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Seller: CBS Mobile

* Automatically launches videos in full screen during playback on iPad
* You can now create a new CBS account to leave comments
* Easier log in via Facebook or Twitter
* Enhanced closed caption support
* Improved video loading
* CBS Sync bug fixes

Many more features for registered users coming soon!

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Watch full episodes of your favorite CBS shows with the free CBS app for iPad and iPhone! Enjoy primetime, daytime and late night episodes from America’s most watched network.

Catch up on NCIS, The Big Bang Theory, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, How I Met Your Mother, Survivor, Elementary, The Young and the Restless, The Late Show with David Letterman and many more.

Use the ‘My CBS’ feature to be notified when episodes of your favorite shows have been added to the app. Enjoy bonus content on select shows while you watch TV with the 'CBS Sync' feature.

Check out the Primetime Schedule to learn what’s coming up on CBS and set reminders for single episodes or special events - never miss a moment!

CBS app includes these features:
* Full Episode streaming in HD
* Personalized Show List
* Special Bonus Content when you Sync to your TV
* Photo Galleries and Cast Pages
* Primetime Schedule

Download the free CBS app now on your iPad and iPhone to experience all of this and more!

Show and episode availability subject to change. Some shows available 24 hours after first airing, others available 8 days after initial broadcast. Please note use of the app is limited to United States and its territories. Video is accessible via 3G, 4G, LTE, and WiFi networks. Data charges may apply. No subscription fee.

Customer Reviews

  • So close...

    by Hopeful131

    I'm disappointed that the app doesn't allow using AirPlay to link to my Samsung TV via AppleTV. maybe more stars when that happens.

  • SO so application

    by rmh1262

    Very great concept, would be a lot better if I could catch up on older episodes. I would love to be able to watch the shows I missed from the night or day before. Everything here I've already seen. Freezes a lot too.

  • Great

    by tragio

    Love it!!'

  • Everything else is good but....

    by sgc487jets

    Everything else is good but why cant intelligence episodes shoe on this app just clips really!!?? This new show is my sh*t though please fix!!

  • Crzy51

    by Grapekin

    Loved everything about it.

  • Love the app..HATE all the commercials

    by Jenny:-(

    Sometimes it takes a couple tries to get started but I love the fact I can watch different shows from days previous. There are too many commercial breaks. They are the same ones over and over. As long as the current shows are uploaded, I am a happy camper!!!!

  • It's ok

    by 67134632

    Better than the embarrassment called the hgtv app, but it takes forever to get new episodes.

  • So close...

    by Hopeful131

    I'm disappointed that the app doesn't allow using AirPlay to link to my Samsung TV via AppleTV. maybe more stars when that happens.

  • CBS

    by Papo1949

    Good but could be better if they added some older shows and less comercials.

  • Provides Full Episodes

    by tcbarton

    ...which is more than ABC can do. =\ No issues here, except that only the audio transfers over Airplay, and not video. I had to turn on the "Mirrored" option to be able to use with the AppleTV.

  • Cool app

    by rmh1262

    Very great concept, would be a lot better if I could catch up on older episodes.

  • Good

    by fadhel naji


  • Better than ABC

    by Nina057

    I like being able to catch certain shows I would have otherwise missed. I REALLY appreciate that, I don't have to "sign in" to anything to watch. Yes, it has lots of commercials and this is annoying but other than the commercials, I haven't experienced any glitches.

  • Ok - need to add airplay button

    by Cyndee577

    This app would be better if it had an airplay button to watch on TV with a full screen.

  • Behind

    by whatever17

    This app is great! I love almost everything about it. One thing I don't like though is having to wait 8 days for the most recent episode. I want to watch it the day after. It annoys me very much.

  • Good app missing content

    by Tom-1982

    Entire seasons and episodes are missing. Other than that its a good app.

  • G

    by Malika 2013


  • Nice but too many ads

    by Michael-1222

    It would be nice if there were a netflix like version with no ads and more episodes.

  • Thank you

    by Ratdog442

    The app has been working flawlessly until this evening. It maybe a glitch with the ISP. Not a huge deal. Thank you for allowing me to catch up on a show my wife and I enjoy.

  • So So

    by SoGaGi

    I have a hard time getting the tv shows to play. It just doesn't load most of the time.

  • Worthless

    by kreplogle

    The app won't open because "my device clock is set incorrectly"WHAT. The clock is set to my time zone and correct date giving one star because I have to.

  • Bad app don't bother

    by angelbirthing

    Title says it all. No stars. So many reviewers say the same thing. CBS didn't work on my computer, iPhone or iPad. Plays one commercial then blank or if it does play, it freezes up. This has been an issue that CBS has had for a long time. All shows not just one.

  • Doesn't work

    by Morgan Muir

    At all.

  • Less then average

    by KristenMichelleB

    The shows aren't updated fast enough and you have three sets of 5 commercials ... Plus it froze halfway thru and I had to restart it and move the slider down and sit thru another 5 batches of commercials just to pick up where I left off so the 20 advertisements were not pleasant, along won't the fact it froze

  • Don't bother

    by Mh12346

    You think you may get full episodes of shows you missed. Ha! You get short clips wrapped in long adverts. Waste of time.

  • CBS

    by Not getting my shows

    Can't get latest NCIS. Says problem is with my internet, but I can get other shows

  • CBS needs help

    by Wants to be a cbs watcher

    This app continues to lock up.

  • ads play but show doesn't

    by suethepooh2

    it would be great if they'd show the program you want. only get first ad then spinning wheel forever. useless

  • Bad App

    by Play words

    Doesn't have the latest episode after its aired, you have to wait over two weeks. Can't catch up so I can watch on regular tv. They dont have all shows on tv make up channel either.

  • Big fail

    by Marie Vanes

    I got this app hoping to catch up on my fav shows i missed. However it only shows around 3 show episode.i was looking to watch Intelligence since i missed the 1st episode. It didn't even have it listed and this is a new show. WTH!? The website is better than the app. CBS needs to make further improvements since other major network apps are updated and carry more episodes.

  • So Frustrating!

    by Sue's Music Box

    This is frustrating! This app constantly freezes up. You get audio with no video half the time. Oh and the same 3 commercials all the time and if you're really lucky you can see them twice in the same break! Get with the program guys! Call the people that developed ABC and find out how to fix it please! I can watch a whole show without having to restart the app 20 times!

  • Updated and still not working

    by Misdmik

    The video gets stuck constantly and all you hear is audio. The shows are always old at least a week prior. Needs to be updated for everything do not have this problem with the Nbc, abc or a&e, etc.....

  • CBS App

    by Shariten

    The ABC app allows for live watching in certain areas including mine. This doesn't even allow for Airplay. Basically, its not technologically advanced enough to keep up with modern TV watching.

  • It puts the BS in CBS

    by K_Dubbs77

    Even with yet another "update" and "new and improved CBS", this app is just worthless. How is it that it takes well over a week to watch new episodes of a show when you can see them within hours on ABC, NBC, USA, or even FOX. Seems like it's just an update to clear the negative reviews this sorry app gets and will continue to get til they actually fix it. But hey, CBS cares, right?

  • Lackluster App

    by Brick Science

    Won't let me create an account! Gets to the captcha screen, let's me enter the code words then says, "Sorry, we can't create your account at this time." Dummards!

  • Why does it take the app so long for new content?

    by smrobinsn

    I downloaded the app to catch up on the CBS shows I watch while I travel. Their website is updated with new full episodes the next day. The app? Still waiting for content from a week ago.

  • Arrrrrgh

    by jbloodwo

    Works great. It really really needs airplay support

  • Slightly off mark

    by App.Daemon

    They offer full episodes for the shows. But they don't offer the same content here as on the full site. They need to have this match.

  • Turn down the commercials!!!

    by Ventrue

    It's insane how loud the commercials are! It blew my mini speaker! Turn them down.

  • Too many repeating commercials!

    by Dr.NTE

    Who wants commercials, that's why you watch online. The worst part is they are long and repeat the same commercial multiple times during a 22 minute show. They should do a commercial banner at the bottom of the screen and stop interrupting the shows for the same commercial over and over.

  • Bad

    by Kim McBride

    I love that y'all came out with an app. What I hate is that when the 3rd ad is over, that still picture gets stuck on my screen and goes on to the next ad and then my show comes back and the picture is still there. This needs to be fixed if you expect people to want to use the app.

  • Too many bugs


    Cbs needs to fire whomever they have managing this app. First, the shows are not up to date. Second, the shows err out after 5 minutes. Third, it doesn't read the clock on any device correctly. I dont mind the commercials because i know they have to make money, and at least they aren't making you log in with cable provider. But come on, cbs is one of the larger networks, and should comport themselves more professionally than to release an app such as this. Makes me wonder if they are having management issues.

  • Episodes not up to date

    by toyo12

    The episodes are not updated right away. It is at least a week late.

  • Booooring!!!!!!

    by Probation Officer

    Rotten app boring difficult and I am deleting it.

  • No new episodes

    by TNdreamer

    You can't catch up on the shows if they aren't up to date. The shows are behind by several weeks. It's frustrating that I go to watch the show on TV and don't know what's going on in the storyline. I downloaded this app to catch up when I had to take my child to practice. I guess I'll just wait for the reruns during summer. Or maybe I'll be too busy then too and just not watch at all. The way I see it, CBS needs the ratings and you're not getting them from me.

  • No point in downloading it

    by Deafgirlnamiko

    Why does it not have airplay? Thats dumb but there is a work around for that by pulling up the ipad settings menu from the bottom of the screen and turning on airplay mirroring but then you can't multitask using ur ipad for something else while watching a show being airplayed on ur apple tv. My main beef with this app is the captions DON'T WORK. I'm Deaf. I need the closed captioning. There is a button for it but when i turn it on no captions show. I tried playing around with the captions options but still nothing! The hell?

  • Not keeping up and forgets settings

    by Rhaven213

    It doesn't have more then one or two episodes of a show on most of the shows if it has any full episodes at all. Most of the time the episode that is most current is the one prior to the week that just aired and that is after the current ones air. It keeps forgetting my saved shows and I have to reload them every couple of days

  • Dismayed6000

    by Dismayed 6000

    Why create an app that allows you to watch recently aired content if you're not going to make recently aired content available?

  • Cable subscriber ...really?

    by Southern Lady Too

    If I had cable-TV think I would waste my time watching TV on an iPad screen? Also you don't download enough episodes!

  • No live tv.

    by B. Prince

    I added app in order to watch live tv (like I can with the abc app). No live tv from cbs… I deleted app.

  • Useless!

    by BeckiD75

    I got this app so I could watch recent episodes of shows I like when I don't have access to my computer. The most recent shows available on the app are more than 3 weeks old. If I could give this negative stars, I would!

  • Not happy with the app

    by jfc8101

    Well there are way to many commercials and you can not follow along I know there are new episodes of my show the reason I downloaded this app is so I can keep up with them but they lack behind with putting new ones on they are at least two to three shows behind please fix your app as many are disappointed with it and I soon will delete and stop watching anything on cbs even if you got the best shows

  • Lousy App

    by Baby_Girl_T

    I really had high hopes for this app but it's turning out to be a disappointment. I don't like that you can't catch up shows you miss. For instance, the show "Intelligence" has aired at least 3 episodes. CBS hasn't posted not one. All that's posted is hundreds of clips. If they have time to post clips they should be able to post full episodes. When CBS decides to post an actual show, it's literally a month or more later. People more and more like that they can catch up on their shows by using their iPads or iPhones. Compared to great apps like ABC, FOX, and the CW, this app is worthless.

  • CBS

    by Scruabble

    Where is the news? The only thing to get to are the shows. Poor app. I will delete it.

  • Needs Chromecast "Casting"

    by Mshawaiiinne

    I love the shows, but I need to be able to put them up on my tv via Chromecast! They just sent out the kits to add to apps.... Please I am waiting!

  • Just commercials

    by rgrubb21

    Had to watch 3-4 commercials every time I wanted to move to a new section of the late night show. Watched 12 minutes of commercials to get to the 5 minutes of the show I wanted to see. Deleted the App.

  • Lacking

    by Joe Tools

    Has little content, not up to date. See show intelligence, for example.

  • Disappointment

    by Jaydance16

    I had such high hopes, the only time the episodes are updated are the day AFTER the next episode aires. This means that we don't get to see the last episode of a season until the new one ends!!! Don't waste your data downloading this app.

  • Frustrating

    by curlyrider

    I like the app ok. I HATE!!!! The poor programming choices and long delays. CBS got me hooked on several shows that I can not watch during their scheduled time. Well, I would like to watch them on my iPad later but the delay is soooo long that I have become irritated at CBS, am watching alternate programming and have now lost my addiction to CBS.....

  • Awful!

    by Dj tap tap himself

    Downloaded the app, watched half of one show, stopped and deleted the app. Way too many repetitive ads. Seemed like there were more ads than program.

  • Pathetic content

    by CORoadWarrior

    The show availability is awful. Stale episodes or in some instances, only clips are available. Don't bother with this. Just hit their website.

  • Performs worse than an 80 yr old

    by Scorp1on86

    The video freezes while the audio continues. I don't think it's possible to watch a single episode without being interrupted. Also there are only 1-2 episodes for each show. CBS I know you can do better.

  • Terrible

    by Granato3

    This app is terrible. You cannot fast forward easily. The commercials are too long and bunched together. All around terrible.

  • OMG -horrible app!! Just horrible!

    by Desiree Bryant

    Anyone who offered a positive review for this app must be receiving compensation. I was away for a week and trying to catch up on shows; the freezing picture, intermittent sound; it takes over an hour to watch 37 minutes of airtime. CBS should be ashamed this app is out there. And for those beyond annoying commercials,,I never want to see an episode of CSI For a long as I live. Just an horrible app.

  • Useless

    by Michelle Skyy

    I hate this app! It makes no since that you can only get ancient episodes. I can access access up to date episodes on a multitude of network TV apps within a couple of hours of airing (like on the apps for NBC, ABC, USA, CW, etc). So, I know it's possible. I don't know what CBS thinks it will gain by only allow users to obtain episodes that are well over a week or two old. Utter ridiculousness.

  • no airplay

    by Hco8128

    poor decision cbs

  • App works well

    by TheProphetJames

    But mostly only clips for shows I would watch. No need for this app if CBS won't add full episodes. Update Jan-2014 - now you have to be a cable subscriber. #Fail

  • POI, NCIS...

    by CBSer

    Good concept for the app. Terrible in lining up the shows for present and firer showings. Lousy closed caption. Miss out a lot.

  • New episodes are way behind the website release.

    by J. Mikey P

    This app functions fine. The real problem is the time it takes to get recent episodes. They are generally available the next day on the cbs website, yet often take the better part of the week to make it to the app. I have yet to discover the real reason for this discrepancy, but it remains a source of constant frustration. This seems like an easy fix.

  • Too long for content

    by CaptainSmokey

    You take way too lang to add your most recent episodes. Seems like you take 2 weeks which is just ridiculous. Diecent UI for App though.

  • Elementary

    by sy2.0

    This app is so frustrating, first thing you get is a commercial, then instead of your show starting, you get a black screen, then the show starts to play and stops 5 or 6 times or if it does not stop, you get a still picture, with the ongoing sound of the show in the background. If you try to go back to what you missed you get a commercial and then the whole miserable experience starts all over again. I don't want to be a guinea pig. You guys put this app out too soon. Get rid of the bugs. I don't need to go online to watch the same commercials over and over again without seeing the complete show. Shame on you!

  • Junk

    by Lil Ole

    Worst TV app out there. Constantly freezes and loads slower than a snail's pace. Poor picture quality.

  • Makes me want to put my fist through my ....

    by Kebe

    This app makes me want to put my fist through my iPad. The constant advertisements irk me - especially since they are the same advertisements repeated over and over during the show I'm watching. I appreciate being able to watch shows from the comfort of my bed at night, but give me a break - are ads needed every 3-4 minutes?

  • Terrible

    by Tericats

    The shows to watch r not current they r from yesterday and previous wks where r today's shows at why can't i c them

  • Good App, Poor Availability

    by Sgrigs63

    I find the App itself very nice and user friendly. However, it takes forever for the current programs to show up, 2-3 WEEKS after they air. This is unfortunate as I can go online from my laptop and get them the very next day. I got the App for convenience, and this is very inconvenient. And also, a note to programmers. I really wish the TV viewing Apps would create a way to keep a checklist of the episodes watched. That would be most appreciated!

  • Worst App

    by Julia_Ledbetter

    All I want to do is watch this show I love on my Apple TV. Can't watch it without the app...ok CBS, I'll download your app. Ok, apparently if I play from the app it won't play to Apple TV. No worries, trusty HuluPlus is on the case. Will show up online but will not show up on my Apple TV. Fine CBS, fine. The mother is stupid anyway, Ted is pointless as a human being and no amount of NPH is going to get me to watch this show on my 11 inch lap top screen.

  • Worst Network app available

    by Maxwell32

    What is the point of a TV network app that only has ONE episode available of a popular show? So if I like the series, I can't catch up on missed episodes and follow the story? Worthless. Every other TV Network app has numerous episodes available, and usually the whole season to cable subscribers. Get with the times, CBS. This app is junk.

  • Ads. Too many ads.

    by Justin audia


  • Disappointing

    by Doesch

    Got it to watch Big Bang Theory. Sound quality is really poor. Too many commercials even given understanding for need for advertisements. Poor organization of material as we'll. overall a disappointing experience -- disappointing enough for me to give up watching a show I would otherwise enjoy.

  • Great app!

    by ceeez0

    Using it to catch up on survivor

  • Video quality is horrid

    by oldmancoyote

    My video keeps freezing or playing out of focus. Plus the volume for the ads aren't synced to the volume for the content. So when I have it set just right to watch an episode, it suddenly blares loudly when a commercial comes on. So annoying.

  • Can't watch live TV

    by Azar Darr


  • Why I can't watch live shows

    by Njsayhello

    Just download CBS app I can't watch tonight program like the Grammys, on ABC app when you click live you can watch live, CBS app you can't.

  • Miss the old

    by TheUncleMike

    The app is ok.. But the old app actually had some "old shows" that I liked. This doesn't. CBS has a rich history of old shows they could add.. be nice if they did..

  • Slow

    by ETNOLA

    Shows don't show up soon enough and cbs doesn't do on demand. CBS needs to catch up...they are falling behind technically

  • Only Ads

    by AppDever

    Ads play perfectly. I can’t get any other video to play. When I try again, the ad plays perfectly, then NOTHING

  • The delay makes this app near useless.

    by Juking is stupid

    So I have to wait a week or more to watch the latest Big Bang Theory on my iPad? I might as well watch it on my laptop. Poor form CBS, poor form.

  • Not good!!!

    by Sanandson

    Very disappointed!! crashes every time in try to watch a show

  • Doesn't deliver on even previous week

    by NCIS_Watcher

    So where are the full seasons of episodes? NCIS has been my test show since CBS announced in March 2013 with great fanfare (and still advertises) that full seasons would be available. The app doesn't even deliver on last week's show. See the many review complaints from others on this. No real change to app has addressed this. Just regular updates that don't address the biggest complaint. Download only if you are easily pacified with promises that are never met.

  • The resolution and the image is good but ir doesn't matter because the screen goes Black

    by Yani1919

    It keeps crashing

  • Garbage

    by spracko

    Wait 8 days to watch an episode? How about we don't watch any shows at all. Thanks for making my decision to stop watching TV shows easier.

  • Waste of time.

    by RayeofSunshine83

    Downloaded the app because I wanted to watch one episode of Undercover Boss. All they have are clips. Took me ten minutes to figure it out (had to click on another show to figure it out). If it takes me ten minutes to figure out your app and that it doesn't have what I want, it's too complicated. Erased! Wasn't even on my phone for more than fifteen minutes.

  • The ads, oh the ads

    by YetanotherJR

    Okay, I understand CBS needs to have ads in shows. But every 6 minutes? It might not be literally 6 minutes, but it feels that way. The darn 4 ads. And you can't fast forward through them. Argh. How irritating.

  • Clips only??

    by Me!! "):68

    What good are clips. All of the other apps allow users to sign in for full length shows.

  • Love CBS...hate the app

    by Dontusiallywritethese

    When ever I go to look for previews In " my shows" it says to add your favorite show even though I have already added "my shows" many, many times. After I try to get "my shows" and it doesn't work, I try to go to "shows" and look for the preview of the show I was looking for there and it doesn't load. Very frustrated!

  • No videos available while traveling

    by JetJock_FL

    Dumbest app ever. Installed and immediatedly removed. App would not play in any country I tried, hearing similar reports from others. If we were in the US we would just turn on the tv. The whole point of this app is to watch while you are away. But you can't!

  • Can't stream on Apple TV, doesn't let you watch all episodes

    by SOFLA 4 LIFE

    'Nuff said.

  • Updated review based on your improvements

    by ldgregg

    Thanks for listening, Your updated apps works and streams nicely. Suggestions to perfect it: Support zoom screen (iPad), use the full space of the screen. Support AirPlay for those who have Apple TV like me. Content: more and latest episodes. Thanks!

  • Content delay

    by W.Perry

    Love it BUT, the other tv apps. post their shows the next day after they air on TV. Really wish you would do the same, takes 2 weeks to post. Please get better about this! That's why the three stars, fix it and I'll give you five.

  • Episodes not up to date

    by schneijt

    The fundamental problem with this app is that their website has more up to date episodes than their app.

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