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Seller: Lilly Broadcasting of Pennsylvania, LLC

The latest is always the greatest!
You can now get push notifications that open up the article directly! No more trying to find that article in the app.
We've also added a Notification Center which is where all pushed stories are in case you missed them.
We also redesigned the front page to have the extended forecast right on the front screen.
There are also some design improvements that just make the app better.

Send us suggestions and feedback as we want to make it the best news app for you!

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News, weather, sports and entertainment from 13abc and WTVG in Toledo, Ohio

Customer Reviews

  • Great for news & weather

    by Eric200000000000

    I really like the update; things are more organized and easy to find. I especially like that I can watch the most recent weather forecasts from TV.

  • Love it

    by Welcome to Johnsonville

    Helps me keep tabs on things at "home" while living 900+ miles away.

  • Slow loading

    by Brennan laver


  • Best Toledo news app ever

    by ben.wieland

    It tells me what I want whenever I want

  • Love it

    by Deadlyfreddy2

    I love 13abc news but when I'm on the go it's really great to have

  • More room

    by Jdf222

    Please optimize app for the iPhone 5 screen. Less ads!!

  • Lots of nice features! Must have been updated since the poor reviews...

    by User41326

    Bad weather alerts, road closings due to bad weather/down power lines, lottery, gas prices, top news stories, etc! Really like this apps features!

  • Great work

    by Isotelus Maximus

    It is clear that you have spent a good amount of time on this app. It would be great if you could enhance it even further to iPad HD. I will still use it as is but bringing this up to speed would be great.

  • Great App to keep updated with Local News

    by Beemer323

    Would like to see option to enter ZIP code for gas prices. Please bring back daily weather forecast video!! Used to watch every day!!

  • Almost perfect.

    by KailsEllen

    I love not waiting 10 minutes to find out if my school is delayed or not. I would love to have notifications for your specific school(s) is my only complaint. Plus I can see the radar anytime.

  • Great

    by Music Man 105

    Great now I know when I am delayed or closed anywhere YESS

  • Okay

    by Jaceebuttt

    It's okay... Just use it to see If school is closed:). But kinda slow... Prob cuz pro playin ps3 all the time :D

  • Toledo News

    by CROYFTW

    Was born in and lived in Toledo for 28 years so I love to keep up with what's going on now that Live in Fort Wayne, In. This app is wonderful, so much info I just love it keep up the good work.

  • Awesome App

    by D2manski3

    I have had this app for 2 weeks and never had any problems with it. It's great for when you miss the news on t.v. I use this app every day.

  • Still the best

    by Toledoking

    Use it daily

  • Changed for the worse...

    by GraceHasty

    Rather large changes made this app less than user friendly. My husband and I both wish they hadn't "redesigned" it. Seriously considering taking app off.

  • Used to be good, latest update ruined it

    by J-Man60

    I used to like this app but the latest update made it useless. Deleting immediately. Getting Channel 11 app instead!

  • dislike the update

    by uwishiwasurDad

    reminds me of windows 8,

  • New look not impressed

    by Nostradom

    Old app gave one page at a glance look. Now too much and not impressed!

  • Used to be a good app

    by Mike Belcher

    The new update ruined the app. Deleting it immediately.

  • Needs bug fixes

    by Twood220

    It would be a Good news and weather app but it constantly crashes

  • Forgot why I deleted this app

    by Racefanzz

    I had forgotten why I deleted this app... No audio on the videos. I suggest the WTOL fox toledo app. I have no affiliation with WTOL -- in fact, I typically stay away from fox as a national or global news source but the shortcomings of this app and lack of effort to address them on the part if 13 ABC are inexcusable. If you can't make the app work, take it off of the App Store.

  • Needs a fix...

    by gormilda

    The app was working great until a few days ago. I opened the app and it immediately opened safari and took me to a blank page. This happens whenever I switch to the app, which renders it useless... If this were to be fixed, I would definitely give this app five stars.


    by Hairy kitty

    One of the worst apps out there from the worst meteorologist in the area. Don't waste your time. Time for Jay to get a new job.

  • Crashing issues

    by Denise Cromwell

    This app crashes more often than it loads.

  • Terrible app.

    by Leshok1979

    It was updated now it crashes upon opening. You only get about 6 or 7 news stories at a time and sometimes they don't change for 2 to 3 days. Poor app. Bad punctuation and grammar. Deleted.

  • Junk for weather

    by duhiforget

    Don't waste your time. For one it don't work & for the "live Doppler" it a picture!! What good it that. I just want a local weather that has a live weather map & a 7 day accurate forecast this don't do. Don't waste your time unless they fix it. I'm deleting it.

  • Not working

    by alemino

    Did the update now won't work

  • Dhub

    by 7DMH7

    You cannot view 7 day forecast on iPad, it is just a blur. Please fix.

  • Poor Quality

    by CLJ!!!

    7 day is so blurry very poor quality, also school closings will not load!

  • Poor quality

    by Rocketz89

    I constantly have a problem with the 7 day forecast being so blurry you cannot even see it. This also occurs with some other weather functions like storm tracker and temp by region. I wish they would fix it.

  • Must be a joke...

    by Warrbuxx

    The whole screen is ads...to make it even worse no support for iPhone 5's larger screen. There was absolutely no effort put into this apps creation. Shame on you 13 Action News.

  • Too many ads.

    by Steve4814

    Screen shots of app are not accurate. Too many ads not enough space for news. Their Website is better.

  • Unreadable

    by Joshua Dyer

    The app works fine, but there are so many typos and grammatical errors that many articles make no sense.

  • Bad

    by WDI

    The screen shots above are missing a permanent banner ad at the top for ProMedica (ProMedica in general totally annoys me) and one at the bottom for other various advertisements. There is not much room left for news. Like maybe 1 and a 1/2 inch. There's really not that much news or other content anyways. Every once in a while I find something decent. I guess maybe it's worth 2 stars.

  • Mrs. MBJ

    by Mrs mbj

    The app is fine as far as news apps go, but I cannot get over the grammatical and spelling errors that are in just about every story I read. I've read articles with incomplete sentences, atrocious spelling errors, and incorrect word usage (like there instead of their or who's instead of whose). I'm sure I sound nitpicky, but I would expect a journalist to be able to spot and correct these errors before publishing. It looks sloppy and unprofessional.

  • Poor! Awful!

    by Lawhiting


  • Poor

    by paul2202

    This is poor. There is no weather video! Just read an article that had spelling errors and no punctuation, it was like reading a 4th grade essay. If you tap closings, it says updating try back later...it says that all the time, leading you to believe there might be delays or cancellations. Trying to get a local score of an athletic contest is awful, there are rarley any scores, and thats if you can find your team. Just putting all scores on and allowing viewer to scroll through them would be helpful. I know when this first came out it was better. Its like no one takes care of the app at channel 13. I personally am going with Ft. Wayne channel 15, there app is alot better!'

  • Poor app

    by avril74


  • Fix it

    by Appreviews2190

    There are a limited amount of videos on the app and half the time they don't change from day to day. I look to you guys to get the weather but rarely do you ever post it. Put your latest weather videos up each time and 2 stars becomes 5!

  • Not good for iphone

    by Gg 80

    You cant search except for the 3-4 stories they have. Tried to to the website on safari and it takes me to the app. I do not like this app.

  • Crappy programming.

    by eco8686

    This app needs to be overhauled - it crashes almost every time I try to use it. How did this make it past apple developer testing?? Thanks for filling my phone up with crash logs...

  • 13 abc app

    by MattMommy

    Everytime I go to see the warnings the app closes. Guess I will be downloading the channel 11 app.

  • Crap

    by knitster1

    Biggest peice of poo!

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