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Languages: English

Seller: E.W. Scripps Company

- Improved performance
- Easy to use Facebook and Twitter sharing tools
- New font for increased readability
- Higher resolution for photos and video
- Swipe between stories and sections
- New side navigation that put more news front and center on the home screen
- Photos and video in stories
- Save stories to read later

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9 Ratings
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55 Ratings


It's time for an upgrade. Our new app brings you the latest trusted news and information for all of San Diego.

The app has been completely redesigned for speed and usability. In addition to a number of new features, the format allows easier reading and crisp photos and video for a more dynamic experience.

The 10News app delivers the latest breaking news, Pinpoint Weather forecasts, video on demand and live video streaming straight to you, keeping you in touch anywhere, any time. It's the best way to keep informed and connected to your community wherever and whenever you want backed by the resources of 10News - San Diego's News Source.

Please review the app and let us know what you think.

Customer Reviews

  • Love it but glitchy

    by Bexisshort

    I love this app and all the notifications throughout the day, but suddenly I stopped receiving them. Friends who have the app have had the it work sometimes but not consistently. Hope this gets fixed b/c I really liked it!

  • 10 news application update

    by Javelin67

    I like the update to the 10 news application. Visuals have improved. Removing unnecessary top and bottom devices much appreciated. Good job.

  • by Dirt619

    Way better than the old app

  • Great news, better than the rest

    by 112OAKS

    Love 10News. I watch all the time! The update is way better.

  • Great Job

    by Michaels Family

    The new mobile app is absolutely wonderful. So much better than the previous version. The weather and traffic gives so much more information, and the way the news is setup is great. Also the ability to scroll through the stories and change the text size. Great job on the new version!

  • The best news in S.D !

    by Riverplate_soccer

    The best news in S.D !

  • Works good now

    by yourfns

    I don't experience the problems the other reviewers had with the ads opening. It's my favorite local news app.

  • App Store opening ads

    by Herb Smoker420

    I agree with @Littlemig below. This app is infuriating. Every 15 secs it takes you out of the app to the App Store for some dumb game download. Nothing but amateur hour here people. I will stick with my AWESOME CNN app and get my local news elsewhere.

  • Good news bad app redirection

    by SD cutie

    Whenever I am reading a story it automatically goes to the App Store or safari for something I didn't open. Happens many times. So frustrating! I do like the stories.

  • Please fix app

    by Anaverdin1982

    Love the news app but it keeps crashing when reading an article the app just crashes.please fix!

  • Exceptional

    by evan0214

    Great app, easy to use. Not much else to say. Newer stories are at the top. Gets updated all the time. No issues. Highly recommend.

  • Like App

    by Aileara

    With last update, app would not load on my iPad. I uninstalled the app, then reinstalled it, and it works fine. Thanks!

  • Alerts put this app ahead of the others

    by Andrew Steelsmith

    All of the other SD news apps have roughly the same okay graphics, etc.

  • News should be on a news App!

    by Devin Michaels Martinez

    This is a news app yet, no news is populated. All I see is weather and sports!

  • No sound!

    by Rickyrescue1199

    Videos will play but no sound can be heard! How about an update and bug fix soon?! Crap.

  • No sound for videos

    by Amypad123

    The videos finally come up on this update but there is no sound. I can't figure out why.

  • Ads Open Automatically

    by Ad Annoyed Dan

    This app used to work relatively well about 3-4 stars. But within the last few months it has been automatically opening ads that take me to the App Store. Whoever rewrote the ads for this app are making a lot of money off hits that open automatically. I will be in the middle of reading an article, not even touching the screen and it will open the App Store. Apple needs to check this app code because this should not be allowed. At times it opens the App Store every 30-45 seconds, completely closing and reopening the app seems to have no effect. Please fix the app or I can go elsewhere to read my local news.

  • Bad advertisement

    by sd newcomer

    Keep popping up application store and asking to download advertised games

  • This isn't news...it's ads for games! Ughhh!

    by Ariel Walk

    Deleting! This is crap! I can't read the news without it redirecting me to the App Store to buy some game! WTH! Just stick with 8 and 7 news apps. Those work perfect!

  • Not working

    by Ph6222

    Used to work. Now just opens the App Store. Fail. Please fix

  • Can't Read - Jumps to Apple Store

    by prinzwitte

    So I can't even read the headlines anymore because some sort of adware jumps me to a children's game at Apple Store every time I try to look at the headlines. Repeatedly without permission. Deleted and forgotten.

  • Ads click themselves constantly

    by Corwinter

    Like the News8 app this one has started to have the ad banners spontaneously activate themselves while reading an article, without touching anywhere nearby. Perhaps an iOS7 issue with their old banner code? Deleting both apps until fixed. Very annoying as others have noted.

  • Content good-app bad

    by Ty0306

    Sick of being whisked off to App Store every time I try to read an article. Happens multiple times. I'm not accidentally clicking on anything.

  • Un-useable

    by Sn00ch2dan00ch

    Keeps opening App Store with every click. What crap..

  • Ads Out of Control

    by M015E5

    Star rating for this app has gone down. News story is not available when alert is sent. The ads on the app pop up automatically without warning and disrupt the reading or viewing. Fix the bug and the rating will go up.

  • Terrible

    by n2dishes

    Just deleted after being a faithful user for more than a year. Can't get through a story without ending up in the App Store. So frustrating!!

  • HATE the games!

    by DLynzz

    Suddenly, I am enduring the same issues other people are mentioning... As of today, every article I try to read results in my being redirected to the App Store to purchase some ridiculous game I have NO desire to even look at. I am not clicking on anything, it's automatic! So, I will am deleting this app & will rely on the other local news apps instead!

  • The ads have got to stop

    by kclifford2003

    I understand the reason why the ads are there, but over that last few weeks I haven't been able to read a full article without being bombarded with ads that take me away from the app. This is ridiculous. You have to fix it. I came here to read the news not play candy crusher or any other ridiculousness. Please fix ASAP

  • Ads pop up every second

    by Lbh37

    I agree with the other reviews; something has changed for the worst with this app recently. Ads pop-up every second and automatically take you out of current article screen to the app store to buy games (without you touching anything). Can't read an article due to this. Now, right when you open, there's an ad that covers your entire screen that you cannot minimize. Hoping for a fix or i'll be deleting:(

  • Needs help

    by Belldissa

    I get so frustrated trying to read articles and the app keeps crashing. I don't know if it's from the upgrade of the iPhone or the app. But it's affected somehow. This app needs help.

  • Worst news app

    by Ylove2

    This is the worst news app ever. I can't even read the news without a advertisement popping up and sending me to the App Store. It's ridiculous. Deleting it for sure.

  • Corona app

    by Anon47820

    The corona app is going crazy please fix this app by removing that ad

  • Add hijack

    by Lame man playing

    I want to read the news not watch how the app wants you to watch it bring up adds without touching anything on your phone

  • Deleted

    by Lexischeese

    The news was ok, but the ads made the app horrible. The Corona ad would take over the screen when trying to read a story.

  • Fix it

    by stephvnie

    Im just trying to read the news and everytime i scroll down, ads randomly open up.. What is wrong

  • Ads take you out of app

    by Megan Brace

    I cannot stand the fact that this app has ads that drag you from the app into the App Store. I want news. Not really all that surprised though.

  • Deleted it

    by 123mg

    The news app worked great until recently when adds took over. Now it opens iTunes automatically every time I try to read a news article, even though I never clicked on the add... So annoying I deleted the whole app.

  • Terrible app

    by Pumpkin Monkey

    Every time I open up this app it immediately sends me to the App Store to whatever game is being hawked on the news page. The news station itself is good, but they need to find a new app developer stat. It's like they farmed this version out to one of the staff's high school kid.

  • Going to other new source

    by Guame

    I use to use this app on a daily bases to check on the news and liked it, but since the app started automatically opens the App Store to download a stupid game every time I try and read an article, I deleted the app and got 8 news and 7 news instead. Too bad, use to be one of my favorite apps, now just too annoying to even have.

  • App doesn't work

    by Joe's MobileMe account

    Every time I open a story the phone switches over to the App Store trying to sell me a game. Fix this app.

  • Can't read an article

    by Sdpugrvt

    Every time I go to read an article I am magically whisked away to the App Store to download a stupid game. I did not click on a link or ad banner, just click on a news article and voilà! Deleting this app.

  • Horrible Update, don't do it!

    by LittleMig

    Update 11/7-12: I HATE the fact some of the ads at the bottom of the screen will actually DIAL a phone number rather than open some annoying full screen ad. I'm just about ready to delete this POS! Update 6/22/12: New version is much worse than original. It's slower in every way. Refreshes are slow, it crashes. My GF has old app, receives breaking new and I'm still looking at news from 12 hours ago. 6/9/12I was excited to see what the update would bring. Graphics are different and it takes longer to load with an occasional freeze. Hopefully articles will update more often than last version. So far same articles for last 12 hours. 9/14/13: not touching phone. Sitting on the desk after I open the app and on its own it opens to the advertisement at the bottom of the screen. At this point with my previous observations I'm ready to call this app shady, dishonest, and on the verge of being outright misleading and dishonest. SHAME ON YOU CHANNEL 10!!!

  • "Prancercise" is World News!?

    by Disgusted with 10 news

    Really? "prancercise" is part of your News Ap "World News" list, yet developments of the massive protests and deaths in Turkey cannot be found on your site? I just deleted this ap. Disgusting behavior for a "News" organization!

  • Some news topics crash

    by Chris Alamillo

    I enjoy being able to read the local news on the go, but this app needs help. When trying to read a topic, the feed fails and crashes. This would be a good app if it was more reliable.

  • Not good

    by mandy~

    The app won't open! It just loads and finally crashes. Waste of space

  • please??!?

    by EddieD1988

    even tho i read it everyday from necessity its annoying that 1. my music is stopped immediately when i load it (many people probably wouldnt encounter that issue) 2. theres no where in the app for feedback. c'mon.

  • by Davids90s

    Poor interface, notifications or a joke, and you need a Facebook account to comment on stories on their main website. Fail!

  • Terrible

    by Jon cockington

    Bush league local news.

  • Yuck! Previous App Much Better

    by SydReviewBoo

    Can't comment when sharing via Twitter. Too much emphasis on advertising.

  • Preferred the previous app

    by White Rice!!!

    It's slow to load, gets stuck when you try to refresh the stories, just to have the same stories there.

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