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As seen in Apple's Best Apps of 2012/2013. Featured by ABC-News, Aol, Yappler, Mobile Entertainment, App Advice and appPicker.

Most people can use the iPad straight out of the box, but miss out on many hidden features and secret shortcuts. To unlock all that potential and become an iOS power user, you need Tips & Tricks – iPad Secrets.

This PRO Edition provides you with 19 complete chapters, and over 150 pages of easy-to-read tips, tricks, and secrets for everyday iPad use. But with the latest update you’ll also receive regular new material – tips, how-tos, news stories and even app reviews – all for free. It’s our way of saying thanks for using our app.

So download the app now and get all these great benefits…

Learn shortcuts, discover hidden features, type faster, browse quicker, secure your data, maximize your battery life, and more…

FREE content delivered to your iPad on a regular basis!

Snappy tips that get straight to the point, all accompanied by images for clarity.

Share your favorite tips via Email, Twitter and Facebook.

Retina display graphics make the text and images crystal clear.

Save time, work more efficiently and enjoy your iPad more!

The app also works on an iPhone, so you can read on an iPhone while you try the tips out on your iPad.

With over 2 million downloads, we already have a lot of happy users – here’s what people are saying about Tips & Tricks – iPad Secrets...

5/5 “This app could have easily come from Apple. It's simple, logical, and beautifully designed.” - USA
5/5 “This app has given me a whole new iPad. So many things I wasn't aware of. Thank you guys.” - Australia
5/5 “Unleashed the iPad's full potential. To have this amount of useful tips was invaluable. Highly recommended!” - USA
5/5 “I used every tip! Very useful!!” – USA
5/5 "If you bought a book that contained this amount of information, it would cost ten to twenty dollars. There are a lot of hidden features that make using an iOS device easier when you know where they are. This app provides a better way to find them. Each secret is concisely described on a single non-scrolling page with a short simple title. Many also include a graphic showing highlights of the feature. Worth every penny and more." - USA

With updates after every major release from Apple, you’ll never be left behind.

So why not start mastering your iPad today. Download Tips & Tricks – iPad Secrets and become an iOS guru!

Customer Reviews

  • Very useful!

    by 5ardine5

    Solves some mysteries and unveils new methods to explore.

  • Love it!

    by Finnigan555

    Love this app --- helps you learn a lot about you iPad or iPhone and makes you look smart!

  • Best iPad app

    by Maziemaze

    I love this app. Can't believe the things it has taught me

  • Tips & Tricks

    by Lorart

    Great tutorial for iPad. May need to review contents a few times to become proficient. Certainly better than cold turkey approach.

  • Great for Gadget Junkies!!!!

    by MrsJR85

    I got an iPad Air for Christmas and I'm in the novice stage. This book has opened up a whole new world for me!!!! I'm in love with my iPad Air now!!!!!! Thank you SO much!!!! Time for more fun!!!!

  • Outstanding

    by Joyce Hycner

    Very helpful updated info.

  • Fantastic App

    by Alan Stan

    An absolute must if you own an iPad!

  • Even better the second time

    by Captseadog

    I have reread the whole thing a second time and learned more the second time. I found the best way to use it is to read a page and then go do it what you learned or change a setting. I'm sure in a couple of months, I will reread it again.

  • Excellent


    Has all the information needed to walk you through the necessary uses of an IPad Mini. I love this app as a constant referral guide and uses manual.

  • Great app,if you don't know the basics of your ipad.

    by Ilovepolyglot

    I thought the app was very well done.Much work was put into it. I found really nothing though that I did not already know through experience using it. I recommend this app to those who just bought a new ipad.:)

  • Great app

    by (o:)

    Super app! I've learned quite a lot about my iPad I did not know prior to purchasing this app. Easy read, well laid out. It was definitely worth the $$$. Very helpful!!

  • IPad App , IPad secrets is Senior friendly ,

    by Mrs. JAY JAY


  • Great

    by Tommtdial

    Perfect app for my first iPad. Everything I needed to know and a lot more.

  • So handy!

    by Mathill36

    It's great to have such a concise and broad-ranging help right on the I-Pad. I've used it at least a million times since I downloaded it!

  • Wonderful App

    by Jtaylor47

    Just got the new iPad air, and looked in the Tips and Tricks app that was transferred from my old iPad. It was great! I learned so much from reading this "book". I would still be in the dark ages without it! Thanks Tips and Tricks team, you're doing a GREAT job.

  • A little Gem of an app. Highly recommend it to anyone trying to improve iPad skills

    by Dudley Joe

    Can't thank Intelligenti enough creating this App. It's wonderful to be able to do so many things without any great effort. I just stumbled onto the calendar timeline trick and it may well be the most useful one I've discovered to date. To be able to quickly check whether a certain date has a conflict when attempting to agree to a follow up appointment in a doctors office, or agreeing to a request together to get together on a certain date while talking over the phone, is now gonna be a piece of cake. And it works forward and backwards, too. Thanks a mill. From an 86 year old geezer. Joe Gerhard Auburn, MA

  • great App.

    by Rrobn321

    I have learned a lot about my iPad -1st time user.

  • How do you save passwords for sites

    by gmaclean

    If you change passwords, how does one resave these I pad only save the original password

  • iPad tips and secrets

    by RBall2

    Great app. Very helpful for finding info and staying current with iPad use.

  • Great for a computer phobe....

    by Eileen K.

    I love this App. It is great help for a computer phobe like me. Every tip is written in clear, concise language that is easy to follow. Even though I've had my iPad for a year and a half, I still had a lot to learn. One of the things I always wondered about was where people got the happy face icon from. Now I know!

  • Ok but not as worthwhile as their iPhone app

    by hpeless class

    I learned a bit, but this is nowhere as in depth or helpful as their iPhone app. I guess it was worth .99 for an iPad novice.

  • Useless

    by PhillFlash

    See "Title:" above.

  • Not useful

    by Vardaka

    Out of the 150 tips this app offers, only about 1 or 2 were non-basic and helpful.

  • iPad pro

    by DC111122223

    Learned a couple of new things, nothing that I could not live without. I think I expected more along the lines of setting up new folders and how to get more out of the iPad.

  • IPad secrets (pro)

    by Ronald Maybell

    An invaluable collections of written and pictorial essential information for ios 7.

  • Wonderful App

    by Marilynb9

    Full of information that makes using an iPad even easier, faster, and smarter. All clearly explained. Love it!

  • Get all tips in one spot!

    by Mom miso

    Love this app it's a must have for all ages! I luv having all iPad tips in just one spot instead of having to surf the net to find the answers :) It's great to always be up to date with all the new shortcuts, tips, news & updates!

  • Helpful

    by Nativity

    Many hidden features which one may not be aware of are revealed in an easy instructional tips. Features not taken up before are updated often. Good buy!

  • iPad secrets

    by Jkdoggy

    I wish I had this 3 years ago when I first got my iPad, it has been so helpful I'm 80 years old far from being a TECHY but it's made my day more enjoyable I definitely recommend it.

  • Extremely Helpful!!

    by Cinmik

    If you are like me, a non-techie 59 year old person who wants to know how it all works, you will love this app!!! It is very clearly and simply explained how to do tons of things on your iPad. I have already learned lots and have barely begun. It was well worth the couple of dollars.

  • Learned Some Great Tips

    by Pskdlk

    I am pleasantly surprised how many tips & tricks I did not know about. We'll worth purchasing the pro version!

  • Frustration

    by 1312mike

    Downloaded iOS 7 a few days ago and wanted to learn more about it. Bought this app, but it never finishes downloading so I can't use it. Very frustrating that an app to teach iOS 7 won't run on iOS 7. Could you fix this please?

  • Great App

    by BearBellinger

    Great App, very helpful getting to know to use the iPad 4 & os7.

  • Great

    by Pikewoman

    Very helpful


    by Jmaccine

    I thought I was pretty I PAD savvy but I must admit thus app taught me a few tricks. It is simply written, easy to understand and I would recommend it to every I PAD owner even if you think you are an expert. Buy the PRO version. The best $3 you will spend for an app.

  • Worth every penny

    by F3lix1990

    Love this!!

  • I started with the lite

    by Terri g

    After reading the lite version, I realized I wanted to read all that this app had. I love the simple explanations. I'll be gifting this to fellow ipad users. They even offer updates with current tips. Buy this app!

  • Charged me full price!

    by Shmcc

    I like this app ,but just received my receipt and was charged the full price of 2.99 instead of .99¢ that was the advertised 24 hour special price. Feel as though I got tricked alright,so my tip is buyer beware!

  • Rip off

    by andreadken

    Just purchased the upgrade for $2.99 to find out it was on sale for .99 hope they refund my money, other than that I really think I will like this app.

  • Best tips ever!

    by WWoods

    I am a former PC Windows user who received an iPad for my birthday. It was so different that I was becoming frustrated. I bought the Tips and Tricks app and now use my iPad exclusively. I refer to it when using lesser used options, for example how to use the video on the iPad. The info is clear and concise.Thanks for such great info.

  • Like the Lite, but....

    by Katsue1946

    I have the lite version and tried to download the Pro, entered my password, but nothing happened. Don't know if I have it or not....Any help !!!!

  • Yes

    by Redeye6960

    Hasn't failed me yet !!!!

  • Some really good tips!

    by Miltonian1

    I pride myself on being adept at getting the most out if apps by using hot keys etc. This gave me numerous tips that I did not know existed. Now even more time saved by fine tuning. Worth purchasing especially as I caught it on sale. Good job!

  • So informative

    by Harley's Momma in MO

    Being someone fairly new to the ISO world, I find this app to be very helpful. Well, worth the .99 price! Have and will recommend this app to my friends.

  • Great app!!!! Wish I could give it 6 stars.

    by Paaflyer

    Great app. I highly recommend it. I was amazed at what I didn't know. I learned a great deal and am able to use the most amazing piece of electronic gear I have ever owned. Buy it you won't be disappointed. This is not an Apple owned program, but a privately produced product.

  • Great app!

    by Cookebelle

    This app is fantastic! It has so many helpful tips and is helping me learn to love the new iOS 7 update. The Pro Version is a bargain!


    by SIauNaturale

    I have been using this app every time there is an iOS upgrade and they really explain things well for all the changes. I got iOS 7 and couldn't figure out how to close down my apps running in the background - it was right there in the "draining battery" section along with a bunch of helpful hints. These app makers are very thorough and ARE NOT Apple Company people! Highly recommend this app.

  • Not bad

    by AreeN11

    This app is not bad ... But if you are a new user for iOS this app help you .. Btw i did not learn anything new :(

  • Fantastic App

    by Krazymj3

    I love this app. One can't begin to understand the power of their iPad without using this Tip & Tricks app. Worth every penny. Get it!!

  • iPad tips and tricks pro

    by tutankuamen

    I love your new app for iPad ios7. I don't have to sort through what is for the iPhone and what is for the iPad, as the suggestions on-line mostly skimp on the iPad. And the instructions, tips, and pages in your iPad app are clear, simple, and uncomplicated. Thanks!

  • More secrets

    by nikkislab

    This app is so nice to have. I read bits at a time to absorb the tips. Nice to have the app right on board to look up things easily rather than in a separate book. If you learn a new tip in each section it is well worth it. Check it out!

  • Wonderful.

    by bar1226

    Yes, I knew most of the tips, but there were enough that I didn't know to definitely make this worth while. If you love your IPad you'll love this app. I guarantee you'll learn something from it.

  • Will not load in ISO7

    by tonyB901

    This app worked gone until I updated to ISO 7. It constantly says it is loading, but never completes loading. It's been 5 days now and it still is not loaded..

  • Great info

    by Clean, crisp

    Love this app. I learn something new and useful every time I use it.

  • Must have for new iPad

    by Wanda B

    You will not regret purchasing this APP great info in it.

  • Great service

    by Love my IPAD2

    I've had this APP a long time and I love it. You write directions in language I can understand. I love going in and finding new things and exercising them. I feel so "techy" learning new stuff. Thank you for your efforts to keep up with IPAD ! By Echolaris

  • Fantastic

    by WarblerWoods

    I love this program and learn so much each time I use it

  • A MUST for IPad owners

    by Jan S. Cassidy

    My only complaint is that there is so much useful information here, I can't remember it all. There is no way I'll remember all the wonderful hints.

  • Fantastic Tips

    by Christine Ernst

    It's exciting to learn things my iPad has always did, but I didn't know it - it feels new and I feel smarter.

  • Day one!

    by rwholly

    My iScore for soccer app is really screwing up It doesn't like the new platform. i.e., the players icon won't affixed to the field, it just floats around, unless I do something like switch sides or change the formation and then they lock into place. The app worked fine with the iOS 6, it's having a hard time with iOS7..

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