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FM 107.5/1070 The Fan is the sports fan’s radio station in Central Indiana. We talk about sports like fans, not like know-it-all talking heads. The Fan is the flagship station of the Indianapolis Colts, Indiana Pacers, Butler Basketball, Indiana University, the Indy Car Series and the Indiana Fever.

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Customer Reviews

  • Great functionality.

    by SamJam810

    I'm a big colts fan that lives in maine so when I'm driving I can't say I'm ever able to find the colts games on the radio. This app is great to listen to while I'm driving so that I never miss out! It's great.

  • Love it

    by Патрик кин

    I listen to this almost all day every day and I love it. Only thing that frustrates me is that pacers games are blacked out. But that isn't a knock on the app.

  • Football only?

    by IndianaPride24

    I never get the Pacers games when it clearly says it covers them. Is it just me or am I missing something?

  • Great app that does what it is expected to do

    by Ghytgfrf

    I am a Colts fan living in San Diego and I regularly follow Colt games on 1070. App works great at streaming the games.

  • Great

    by Slicin

    Great stream. Love the features

  • If only it worked more than 50% of the time

    by Deanna Wehr

    It's a great idea poorly executed. I've been assured that they're working on the streaming problems. I hope they get it fixed soon!

  • Cuts in and out a lot

    by Jbird011

    If it would be updated to fix the streaming issues, it would be fine. Sometimes you have to manually stop and start the feed to get it to come back.

  • Works well, and does not disconnect!

    by Bart Boop

    Serves my purpose well.

  • Love it!

    by timbalandski

    The app is great and I love 1070thefan. It does go blank it time, hopefully they're fixing that issue.

  • Great app

    by Boscopussicat

    Great app. Would be better if they'd get rid of Dakich.

  • Hoosier sports talk

    by Killswitch-420-

    Love it !!

  • Good station

    by Hoosiertx

    Really enjoy 1070 shows from Texas. Especially Coach Dakich.

  • Great

    by Zack's Wife 2000

    Great app--must for Indy 500 fans, too!

  • Dakich show +++++

    by timmyj77

    Great Show wish there were more/longer podcasts

  • Daily regimen

    by Catmg38

    Listening to Dan Dakich is great! He is honest, says what he thinks, does not suffer fools, and knows what he is talking about.Great guests! I also enjoy JMV.Great music references and refreshing viewpoints about sports.I listen every day and will continue to do so. Gary Cowan

  • Good

    by Scalfgirls

    Really enjoy listening to Indy sports.

  • AWESOME!!!

    by Catdaddy 23

    I just recently moved Indy to NW Arkansas w/ my Family. It's AWESOME that I can keep up with all sports in INDY w/ The 1070 The Fan App. This is by far the best sports talk line up across the country!!! Thanks guys!

  • Listen everyday, love the app

    by Woody876120

    Consistent access. My only beef is that the podcasts can be clunky to select.

  • Love this app

    by GRichards78

    Use this app everyday when I get home from work to catch JMV. JMV rules!!

  • Every morning.

    by Coach New

    I listen to mike and mike every morning while I'm getting ready. Doesn't always play games that are actually on the radio so only 4 stars.

  • Old app was WAY better

    by Wishing for a new partner

    Tried to listen when I was in Nashville, TN this weekend. Said station was not available in my area. Tried again in New Orleans, again same response. Use to be able to listen when I traveled, that's the point of this app. If I wasn't on the road, home in Indiana, I would just listen to 1070AM. Don't bother downloading this app if you plan to use it "outside the listening area"

  • Crashes every time I plug in my audio cable

    by Jfreak623

    Please fix. Old app was way better

  • Doesn't work anymore

    by CrazeeSteve

    Since last update, I can't get a connection. Worthless at this point.

  • Clunky

    by hustler46060

    That says it. Not easy to find what you want to get to.

  • No Colts

    by F1Indy

    I got this app specifically to listen to Colts games on my iPhone while doing my Sunday afternoon long runs. After all, this is the radio station for the Colts. I then found that the Colts were "geo-blocked," so people on Indianapolis were prevented from hearing the games. Lost interest in this app at that point.

  • Great app

    by crains

    Love the app, could not make it through the work day without it

  • Mgmt

    by Chk007

    I listen to this app at some point everyday.

  • Must hear radio

    by RWWags

    I likey me some DD.

  • Great App

    by CraigM66

    I use it all of the time.

  • Lol

    by Ftonyv

    Yep. Goat all the way

  • Works Well

    by RMG in Indy

    Help me follow my local teams!

  • Great to hear Dakich

    by Seosamh_OHoneen

    I don't live in Indy anymore so it is great to be able to get the Dakich show on the internet.

  • 1070 the fan

    by Thep123

    Love it ! Love it ! Love it ! This is the best broadcasting in radio ! Keep up the good work !!!!!

  • Butler coverage is great!

    by FWBUfan

    Don't live in Indy area so this is a great way to listen to the Butler away games. Brandon and Nick are great too. Update: still my best option for Butler away games. No problems. Thanks, 1070.

  • Good at best

    by C415b

    This app froze every 45 seconds with 4 bars of 4g LTE. However when it didn't have to be refreshed clean and clear.

  • Tremendous app

    by Doc weif

    Great for traveling and keeping up with Indy sports. DD is honest, funny and great interviewer! Look forward to the podcast daily!!

  • All day Every day

    by ND/IU fan Brody510

    I love this app b/c I can still listen to my Indy Sports Talk everyday at work since I moved jobs out of the listening area! It works great!

  • Road tested!

    by dkirkb

    I travel for work. When I connect to 1070 The Fan it's nice to get programming I want, and have a clear, crisp signal. Why is it great? Simple - IT WORKS!

  • Awesome!

    by Brcdew

    Used the app numerous times. Got to listen when on vacation in South Carolina, Florida and Louisiana. Never had an issue.

  • WIBC App

    by Hoosier D

    Love the app. Only suggestion would be to eliminate the geo-blocking of Colts games for non-Indiana residents.

  • Awesome station

    by Best sports station

    My market doesn't get mike and mike in the morning, and I use this app every morning. Great station, and I also get to hear Colts pre and post-game shows.

  • Teach

    by Pgord

    Enjoy listening to Mike and Mike each morning. Dakick (Mr. Arrogant).....not so much.

  • Indiana sports

    by Bigcityp

    Best app to get the best sports radio in the state of Indiana.

  • Worked great now geo-blocked

    by MandyTG

    Last season I could here all the colts games and enjoyed them. Now I'm geo-blocked for every game. No good!

  • Geo Blocked Not Good

    by auntjan52

    Love to listen to Dakich at noon. Do NOT like being Geo Blocked for Colts games. I do not understand the reason for that move

  • Blocked in Indy

    by ArrivalSS

    I live in Indy... I'm on the westside and I'm geo-blocked. Complete garbage!!!

  • Great!

    by DJ Gavante

    Awesome connection! Never fails. I use it mostly for the Butler games. Quick to connect too!

  • Pia

    by Music Lady 22

    Drops the station too much. Part of it is my wifi at work, part app.

  • Avoiding Geo-blocking:

    by Marvin's Car Wash

    You can avoid the lame geo-blocking by using the tunein app. When asked if it could access my location I said no, but I have no idea whether or not that step was necessary. I won't miss Lamey, even in Brooklyn.

  • Geo-Blocked

    by GoHorse88

    Big Colts fan, grew up in Indy but moved to the Chicago suburbs and now I can't listen to Bob Lamey during games because I'm "geo-blocked?" Not happy about this.

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