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Google Drive is one safe place for all your stuff. Upload photos, videos, documents, and other files that are important to you, then access what you need wherever you go, on any device. Get going with up to 15GB of storage. Free.

-Edit and create documents and spreadsheets with Docs and Sheets
-Share photos and files with friends and family
-Always have the latest version of your documents, whether at home or in the office
-Pin files to make them available offline
-Keep photos and videos from your device in Drive so you have everything if it breaks or is lost
-Access your stuff from a new device without having to transfer or download anything

Customer Reviews

  • Cool but crashes

    by iluvmj19

    Pretty cool app but it crashes very often. The cool thing about it is that you can work on a document on your iPad, switch to your desktop and work on the same document right where you started via the drive. But it crashes on the ipad pretty frequently and the only reason that doesn't totally stink is because it saves. The app is worth it if you have to work on something on the go but don't expect great performance, but it crashes quite a bit.

  • Good, but could be better

    by HarryPotter;)

    It's nice when you don't want to, or can't, get onto the computer for school stuff. But I wish I could paste pictures from my Photos onto my documents ad such. You Gould add that in the next update. Soon please! I'll be waitin


    by OrionTheConstilation

    However I would like it better if in the next update you would make it so we can create drawings on this like we normally can.

  • The app has gotten better over time

    by Ikky75

    Pleased with recent changes. I am able to find and edit the document I'm looking for. The way this is organized here matches intuitively with the way google docs are organized on my desktop computer.

  • Decent

    by Gabriela91

    Its very frustrating when you're in the middle of writing, and have to pause every minute or so when I "lose connection." Yet my network and Wifi are working perfectly fine.

  • Good but needs a desperate update

    by R91240sx

    It's a good app but it's slow. Wish they wud read these reviews & improve

  • Crashing down

    by bha4930awesome

    This app is a savior, but it keeps on crashing every time I open a document. Please fix it.

  • Bug fixes?

    by Tricha H.

    Since the latest update I have not been able to open any of my documents??? What's going on?

  • Really simple feature/fix

    by EdS91

    I use the spreadsheets a lot to take notes, but when a cell has a lot of writing in it, it takes WAYYY too long to scroll all the way to the beginning. Could you make it more like the website version where you can click wherever you need to type?

  • Buena app, pero con orugas

    by Green3lent

    La aplicación es muy buena, debe tener mejor opción al introducir documentos a un file diferente, por ejemplo, escoger muchos files al tiempo y guardarlos en un archivo o carpeta, no hay una opción para mover muchas fotos a un archivo, hay q escoger una por una

  • It's a big help

    by JCgamer1414

    It's a big help when you need it or want it, but I've got a glitch that needs to be fixed!

  • Version 2.2.2 update works AFTER deleting app

    by S-Foil Repair, Inc.

    If you are like me and find that version 2.2.2 rendered many documents unreadable or inaccessible (including PDFs, .txt, and .docx files) then delete the app from your device and reinstall it. So far that is working for me. I’ve got my old, very useful Google Drive back in operation. Google Drive is my primary file solution for managing personal and shared documents on my iPad.

  • Great app

    by Kaboom$@@$

    Can we use PowerPoint I think it'll be convenient to use it

  • Good app, need a little work.

    by Ramadan

    The app works great, but it would be nice to be able to paste data into the app. So far I have not been able to paste into a spreadsheet.

  • Bugs after new update

    by fantasyfreak

    I have been using gdocs for a long time with no issue but with the new update I can't view certain documents on my phone. There doesn't appear to be any logical pattern to which ones I can't view, nor any explanation on how to fix it.

  • Needs Passcode Lock

    by RetroUltraModern

    This app is okay, but it should have a passcode lock to prevent people from accessing my files if they get their hands on my iPhone.

  • Crashes when uploading

    by 96kiloblips

    If I seller multiple images to upload at a time, the app crashes.

  • Needs Work on Syncing

    by Vol4Life27

    The app overall is pretty great. However, one of the main uses os this app is to be able to see your files when you need them. This app has problem syncing new files that have been added since you signed in last. Whenever i pull to refresh, I see the refreshing icon forever without it actually refreshing anything. To see new files i have synced, I have to either search for them by name and open them (which after opening, will show up in directory listing). Or I have to sign out of google on my iOS device, close out all google apps, then open Google Drive and sign back in. Both SkyDrive and Dropbox apps do not have this problem. Both of those apps sync perfectly. Google needs to fix this issue which would probably take no more than a day to fix at the most.

  • This app is great

    by Ltrain00016

    Google drive is a great app, there just needs to be a few fixes, there needs to be a tab key and a paragraph spacing button, also u should be able to edit off line

  • Limited, but invaluable

    by Tofuligan

    I depend on Google Drive for many things, and the app allows clean, easy access to my files. It's somewhat limited in its ability to edit and format documents, but if you use it to reference more than input, you'll find it invaluable

  • I just


    Every time I try to open a document, it force closes and is unresponsive. Unbelievable.

  • If it worked I'm sure I like it.

    by Mememymymomo

    If it worked I'm sure I like it. Can't ever open it on iPhone. Another example of why Apple iCloud works easier and better. I would like this to work. You give 15g of space that is great! But you need it to work. Hope you can get the bugs worked out.


    by elchamber

    App crashes when ever I check to see my uploads. Lost a lot of files now. Also, encase you didn't know, but Google looks through your stuff to find any info to sell to companies to sell you stuff. Fill it with porn then.

  • Lolalilve45

    by Loveing20132012

    Is it me or is this app extremely slow uploading on iphone 4s ? I wish it has a select all button so i dont have to tap each... Any suggestion to make my life easier?

  • Undo Button

    by Skiperdoodle28

    I ruined a school project by accident because there was no undo button!!

  • Please fix

    by haobole

    I used this app every day until the latest update. Now, as soon as I open the app, it crashes. I can access documents neither online nor offline. I really want this app back. Please fix it.

  • Absolutely Useless

    by rumproast13

    It only lets you upload pictures and videos! I need to upload sound recordings and documents!

  • Stupid

    by Unicornxiajssjsb


  • New update Problem (possible fix)

    by Goodgravy88

    This is an updated review. I deleted and downloaded the app again and it fixed my previous problem. (That review is at the bottom) There are still some glitches and it needs to be fixed but I can view most of my word documents now. Previous review: (2.04.2014) I cannot open any of my word documents on my phone after the update. I chose google drive over other similar apps because it was more reliable but now I can't even use it. I hope google fixes this update problem fast.

  • Needs password sign off!

    by my name is spencer

    This app is useless because I cannot sign out to protect my stuff. Bring this feature back!!!

  • Very bad

    by williamgoo98

    This app isnt even on my ipad. I cant delete it nor use it.

  • Fix it!

    by A niggie

    The app was great until the update now it keeps taking me offline while I'm trying to do a paper.

  • Work on the connection issue

    by Da Muler

    It's kinda pathetic. It's a great idea, but executed terribly. Work on the internet drop bug, I can't tell you how many times I have missed the chance to write down an idea or take a specific note because I am "offline". I clearly have wifi connection and a strong one too.

  • Great, needs improvements

    by Mx822

    This app is great and very useful, but is missing something. I do a lot of projects involving a lot of different fonts, and when I go back and forth from the computer to the app the fonts are missing on the doc. This is very annoying. There should be the same font variety on the app as on the computer. I will give 5 stars once this happens of course.

  • Absolute crap

    by Rumbles95335678

    It worked beautiful before. But now none of my documents open. They're all just a grey blank screen. I use this for work. It's really important. Fix it now!

  • Unappealing

    by laslo0728

    Lately, Google's become too comfortable with its old design scheme. About this time last year, it was beautiful when compared to Pages,but since the latter was updated, it's difficult to type in Drive. Everything is static and matte, and in order to type "offline," you have to manually save the document. On top of this, typing itself is laggy, with some words showing up on the page five seconds after I input them in, and there's a very limited font choice. I'm usually not one to write bad reviews, but I just used Pages and I realized how mediocre Google's service has become, although that's not to say that it can't ever be improved upon.

  • Worthless

    by Schprinkt

    Can't view any of your docs by date. Not good. Uninstall.

  • Locks up

    by ldgregg

    App locked up during the welcome tutorial when I attempted to open one of my files on first use. I notice that GOOG asks that you to enable the app to send crash data to the company so they can address issues with the app. Perhaps they should just get a few iPhones and test it before they released it.

  • Disconnects when typing a lot

    by James Y. Taylor

    Overall a very good app. Approximates the desktop experience very well. However. I've noticed both on my iPad and on my phone that if I type lots for a consistent period of time, maybe 16 words or so, it'll pop a message up on the screen saying it's gone into offline mode and I can't edit my document. It reconnects shortly after that, usually within 5 seconds or so. If I type a bit slower it doesn't seem to have this issue. Quite annoying. It happens on wifi as well as cell tower connection.

  • Doesn't load my documents

    by edenheartparis

    After I updated the app, I can no longer view any of my documents and it won't even load them. Please fix. Thanks!

  • Can't edit tables

    by robfuzz

    I use tables in google Docs but you cannot edit tables in this app. It's read only. Better off with the main google app.

  • Impressive

    by HighSchoolerMichela

    It allows you to access documents offline, which I think is a very useful feature. My school doesn't provide Wifi but with Google Drive I don't need it to work on or edit a work in progress. It's very convenient, always accessible.

  • Used to be great...

    by B17man

    Back when it worked, this app was perfect for getting work done. However, now it crashes every time I open it :(

  • Which I could give it 5 stars....

    by BellaLillyStudio

    I downloaded the app about two months ago and it worked great, but lately it's very unreliable. I try to open a doc in front of my clients and it takes too long to load or it says it's unavailable period. I've made some changes to my folders on my PC installed Google drive but those changes are not updates on this app. It's very frustrating and I wish they would dedicate more time into developing a better app. Sorry google for the low review. :(

  • Almost there google...

    by HannahRae"Elfiepie"Davis

    I'm having two problems since the last updat 1) I will randomly get messages saying it is trying to reconnect, even though I know my wifi connection is completely solid. 2) on my iPad, the text will randomly disappear- it hast turned white - I tried that already - but it will disappear, and the only way for me to get it back is to either relaunch the app or reopen the folder (if the document is in one$ or just reopen the document. Fix these things and you will have your 5 stars back!

  • Doesn't load new data anymore

    by nholtappels

    I am paying for additional storage, yet I cannot really make use of it because the app just stopped loading new files and folders at some point. Google really needs to fix this crap, this is unworthy of their otherwise great ecosystem of apps and services!

  • Can't add text

    by jimboisaninterestingname

    Since the last two updates, I can't write anything in my documents. Instead I can only change font and format

  • Can't add text

    by jimboisaninterestingname

    Since the last two updates, I can't write anything in my documents. Instead I can only change font and format

  • Need to fix

    by iluvmyda

    Please fix asap! I am unable to load certain documents.

  • Almost perfect

    by PkUW

    Easy to use interface. Works like the online versions BUT I wish google would add the option to email a file. As is, you can email a link, but not add an attachment of the file. Some things I don’t want to be collaborative and some people don’t link clicking on links, so I would like the options of attaching a file to an email.

  • Recent update not good

    by chrissytina ^_^

    I recently converted home movies to digital format for my grandmother to watch. I purchased her an upgraded version of Google Drive so she could watch them all the time. As of the most recent update, she cannot watch some of them. I checked the files on my PC, and they play on there without problems. When she accesses one of the files that doesn't play, it brings up the player for a moment and then goes away. I have also noticed some issues viewing files of my own. Please fix this. This app is great otherwise. Wonderful mobile format. I'll up my rating to five stars once this bug is fixed.

  • Meh

    by ThatGirlYouWanted

    This app use to work really good.... But then I got the new update and it keeps cutting out and going back to home after a few seconds of being open. I really love the app and the set up but I'm upset because I can't actually use the features because if the bug. This really needs to be fixed and then it will deserve 5 stars. Also another bug that is happens when it does actually work is after a couple of minutes the document will go "offline" and then I'm no longer able to edit. This is really annoying.

  • Google drive

    by Yo yo yo Aflac

    Best ever

  • Great, but with bugs

    by BaldwinHouse

    I adore this app, but with the new update, I can no longer access my offline documents. Also, I wish I could have the option of searching my offline docs for certain keywords. Such as if I go to my offline folder there would be a search bar at the top for me to search just in that folder. Also I wish I could have a search bar in all documents in general. That would really come in handy with longer documents.

  • Bugs

    by jmar13

    Files take forever to open, even when I'm on wifi. It eats up 1-2% of my battery every time I try to look at a photo. Additionally, it locks and crashes when I try to upload videos.

  • Handy but buggy and annoying

    by Jrbman

    When it works, google drive is great: I can edit docs on my phone and access the updated docs on my laptop and ipad. The problem is that every time I'm editing a doc I get annoying popups saying "reconnecting" even though my internet/LTE connection is rock solid. After a second or two I can dismiss the popup. This happens even when I'm simply viewing a doc. Why does the app have so many connection problems? Clearly they are problems on google's end, not with my internet connection. And why does it even have to alert me if I'm just viewing a doc and not sending or receiving data? Google supposedly hires the best and brightest, but they clearly put the flunkies on the dev and UI teams for this app.

  • New update is a problem

    by Goodgravy88

    I cannot open any of my word documents on my phone after the update. I chose google drive over other similar apps because it was more reliable but now I can't even use it. I hope google fixes this update problem fast.

  • Not bad

    by Oleeeeee33333

    Hope someday you will add office in it...

  • Great app

    by Arc4545

    This app is amazing, I just wish you could edit all types of files like, ppt presentations and things of the nature.

  • It's pretty good

    by Adubthereal austin

    It has minor faults but it's pretty great when it works

  • Good App- Crashes

    by Gracie

    I love this app, but there is a few problems. I love typing, but sometimes when I'm in the middle if a sentence the app crashes. It saves my data but really annoying. Please fix this, but I love the app overall minus the small problem.

  • Can't See PDFs

    by NoShowPDF

    Latest update stopped displaying PDFs on my iPad and iPhone. Good thing I still have SkyDrive.

  • Crashes when I try to reach my uploads.

    by pa-pandey

    On the app everytime I click uploads the app freezes then completely closes, and now I can't stop some uploads because of this and my internet is getting really slow please fix!!!!!!

  • Good but bad

    by Coool boy9876

    Love the app but you can only upload pics and I can't make new docs on the app and not sure if you can edit

  • Solid iPhone Version of the Web App

    by Justin Norman

    These days Google makes apps that look and function just as well or better than Apple's. Google Drive is another great iPhone version of a Google web app, with clean minimalist design and great functionality. Rarely had a problem with it. Works reliably and does what I need it to do.

  • Amazing

    by KMoney'

    Google Drive is amazing! It allows you to connect documents with family, friends, and coworkers. The only thing that could make it better is if the app had PowerPoint capabilities.

  • Crashes too much...

    by VeiledCuriosity

    When I'm uploading files or just viewing files...x(


    by Frisbee dude guy

    Works for the first two weeks, and then just crashes. I cant get on any docs, or shared docs. Don't waste your devices memory on this sorry excuse for an app.

  • Collaboration is awful

    by Devingd

    When working on a document with multiple people, on my iPad it looks fine but on everyone else's it has typos and looks horrible. Completely defeats the purpose of collaboration and makes you look illiterate.

  • Works (occasionally)

    by dirt1996

    For some reason when I'm editing a document, I get an error saying that I have disconnected from drive all the time. It's random and happens everywhere, and lasts a few seconds. Although it isn't so bad I will stop using the app, but it is EXTREMELY annoying, and makes using the app frustrating.

  • Crash while uploading pics!

    by VNVANillA

    Uploading multiple pics (30+ pics) will make app lag and sometime it's crash on my ipad mini 2. Please fix it!

  • Wonderful

    by Polar2010

    With this app, now I don't have to use the computer! I use google drive for my classes, fraternity and job. It's reliable!!

  • Needs improvements

    by Richie 555

    I like using google drive but this app needs to have me to edit and type on presentations instead of only looking at them?!? Overall the app is great but the only problem is to fix presentations so I could type on it! Thank you

  • So many GLITCHES

    by Sarah C. <3

    It keeps exiting out of the app and won't let me access documents after it exits. I have to delete the app and download it again for it to work for another hour. Someone PLEASE fix it. It's really freaking annoying.

  • Almost

    by 1234q4321

    I just downloaded the app and like it so far, but I can't seem to change the access settings from inside the app. I can authorize individual people to see my files, but how can I make a public file private?

  • HOW?!

    by MayaDenise

    I have videos on my google drive that I need to get onto my camera roll in my iphone, I've looked everywhere and nobody seems to have the answer. Help!!!

  • The last update broke it

    by Psomaster226

    Since the last update, it won't open images or pdf files. It's completely useless until they fix it.

  • New Update is horrible

    by Jarte Max

    The app kept on reloading before the update when you would switch to another screen, but now it's even worse! I can't access my documents, and when I start to see them, the app just crashes! Please fix this as soon as possible! I have a lot of work, and I use this app all the time. Now I'm behind in a lot of things.

  • What did you do to my drive?

    by Northwoods

    Until recently, Google Drive was a great choice for storing my many, many pdf readings for grad school. I would then open them on adobe reader for iPad to use it's highlighting and markup features, but store the files back in drive so I could access them anywhere. But after the recent update, I can't use the "open in" feature of Drive to open the files in Acrobat. Why?? Fix this change and this remains a 5-star app for me, but without it... Meh.

  • Almost great but...

    by cjhalfthai

    It worked perfectly fine with my iphone5s, but when I tried to sync my Google Drive Docs here in my iPad, I couldn't anymore. Everytime I open the file, the app just shuts down/crashes... I hope you do something about it. I could see a lot of poor reviews for the app.

  • Convenient

    by Angry man141

    Great for quick documents

  • Now broken

    by SomWix

    I used google drive on a daily basis to look up stored spreadsheets and documents, but since the last update I have not been able to do so. Error messages plague files I had recently been opening with ease. Please fix this app.

  • Bug bug bug

    by NaldizzleNNK

    Everytime i switch out of Drive (with focus on a document) to some other app and comes back in, alert "cannot connect to internet" always shows up and interrupts me editing the doc. This happens everytime app becomes active ~3 seconds after. This is getting really annoying.

  • Disappointed

    by Kitty McGregor

    Since the last update, I haven't been able to see most of my files and documents. Please fix!

  • Continues to crash

    by absutton

    This once great app continues to crash upon opening since the latest update. Please resolve immediately!

  • Please Fix, What Did You Do???

    by FloridaysToChill

    I'm a musician who relies on Google Drive for lyrics... Last update has seriously but me in a bad spot right before a show with the "unable to read..." message. Have PDFs and .docx and neither will open.

  • Expiration Date

    by ftmyr239

    I switched over from the Box to Google Drive and enjoy it except for the inability to set expiration dates on shared files on the desktop and iphone app.

  • This app is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING...but...

    by Crazyszeto61

    It would be great if I could add and edit tables.

  • ❤️it

    by DinoSawr44

    This app is great I just wish I could make quizzes and presentations.

  • No sign out

    by Mayflower04

    I use my iPad in the classroom with my students. My drive contains sensitive documents that I do not want my students to access. Why would this app not have a sign out option? It makes no sense!

  • Best ever

    by Angiebbbbb

    I have been looking for something to make work easier since I like to use my ipad mini for everything for work. Such a great app. Told my boss and we use this.

  • Won't load or update offline files

    by Joseph__

    This app was working fine, but since the last update (or maybe two updates ago), any files that I have saved for offline viewing won't open. If I remove them as offline files they open fine. Around the same time that bug surfaced, I also started having issues with modified files not updating if they were stored for offline viewing. Again, I had no issue a couple of versions ago.

  • Can't open files

    by Rgh605

    All of a sudden I can't open files on the iphone that are present and can be opened on my PC. Very frustrating.

  • Always Great Until Jan 27 Update

    by Hawkmiami

    This has always been great for me on my ipad. But since the Jan 27 update, I can no longer open documents like *.docx (Word). Huge disappointment.

  • I can't open documents

    by Juda4armas

    Idk what happened, but i can't open any document i have saved. This is a problem especially since i am a worship leader and all my songs are unavailable to me. Idk what the last update did, but please fix it. I love this app and it saves me alot of time. Very useful.

  • No privacy

    by bryan121

    Google is not to be trusted with private information. Dropbox is more reliable and less likely to spy on you

  • You broke it!!!

    by DaBongsta

    App was working fine until last update. Now it won't open certain PDFs. Fix it google!

  • Regret the Update

    by Babwean

    I would have given this app a 5 for its ease of use and reliability. That is until I updated to the latest version. As a frequent traveller I store a lot of documents offline and I can no longer access most of them. Worked perfectly but now it's frustrating.

  • Please fix it!!

    by Perronypikozito

    It crashes every time y try to open it please fix that problem

  • Frustrating.

    by Lebanon Don

    It seems simple enough, you upload from your phone to google drive. Now tell me why it crashes every time I lock my phone while it's uploading? If this can be fixed they have a 5 star app on their hands...

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