner ads? Come on NYTimes, you are better than this. I won't be using this app.

  • Terrible

    by Jennliw

    This app does not refresh automatically or on pull down. It gets locked up on one day. For a news app that is pretty poor.

  • Terrible

    by Mike1563577

    Extremely disappointing app. Why do you even have article alerts if you can't get to the article by clicking on the alert? Poorly designed. Cumbersome to navigate. Overall not worth even downloading - just check nyt.com on your phones browser

  • Ads everywhere. Text size fixed and no comment section

    by Pei Hsu

    Ads everywhere. Text size fixed and no comment section. NYTimes.com have also dumbed down its website design so it no longer works well on a cellphone screen and work computer running IE8.

  • App keeps toggling when selected

    by toppokki

    I don't want to move you, app! I just want to read this paper. Hate this app. Wish they'd create a feature where I'm always logged in to read the news in a web browser because I'm a subscriber.

  • Too Sensitive

    by LocdDoc

    This app is too sensitive to the touch. While attempting to SCROLL, the app opens articles instead. With the 3 article limit, this is quite annoying. Building in a step that asks IF you'd like to read the article would remedy this situation.

  • New design for app is worse

    by bsoftbhardware

    Previous design was much better. cumbersome to find sections you want to read. Incomplete lists of articles. Terrible search function.

  • Banner ads for a paying subscription

    by bryanjclark

    I love the NYTimes, but I hate banner ads. I understand you need to do ads to survive, but the banner ads in the mobile app are poorly executed (blurry) and therefore that much more obnoxious.

  • Horrible App with Ads

    by iCito

    I highly recommend that you do not spend your money on the New York Times media application. • Ads take up a large portion of the screen. • Ads are distracting while reading. • Ads despite paying for monthly subscription is unacceptable. Unless the ads are removed, I'm canceling my automatic subscription renewal. The reality is that the NYTimes doesn't give a F**k about its subscribers, otherwise, they would removed the ads. But we have a choice....boycott this organization. Force them to listen and respect their subscribers.

  • App

    by In need of doctor

    Disaster undiscussed from a newspaper

  • News worth subscribing to

    by Chris Macheichok

    It's the New York Times and you should expect quality journalism, especially at the price you pay. They certainly deliver and day after day I am satisfied with interesting and compelling news articles, however I could do without the ads. I'm paying for your news and that should be all I get.

  • Banner ads within app

    by Andrew 787

    I want to rate it higher but despite NYT's excellent news coverage the banner ads within the application is totally distracting and very annoying. Ads between articles? Fine Ads in your face while trying to read an article? Nope

  • Alright

    by nmark125

    Viewing is somewhat boring and not entertaining. Ads still appear, even as a subscriber. Not ok.

  • Frustrating

    by Sclarkjohn

    I have to manually log back in every other day or so- what gives?

  • why I cannot download from I phone NEw York Times

    by upkarkc

    I purchased the ny times on I phone 5 and why I cannot read it in mac laptop not Also. I do not like this in a time when we who are giving business have to continue paying for times in different versions. it is not good policy in difficult times.

  • Of great use

    by darwinho12

    I'm not sure why this app has 3 star rating. I use the app extensively and never run into problems.

  • Ads are incredibly intrusive on iphone

    by tedsvo

    Why can't ads be shown inline (as in the iPad app and also NYT on Flipboard) instead of hovering on screen at all times?

  • Needs a refresh icon

    by RSSrsvp

    The app needs to add a refresh icon you can press on so you can manually update the headlines and get the latest news. The auto refresh setting doesn't always work correctly.

  • jumps to links to easily- ANNOYING

    by Cloudsteam

    most other reader apps, even optimized news webpages, require double tapping on a link before it jumps to a new page. Not NYT-- enjoy $25/month for banner ads, abrupt disruptions as it jumps to pages you do not intend to jump to as you scroll down-- this is a mess. I am canceling my subscription. Not worth the $.

  • Paying for ads?

    by royhova

    Why do we pay for a subscription that still shows advertisements. Doesn't seem to allow offline download of content without opening app.

  • horrible ad placement on the iPhone version

    by erickdoxey

    I mean absolutely horrible; Even more surprising after I pay for a full subscription. I get it, ads aren't going away and the way they're placed on the iPad version is actually not that intrusive, as they're more like an actual newspaper. However, the iPhone version is just bad. The floating banner ads (on every page) make an otherwise great app look amateur. I've noticed that the mobile version of the NYT is actually much better than the Newsstand app....which is kinda sad. Hopefully the NYT will figure this out.

  • Generally good paper, solid app, but the ads must go!

    by AstroPaul

    We subscribe, paying monthly, and we still have adverts!! You have to be kidding me! We're trying to support you all, but this is a slap in the face. As others have pointed out, it's irritating and they take up too much room on the small screen. They are omnipresent--the banner ads are there even when reading a news article.

  • Love it

    by penguins27

    Gets me informed about the world around me while also improving my vocabulary and my writing skills. Great app!

  • Wha happen?

    by l2b3

    I am no longer able to share stories from The New York Times on social media (e.g.. Facebook, Twitter, etc.) What the hell is going on?

  • Apps Appeared on My Phone

    by Nana2233

    I never installed this app but it suddenly appeared on my phone and iPad. I really do not appreciate being subscribed to something I never ordered!!

  • Great!

    by Bowsertune

    This is just a perfect mobile version of the website. Very informative!

  • Banner ads for paying subscribers?

    by gdudg

    On the squished mobile interface, every inch counts. In recent versions, NYT has seriously upped their game for ux/readability. But to now introduce tacky banner ads (without the ability to close/disregard), in an app only accessible to paying customers is pretty crappy.

  • Make it work please

    by djmacintyre

    This is a potentially good app ruined by ads after I paid for a subscription. It's a cell phone screen so please don't cover 10% of it with ads. I hate the constant scrolling (give me an option to page down - it's easier on the eyes). And finally, please stick to reporting the news - you are good at it. All the op-ed stuff is nauseating. I can make my own mind up on the issues of the day.

  • Awful, was Awesome app.

    by Artiste212

    Great update. I love the improved front page with access to Opinion, Arts, etc. great job. Also, very stable. THE app for news. It really is the world standard in writing. Now I read the Times every day on the subway on my iPhone.


    by Macanche

    Come on NY TIMES. I have been requesting a night mode and a little background and font styles to make the reading experience better but so far nothing. JUST PUT A NIGHT MODE BECAUSE IT's too bright reading with the lights off!

  • Great content but poor iPad mini interface

    by Roblapp

    For some reason the iPad mini version of the NYT is different from the iPad version. NYT - pls fix! Thanks

  • Was five stars. Now ads dominate!

    by fakewaffle

    I don't mind seeing ads. But they shouldn't dominate the screen while viewing articles and sections. Show the ads inline with the article and not on top. There is hardly any room to view the article anymore!!

  • Please take this app out of Newstand

    by J0HNBLAZE

    Please take this app out of the Newstand. Seriously. The extra folder to enter is unnecessary and a detriment to reading versus other newspapers that have standalone apps.

  • Love the new york times app

    by Seankill1

    It has a good newspaper but better on newsstand. It's really fun to look at when your bored or if you don't want to do anything. Love this! I rate this 5 stars.

  • Love the new version!

    by skylarp

    The new version of the NYT app is fantastic. At last, the app feels fast and modern.

  • Font Too Small 4 IPhone eyes

    by Fitrugby

    What happened to the large font option does NYTIMES know about our aging US who needs better support and consideration? New Fonts are too small for comfort reading

  • Notification are confusing

    by (Est)

    I always get tricked into swiping a notification from my locked screen expecting to find more information on whatever topic was mentioned. Then it turns out they didn't even write the story yet. It's cool to put breaking news in notifications but give me something relevant when I swipe it.

  • Bad App

    by Michie22

    Still refreshes automatically even though this feature is turned off, which means if I can't finish an article in one sitting I have to find the article again (Saved isn't working properly either) and then try to find where I left off. So annoying. Poor app for such a good paper.

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