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Seller: CNN Interactive Group, Inc.

•The CNN App has a fresh new look and feel for iOS 7
•The CNN App now supports Dynamic Type and will adjust to your preferred font size based on your phone’s settings.
•Minor bug fixes

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CNN connects you to the world, wherever you are.

Stay informed with the latest headlines and original stories from around the globe. Follow up-to-the-minute reporting with breaking news alerts and live video. Lead the conversation by sharing news and dig deeper into the stories that matter most to you.

• Get breaking news alerts and follow stories as they develop.
• Go beyond the surface with international, politics, opinion, tech and entertainment stories and more.
• Watch video clips and coverage of live events as they unfold. View your favorite CNN shows LIVE (as available; check with your cable, satellite or telco provider).*
• Contribute your story or opinion to CNN iReport by uploading photos and video directly from your app. Follow other iReporters and see stories from their point of view.
• Choose the font size that most appeals to you.

* Make sure your phone is not on vibrate and the volume is turned up for the best possible video experience.

Have questions or feedback on the CNN App? E-mail us at We are always looking for suggestions on how to provide the best experience possible for you.

Customer Reviews

  • I give it 3 stars

    by Littlemamalopez

    I love the push notifications, but when I go to the app to read about it further there is no content? What's up with that? Also I would like the option to read a story instead of all the video footage. I miss half of the posted articles that way.

  • Good news

    by wolfendark71

    Good news

  • CNN app

    by Eric Rain

    Good app, good info.

  • Great app!!!

    by Dominique Eklou

    Great app!!!

  • Hi

    by Saeed Panda


  • by Lyla1984

    Love this app

  • New App -vs- Old App

    by Weigh in Memphis

    I love CNN. I will take how ever I can get it. App is fine. No complaints from me

  • Good content but Don't love the interface

    by Warm sunny

    CNN has some of the best reporting and anchors but.... It's annoying that in order to view some of the best content you have to enter your xfinity or other cable login ( I'm a cord cutter so I don't have one). I do love their Tech section and the World news coverage is good. I still prefer the old app interface.

  • Good content but Don't love the interface

    by Warm sunny

    CNN has some of the best reporting and anchors but.... It's annoying that in order to view some of the best content you have to enter your xfinity or other cable login ( I'm a cord cutter so I don't have one). I do love their Tech section and the World news coverage is good. I still prefer the old app interface.

  • Good

    by Goodyttypatwovs

    Has everything you need

  • Cnn

    by Carryback

    Keeps me informed

  • Good

    by Leroy41200

    I love it just wish there was written reports and not just videos

  • Greatness

    by roserich12

    Best app in news

  • Meh

    by sjscotilla

    Pretty poor news app. Many others better

  • CNN

    by Booger ray ray

    This is CNN Absolutely hands-down the best news app in the app store!


    by @Sadie7313

    Most useful app I have! It even texts u when there is big news!

  • Needs classic layout option.

    by crazy lazer

    I'm a big fan of CNN but idk about this new layout. It could really usef a, "Classic Layout View" option. The new layout is all video.

  • CNN News App

    by MiniCooperMan

    For us non-obsessed news seekers it's a good app that gets the job done. I suspect that even for obsessed news-o-philes it would be good as well. The app does eat up a lot of GBs though. If you've only got 16 of'm to begin with you might want to think twice.

  • Cool app

    by Meron Zeru

    Good news app

  • Great app.

    by Aaron Mendelsohn

    Love the new format.

  • When I touch a notification I expect to read about it, not have to hunt around to find it.

    by KHardi

    I think it used to go right to the notification I touched but now I have to flip and scroll and I couldn't even find the Olympic article it told me about on Feb 12, 2014.

  • No more geico commercials!

    by JAF Newport Coast

    CNN News: 10 CNN Commercials: 0 Charge $9.99, get rid of the commercials.

  • Poor performance

    by Jbchee

    Links to videos end with a spinning wheel - video never pops up. Links deliver you to the wrong content. Seems like bait and switch.

  • Worst news app ever

    by da3rdwheelhere

    Articles are old and videos constantly fail to load.

  • New format stinks

    by Knestee

    This new format is terrible. Go back to old format where everything was in an easier format. I had a hard time giving it 1 star. I give up!

  • Could Be Better

    by Ralph1970

    I find this version slower and I liked the navigation options in te previous version.

  • Why?

    by Sarah Cluley

    You have ruined almost all the Olympic events for me. Why would you send notifications about the results of events if the U.S. Is on tape delay?!

  • Mobile website still better

    by Rinod Onati

    Amount of news to read gets less and less. I'm not interested in watching videos. Newest update involves too many menus and submenus to navigate. Oh...and I will never watch the commercials before a video story.

  • Terrible update

    by Mago0o

    CNN has gone and made their app utterly useless. Horrid format, stale content and far too many videos.

  • Trying to be like Digg

    by Mike Seltzer

    But the difference is we read CNN for relevant news, not entertainment. Also why are the first four articles in politics all about the French pres visiting the White House?

  • I enjoy reading it

    by Ldycathrne

    I enjoying reading cnn news. And lately is where I read my current event news. I must say, I do not like the new format at all. Please go back The old one.

  • Top celebrity stories...........

    by Fixprob

    CNN is a very informative app, if you wanna know about what celebrity got arrested. The Olympics have been going on for the past few days and it's hard to find a story that is highlighting the games.

  • CNN

    by Shams04

    Great resource for news @ a glance.

  • Good

    by camron335


  • Old version was better, now bugs.

    by K'awil

    I love the substance of CNN but the new app update is horrendous. Bugs galore! Often I click on one article and it loads another. Or it fails to load a video entirely. Please pay closer attention to your app!

  • Good app.

    by Marcus Lynn

    Good app.

  • Like

    by Aboogyahdj


  • Love it

    by GuardianRaven

    I love getting the alert headlines on my phone as they happen

  • Dislike

    by NRVega

    Old articles, irrelevant articles, videos don't seem to load.

  • One Star Is Too High

    by isaia9h

    This app is horrible. Videos often stop prior to completion, or don't play at all. Navigating the site can be very frustrating as it tends to freeze quite a bit. I think a new IT team needs to suit up.

  • I liked the previous version

    by RajeshV

    Look & feel of the latest version is not good. Previous version is better organized.

  • Only reason getting 1 star is because can't give it negative stars

    by Skippy118

    This is a terrible app .. Whenever you click on a story a different unrelated story comes up. You then have to "hunt" for the story you want by going through every story on front page. Please fix this problem !!!!!! Never had this problem with previous versions of app

  • Not worth the time to download

    by xBDiddy

    I've had the CNN app for a couple of years, but it's now time to remove. 1. Stale content 2. Excessive pop up ads 3. Excessive video ads. Can't watch a video without a 15 second ad scheduled before and after the news video. I don't know why I am wasting time rating this app...

  • Good

    by avegaartuz1

    Great app!!!!

  • Informative

    by Cobrä

    App is user friendly

  • Get back to the drawing board

    by LA-in-LA

    Abridged topic list and no way to search for a story (by key word, name, etc...) scores you 1 star. Let me find what I'm looking for, not get spoon fed what your app finds to be important.

  • Easy and informative

    by Neck Deep in Snow

    Great news app and reliable. Video is occasionally choppy and unreliable but overall a great product.

  • It's "eh..."

    by 5cooter

    Breaking stories can't be read... Shows the header, just doesn't allow you to open the story.

  • Citizen

    by Keith B Ward

    Good information, usually up to the moment. Story lines bring you in to read and understand. I can live without the introduction, especially at work or when not to have phone activated.

  • Terrible

    by kir412

    The format for this app used to be perfect the way it was. This new format is so terrible I find myself using it slim to none, when I used to use it everyday. Please change it or hire some new graphic designers.

  • Its okay

    by Ellisg1

    I prefer the old app - i rarely read the paper so they need to keep current news up & remove the old

  • Too many videos

    by PathDocJP

    If you're on the go, videos are not truly what you want to see, and, although CNN is a cable network and not a print media, there should be a way to see print stories on the go.

  • Flipboard with CNN feeds is better

    by Chuchito2012

    Flipboard is a better proposition right now, unless you really want the videos.

  • Managed to make it worse

    by Wire to Wire

    The content has always been suspect at best, but the app was at least tolerable. The new app looks cheap, NEVER has fresh stories, and is loaded with videos that I can't watch while on the toilet at work. I'm close to deleting the app altogether and sticking with a nice news cocktail of Bloomberg and the Economist.

  • pretty lame

    by Intox9

    The UI feels like it wanted to be slick, but instead it's just an inconsistent mess. That aside, I don't understand why some news articles are up for more than a week's time. Would be much more compelling if there were user comments too. It's usable, but I expected much more from CNN.

  • Terrible App

    by DaveD2014

    Terrible format. Seems more like social networking than a news app. Where did the real news go?

  • Poor app design, but

    by JSM-IL

    Poor app design, but better then NBC News latest version (an epic failure).

  • Sucky

    by RichH_in_NFPA

    The app is as pitiful as the network. I tried to view a slideshow and was given the option to show captions or hide them. I selected "show" and captions were displayed. Unfortunately they ran off the bottom of the image so you couldn't read the entire caption. Couple that with the "hide" button overlaying part of the caption and it makes for an extremely irritating experience. The slideshow without captions is useless -- the captions are supposed to be there to tell the reader what they're looking at. I figured I'd try the "tips and tricks" section but, when I went there, I was presented with a blank screen. I guess there is nothing that will help the user use the app successfully. Definitely thumbs down on this one. Into the bit bucket it goes.

  • I look stupid on new design ....

    by Ravuth

    I prefer to the old version I look easy to use it ....this stupid the design ..:-/

  • CNN...

    by JDMcRead

    So much better than a 24-hour nonstop newsreel of negativity...

  • Update! Update! Update!

    by Blonde in CT

    Some stories are very outdated and are still at the top of the page. News is constantly changing and CNN isn't keeping up!

  • Very very nice app

    by Flydemon

    This app is nice. I've had no crashes or screen freeze. I find this app keeps me up to date on important news around the world

  • Mckki G. Elliott

    by Grateful MikkiGE

    The format is AWFUL!!!

  • Eh

    by VFBfaninMA

    New updates really hurt the app. The old version was much better. New version takes forever to load

  • Tepid.

    by Sue Kiker

    Some headlines, when tapped, show the supporting article; others only allow you to send the headline to FB, Twitter, etc. but don't have a supporting article. I like the notifications, but wish the app was a little more forthcoming with current news.

  • Bad Interface

    by WHK77

    Difficult (annoying, at least) to find stories one would like because of the amount and size of photos, etc. A sloppy feel and I rarely now use it. Used to!

  • Cnn

    by Melissa Shortridge

    Nice app

  • Pop up ads?

    by Jerryh0818

    Pop up ads now taking over making it impossible to even read an article. Deleting.

  • Totally agree with Angie H.

    by Oaktree5

    CNN's new app is terrible, too many videos and ads in between stories as you're scrolling is annoying. I would like to READ a story. Plus they keep old stories for days. Whoever decided on this "update" should reconsider!

  • Terrible!

    by Foellarbear

    All I have to say is ... Why mess up a perfectly good user interface?!?! It's so confusing now. Where did you hire this app design developer from? Must have been a cheap one.


    by Geoffrois

    2/9/14...It only gets worse. Now giant print. Omg. Terrible. Giant ads. Huge pictures. Can't get an easy clear listing of all stories to choose from. BAD BAD BAD. liked the old version.

  • Stop with all the videos

    by HookedOnNC

    News is a personal choice. Forcing videos as the delivery removes choices to users. Deleting the app. Too much glitter and a data hog.

  • Not Good!

    by Eggiepew

    There is plenty of work to do!

  • Good app

    by savage619

    This always comes in handy

  • Ok, but glitches are annoying

    by Boricheco

    News lists keep getting duplicated. I'll click on a headline and it opens an article that is 4 headlines above it. Previous format was more efficient and intuitive.

  • CNN - old one was better even if not perfect

    by Tpjbr

    A lot of old content; a notification alert will be received, without anything related in the app; videos are mixed in with print stories; would be nice if videos would not automatically play and a story summary would be printed under the video screen for those who don't want or have sound.

  • Disappointment and frustration!

    by Dfurman215

    I get it, you need ad sponsorship to support your app. However, why do they have to be played at the beginning and end of every single news story. And most of the time they are highly highly annoying and stupid Geico commercials. To make matters worse the app is plauged with horrible user interfaces. They are constantly updating the app and things just get worse and worse.

  • Great

    by RainforestG


  • Worst video functionality ever

    by Rancorous73

    There are so many things wrong with this app: video doesnt load after you're forced to sit through a commercial, photo captions are impossible to read, awful and user unfriendly experience...sorry CNN i really gave it a try. Too painful of an experience to continue using this app.

  • Going to delete; update more like a downdate...

    by samraix

    Juvenile, amateur, just not impressed with the content, layout, navigation and more. What a disaster...

  • Love this App

    by Gamer zb

    Great for all information

  • CNN

    by Rickyfragosor

    I love this app

  • Go back!

    by Trvler40

    This version is so bad, it inspired me to write my first review. Referenced links don't work or are non-existent, response is poor when scrolling and the removal of images on the home page makes it difficult to determine if a story is of interest (because we all know the titles are simply 'marketing' spins to get you to read). It's as if whomever developed this version didn't bother testing it on the iPhone. Please bring the old version back!

  • Too stale!!!

    by Bank124

    I hate the new App, used to use CNN a couple times a day. New format is hard to follow, way too many video versus print articles, many times I am using the App where I can not listen to video or would prefer to read the information. Supposed to be a news channel, articles stay on the site for 3-4 days. Would be nice to update articles to be more timely. Please change!!!!

  • More options in language features

    by Daniel Correa

    Should have a language for Spanish in settings

  • CNN Review

    by Rascal50

    Enjoyable excellent news coverage. Well written and entertaining.

  • Eh

    by jcowen777

    It's an attractive app, but the content is pretty poor.

  • And this is CNN

    by Keyclar

    Not a bad APP!! Keeps me informed with all the alerts that are set.

  • Excellent

    by Srini0303


  • Needs a lot of work

    by Rafael Ch

    The idea of the CNN App is great but the product still has many issues; annoying freezes, repeat footage, sudden quits, voice not matching video, etc.

  • CNN

    by kalyn howard

    The updates and notifications are always current and what I am interested in. Every now and then I have trouble with the live streaming. Nothing huge though, all in all it's a great app.

  • Works for me


    App works for me give the news

  • Less than great

    by Ramin F.

    The contents are there for the most part. The presentation, navigation, updating features are quite poorly implemented. This comes from a world famed news agency that all it should be able to well is to deliver the news in a timely manner!

  • Too much video

    by Tamari G

    I like CNN for news, but the new app has too much video. I check news on my phone to see what is going on in the world. I do a quick check on stories and read a few that are interesting. Videos take longer to load and often can't be played where I am without disturbing others.

  • News source for trolls!

    by David Lind

    Stop allowing commentary. It gives internet hate monger trolls a credible platform. You need a science section. Horrible accountability!

  • Glitchy

    by Tyglizzy

    But very informal :)

  • On time, aways!

    by John Briscoe, Jr.

    I love this app because it's "Breaking News Notification," aways on time with CNN News!

  • I like it!

    by Jaci'sMom

    I use this app just about everyday. Very convenient and easy to use!

  • CNN app

    by Jesseeu

    Is easy to find news but videos doesn't upload complete for iPhone 4

  • CNN Follower

    by Explore1033

    I love it!!! Keeps me updated with the latest news & at a quick speed :)

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