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WSJ readers, in this release we have fixed the app freeze problem many of you have experienced. We have seen your feedback and understand the severity of this issue. We hope this release will greatly improve your experience with the WSJ app and we look forward to your continued support and your feedback.

-WSJ Mobile Team

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Customer Reviews

  • WSJ


    If I had rated it over the last few months when the app was constantly freezing and frequently crashing, I would have rated it 1 star at best. Somehow it has improved greatly in recent days. I gave it a 4 and if it continues it could be a 5. The content remains great.

  • Latest version working fine on ios6 for me

    by Texas Pinhead

    The latest version is working fine for me on ios6. I haven't seen any freezes or crashes. I find the iPad app the most convenient way to read the journal...perhaps replacing my print copy soon.

  • NewEST version of app - again- slows iPad to crawl & bricks often. Please fix!

    by Bhavana01123

    February 11, 2014 update (which relates to the app's Feb.5 update) - finally has fixed the crash issue! Unlike what many of the other reviewers here are reporting, I can report the exact opposite – namely my app HAD become so SLUGGISH and 'bricky'/unresponsive that using it became a form of masochism (not my thing ;) hence my earlier reviews. Yet, after the February 5 update, I have been able to use it as expected; FINALLY. Well done. December 14, 2013 update!!! See Aug. 20th Update!!! It still bricks my latest, high end, high spec, iPad. While I continue to be impressed with the UI (very fine imagining of what a daily news 'paper' can be, using the app itself is 100% - consistently sluggish (in app) and frequently bricks my ENTIRE iPad 3X per week (with ALL OTHER APPS CLOSED) - not cool DOW JONES/News Corp - NOT cool! Aug. 20th Update!!! DEAR GOD DOW JONES....EVERY TIME you update your Wally J app, it literally 'bricks' my iPad for the first 3-6 days - EVERY TIME i use it. Insert all sorts of swearwords here. It literally renders, not only the app (annoying enough when one is trying to use the app for its intended purpose - namely, staying up-to-date) but the ENTIRE iPad - it becomes so unresponsive (270 seconds and counting - ON AVERAGE :((((() that NOTHING else can be done on the iPad until the Wally J app finally settles. Holy JEEZUS - FIX THIS PLEASE. OLDER POST... This, in my opinion, is not only a great news app, but THE VERY BEST news app - bar none. I have nearly every major news app, and the Wally J so thoroughly succeeded in thinking from the ground up what a 21st century newspaper 'can' be'. They've gone a long way towards fixing many nettlesome bugs. However, since the most recent upgrade, it feels like the most bloated App I have because nine out of 10 times it literally brings my entire iPad to a crawl (As in -- slow, unresponsive, won't switch screens, won't take any screen tap input of any kind) and occasionally even crashes the entire iPad just by launching the Wall Street Journal App. EPIC fail!! There are a few additional features that would make this indispensable, like a search feature, like the NYTimes has, but all in good time, i'm sure.

  • WSJ

    by Raider Football

    Best in class.

  • Huge improvement!!

    by ALoyalButFrustratedReader

    Thank you (finally).

  • Self deleting, can not be uploaded from App Store

    by Wmshawk

    WSJ PUNTED TO APPLE. Apple says its a WSJ APP issue. Waiting for WSJ to fix

  • Good way to read WSJ

    by Stephen Hersh

    It's the Wall Street Journal! iPhone version easier to navigate than the iPad version. But it's the greatest American business news reporting, on your handy device, with plenty of conservative commentary to adore or ignore.

  • New WSJ update

    by Chas Linder

    New version takes much too long to load front page. What's news loads right away. Please fix.

  • Latest version doesn't help

    by WT Sayer

    Version 5.5.4 installed itself last night, purporting to fix the freezing reported by many reviewers. Nope, you're not there yet. I started reading the paper this morning, the app collapsed completely into a blank screen with a twirly in the middle. Only way I could get my paper back was to delete the app and reinstall from the App Store. Once I was running again, I found the app still freezes in the middle of an article -- only for longer than before. Roll on v. 5.5.5?

  • Whoa - what happened?

    by ThunderBunny275

    Updated yesterday and now won't load. Normally I love this app - but this update is of quality. Please fix, WSJ!

  • UI critique

    by Klipf-ud-Jae

    The verticle page flipping gesture often takes me out of the article. What's worse is that the app doesn't remember my place in articles, so I'm often forced to flip back through many pages. This happened during Best of the Web today and that was over 20 pages! Thanks for the news!

  • Best news app

    by BAQKI

    Love it!

  • Works like a charm

    by palko7

    Easy to navigate, easy to share articles.

  • Easy navigation but....

    by jabow1234

    Great app. Easy navigation. Regardless of what hotel I wake up in I have the WSJ waiting for me. But it does not include all of the sections that the IPhone app has (CIO, CFO, Tech, etc.).

  • Pretty good

    by Larry31150

    I'm not sure why there are so many complaints about this app. It seems to me that it's a pretty good electronic version of the paper edition, which despite its ownership is a pretty good newspaper.

  • Terrible mess

    by JFMFL

    I have been reading the Journal daily since 1980. The contents are excellent. This app, however is a slow loading, crash prone disaster. You should be ashamed of yourselves WSJ.

  • Best news app out there

    by DrewFromNY

    Kudos to wsj for being ahead of the back digitally and delivering the best user experience online. Only tying I can't figure out is how to manage push alerts but that may just be me.

  • Too slow!

    by Tigmet

    Compared to The New York Times app, which I know you do, the time to update the latest issue is far slower than the WSJ app. Repeated crashes also. Ugh!

  • Great resource.

    by Guy in SA

    Easy to use, great content. Video features a big plus, but I agree that the number of freezes while using this on iPad are a nuisance. If this keeps up, I may consider canceling my online subscription. Hear that WSJ?

  • Crashing News

    by Wsjcl

    The content is great and the ease of maneuvering from page to page or section to section is smooth except...... The app crashes almost 100% of the time on an Apple iPad1. I have two of these iPads and the result is the same for each, so it is not my iPads. it's a real frustrating experience and a lot of time is spent reopening my crashed app. I dare to say that if I read 10 articles, I will have wasted 10 minutes restarting the app. So in all, great content but do not enjoy this frustrating experience.

  • Gone backwards

    by KPM 2014

    Lost their touch. The app freezes and too many article repeats. Navigation no longer fun. It's a chore

  • Force closes, completely unusable.

    by Veeref

    Upon first installing, it works for maybe one or two issues. After that, it closes immediately after launching. The only solution is to uninstall and re-install.

  • Broken

    by Parker.676

    I just changed my five star rating from three years ago to one. What's going on here? You load all of the advertisements first and neglect to load the news I PAY FOR?!?! I can no longer download the paper in the morning and read it throughout the day. That is, unless I'm interested in ONLY reading your advertisements. Please fix this!!!

  • Obama IT prize

    by Erleb

    Crashes on launch. Hoe can wsj be so incompetent?

  • Constantly Crashes

    by Mike Schnittker

    This app has frustrated me to the point of canceling my subscription. I have had to delete and reload it every second or third day because it instantly crashes upon loading.

  • Trendous content; clunky performance

    by Nor Cal Guy

    I use this app every day because the content is really good. The business reporting is great but I've also gotten great recipies and great music tips as well. However, crashes a dozen times a day.

  • Latest version doesn't help

    by WT Sayer

    Version 5.5.3 installed itself Friday night, purporting to fix the freezing reported by many reviewers. Nope, you're not there yet. I started reading the paper Saturday morning, the app collapsed completely into a blank screen with a twirly in the middle. Only way I could get my paper back was to delete the app and reinstall from the App Store. Once I was running again, I found the app still freezes in the middle of an article -- only for longer than before. Roll on v. 5.5.4? Now it's Monday 2/10/14, and the app crashes back to Newsstand and has to be restarted at frequent random intervals. Since the app no longer remembers what article one was reading on exit, the frequent crashes makes reading WSJ an exercise in frustration. The hell with the app, I am going back to reading in Safari browser, which at least works and has more content, too.

  • Most unstable AP I have ever used!

    by Jott97035

    I have a brand new IPad mini with the last OS. The WSJ crashes frequently, particularly when I'm off line. The WSJ charges as much for the e-version as the paper version but provides a terrible reading experience. I expect far better for what you are charging.

  • Good content...when you can get it

    by Jerry Hello!

    Latest version (5.5.3) is very frustrating, slow to load content and content doesn't fully load even when app says it's complete. What's the point if you can't read half the content? Also, why did they take away the greater New York. Generally, I don't like that it requires you to establish a connection if you haven't been in awhile and you lose previously loaded content. I would prefer to be able to solely choose to manually update content. Stinks to lose all your content when you get on the subway and wanted to read it in the way to work.

  • The App Crashes Daily

    by Kindle App

    Almost every time I open it on an iPad, it crashes. Very frustrating to read because I rarely complete reading more than one or two articles before it crashes. I am very close to canceling it. Subscription is way too expensive to work so poorly. Jack

  • Latest Update (Feb 2014)

    by JCP433

    This update mostly eliminated the screen freezes for me. However, now it just quits after accessing stories. I seldom ever finish perusing the WSJ before the app just quits. Sometimes I re-enter to finish the edition, sometimes I just give up. NOTE TO WSJ AND DEVELOPERS: We pay a lot for this subscription. At some point, we hope to get what we pay for.

  • Fix the crashes!

    by swrobel

    Over and over we are promised a fix and it still crashes more than any other app I use. What a shame because I love the WSJ.

  • Disappointing

    by Cottre

    I love my paper copy of the WSJ but with a newborn and a toddler it makes it easier to read one-handed on the iPad. Unfortunately, just as I'm getting into a story, the app will crash and disappear, and I'm unable to get it to stay open again for more than 10 seconds. Can the WSJ folks work with the people who made the NYT app? I've never had any issues with that app - but I'd rather read the content in WSJ. The content doesn't matter, though, if you can't read it. Guess I'll go back to juggling my newborn from one hand to the other as I read my paper copy of the WSJ.

  • Should be much better

    by mjiman1

    App takes too long to load edition and does not load when in sleep mode. Freezes very often. NY Times app does not have these issues

  • Still freezing and crashing

    by Jwhgranite

    While the latest version claimed to fix these issues, I am not convinced. The paper crashed and closed itself 7+ times this morning. Did the team do the fix?


    by Libertyjjjj

    Windows freeze more frequently with the new App than the old app. Great content.

  • Crashes & freezes up after upgrade

    by mrluckeee

    You would think that a big company like this one, of only a couple of news providers charging for their content would be able to hire some competent programmers who could fix their ap. Shame on you WSJ you cheap SOB's -why are you charging all this money for something that does not work?

  • Why can't they include the full daily paper in the app?

    by Iroc Z

    Missing entire sections from Newspaper, including Wednesday's Property Report. I'm paying for a full subscription and they are not delivering the full paper. No real excuse for that.

  • Freezes & crashes

    by B24687

    News content is good if & when you can actually read it App constantly freezes for half a minute or more or crashes completely. The most poorly executed app of any kind I have ever had. This has been going on for years and seems to get worse with each version. Maybe Rupert Murdoc should try it himself and then fire a few people?

  • Thanks, at least, for trying...

    by CursiveTemplar

    The latest release promised to fix some glaring, long overdue problems, but instead made them worse. This application was barely usable before and the latest update pushed it into being unbearable. If I keep using it, I will wind up smashing my iPad in frustration. This is the only application on my iPad that ever crashes and it does so constantly. I pretty much cannot read a single article without it crashing many times. Don't you people test your software before you inflict it on your subscribers? I do appreciate your acknowledgement that there was a problem and at least the effort. I will miss the WSJ and will try resubscribing when I hear from others that your app is working.

  • Used to be a good app

    by jjl2010

    When the Journal first was available on the iPad, it was a great app and I stopped getting the print version to enjoy the Journal electronically. The latest app was supposed to correct bugs, and I admit it does not freeze up any longer, but now it just stops working at any point and goes back to the Newsstand. It is a pain to wait until it restarts and I can resume where I left off. It is enough to make me become a Luddite and order the print version again!

  • Fixed? No.

    by Michael A. H.

    For me, it doesn't lock up anymore. Still crashes to the OS five or six times a day. But doesn't lock up. Same developer as

  • Beyond horrible

    by Peninsula book maven

    I will NEVER buy another Apple product again because of this app. It freezes and blacks out constantly. Last week, we couldn't access the app at all for 3 days. When I went to the Apple store, the most unhelpful clerk said it was because my iPad is so old that the o.s. is no loners supported and I need to get a new iPad, that was the only thing I could do. In a pig's eye! I'm not going to be fooled again.


    by Chester Kid

    Newest version has improved screen freezes. Now slow to load and still crashes unexpectedly. A shame-great content, but a subpar. APP.

  • Newstand Stinks-locks up all the time

    by Txz28

    Having to go into newsstand is terrible. This is the most unstable app I have. It locks up EVERY single day.

  • Continue to lower the bar

    by Davidsgirl76

    Wsj continues to be an epic fail. Another reload of the app tonight. I predict It will work marginally for a few days and then freeze. 20 year paper and ipad subscriber. Thinking about just going to Barron's or forbes

  • Best you can do???

    by Former? Fan.

    Seriously is the best WSJ can do? My daughter is tired of my outbursts when it freezes, 6+ times a night.

  • Barely Works

    by Kraanbalk

    Constantly crashes and reboots. When it works it isn't bad and I appreciate being able download to read offline without a connection.

  • Restore nightmare

    by Questiontiger

    I have many apps and this is by far the worst. Frequent updates to cure problems, but more bugs are in every update. I love reading the WSJ, but I hate this app.

  • Was great but now freezes

    by Pjblackenberg

    Just updated but only marginally better. Please fix the freezes. I pay for this? WSJ content is great.

  • Ugh

    by Jimgosdfsdf

    I won't echo all the other comments about what a a terrible app this is. Wonderful design poorly implemented. I will add that their tech support is totally inept trying to help me with these issues.

  • Very poor app

    by 123g?

    The constant issues with this app are a real problem. I am continually told by their support group to uninstall and reinstall the app which I comply with each time but the freezing of pages and logging out of the app continues. I don't have these problems with the NY Times app or the New Yorker app. What really is the issue with this app?

  • Wall Street Journal app marginally better

    by Diakoe1

    Well the revised app is only marginally better. It still crashes a couple of times a morning. Also the pages freeze up and require a lengthy wait time before they unfreeze. You would think that an application from a company that charges the amount that the Wall Street Journal charges would operate in a far better manner.

  • New WSJ app

    by Paul P. Huffard

    I'm using this app on ios5.1 and find that it is difficult to load, crashes several times during a single read of the paper and is slow. WSJ can definitely do better than this. The upgrade released on 2/4/14 seemingly removed the freezing issue but not the crashing issue. I still crash out of the app 5+ times in the course of reading a single issue. I'm at the point that I would rather read a Kindle book that doesn't crash than read the Journal. How could it have gotten to this?

  • Devolution Defined

    by Aggravation225

    This was a superb app when first introduced - but with each update problems have multiplied. The app crashes to black screen without provocation - simply reading an article, no page turning or other resource usage involved, and all background programs closed. Running on the second version of iPad so perhaps they are updating the app to work with the superbly capable iPad Air, expecting everyone to upgrade highly functional equipment to read WSJ. If that's the strategy the outcome should prove interesting. Looking forward to the next release, but until it comes my subscription is lost.

  • Actively seeking other app for LTR

    by WSJ reader for 10+ years

    For a premium subscription app, the app crashes or freezes between 5 - 10 times per day. On the content side, Wessel, Mossberg and Bialik have all left in the last 4 months. Several of the "new hires" seem to write in the first person or are trying way too hard to be engaging and humorous.


    by uuuuuuuuuuudu

    App freezes and goes back to main section screen in the middle of an article

  • Crashes

    by GS5298

    This is getting very frustrating as I read this daily, and the crashes are getting more frequent, and EXTREMELY unacceptable.

  • With each update the crashes continue

    by Niccolo Donzella

    I have a gen1 IPad and my husband a 2ndgen. The WSJ crashes on each, only a bit more on mine. The latest update is NO improvement. Will they ever get it right? I think not.

  • Previous Articles No Access

    by SPAaAaAaAz

    It would be great if the App could allow access to previous WSJ editions. To access the Journal of, for example, yesterday, one must use the Internet browser on their mobile device because the App does not have the capability to venture back to preceding days' articles.

  • Ice cube

    by Nonamexxzzqq

    Instead of crashing 8-10 times in a half hour, it only crashes 3-4 times. Did these people do the Obamacare web site? Good thing for the wsj there isn't a good alternative, else I'd have been there along time ago. Kind of like getting a wet paper copy each morning. Even the review site crashes for me.

  • Crash and then crash again

    by CrashandFreeze

    New version to fix freezes has caused the app to repeatedly crash in a sitting. This app is HORRIBLE.

  • Unusable

    by PCDeus

    Establishes credentials, briefly shows the front page, and then crashes. Running on rebooted iPad Air. Please fix.

  • Usability issue

    by Mr. R_

    Just installed latest version. Now it freezes in a different way on the homepage. I love the content, app interface leaves a lot to be desired.

  • Freezes, slow, unresponsive app with great content

    by Yukon P. Cornelius

    This app is garbage. I have been a WSJ subscriber for 20 years and an early adopter of online and mobile versions. The iPad app has deteriorated to the point that I almost dread opening it. Pages get locked and you are unable to continue reading further. Navigating back to home and What's News typically results in a blank page with loss of content and context. That coupled with incessant advertising between pages (which incidentally never seem to have an issue displaying) makes this app terrible. By the way, this is an edit of my earlier 4-star review of the app previously. I literally couldn't stand not taking the time to share my thoughts one minute longer and thus updating my previous review. If it wasn't for the terrific content of the WSJ, I would cancel my subscription just based on the iPad app, which is the only way I now read WSJ.

  • The most embarrassing app in journalism

    by casadepunk

    Bombs daily. Doesn't update in the background when it should. Partial downloads result in a completely unreadable state. Classic amateur blunders that point to piss poor development hiring and management. Whoever they hired in IT that signed off on this as a final app is loser and a moron.

  • iPhone scrolling behavior poor

    by KKSD

    No background updates. Still unstable.

  • Does anybody test this thing?

    by Wrsullivan553

    Downloaded the latest version that purported to solve problems. It may have solved the freeze and crash problem. I can't tell because my screen times out before the current version will load.

  • Weak

    by JW995

    The layout and format are wonderful but it freezes and wigs out so much it is almost not worth reading the WSJ on an ipad. I may go back to paper.

  • Refuses to connect

    by Capt. Double Standard

    This app refuses to connect to WSJ. It keeps telling me that my phone is not connected to the Internet even though I am on a very strong wifi connection and am writing this review from my phone. This problem is only for the US edition which is the one I am paying for. Needs to be fixed ASAP.

  • Swipe down doesn't work

    by VeryUpset2

    Other wise great update with major flaws in most recent releases

  • Still CRASHES!

    by Planrman

    Downloaded the new "crashless" version. Crashed multiple times while reading today's edition. Still not fixed. Nothing has changed!! You're tentative about opening a story page - because the app will most likely crash or freeze while reading it. Ugh.

  • This is a joke

    by GATracy

    My wife and I have been subscribers for years and gave up the paper version almost 3 years ago. Within the last year , the app has become completely unreliable, culminating with this latest joke. We try to read it and it continually drops out. Somebody at WSJ please tell me why we should keep our subscription.

  • STILL Unstable

    by skdfjsalkj

    This is an update review of latest update. It is still-read an article, freeze, relaunch,read an article, freeze, relaunch... It crashes a lot, freezes when playing video and has crashed and lost log in settings. Each update seems to get worse. The last update would crash when selecting a new article. The latest update of bug fixes won't even launch.

  • WSJ Update

    by Ntadime

    Still will not update ,loads a blank page . Need to reinstall each morning. Are you kidding me?

  • Freezing WORSE not fixed

    by Gwh1961

    Please just go back several releases. WSJ is the only app that forces me to reboot my iPad which is the only way to get it to respond after WSJ locks if up. Used to be the best app now I can't use it. FT just got a new subscriber!!!

  • Crash City

    by LVinHD

    Seriously, you really fixed this? Now it brings down my entire iPad so I have to do a hard reset. I will not renew my subscription if this is not fixed by the next time my renewal comes up. For such a pricey app it surely can be fixed. Can't it? This did not happen before iOS7. Apple is also responsible.

  • Wow

    by Kevmaso

    For paying so much you'd think their app could be better. Or even better, make it an actual app! I hate having to open news stand just to open the wsj app.

  • Horrible! Still too many bugs! Why repeat articles at nauseam?

    by Blahblah21335

    Unbelievable bad paid app! Still not improved! Unbelievable! Stop repeating articles in the same issue and during several days. Amazing how such a quality journal is completely incapable to develop a decent app. No need to repeat articles 3 or even 4 times in the same issue or repeat older articles 2-3 weeks after the original publication. We are not that stupid!

  • Hard to use

    by Roblapp


  • Mediocre

    by random mediocre

    Freezes once or twice everyday. I have to switch apps or kill and restart WSJ app to unfreeze it . I have seen no improvement in the stability over the past two years. Navigation inside the app is acceptable after a several days of getting used to it. It was not intuitive.

  • Latest version worse than before

    by 4r4pilot

    Latest version freezes more than ever, and often goes to blank screen when loading. Very frustrating!

  • Frustrating WSJ Crashes Repeatedly

    by Brett Kitt

    As others have noted, this app crashes almost immediately upon opening it or after a few seconds of selecting a story. This is the case even with an iPad Air running iOS7. WSJ needs to debug its software. What an embarrassment for a major publication.

  • Honestly? Can't You Be Better?

    by shadrack210

    While trying to write this complaint about the bad app I had to re try 4 times because each time the nickname showed as used it cleared the entire post (as opposed to simply allowing you to try entering another nickname). Honestly WSJ? Can't you be better at this? It pains me greatly particularly since I hold the paper in high regard and find the NYT does a better job with its app.

  • Tried to rate it NO stars, but had to put at least 1, I removed app

    by Highwoods WSJ reader

    Constantly hung up. App has gotten worst with each release.

  • Hangs while loading update

    by Mike Verheyen

    Stuck at Loading latest news..... Have to close app and restart to see the content.

  • Jim


    I have constant "freezing" problems with the WSJ app, so today I downloaded the new version which claims to fix the problem, no such luck - same exact problems. Switch to USA today - it may be bubblegums news, but at least their app works

  • Not fixed

    by Kaguru.

    Still crashes & freezes. Great content, but getting way too frustrating to read.

  • WSJ

    by KCH52

    The WSJ app constantly locks up and is getting worse. There is no good reason for this other than the WSJ obviously does not care about the quality of its product. It can not be that hard. Every other paper, magazine and app that I use does not have this problem. Very frustrating!!

  • App Freezing Issues

    by Alberto Ramon

    Please update the app. This last version freezes my iPad when I try to open an article.

  • Still doesn't work as advertised

    by BruceComo12345

    It doesn't background load *anything* for offline reading. You have to go through each option and wait for it to load (new edition, saved articles). I found their verbiage with this last update insulting. If they truly listened to our feedback they'd invest in programmers who have a clue. For $23/month, I expect an app that's written better than Facebook. Bruce

  • App does not work

    by Gwingler

    App crashes continually. Have the latest version on. New iPad air with latest iOS. Just will not stay open for more than a few seconds at a time. Closed all other apps, no improvement. Frustrating!!!

  • Promised not to freeze (froze in 45 seconds)

    by mppcite

    I haven't been able to read the news without this app making me have to force restart my iPad. Save yourselves the pain!

  • WOW, could it get worst?

    by Red Rover 87

    Just updated app, hoping it would clear up problems. No such luck, New app dropped me more often in five minutes than it did all day yesterday, which is annoying enough! If you can read the paper stay with it, this app is a huge disappointment since I have growth accustomed to reading online and dropped paper a long time ago. Not sure what to do since I don't have many options; maybe drop the WSJ....but wait a minute....been reading it since 1975. What's up with providing a decent app WSJ?

  • Buggy

    by colonel_gk

    For such a distinguished publication , a very average working slow app. You have been fixing this for4 years. Did you guys do

  • Gave up WSJ because of constant freezing!

    by toddphi

    I've been subscribing to the WSJ for many years but did not renew this time around -- primarily because this App has become so frustrating due to the constant freezing. The other reason I hate the WSJ app is the incessant barrage of advertisements, where I keep getting shown the same full-page ads over and over and over. I love the WSJ newspaper and would be willing to pay for this app if WSJ would fix the freezing and the general bugginess and give me the option (for paying more) to opt out of ALL ads.

  • Should be able to delete old issues


    The app is fine but it would be great if you could delete read issues before they "fall off" after 7 days. It takes up a huge amount of space and there is no way to reduce it. 2/5/14 Update: worst app of any major newspaper. Content is great. But stability stinks as it constantly crashes. And the fact that it needs 5GB of space is outrageous.

  • crash, crash, crash

    by Tgm09

    Ipad version crashes with almost every use. 5 star content...but it is a bad app.

  • I love the app, just fix it!

    by RonCT

    I leave for work very early in the morning and being able to download the WSJ has been great. I was never able to get the paper copy delivered to my home before I left. Lately the app crashes 5-7 times while I'm reading the news. This is very frustrating and I've contacted support but nothing has resolved the problem. I'm afraid I may have to go back to buying the paper at the newsstand.

  • Like the newspaper, not the app

    by Saraj70

    I like the layout of the WSJ app but it freezes and crashes all the time. Very frustrating but my only option because delivery of the real newspaper was inconsistent. I like the content and layout. Please fix the app.

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