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Seller: Lifelike Apps, Inc
This update fixes a problem of the reply email being not available for most ads.

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iPad Edition: Bring Craigslist to your iPad.

This paid version includes unlimited favorites and saved searches and is ad-free.

***** MACLIFE compares various Craigslist apps and concludes: "This one is no contest. Not even close. Craig's Times by Lifelike Apps blows the competition out of the water with a low cost, universal app that is just drop dead gorgeous and easy to use, with features we love and an implementation second to none. We adore the app's retro throwback design plus the ability to cross things off and circle ads we like bring a sweet functionality others would do well to copy. We weren't big Craigslisters before, but with an app like this, it's easy to see how we could start."

Craig's Times turns your iPad into a realistic newspaper classifieds section: It combines the enjoyable experience of reading a real newspaper with the convenience of the iPad's menus, filters, personalization, etc. The screenshots below speak for themselves.


- Post to Craigslist directly from the app

- Use your iPad 2 camera to add photos to your postings or add photos from your photo library

- Manage your Craigslist ads
- Even use multiple Craigslist accounts


- Realistic newspaper rendition of Craigslist's full content
- Looks great in both landscape and portrait modes

- Smart display feature reformats listings to be more readable and consistent looking


- It locates you automatically and displays all the Craigslist categories available for your location.

- You can also set your location manually as well as view and save other Craigslist locations.


- Save your frequent searches and recall them with one tap

- Search multiple location at once


- Easily add any listing to your favorites by just circling an ad with your finger

- View all your favorites at any time

- Cross-off unwanted ads with a Z finger gesture

- View the location of any posting on a map

- Easily reply to any Craigslist ad without leaving the app

- Forward interesting ads to your friends

- Tap any image in a listing to view all the listing's images in gallery view

- Pinch-and-zoom interface to zoom listing details in and out


- We've already added ALL the features you requested to date in this latest version. Have more ideas on how to make this app even better? Please email us using the contact email.

Customer Reviews

  • Has nice features, but has bugs as well

    by pixfbsd

    The search and filter misses some advertisements. Sometimes seems to get in a loop in list items, so you see duplicate dates and ads as you scroll. However, the "favorites" feature is really nice to have.

  • Better than the original site

    by Jenn Vici

    Really lovely interface that takes advantage of ipad gestures. Search is much easier to use & customize than the actual cl site. Excellently designed and perfectly functional, as far as i can tell. Thanks!

  • Great app

    by rjc799

    The flaw regarding clearing your search and it reloading everything prior to you being able to type in a different search is annoying, but you can get around it. If you hit the space bar a few times first, type your word, then when you want to attempt a different search only backspace enough to clear the letters and leave the spaces. This prevents the "clear and load" phase.

  • Great Way to view CL

    by FerLess

    Love the newspaper interface and how easy it is to post. Great app

  • Better than Search Tempest

    by MH-81

    This is worth it and will save you time. I have used the app for one week and really tried to shake it up. Never buggy or lags (connection speed dependent) . It works like it should, with only a few glaring omissions. 1) no good way to just copy the address of the ad. I belong to an online forum and we share ads of things others may like. As it is, I have to click email, copy/paste and then delete draft of email. 2) can't save a picture. Sometimes things come up for sale that you want to either share a pic or save for reference (snow blower in my case). Have to open pic, then take a screen shot. 3) no apparent way to eliminate duplicate ads. You can delete them all, but not leave one and hide the others. Should be an option. 4) when you delete a search term, it starts over with all ads again. This can take some time with a poor wireless signal or a bunch of cities. This is the only thing that would even be close to a glitch, but with a good Internet speed, it's not anything to whine about. Saving common searches will reduce this when switching search terms. All in all, navigation is easy. If you've ever used a newspaper, it will work well for you. Well worth the buck I spent.

  • Craig's List

    by TDI Bug

    Very useful and well it.

  • Good but could be better... Really.

    by Droobie-Doo

    Nice app but it has one major flaw. When you search for an item then clear the search bar to do another search, it hangs and loads ALL the current listings... Every single time. The delay to reload the screen is hugely annoying. Please fix that... Cache it or whatever but stop the full refreshes. Also, if I sign in, I should be able to define a search and setup notifications. I would love to be able to get a text or an emIl when something am looking for comes available. Please please add that.

  • Craigslist for iPad


    This is a must have apps for users that use the list frequently. And on the paid version it's worth a dollar to be able to highlight and save unlimited favorite ads. Personally Craigslist is my favorite online shopping experience. So any upgrades to make my shopping experience better I give 5 stars too! Buy it

  • Craig's list must have.

    by mdsimon

    If you are a person who uses Craig's list daily this is a must have. Why sit at a computer when you can use your iPad and be anywhere. The items have discriptions and pictures. Tap on the picture to blow it up and scan through several pictures of the item. Choose as many locations as you like. Other than the weather channel my most used app.

  • Great app!!!!

    by ZiggoChyi

    This is really a great app. It's a nice newspaper tool. The interface it's very nice but still need improve. The app is easy to use. I like this app.

  • Like the current version

    by Sci-doc

    Working better and appreciate the app. Would still like to see duplicate elimination. See the same listing a dozen or more times in some cases.

  • Best of Craig's

    by dreadnok

    I love Craig's list and use it quite frequently to buy and even some times sell items, so it good to have an app that gives you the features you love from the website in a mobile form, I take my iPad with me everywhere (purchased on Craig's list) so it's good for my uses

  • Bugs??

    by Corn starch

    Easy to use, but recently having issues when using options... Such as switching from "entire post" to "title only", no cars will show up and an error message appears saying to change filters when clearly I should not have to. I can go to the actual website and use the options and it works just fine. Also, some makes and models under search are not even showing up. I do enjoy using this app, but will just use the actual website until the bugs are fixed.

  • Best Craigslist app I've used

    by EFcee

    This is one of the Best Craigslist app I've used but. I just wish you could customize the email signature. I have to delete the signature every time I send an email within the app. Dev's please get on this :)

  • Favorites

    by LNBurke

    Love having favorites. Speeds up daily searches.

  • Good app

    by jessiely186

    The app is really useful and works flawlessly. And it looks amazing on my ipad.

  • Nice

    by denise.wodds

    It's just like the real experience when I was waking up, drinking my coffee and browsing the local sale ads. Looks so good and works really well

  • Love it

    by Janyj425

    I just used it for 30 minutes and I start loving it. Really nice.

  • Great app

    by calvinjsn81

    Yes. Now I had Craiglist on my ipad. The app's design is very good. It's easy to use. 5 stars!

  • Love the interface

    by Staghelm

    The interface is great. Easy to find items highlight them or erase them so you don't see them. However I cannot get it to save searches. I press the bookmark next to the save a window pops up that says type a name for this search but before I can do anything the window closes.

  • Limitations

    by Debbysur

    Love how this app works. The severe limitations is it only shows recent ads which means you are losing a lot of ads that are still less than a day old. I went out to the on- line Craigslist and saw all the ads I was missing. Pooh!

  • Poor app

    by Cairo 1966

    This app keeps crashing, does not have the flexibility to search like on - line program does. I have reloaded it and still crashed after a while using it

  • Lame Application...

    by drob0518

    Waste of $ - better off using a browser window to search Craigslist. Don't bother...

  • Apt search doesn't work

    by Hiltimanmike

    Tried looking at rentals. Every time I put in an area to search or hit NYC apt search it says error and doesn't allow me to search. Please fix!!

  • Cannot email the seller

    by ILuvRiLuGu

    This app is kind of useless with the ability to email the seller not available. Hope this gets fixed really soon.

  • The email is broken on this last update

    by Dalite77

    Prior to the update of this current version the app worked flawless. Please fix the email. It does not populate with an email address and you can not contact sellers.

  • Over rated

    by chentito

    Filters are limited. Basic craigslist app out performs this one , not worth the upgrade.

  • Used to be impressed

    by Layinwood

    I started out liking this app but the more I switched from the app to the regular site I realized the app limits you to certain listing .. You see way more threw the original site

  • Needs Simple Improvements to make it worth it!

    by Invitedink

    Currently slow and tedious to use. Needs option for notifications of new items on your saved search list and the option to only view new items listed on saved searches.

  • Problems

    by Judy 1587

    Keeps crashing in my account

  • Let me decide

    by Don1Adams

    Don't like the fact that it hides photos they don't want you to see in cell phones shows pic in adult it does not let me decided please

  • Please update

    by meHarvey

    This would be a useful app for the ipad mini if it didn't constantly crash. I sure hope they fix this otherwise I wasted my money.

  • Problems

    by Brian0909soumdhej0

    Every tenth time I use the app all my saved searches say there are no listings that match my search. When I know that there are listings that match my search. So I go to and search the same keywords and sure enough there are plenty of listings that match my numerous searches. I have the app that I paid for too. Please fix this problem.

  • Cannot login to acct, backup "web view" solution does not work

    by rosannefan

    Bought the app so I could save searches, but can't login to my account to save them. "Web View" backup solution will not work either. On iOS 7. So here I am with a paid app that does not function. Buyer beware!

  • Love it!

    by shorrfamily

    They have really improved their app. I use it often & with ease.

  • Garbage

    by Richard Marrero

    This app keeps getting worse. It's garbage!!!! NOT HAPPY. FIX THE PROBLEM!!!!!!!!!

  • Love/annoying

    by C'aira Westebbe

    Love craigslist very convenient. However, i wish you could search by counties and cities to create a radius of where you are looking. I waste a lot of time with ads showing up in maryland when i live at another state..

  • Love this app!

    by greengurl1088

    I really like the new circle and cross off features! Very cool!

  • Great app

    by Gerard Courtemanche

    Very good app

  • Great app... Except...

    by indig0m0m

    This is a very user friendly, "pretty" interface. I would love it, except for two issues. One, you sort by "most recent" yet a handful of items still appear out of order (ie. there will be a 2hr old listing in the middle of 2wk old posts). But the most annoying feature? It is limited to only 100 results. Not like the regular site where you can page over for more :-( Fine for keyword searches, but if you browse whole categories, save your money!

  • Good app

    by Cjp80

    Good app

  • Good app. Well organized.

    by KnightWolfe

    Does what I need, pleasing to the eye, easy to post ads. Good app.

  • Hands down best visual app for Craigslist there is

    by svvenskus

    The beautiful graphics, user friendly interface, and sophisticated simplicity of this app makes it my go-to iPad Craigslist application. The only addition that would make this even better would be the ability to enable a search agent that can send you notifications when new listings are posted with certain user specified keywords.

  • Easy

    by Sexymama Tee

    I love this app quick and easy

  • Great app one annoyance

    by Dnachristen

    I gave this app 4 stars only because of one annoyance. When you go to search for something else, using the backspace or delete button in the search box causes the app to go back one page and lower the keyboard. Then you have to click in the search box again to type your new search. When using the delete button on the keyboard, as soon as you clear the last letter it goes back one page and kills the keyboard. Other then the one annoyance this has to be the best Craig's list app out there. Very well put together and pleasing to the eye. Handy search features and a gorgeous layout. Great app! If your on the fence about buying it, DO IT!

  • Good concept but slow and unstable

    by Crystal Brain

    I like the concept of this app and the UI but there is too much waiting when going back and forth from selecting and add and returning to the searched items. Also there are fairly frequent crashes. Would be a great app if performance and stability were improved

  • Great app when working

    by Straightpostal

    Had problems loading searches.

  • Great app

    by Colonel Pablo

    Much better using this on my tablet than the regular website. Good function to save/mark favorites, and delete adds not needed.

  • Where Are The Discussion Forums?

    by Mr Vagabond

    I primarily use Craigslist's Discussion Forums and am sad that I am unable to access them using this APP. I deducted one star from what would have otherwise been a 5 star rating. Hey Craigslist! Please add Discussion Forums to your iPad APP.

  • Craigslist ap

    by Berly357

    Very awesome. Love the newspaper look, very easy to use. Thanks guys, way to make a good thing better

  • Great App

    by Audi_Rose

    This is a five star app. It is incredibly user friendly and features the kind of paper-like interface I wish more iPad apps had. Save an ad by simply circling it with your finger, just like you would with an old-school newspaper. Draw a Z through it to cross an ad off and remember you already read it and passed. Searching craigslist is great with the classified newspaper layout that allows you to skim through ads quickly and easily. Posting to craigslist and revising or reviewing your ads is also super easy with the easy user interface and a craigslist account (which you can opt to stay logged into within the app). This is the kind of old-school meets new school app that I want from my tablet. The only reason why I gave it four stars is because the app keeps crashing. Hopefully it's just a temporary glitch and they will upgrade and fix it soon.

  • Game changer

    by Jdohl

    This is incredible. Love the interface.

  • Richard

    by Rdbooks

    This works great!

  • Love It!

    by Dawgstrike

    I love all the features and how easy it is to use!

  • Great

    by mikejean66

    5stars for this app. Love it. Simple to use and well needed. Thanks for a great product

  • <3 Craigslist

    by Pontiacslvbrd

    I love love love Craigslist. So easy to use, and to revise your listing/add. I would highly recommend this app. Works great.

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