Craigslist News App Review (iOS, $1.99)


Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Spanish

Seller: Lifelike Apps, Inc
This update fixes a problem of the reply email being not available for most ads.
This minor update addresses several stability issues
Craigslist 5.0 is here! Consider this update early holiday present from the Lifelike Apps team.
You’ll love this new version and if you do, we hope you’ll rate the app 5-stars in the app store.

- Stunning new interface for iPhone to match iOS 7 (iPad redesign is coming soon
- Complete redesign of the ad view with natural paging, new layout and image gallery
- New streamlined navigation throughout the app with search accessible on every list view
- Complete redesign of the filters interface
- Many more improvements in both speed and stability of the app

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Universal Edition: Bring Craigslist to your iPhone iPad, and iPod touch with this one app.

***** 5/5 - MACLIFE compares various Craigslist apps and concludes "This one is no contest. Not even close. Craigslist by Lifelike Apps blows the competition out of the water with a low cost, universal app that is just drop dead gorgeous and easy to use, with features we love and an implementation second to none. We adore the app's retro throwback design plus the ability to cross things off and circle ads we like..."

***** 5/5 -
 compares several Craigslist apps and declares "Craigslist by Lifelike Apps is hands-down the best looking of the bunch, its iBooks-esque approach and newspaper design is eye catching and pleasant to read."

Craigslist turns your iPad into a realistic newspaper classifieds section: It combines the enjoyable experience of reading a real newspaper with the convenience of the iPad's menus, filters, personalization, etc. The screenshots below speak for themselves.


- Works on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch

- Automatically sync your favourites and saved searches between devices using iCloud


- Post to Craigslist directly from the app

- Use your iPhone or iPad 2 camera to add photos to your postings or add photos from your photo library

- Manage your Craigslist ads
- Even use multiple Craigslist accounts


- Realistic newspaper rendition of Craigslist's full content
- The new iPhone user interface takes advantage of the iPhone 4 Retina display

- Looks great in both landscape and portrait modes

- Smart display feature reformats listings to be more readable and consistent looking


- It locates you automatically and displays all the Craigslist categories available for your location. 

- You can also set your location manually as well as view and save other Craigslist locations.


- Save your frequent searches and recall them with one tap

- Search multiple location at once


- Easily add any listing to your favorites by just circling an ad with your finger

- View all your favorites at any time

- Cross-off unwanted ads with a Z finger gesture

- View the location of any posting on a map

- Easily reply to any Craigslist ad without leaving the app

- Forward interesting ads to your friends

- Tap any image in a listing to view all the listing's images in gallery view

- Pinch-and-zoom interface to zoom listing details in and out


- We've already added ALL the features you requested to date in this latest version. Have more ideas on how to make this app even better? Please email us using the contact email.

Customer Reviews

  • Well Done

    by JohnTheMacGuy

    This app is, by far, the BEST Craigslist app out there! Craigslist does Craigslist like Craigslist should do Craigslist!

  • Great!

    by rdeleon774


  • Nice

    by chan369553

    Nice app. I really love it.

  • Great app, but......

    by Corn starch

    Great app, but I'm giving it 4 stars ONLY because about 65% of the time it will not load what you click on... E.g. in 'Cars & Trucks' "For Sale"; also about 75% of the time you can ONLY view the pictures of the vehicle once before you have to totally get out of the app, then you have to clear the app before getting back into the app and start your search criteria all over again. ** This seems to happen mainly when using my iPad. **

  • Easy to use

    by Maddox Pride

    Much easier than other apps

  • Best CL app, but still needs improvement

    by Chunks609

    I use the app constantly and it generally works well to view and post items. Pros: 1. Search save and recall is well designed 2. Display, scrolling, and photo view is excellent Cons: 1. Sort by date is hit and miss. There is no choice but to search through all the items to see if there is something new. 2. Complex searches take time to get right. The syntax is close to a regular expression, but not quite.

  • Very well done app!

    by ArkadePhyre

    Better than the others!

  • Love it.

    by wyattbspv

    This app is fully-featured and easy to use! I have tried a few much more expensive programs that required hours of training and the results were usually a disaster!

  • Continually evolves

    by Nvdirtbiker

    Lifelike has done a great job continually refining a solid app. Very pleased with it. This is the first app I ever paid for, and its been well worth it. Absolutely fantastic for posting Craigslist ads. Love the multi area search function as well. Saw someone gripe it lists certain ads multiple times...well so does Craigslist! Hello? Anyway, I use this app daily, and it just gets better and better.

  • nice

    by Robertappreview

    The ease of use is great. The options are also well designed. Overall it has been helpful.

  • Sweet!!

    by Battyboyyy

    It just makes it easy. It's clean and well thought out and it shows, well done!!

  • Great, but...

    by JeffesaurusRex

    Ads that you cross out should disappear for the current session. Also fix the duplicate ads please

  • Could be worse

    by CaptainFearful

    I wish that it remembered where I was and restore what I was doing from launch to launch and I wish you could turn of the fake paper look because it looks terrible and makes scrolling look bad.

  • A proper CL app~

    by Iceblade112

    I always give nice reviews, but this one is quite ... right. It's designed to be user friendly and that's all I need!

  • I love This app.

    by Jillene20

    Once you figure out how to work it, it's a great, if not the best, mobile app for Craigs list. The ability to see the pix with out having to go back to the app after you viewing them is the best up grade so far. I was beginning to hate craigs list before that.

  • Thanks

    by jenpei55

    In search of news is very convenient, can learn a lot of things.

  • Easy

    by sheiayie

    No matter how the software review, Journal of reading is relatively easy.

  • Nice craigslist app

    by SuperBADTj

    I don't understand why I have been seeing so many bad reviews for this app but I have had zero problems with it and works perfectly and is maybe better than the web browser version! 5 stars!

  • Amazing

    by Asbernal

    This app is so simple and beautiful. It works great and it's simply amazing to use.

  • Best Craigslist app

    by C Salek

    My favorite part of this app is the ability to sync favorites and deletions between devices. I know iCloud sync is still beta (is it every going to be GA?) but suddenly it never seems to work between my iPad and iPhone, both iOS 7. I would have expected this feature in 5.0. Another feature I'd like is the ability to hide ads I've scratched through. After a few days, I just see pages of scratched ads. Dropping to a 4, in hopes iCloud sync will come soon. Otherwise, I'm switching back.

  • Disappointing

    by Mac Muscle Nerd

    I got about ¼ inch of checkered stripe down the right side of the app down the whole screen. Will not keep me logged in to my account. That said this is the best looking Craigslist I just wish it worked properly.

  • Disappointment

    by tboneiphone

    The presentation and graphics are beautiful. The usability is terrible. If you have multiple search areas selected it starts into a general search of those areas before you may enter search parameters resulting is painfully slow search results appearing. then you may enter your search text but be careful not to go back or erase all the text because again begins the extended search for nothing. aslo the results show up to 10 " results for the same item" resulting in wasted time. I would not recommend and I would definitely rather have my 2 dollars than this app

  • Screw you! greedy b@stards

    by princesswannabequeen

    I can't believe you greedy b@stards put out an update to the old version that made it inoperable to use just so I would have to purchase purchase this POS app. And of course I HAVE to buy it to be able to bookmark items as favorites. Middle finger. Screw you guys. I'm going home.

  • Garage sale category unable to bring up local ads

    by Wichita KS316

    Why say no local ads? Untrue. But happening repeatedly. Still will not bring up Wichita KS garage sales, only distance ones. Please fix. It worked briefly yesterday, then once again claiming no local garage sale ads. Otherwise I really like the app. It used to always find the local garage sale ads but the past couple of weeks, it is unable.

  • Garage sale category unable to bring up local ads

    by Wichita KS316

    Why say no local ads? Untrue. But happening repeatedly.

  • Bad app!

    by Bryan Blankenship

    I was able to use it for two minutes before it started crashing.

  • So frustrating....

    by QuailTrail

    This app is fine if you just want to search a couple of ads. But if you want to review a week or so of listings, it crashes consistently making it really frustrating to use. Additionally, ads repeat often. You'll see the same string of adds multiple times so it indicates there are 50 ads when in fact there maybe less than 30 with multiple repeats. I could probably live with that, if when you finally did start to see something you are interested in, the app would work. But it's about that point that it crashes.

  • Too unreliable

    by Jakeswa

    Crashes too often, takes way too long to load photos - some won't even load. I have an iPad air and fast wifi.

  • I love this app but…

    by vergil666

    This app is the best there is for Craigslist unfortunately is not working when I'm going to look for something the location settings show up and when I want to select my location the page is blank !!! Please fix the app

  • Never works properly

    by D-maxlmm

    This app has never worked properly for me. Filters don't work very well either.

  • Crashes often

    by Linm627

    I like the interface of this app a lot . It's pretty slick, but the downside is that it always crashes. Why? And it's when I've found something nice. Need to find something else that works better.

  • So slow and w so many bugs

    by sparks7758

    I can't delete my searches that I saved and the app Is so slow to load search results. Regret purchasing

  • Have to wait

    by MCD4x4

    Have to wait for the bottom to turn brown before it works. Very annoying

  • This app is crapp.

    by AlisaJayne

    Unless you LIKE "Error - request has timed out" messages. If so, this app is for you. I get this message when I try to view, post, or edit. Constantly. Will go back to the point & shoot camera/laptop Craigslist process. What a waste of $1.99.

  • Could be better!!!

    by Kristenucf

    I have the same app on my iPhone and iPad but they don't communicate. If I save to favorites on my phone it would be nice if they showed up in my favorites on my iPad too! Also, items saved to favorites never reflect that the item has been deleted from Craig's list, you have to click on original post to see that. If these 2 items were resolved I would give the app 5 stars!

  • Sweet stuff

    by Mr. Too Cool

    So much easier than going to the site direct from a phone. Larger images and simple to use.

  • Craigslist

    by islesjwbes

    Simple to use, and very stable. Exactly what I want out of a Craigslist app. I have another Craigslist app that I had been using, and I like this one much better. Everything works so far, which is more than I can say for the other CL apps put there.

  • So convenient!

    by teaguetiffany

    Great app. So convenient.

  • GOOD

    by ruijiexie

    I think this app is quite good and useful. The design is nice.

  • Can't login to account

    by mandamas

    The login screen keeps me in a loop and doesn't log me in.

  • YES

    by mastergothika

    So easy to find things of Craigslist, and the mobile app makes it even easier to browse listings.

  • Craigslist

    by cortesov

    I like using this app to manage and filter my job posting on Craigslist, but I am rarely sitting at my computer. Now I can do it from my iPhone and iPad. I love it.

  • Craigslist

    by britcano09

    I mainly use this for gigs but the other secretions are just as good i would recommend this to anyone

  • Perfect app

    by MrCooper5

    Nice craigslist app. The app has beautiful and easy to use interface. It looks like you hold a real newspaper. You can post to craigslist right from your device and add some pictures from your library. Definitely worth buying app.

  • kinda bad

    by Tim Ariyeh

    This app is pretty unreliable at doing the one thing it is designed to do, which is browse Craigslist. it will tell me there are no listings in my city for a category, but I can see tons if I go directly to the website.

  • Nice

    by 4wordsloveletter

    Love craigslist n love this app

  • This app was great

    by Sandy kitty88

    This app was great but the new update is not letting me save my favorites or filter correctly. It's so annoying.

  • good

    by chan369553

    it's a good designed app. very simple yet is very easy to use.

  • Great App!

    by haruharujuku

    The design is simple and easy to use! I love it! Looking through ads has never been easier!

  • Amazing

    by Anita Brin88

    Love the design of the app. Works so smooth and it feels like I am reading a piece a paper at times. Best app for one of the best sites arround. Period

  • Wow

    by Nathan Blum

    I always use the site because I can find everything I ever need. And now I can browse while I'm on the go. Best companion app ever. I'm really impressed

  • The BEST of the BEST

    by Wonderful dictionary

    I have tried at least five CL apps. All, ALL, but this one has been totally frustrating. The best thing I like about this is it will not only filter in, but it filters out. I have been looking for a jeep cherokee. Search for one some time. Typically I get over 2000 hits in what ever city I choose, only to find out that at least 75% of them are "Grand" Cherokees. Now I can filter out "Grand" and get what I'm looking for ; jeep Cherokees. Thank you so much.

  • Great app

    by MegaNova09

    Everything I need is now easily found in my phone this app really helps me find what I'm looking for in just a matter of minutes

  • Easy to Use

    by MissinRanney

    Super easy to use, love the way I can customize it. Very glad I bought this app!

  • Would be amazing if it worked properly

    by mikeyrox15

    This app is put together pretty well if it'd worked right. It's set up really well, but they sure can't seem to figure out how to get it to work. It has never worked like it should. I search for something and it loads ads that appear 5-10 times in one day of listings. iPhone and iPad. It takes forever to load the ads and forever to scroll through one day because of all the ads that repeat themselves.. There will be 100 ads for a day but in reality there are only 20 because of how many are repeating. Figure this app out already for crying out loud.

  • Good app, bad design (seconded)

    by pope52

    The chrome is a bit too kitschy when it could be clean and effective

  • Could be better

    by Bamracer

    App does not filter out like posts. Only shows so many posts when searching. Cannot save individual posts.

  • Great

    by hanna1976

    This software is amazing and great, a lot of content and real newspapers close, so I felt my phone and ipad is a newspaper in his hand, like, really good.

  • Crap. Buggy. Glitchy. Can't use

    by Jrn619

    Constantly asks to turn on push notifications. Can't even use the app. Total waste. Avoid.

  • Good app but..

    by myujishan

    Every time I load the app it has the new template with the new design but quickly changes back to the old one. I even deleted it and redownloaded it. I'm running iOS 6.1.3 on iPhone 4s.

  • One issue in my opinion

    by Ejschneider77

    Can't view pictures in any category

  • Good

    by Nicodiac

    This is a nice Craigslist application. I use the service on a daily basis and this app helps me. The performance and the design of the app needs some improvement. Overall a good app for the iPad.

  • nice app

    by kayla.v.night

    this is a very nice craigslist app, except for that I dislike the old school style design.

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