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Seller: Navionics S.p.A.

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*****“The world’s top selling Marine & Lakes apps” *******
For boaters, fishermen and all water sports enthusiasts.

Enjoy the same great detail you have on your GPS chartplotter! Award winning vector maps included in app price remain resident on your device so you can access them when outside internet coverage! Query chart objects anytime for descriptive details. Pan, zoom and measure distance.

Create and edit routes based on your cruising speed and fuel consumption. Record and view your tracks. Capture pictures (geo-tagged) along the way to create a virtual adventure log of your entire trip.

Quickly access up-to-date tide, current, wind speed/direction & sun/moon cycle information. Save your favorite locations. Consult wind forecasts and tide and current predictions while planning trips.

2,000 edits every day! Benefit from timely localized data contributed by the Navionics Community! Wrecks, obstructions, buoys, beacons, lights, and more are visible as soon as posted. Read reviews of marinas, repair shops, etc. Take advantage of this unique feature and be part of the community with your own contributions.

Access the largest database of marine POI’s available. Search by lat/long or category for Marina, Marine Repair, Boat Dealers, Waterfront restaurants, Fuel Stations to check prices, etc! Now with “Drive To” (land) or “Route To” (water) guidance.

Email, Tweet or FB your routes, tracks, photos or markers! Your friends can learn about your day on the water by viewing the .kmz file you send them! It’s so cool!

Overlay Apple Maps (iOS 6), Bing or Terrain.

My Data – automatically sync your Markers, Routes and Tracks among all your mobile devices.
Plotter – automatically sync Markers and Routes with select GPS chartplotters.

Download free articles from the world’s leading marine publications! Geo-referenced and saved to a digital library for easy access anytime or anywhere!

Navionics Apps allow you to access amazing add-ons:
√ Nav Module offers more advanced route planning with ETA, distance to arrival, heading to WP, fuel consumption and more!
√ Autorouting will suggest a course based on your boat settings and chart data.
√ Advanced Map Options gives you even greater control of your map. Highlight Shallow Area, select Depth Shading, filter Depth Contours, adjust shoreline to selected Water Level, view Seabed composition (select areas) and toggle Fishing Mode to locate key fishing areas.
√ Navionics+ includes Map Updates for 12 months and our new SonarCharts™! SonarCharts™ is a HD bathymetry map that reflects ever-changing conditions. It is great for locating fishing areas and revealing more bottom contour detail. Coverage continues to expand, please check frequently.
√ Choose additional coverage anytime.

Refer to the screenshot above for chart coverage area. Visit for the lake list. Does not include Bermuda, which can be found on Marine: Caribbean & South America.

Updates to this application will be available provided that the device is updated with iOS 6.0 or higher.
Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.
To enjoy the Navionics charts in HD resolution, please search our HD apps expressly built for iPad.

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Customer Reviews

  • Great

    by Will, MI

    We'll worth the money spent. To the guy with the 1 star review, the app will not track if the app in not running on the screen. I always turn my auto lock to never when I use it. This app is very accurate and the water depth maps are accurate as well. I fish a lot in the Saginaw bay and this works great for me- for 15$ turned my phone into a gps with a depth chip and Great Lakes maps worth 300$ plus. I have used this miles out on the ice in a blizzard and has never led me astray. My only complaint is that it uses a lot of battery, but I always have charger with me so it's not so bad. I know it's a little pricey but it's well worth it to me!

  • Great

    by Will, MI

    We'll worth the money spent. To the guy with the 1 star review, the app will not track if the app in not running on the screen. I always turn my auto lock to never when I use it. This app is very accurate and the water depth maps are accurate as well. I fish a lot in the Saginaw bay and this works great for me- for 15$ turned my phone into a gps with a depth chip and Great Lakes maps worth 300$ plus. I have used this miles out on the ice in a blizzard and has never led me astray. My only complaint is that it uses a lot of battery, but I always have charger with me so it's not so bad. I know it's a little pricey but it's well worth it to me!

  • Great

    by Will, MI

    We'll worth the money spent. To the guy with the 1 star review, the app will not track if the app in not running on the screen. I always turn my auto lock to never when I use it. This app is very accurate and the water depth maps are accurate as well. I fish a lot in the Saginaw bay and this works great for me- for 15$ turned my phone into a gps with a depth chip and Great Lakes maps worth 300$ plus. I have used this miles out on the ice in a blizzard and has never led me astray. My only complaint is that it uses a lot of battery, but I always have charger with me so it's not so bad. I know it's a little pricey but it's well worth it to me!

  • Awesome all around!

    by Weatherleigh

    Love your app, it comes in handy every time I'm fishing in unfamiliar waters, thanks!

  • Incredible!

    by Gustofson

    This is an extraordinary app. It does everything the thousand dollar chart plotters do. I have been amazed at the accuracy and the graphics. Bravo to the development team!

  • Great!!

    by Cor90651

    Great fishing app

  • Awesome app!

    by Ballbangers

    Navionics ha done it again hit the nail on the head with this one! I use it every time I go out and it has definatley improved my knowledge of fishing I can now eliminate unproductive areas and stay in the sweet spot also they have a great support team they responded quickly to an issue I had and made it right! Thanks

  • Navigation

    by Rebel samurai

    This program is a little wonder. The only problem is not of it's making. Out on the water in the sun you can't read your cell phone screen!

  • Great back up

    by Ozark12002

    This app is a great back up works just as well if not better than my high dollar Garmin chart plotter

  • Me

    by Pkloby

    Very accurate and quick response.

  • Nice App

    by Smartfeller88

    Works "very well" showing your location, speed, direction, beacons, and other useful info. Trusting the Noah navigation charts it uses means your trusting Noah (which is the industry standard) for water depths. Thinking I'll upgrade to the sonar maps option for $4 more just to get the extra info. Thats $14 total. Thanks Navionics very nice water navigation phone app. I use it in the Houston Galveston area for recreational boating.

  • Amazing

    by Kevster87'

    The map is very detailed and very accurate. The touch interface of my iphone 5 makes it easier to use over my Lawrence system. Tracking features are nice. I did do an in app purchase and upgraded to auto route. This is a neat feature but not necessary. Basically put in your boats draft and it calculates the fastest route within a safe depth.

  • Lots of potential

    by Yucateco

    I finally upgraded to the new version of this app because of iOS 7. I like many of the features. However, I'm still getting used to nuances with zooming. Also, my biggest issue so far is the text. It is very difficult to read. Setting the "easy view" option makes the text bigger, but it also makes all the symbols too big. Why wasn't the font from the old app used? It was bolder, anti-aliased, and much easier to read.

  • Best mapping app out there

    by JCC 67

    This app does it all link it between your new wifi units with Navionics chip and Navionics app to plan routes and mark waypoints and us Navionics sync to transfer between each other. Would recommend adding the in app upgrades to get Navionics + for all the freshest data for a year and the newest addition the sonar charts. With the advances and continual updating of the charts well worth the money. If you like plotting routes I would recommend you add the navigation module along with auto-routing option. You can't go wrong for the price!! Like I said best navigation and chart app in the apple App Store!!!

  • Great app !

    by Kwskank

    Worth every penny ! This is a steal. It was on point with my buddy's $500 boat nav. But drains your battery , still worth it!

  • Don't upgrade

    by Jer bear me

    App worked great until I tried upgrading. It is now stuck at installing and program is unusable.

  • Thanks for the app!! Helped us navigate the TN river this weekend in the dark!!

    by Tomwilson-constantwifihunter

    This app is amazing! I have been looking for a good inland app for the TN river. Every obstacle on the river was marked. I kept telling the crew how lucky we were that I stumbled on this the night before the trip. We had to complete the first leg at night and I honestly think this app got us to our first destination in one piece. Great job!!' Please keep it updated. What a lifesaver!

  • Here's a little update

    by CheeseTheFish

    All of these new features are way cool. If you want a static chart buy a map. If you want the best data available pony up the $4.99 you are getting all the charts for US Lakes & Coastal. With the new NAV+ update you receive 12 months of chart updates, and SonarChats. SonarCharts is data that is collected by doing Sonar logs w/Humminbird or Garmin chart plotters.

  • Priceless

    by Slimmytimmy12234

    I love this app. I love the depth and rock warnings! Easy to use. I promise your getting your money's worth the first time you use it!! Very surprised how fast and accurate it is on my iphone!

  • Love it

    by 23mako

    Use this as all the time in conjunction with my 1100$ GPS and this one is easier to use and the detail is better than my fixed mount the depth contours are great must have for any boater

  • No support

    by Fisherman dave 12345

    Absolute worst customer service. Beware

  • Disappointed

    by DACHANCE7777777

    I am very disappointed that I paid ten dollars for this app and then don't get to enjoy any of the real features unless I make additional in app purchases. Not cool.

  • Worthless

    by Plugger19

    My tracks are all perfectly straight lines because the app can't track or keep up. Still waiting to hear back from customer service on my most expensive, most disappointing app.

  • Good maps. Awful interface.

    by Jty1000

    Functions that should be the most simple and intuitive--creating standalone waypoints or "markers" as this program calls them--are unnecessarily difficult. Best thing that can be said about it is that, unfortunately, it is better than most of the competing apps right now. Give it a couple years....

  • Mr.

    by Banger5556

    I bought the original ap for around $50. It is useless since the IO7 updates. Navionics didn't offer a patch but require you to buy the new ap. I called Navionics and questioned them about upgrading the older ap and they told me that ITunes store required a new purchase. This is total BS. I have spent over $1,000 on the Navionics SD cards and Navionics Planner software and then they treat their customers like crap. I hope LakeMaster is watching and will provide a comparable product in the near future. I'm through with Navionics!

  • Made me buy the app twice

    by GrimCarper

    I've used the original navionics app then today I go to use it and it tells me it's not compatible with io7 7! Instead of offering a patch or upgrade they make you buy the app again. Total BS!!!

  • Crash

    by The beat hazard man

    Great app but when you go to zoom in it crashes! That is frustrating !!!!!!!!!!

  • Abandoned

    by panicrev555

    I payed over $30 for the original version of this app which doesn't even exist in the App Store any more. Instead of a regular app update they instead have abandoned the original app and require one to purchase this new app? That's BS, especially now that the old app won't run for more than a minute without crashing with no hope for an update.

  • Not impressed

    by Superbike Larry

    Bought app along with some of the upgrades. Problem I have is when I zoom in or scroll around on map it will often close app then I have to start over. Also map is not very accurate I have found rock pile up to a couple hundred yards from where map says it should be. Would not buy again

  • Don't buy it!!

    by Louisiana Angler

    A waste of money. Glitchy, twitchy and inaccurate. Constant hounding to buy upgrades that SHOULD BE INCLUDED UPDATES WHEN YOU BUY A $10 app!!!

  • Lacks Contours

    by Lincoln100

    If you are looking for detailed depth contours this is not for you. I expected detailed contours but not even close. What makes it worse is that when on the water the contours are way off. I do like the community edit feature where others can post structure and hot spots but few are willing to share. When I contacted customer support about lack of contours they stated that Sonar Charts may be included in future updates. Sonar Charts are AWESOME! Very high detailed contours and extremely accurate. Unfortunately this feature is only available with the depth finder chips. With Sonar Charts as a feature of this app I would pay triple. Navionics, thanks for trying but please work on adding Sonarcharts. Better yet enable communication between my depth finder with Navionic chip and this app and you have a real winner!

  • Old data

    by BzMaster6798

    Was surprised to find Jordanelle Reservoir in Utah still not included (opened 20 years ago).

  • No waypoint options

    by Capt. R

    I purchased this app and I wish I didn't. There is no way to create a waypoint list. What's the point of a marine chart if I have no option for waypoints.

  • Auto routing

    by Atom235


  • Not enough waypoint markers!!!

    by Philarr

    Why limit waypoints?????

  • Auto routing is junk

    by MarcBonnette

    For 5 bucks it will plot a straight line between 2 waypoints.

  • Absolutely love it!

    by Mcanarelli

    The only reason I have it 4 stars is because the iPad version doesn't have course up yet. I use this app on 2 iPads and my iPhone. It's amazing how you can sync tracks and routes. I've been on my friends boats and used it to tell them how to get somewhere. It's absolutely amazing for planning trips. Again, being able to store all the locations is great. I can pull up any location along with current wind, tide, currents, etc. anytime. The detail is much better than most hard wired chart plotters. The reviews are specific to small issues. You have to get the lake version if you want lakes. Auto routing is kind of nice but I could definitely so without. These little things don't merit a 1-2 star rating. Buy this app. You won't regret it. And, no, I'm not affiliated with the company at all. I just love this app. All the guys on my dock are using it now too.

  • Disappointed

    by Scarter003

    I thought it would have the depths of the lakes!! It only has it for the ocean.

  • Don't buy the auto routing upgrade

    by R. Griffin

    The original app is GREAT! Don't waste your money on the auto routing upgrade. You still need to enter waypoints. That doesn't make it "automatic".

  • Not impressed!

    by Sfgeno

    Of the app would stay open under navigation it would of gotten a higher star:-(

  • Map upgrades = less detail?! UPDATED

    by Michaeldmck

    *The review below originally had one star. Navionics actually resolved the issue and emailed to inform me. WOW! This app is highly functional. As a fisherman, my only complaint is that map updates for Kentucky lake get less detailed instead of more. Vast portions of the lake on the freshest data show areas that have multiple depth contours as being nothing but shallow flats (Danville and south for example, and yes, I am zoomed in). These areas in my older map cards are rich with contours. Isn't navionics whole purpose to provide contours? Why, why, why would the contour data diminish instead of increase?!

  • Awesome App!

    by professorhacker

    Save money over the boat GPS! I've been using this for years and it is one of my must have apps!!!

  • Excellent App

    by dgem142

    This app is great with plenty of features such as the newly added auto routing. Recently add ons have been released quite frequently. The ONLY thing this app lacks is head-up that isn't based on the inaccurate iPhone compass heading. If it used the same method the app uses to point the arrow on the map, it would be perfect.

  • Auto Routing Horrible

    by Cray176

    The app itself is very good. The auto routing update does not work and kept freezing up. It also casused my iphone 4 to crash and have not been able to restore. Stay far away far away.

  • Auto routing in-app purchase

    by Screaming seagulll

    Awesome app in general! Get it well worth it. Minus one star for the new Auto routing in-app purchase... not as nearly as useful as I had hoped. I expected it to at least follow Navigation rules. And yes boat settings are set correctly. I regret spending money on this in-app purchase . The "auto" route had me going across sand bars and islands! Needs some serious tweaking

  • Great app But...

    by Blinddesign

    Great but many lakes in SD and MN are not correct for depth. Please fix! Then would be a 5 star app.

  • Can no longer change lake depth

    by thom1879

    There is no longer an option to adjust current lake depth

  • Poor zoom

    by Ryan Steingart

    App functions properly and has good menu options. The one huge downfall is that you cannot zoom in far enough to have a good idea what depth your at. Example: fishing rivers or lakes with steep drop-offs.

  • Crash Crash Crash

    by Texas guy Victoria

    Have used this app for years. Upgraded to iPhone 5 and the latest operating system. Then Navionics provided an update. Now it won't run. It crashes on startup every time. Works on my iPad. Unfortunately, I don't always have my iPad with me when I am am talking fishing with my friends. My iPhone is there.

  • Crash after Crash

    by Michael La Guardia

    I'm not sure what happened. It was working fine, and then one day decided to crash. I've deleted and reloaded the app several times. It works for the first time, and then after I've navigated away from it, I can't relaunch. It looks like it starts, and then crash. Just upgraded to the newest version. Crash bug remains.

  • Ok but not really accurate.

    by CompCell

    Marked a spot ice fishing and could not get back on the structure using this app. The crib was on the map but way off and my actual GPS location was off as well. Made it impossible to find my spot again.

  • Disappointing upgrade

    by navyshorty

    I bought the $5 in app upgrade because everything navionics has done so far has been great. This was a waste. They add some minor functionality that available for free in several other places. This better not be an indicator of things to come.

  • iPhone 5 Update

    by rfreitag

    Yay for the iPhone 5 screen update! It's a pitty that app functionality updates such as the nav module and advanced map options are extra.

  • Great app but won't sync

    by Bdix33

    Overall it's a great app. You can study the lake wherever your at. I have navionics on my boat, computer, iPad, and iPhone. The only downfall of this app is that the iPhone won't sync waypoints. Apparently at one time it did because I do have some on the iPhone that are on other devices too but I guess one of the navionics updates might have messed it up.

  • Now I'm found

    by I was lost

    Got lost out in the river in the thickest fog I'd ever seen. This app is the ONLY reason we made it home. We drove in circles out there for an hour and a half before I finally found this and purchased it. Worth every penny.

  • Good app. Not universal app. Still iPhone 4 resolution. Doesnt sync.

    by sphereboy66

    Works great. Still not taking advantage of iphone 5 screen size. Wont sync between ipad and iphone. Disappointing.

  • AppCrapper

    by App Crapper

    Worth every penny for finding some sweet ice fishing spots.

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