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The 60 Minutes app has been completely redesigned on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch!

• We've added another 50 "Classic" 60 Minutes segments from throughout the show's 45 year history!
• New Browse by Decade section when browsing through the archive
• You can now Bookmark stories to collect all your favorites in one section to retrieve for watching later AND those Bookmarks will appear in both the iPad and iPhone versions if you’re logged in to iCloud.

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60 Minutes, the companion app for America’s number one news program, has been completely redesigned for the 2013-2014 Season! This season, the 60 Minutes app for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch will continue to feature the same hard-hitting investigative reports, interviews, feature segments and profiles you’re familiar with, original video content from 60 Minutes Overtime, expanded archives but now better organized and easier to navigate.

The following features will be available throughout the 2013-2014 season and will include:

• This Week on 60 Minutes – all the high-quality video segments and stories from each week’s broadcast
• Previews of each week’s show leading up to the broadcast
• Expanded 60 Classics section with over 250 of the best segments, hand-picked from across the entire history of the show!
• 60 Minutes Overtime - originally produced content offering a weekly behind-the-scenes look at the production of 60 Minutes as well as a large archive of classic stories
• Overtime segments including 60 Rewind, Correspondent Candids and Overtime Originals
• Search the extensive 60 Minutes video archive, including stories from past and current seasons
• Browse video segments by category and correspondent and now by decade
• Bookmark a segment (formerly “Favorites”) to collect all your favorites in one section to retrieve for watching later AND those Bookmarks will appear in both the iPad and iPhone versions if you’re logged in to iCloud.
• Easily share your favorite segments and share via email, Facebook, or Twitter

Customer Reviews

  • Worked for me w Apple TV streaming to TV

    by bhh54

    I am satisfied thus far

  • Fix overtime

    by Dudeman44

    App is ok, but whenever I tap on overtime, it crashes to desktop. Please fix, I'm missing some good content.

  • Update on my review

    by johnmesa

    Initially there were transmission problems but today I was able to get Overtime segments, as well as view previous episodes by date or topic. If they can get the bugs out of their updates and other transmission issues it would be a five star app.

  • Amazing app

    by smag2

    If you like 60 minutes or you just want to see some informative journalism this is it. Has an amazing archive of past editions. Easy to navigate as well. All in all this is awesome!

  • I don't understand all you folks complaining about this app!

    by lkranz6

    It works flawlessly, I love it

  • Best. App. Ever.

    by Nik15656

    I almost didn't get this because of the complaints about poor audio and video, but I'm glad I took the chance! I haven't had any problems and this is my best app purchase ever!

  • Great

    by taramann

    A modern version of the classic program. I love the on demand content!

  • Ads Masquerade as Content!

    by Chris Paliga

    I loved the 60 Minutes app, despite its quality flaws. But I started to watch a piece that started off like any other story. Right when it got interesting, it cut off with a promo to watch the whole piece on 60 Minutes Sports (only on Showtime). I PAID for this app to get access to 60 Minutes content. I'd be fine with promos for outside content if it were labeled as such.

  • Great app

    by Mro007

    Please add an option to disable start up intro tic tic tic please then it will be a 5 star app for me :)

  • Great Potential; A/V Quality Lacking

    by iPhone Solitaire Fan

    The good: Watch the latest episodes of 60 Minutes after they air. The bad: Audio/video quality reminiscent of a video stream over dial up, circa 1997. Hopefully this will be fixed soon. With good streaming video, I would easily give this app five stars.

  • Great Redesign!

    by pwhisby

    Love the new iPad design. Big, bold. But best of all, much more simple to sift through all the old episodes. Now with one tap I can browse shows from just the 70s, or check out just shows about sports, or watch just Anderson Cooper shows until my eyes roll into the back of my head. It's also easy to save shows to watch later. Video quality is pretty solid on the iPad, though I have't tried Airplay...

  • Student

    by Rightyang12

    60 minutes is very helpful to understand the world's recent issues. Moreover, it provides good information bases upon neutral viewpoint. This app is designed to easily find those subjects!

  • Investigative Journalism Junkie

    by Andrea Bennington

    60 Minutes to me is like Crack to a Crackhead. I LOVE this show and I love being able to see old episodes.

  • All re-runs

    by Fabian43

    Initially I loved this app. So many old and interesting episodes that I'd never seen but once I had seen all the episodes that's when I realized that new episodes were rarely being added. Now there hasn't been anything new added for a few months. Very disappointing.

  • A wealth of 60 minutes news stories

    by Swt t

    Love this app! It has an extensive archive of prior 60 minutes stories - all fascinating with the top notch reporting we've come to love from CBS. It's neat to take a walk down memory lane and see old news stories filmed through the years. The app works great, too. Runs smoothly and is organized in a simple, straightforward, easy to understand format. The clips have shirt written previews too, which is helpful so you can browse through the archives and find what you are interested in. Even has all the old Andy Rooney editorials under the "team" section (clips by journalist). All on my iPhone and iPad, so I can watch anywhere, on the go at home, before u go to bed. This app is great for hours of entertaining educational newsy information.

  • Almost Great

    by Gordon556

    I wanted to be able to watch 60 minutes using my iPhone and AppleTV. Airplay only plays the audio portion of the feed and leaves the video on the phone. Not what I paid $5 for. If HBOGO and seemingly everyone else can use airplay to stream audio and video, it would be nice for CBS Interactive to do the same. I hope they switch to a airplay-compatible video player in a future update.

  • Great app, terrible sound

    by Patrick Kennedy

    The app is well designed with a good UI, smart filing system, and great content, but lacks delivery of very good video quality and pretty consistent hollow, tinny sound. 5 stars with better A/V quality.

  • Great app but very low volume.

    by Plyt65

    This was one of my favorite iPad apps. It is nice to watch a short little story on the iPad when I am not in the living room. I think the CBS segments must be getting recorded at a lower volume as time goes on though. When I first started using this app, I didn't notice too much of a volume issue. Now, though, with no noise in the house at all and the iPad volume maxed out, it's a strain to hear all that is spoken. I know the iPad isn't a very loud device to begin with, but this app takes down the volume down to a whole other level. Too bad--I'm sure this could be such a simple fix on their end.

  • iPhone video needs to match iPad high-res

    by eigold

    Why? iPhone video should AirPlay to my Apple TV with the same video quality as my iPad (like HBO Go does with equal HD quality AirPlaying video with both devices). I would give app 5 stars if you improve video quality on iPhone version of this app to match iPad video quality.

  • Great history

    by Iunipera

    I do not own a tv and miss Sunday night 60 minutes. This ap almost makes up for it. It doesn't seem to have all the segments on recent shows, but I am not sure. What it does have is an assortment of segments from the 70s. Absolutely fascinating. I almost didn't buy it because of the bad reviews. With an ipad I have had no crashes, no bad video other than the quality one would expect of shows taped before hd and digital technology. I hope there will be more segments in the future.

  • Bugged

    by crankbuster

    Video's will not play on iPad mini - Displays "error code 112". For $5 I'm not too pleased.

  • Very poor

    by Holbrohp

    It is embarrassing to the program that this app exists. It crashes at least once every time I use it. Audio and video quality is poor, and segments are rarely updated. As a lover of the program I'm embarrassed that this app remains as bad as it is.

  • Love the show - hate the app

    by Mbkow

    This is a serious disappointment. The app keeps crashing, all the old episodes are dated 31st of Dec 1969.. You get an 'URL missing' when you try to play old episodes.. They seem to have hired a 12 year old to design this. For $5 that's simply not acceptable. This is crap. Blah

  • No overtime

    by SteveB1055

    Pay 5 bucks to see the Overtime content - it just times out and closes. Thanks so much!! Crap

  • Overtime Crashes App

    by Rangersforlife

    Please fix ASAP!

  • Overtime crashes app

    by Harrisonw

    I bought this for the overtime videos... When you open that section app crashes.... This makes this top five worst purchased app since I had the very first iphone.

  • Terrible!

    by Frt88

    I can only view the recent episode. There's no video for the other decades. Waste of $5.

  • No Shows- only overtime (after the show segments)...

    by okieokieokie

    I thought the reviews were overly negative - they weren't... I just bought the app to watch the last show which I missed... It's not there. Further, the only segments which come up are "overtime," (those web clips they advertise for after the show). I'm very iPad savvy and my inability to navigate further is highly confusing. I've sent an email will update if they respond.

  • Fix Air Play

    by Justin_07

    Your air play is not working with the Apple TV. Keeps turning off after enabling it from the app. Would be great to use.

  • Slow, buggy, terrible

    by Ringleader1

    App crashes frequently, slow interface, hugely frustrating! I want my money back.

  • AirPlay fail - terrible quality

    by Whatever9898

    The AirPlay implementation is ridiculously awful. The video and sound quality are laughably terrible and there's no multi-tasking available during AirPlay output. Fail.

  • Horrible quality

    by bob joe lee

    The poor sound and video quality makes it impossible to watch this on a tv.

  • Fix it.

    by adissappointedfan

    Content is fabulous, functioning needs a lot of work. Video stutters frequently. It's too bad such a quality news program can't offer a higher quality feed...

  • CBS should be ashamed...

    by Worthless56

    .... for charging $5 for an app that is this bad. I've yet to watch a video because the app will hard crash or have errors loading a video. DO NOT buy this app. You will regret it.

  • Audio/Video Quality Needs Improvement

    by Alex Appleseed

    The redesign looks great, but you didn't fix the real issue. The audio and video quality is still terrible.

  • Worst App in the Known Universe

    by Powder Works

    I would give it 0 stars if I could. Where do I begin? No HD—not even really standard def (it's like a hybrid of early 90's internet video technology). Horrible audio (sounds like they are playing it through a mono telephone speaker). Worst part, they penalize you for going to their website (where you might actually find an HD version) from your iOS device and redirect you to their horrible app. And now...no Airplay! Oh, and all this for just $5.

  • Poor audio and video quality persists

    by Rezpeni2

    Better design and great content, but the video and audio quality of the segments has not improved. With Apple TV this could be one of my most used apps but instead I hardly use it because I find the videos difficult to watch in such poor quality, especially the audio which is grating to hear even on the iPad. Disappointing update which does not address the major flaw of this app.

  • Don't buy

    by bjisih

    Week old news ... Really .... $4.99

  • No HD, no and no chromecast support. What did we pay for?

    by Jvarugh8570

    I've come to admire and respect the 60 minutes quality of reporting but to promote this app and not even provide HD content or chromecast support negatively reflects against 60 minutes as a whole. Not to mention this app is $4.99!

  • stingy

    by Andy Moffitt

    I really enjoy 60 minutes programming, but apparently they run a ton of re-runs. The last several months seems like that is all it has been. Plus this is my slowest running ap. Not sure why? Takes for ever for videos to buffer and run.

  • Archives

    by Amelia10056

    The only reason I bought this was to see the Eagles interviews in the archives. Couldn't get either audio or video on any. A complete waste of money.

  • Only AirPlays Audio... LAME!

    by BuyinThemHits

    All this app shows is how old and behind the times these folks are. The great and powerful 60 Minutes finally joins the wired world, and their AirPlay only sends audio. Jeez. For what purpose? So when I'm staring at my blank LED flat screen, I can imagine the story? Or listen to it on my big speakers from across the room, but hold my iPad in my lap? That's not strange at all. Fail!

  • No AirPlay video support

    by Finao11

    Bait and switch. First it supported it, then it didn't, then it did again, now it's audio only. Doesn't do the 60 Minutes brand any service.

  • No video on Apple TV


    I just downloaded the app without reading the comments. As noted in many of the comments, when using air play with the Apple TV I get only audio and not video. My Apple TV software is currently up to date, and on other apps the video comes through fine.

  • last update

    by js1945

    Everything worked fine until the last update on June 20 2013(2.4.1) After this update I now only get sound via Apple TV, no picture! I tried with a previous version from a friend and this one works fine!

  • poor video and audio

    by twit1977

    good content , but very poor video and audio quality .

  • should be a $0.99 app

    by FreeAppGuru

    please remove the annoying start up stop watch audio or least met me disable it. Forced marketing audio was dropped in the 90's. organization is poor and menus are very slow to load.

  • Don't Buy!!!

    by Headupmyass-didn'treadreviews

    App crashes when trying to play a video. It won't open again unless I respring, then crashes again if I try to play video. Totally Worthless!!!

  • CBS interactive

    by White sherpa

    This app is absolute crap... unreliable video, no complete stories. I was foolish to trust the CBS "name" & Apple's reputation for quality. They should be ashamed! Combine that with I-tunes no refunds-no exceptions & Steve Jobs should be rolling over in his grave. Do not purchase this app!!!

  • Also had to write...

    by St3rd

    Wanted to purchase app for a while... but all the negative reviews stopped me till I saw another that was happy with purchase. Been watching 60minutes forever and happy to enjoy again. Haven't had any problems with crashing or streaming to Apple TV. Works great!

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