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Languages: English

Seller: Morrissey Exchange Pty Ltd

Release Notes: Alien Blue (iPad) 2.3.1

- Fixed: [Critical] Imgur albums not loading on iOS 7
- Fixed: Possible crash when merging changes from iCloud
- Fixed: Tapping status bar to scroll to top not working
- Fixed: Account age showing "years" instead of "days"
- Fixed: Potential crash when receiving background notification

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Alien Blue for iPad is the natural evolution of Reddit for a large touchscreen device. It is feature packed, and designed to let you interact with Reddit like never before.

With all of the features of it's iPhone counter part, Alien Blue for iPad packs even more features, including:

* Retina Graphics for the New iPad
* Sliding navigation to quickly browse posts and subreddits.
* Discover subreddits by topic & interest
* Thumbnail previews for links inside comments
* Night mode option for very low backlight and reduced contrast.
* Four color themes
* Ability to search Reddit's archive of posts
* Manage your subreddits (including Subscribing and Grouping)
* Add / Create Posts (and Self Threads)
* Multiple / Novelty Account Support
* One-Tap Imgur Integration when posting (and when commenting)
* One-Tap Quoting
* One-Tap to "View All Images" in comments
* Large buttons for embedded links
* "Orange Envelope" notifications from your Reddit inbox while you browse.
* Post, and edit your comments
* Exclude posts based on keywords
* Easily identify which comments are made from the Post creator. This is especially developed for AMA and AskReddit style threads.
* Collapsable comments
* Hide-All feature. Get fresh results every time. (syncs automatically with your hidden posts on the Reddit server).

The Reddit Alien logo, trademark and trade dress are trademarks owned by Advance Magazine Publishers Inc. and are used under license.

Customer Reviews

  • Great App

    by Mapp1122

    Great app, but I'd really like it if the op's flair was visible rather than just the comments.

  • Great client, a few small things

    by Sir Picasso

    I would really like to see support for the multi reddits that I already have on my account rather than having to do groups. Other than that it is simply hands down the best reddit client available on iOS, I actually almost prefer this over reddit on my computer, even with RES!

  • Elegant!

    by amrith777

    This app is amazing in every way.Chock full of features that let's you customize it the way YOU want it.Easy to naviagate once you view the little helpful tips and tricks,various ways to get around, including gestures.Everything is literally at you finger tips.The interface is gorgeous and includes night mode and ultra-low contrast,which are must haves for me.Cannot recommend this enough,worth every penny!

  • Should be universal, but overall great app!

    by OctopusToe

    The app ought to be universal, or come with premium purchase of iPhone version. /rant Still an awesome app. Most folks end up wanting to buy the developer lunch because it's such a great software. I guess buying the iPad version is my lunch for him. Thanks!

  • Defines the iPad experience!

    by erawsd

    This app is just brilliant. The developer has created something that is both a joy to use and incredibly beautiful. I can't believe Apple hasn't showcased this.

  • Fantastic

    by pamzella

    More pleasant than redditing on a browser, the functionality is great for my $4 and I have received my money's worth in the last 2 years. Developer is one guy so don't expect quick improvements but I am a devoted user, night mode, always.

  • The best

    by ThePurpleCarrot

    I use this app everyday and have never had an issue. Anything that the people want changed can be asked for or brought up and will be taken into real consideration. For a reddit app this is the way to go.

  • Well worth the money

    by Rabbertkleinerzero

    Again we see surburb design in iPad Alien Blue. Well worth the low price.

  • Pro tip:

    by Kevin Jeffreys

    Use AlienBlue

  • Good app

    by Satanzangl

    Wish it were universal though

  • So Planet.

    by NoCringe

    This app is much good. So amaze.

  • Worth Every Penny

    by itsBentastic

    $3.99 is nothing compared to how easy this app makes it to to navigate reddit. However, I really wish it supported flair in the sports subreddits (e.g., /r/nfl, /r/baseball, /r/hockey, /r/nba) where they are necessary to understand 99.9% of the comments. You don’t even need to show the team logos, just at least write out the team names (e.g., Patriots, 49ers, Bruins, Maple Leafs, etc.). Once that part is fixed, this is easily a 5 star app.

  • Great app

    by Fan6788536

    Great app for anyone that uses Reddit. A few bugs but nothing too major.

  • Can see videos!

    by chronicliar

    Okay, I used iAlien and took it for granted the ever present "sorry, this video not available on the device." Then I tried Alien Blue on a whim: everything works! Thanks Alien Blue!

  • Authentication Servers

    by KyleKorth

    I love the app. Def worth the money and one of my favorite time wasting apps. Great job devs!!

  • Best reddit app for iPad hands down

    by jad2121

    I've tried them all and this one is the best. It's beautiful and just feels right. The layout is perfect, with sliding windows. The best feature is the ability to maximize and minimize windows.

  • Alien Blue forever

    by Lauren Wallace

    The very best, ialien can't compete. Buy this, much better than the actual site.

  • There aren't enough stars

    by imnohero

    To give this app. I spend more time on this right now than any other app. It's a highly intuitive, seamless experience that makes using reddit more enjoyable (at least for me), and justifies the cost tenfold. Would buy again.

  • I didn't know there was an iPad version...

    by Terrance Shaw

    ...and for that, 4 stars! But srsly, great app. I'll give you the full five after a thorough review.

  • Good but quirky

    by Stock143

    I like this app for ipad better than using in safari. Nice layout. Easy to use. However it crashes often. Also, I can't figure out how to delete an account once it's added.

  • This makes reddit better

    by Raven Lightholme

    I’m already obsessed with reddit and spend way too much time there, so I was skeptical that anything could improve it…but Alien Blue is uh-mazing. I actually prefer browsing it on my iPad now. The images are especially excellent and it handles slow-loading content like gifs and videos really well. Wow. Such app. So elegant. Wow.

  • Awesome. Use it daily.

    by gizmo78

    Wonderful app for ipad. Intuitive UI, but also a lot of subtle features you can take advantage of if you dig a bit. Feels like I am interacting with the content, not the app...which is how it should be.

  • Great app!

    by le_mous

    Very happy overall, thanks!

  • Beautiful application.

    by Fleshbanana

    The title says it all. This application seems to be as good as it gets and is my new favorite way to browse Reddit.

  • Some glitches

    by ZSpicy

    I have the pro iPad version. When you're scrolling down and the "more" option is visible. It won't load any more links. Also has some serious instability issues with loading multiple pictures/albums. Otherwise good app.

  • Not in sync with - not updating

    by Jehivgu

    There are definitely differences between what the AB reddit client shows vs the reddit website. I did some tests to check it out. Using AB I was getting the same old posts even when I switched to view "new" and tried refreshing. I also created a new account with no subscribed subreddit's to see if AB would pull in the same content that is on the front page of but I noticed AB only pulls some of the content. I hope this will be addressed soon as I have enjoyed using AB for a long time. I'm not eager to look for another reddit client or use the website.

  • Good app just a few things

    by Bkoebernik

    It is a good app just that I would like for the. App to load more links automatically. The up vote button would make more sense by the link instead of the top right (in my opinion).

  • Must have

    by Chad Baily

    This is a must have for anyone who uses reddit. This app is so much cleaner and easier to use than any other. The app is simply amazing it everything loads fast and the app has great interface. It is a must have and was worth every penny.

  • Best Reddit client out there.

    by C. Aiello

    Amazing app with every feature one could want from a Reddit app.

  • Pretty good

    by Roximonkey

    Refuses to show large images even on newest ipad. The same image loads just fine in safari. Using the send to... Tumblr feature it posts images as links for some reason. Other then that it's a pretty slick app.

  • I'd rather iFunny.

    by Gizbo 2701&484

    Screw this, I'm going back to a good app.

  • 2 words

    by drfrank0

    Love it

  • Great

    by Thebestappevermade8382028647291

    Hefty price tag it great app. Usually I hate when websites are packed into a mobile app, but this app does it right. Simple, easy to use, and amazing. Gifs work great, pictures load fast, no hassle. Be sure to pick this one up.

  • A+

    by robkumd

    Would have given A+++ but the devs seem to be Australian.

  • Going downhill...

    by NefariousAryq

    I dunno what's up with this app lately, but quality control seems to have gone out the window. Buggy! Afraid if this is the direction the developer is going I'll have to find a new reddit client. Seems like bells-and-whistles take priority over bugs and stability. Sad.

  • Used to love it but..

    by Coos coooos

    App freezes when trying to click Front Page link frequently. Also when trying to click a link at the bottom of the feed before refreshing the page. Fix please.

  • Best app in the entire App Store

    by Angry sdrib

    This app has taken up all of my time and has made my day on many occasions. I love the design and to be honest there is barely anything wrong with this app. Buy it you will not be dissapointed!

  • Fantastic App for Reddit

    by M.R.79

    I accidentally installed the other app by Appseed and quickly reverted back to this one. Brilliant portrait browsing coupled with no ads make this a no-brainier for any serious Redditor.

  • Totally worth the money

    by Enzell


  • Should Be a Universal App

    by Tansey214

    I use the iPhone version and purchased the Pro Upgrade IAP right away. Then I get an iPad a few days ago and have to spend another $4 on the iPad app? Why don't developers just make their apps Universal? Oh well. I use this app daily so I guess throwing another $4 the developer's way isn't such a big deal, but add up the cost of ALL the apps I had to buy again because they aren't Universal and it came close to $50. Not real happy about that.

  • Beautiful app

    by aidk321

    Pleasure to use

  • Won't Post

    by DanielShaneD

    Skips authentication and won't post new links.

  • Best app

    by UlfW

    Best app I have on my iPad. Don’t use anything more than this. Beats the ugly Reddit page any day. Kudos to the developer!

  • Hands-down the best Reddit client

    by dave_powers

    This app is incredible, and I'm amazed at the amount of new features that have been released for it. I find myself almost exclusively using the iOS versions to browse Reddit.

  • Absolutely sublime

    by bobhj

    This is simply the best possible version of Reddit. Yes, RES on a desktop browser would struggle to compete.

  • Awesome app

    by Didactus

    This app is great and gets better with every update. I way prefer reading Reddit in this app on the iPad to using the web site on the computer.

  • best reddit reader for iOS!

    by sc_yang

    interface is smooth and intuitive, and the app is updated regularly. what more could you ask for?

  • Not Worth It

    by DissapointedTX

    This app is slow and doesn't load many links. GIFs take forever to load and this app will only show the first frame until the GIF is entirely finished loading. I find myself using my Nexus 7 to browse Reddit simply because "Reddit is Fun" is a far superior app. I wish that this app was better though so that I wouldn't have to switch tablets for an enjoyable experience.

  • Excellent, excellent app.

    by Grenalious

    Don't think twice about purchasing it. It's more than well worth the price.

  • Best Reddit App for iPad

    by iamkevinli

    Best Reddit app for iPad. The price tag is worth it, and the developer is great.

  • Boom

    by Trazzdi

    Don't mind this update, just the developer making a perfect app even more perfect. Don't even hesitate to buy it.

  • Don't see the advantage over website

    by Binnytheball

    Seems to work pretty well but I was expecting features that I don't get @ Would really like to have the ability to see up and down votes for comments like some browser extensions do. Haven't seen a way do do this on ios yet.

  • Won't let me re-download

    by Julian Woodrum

    I used to own this app, and my brother deleted it one day, and now I can't redownload it at all!

  • Best Reddit Client

    by Vwsmurfy

    As always Alien Blue is the best app for Reddit. I have zero complaints and use it daily. Props to the dev because he actually cares about his apps and customers. Highly recommended.

  • Brilliantly smooth.

    by WintryNot

    I've been using this app for about a year now, on both iPad and iPhone, and it's a supremely smooth UI that makes me dread browsing reddit on my laptop. Everything is very sleek, and it looks great in iOS 7.

  • Absolute best reddit app around

    by Norimw

    Completely worth the $. The app is beautiful and easy to use.

  • Th only way I browse on reddit!! Love this app

    by Shfa1236


  • Liked it before the iOS 7

    by COL_CORN

    I really liked this app (more than the basic reddit app), especially before the update. It crashes repeatedly with no chance to send a report. Disappointing now.

  • I take it back.

    by Spencer99255299

    I complained and I fixed the issue never mind. 5 stars

  • Best reddit app

    by metalbaton

    The best way to reddit on iPad. Swipe controls are great; much more convenient than safari or flipbook.

  • Perfect reddit companion

    by Slash621

    Been using this for a while and it's my favorite way to reddit. I haven't looked at the website in weeks!

  • Ten Star App

    by Cynlew16

    I never, ever use the work 'awesome' as its so grievously overused, but it's the only adjective to describe this version of the Reddit app: truly, honestly, completely awesome in every way. Thanks, developer guru...fantastic job! This is, quite simply, the best app of any genre I've used in the years I've had my iPad and iPhone.

  • Excellent

    by rlc75

    Perfect on iOS 7. Kudos for such a fantastic app.

  • The Only Way To Browse Reddit

    by HunterMacLean

    Great new iOS 7 feel, my only suggestion would be to get rid of the new representation of karma numbers. Prefer 1800 karma to 1.8K.

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