2012 Snowmobiling New York State Navigation App Review (iOS, $9.99)


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THIS IS THE 2012-2013 VERSION (updated to support iOS7), no new features or trails will be added to this release. Please download the 2013-2014 version if you want current trails and our new user requested features or download the free Snowmobiling Oswego County or Snowmobiling Franklin County app if you'd like to try it out.

We recommend Wi-Fi when you download this app, not just cell reception. All data is being stored on your phone so you don't need reception when using the app.

The app you've been waiting for! Trails updated as changes received, all 45 counties worth of trails available without reception. Including Old Forge/Inlet trail system.

Statewide coverage of corridor & secondary trails, club verified corridor, secondary and local trails included for NYSnowmobileWebmap participating clubs (55 this year). Trail junctions and locally owned, snowmobiler friendly businesses included – find where to eat, get gas, parts and repair, or stay the night.

Tap a trail pin, find out if it has been GPSed or not and what club maintains it. Contact the club if necessary.
Business pins are category coded, tap and call to check hours open.
Trails, trail markers and intersections available for display without reception across the state. Currently cached maps will also display without reception. No need to hassle with a paper map blowing in the wind.

Going to an unfamiliar area? Enable GPS on your phone and never get lost! No need to try to figure out where you are, your phone app will show you relative to the trails and intersections. With or without reception!

Don't miss out on all these features:
· Old Forge and Inlet permitted trail system included
· app centers on your current location
· midseason trail updates automatically downloaded with reception
· complete statewide corridor and secondary trail coverage
· club verified corridor, secondary and local trail coverage for 55 clubs this season
· display current GPS location
· display all trail data and businesses without reception, statewide
· choice of street view or hybrid satellite view
· display the current radar
· create, edit and save routes
· predominantly local, mom & pop businesses that welcome and cater to snowmobilers

Don't wait any longer! Download our premium app today and know you will enjoy your ride anywhere you go in New York State. Think snow!

Developed by NYSnowmobileWebmap.com/Mohawk Valley GIS.
This app is data intensive (over 20 MB), be sure to enable wi-fi on your phone when using the first time to quickly load all 45 counties worth of trails.

Please note that after May 1, 2013, this app will no longer check for trail updates. You can still use the app indefinitely, but you will no longer receive trail updates. We encourage you to get the 2013-2014 version of the app to have the latest trail data.

For more detailed information, to view additional screenshots, or to contact us with questions, please visit www.NYSnowmobileWebMap.com.
Disclaimer: Please note that the trails in this app come from NY State in November of each year, but not all trails have been verified by the clubs. Also note that not all trails have been GPSed. Tap a trail pin to find out. Do not precisely navigate by following non-GPSed trail representations. MVGIS cannot guarantee the accuracy of the trail locations nor can MVGIS assume responsibility for the condition of the trails depicted in the app. Please use caution and common sense at all times when riding. Follow posted signs on the trails at all times.

REMEMBER: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. Please be prepared.

Customer Reviews

  • Good App

    by AL812

    My GPS just died and was looking for options to replace. This app does just what it says. I have used on several outing and have had no problems so far. Support has been great and is actively working on updates and enhancements. Looking forward to more gas stations and businesses.

  • Nice app

    by ChrisWayne67

    This app solved a problem quickly over the weekend with a trail closure on a late night ride. Was able to easily determine location and identify an alternate route on a road to pick up the trail on the other side of the closure. The GPS feature is what's key. The app works with no issues including when there is no cell coverage.

  • Got stuck on "checking for trail updates"

    by ericwalsh90

    tried to use this app at tug hill over the week end. when i opened it up it got stuck on "checking for trail updates" because i had bad cell service at the time.

  • Fantastic!

    by Daggerdoggie

    So far, it's the best trail map I've used and I think I've tried them all.

  • Good App

    by AvidSledder

    This app worked fine, just would run a little slow at times. Well worth having if you are not familiar with the trails.

  • It Really Does work

    by Oriskany

    I originally gave this 3 stars,,, I was wrong. It's 5. I've used it more and love it. No more guessing where I am on a map and how far is it really to where I want to be. PLUS,, it will be great on the ATV because slot of trails in Lewis county are shared with snowmobiles. It would be nice to have 2 counties ready to go but hey it really is just a phone. Great app,, worth the money!

  • Snowmobiling NYS

    by Jayzuki

    Great app, has a ton of info for when you're out riding! This app gives me confidence to ride anywhere and know I won't be getting lost or running out of gas! Worth the money in my opinion!

  • Nothing but problems

    by T-O-dbl-D

    This app never worked correctly they were always fixing bugs from it crashing and for a $20 app that's only good for one year (no more updates after the year u buy it) and then they want to pay another $20 for the updated new year one what BS for a $20 App

  • P.O.S. - STAY AWAY!!!!

    by KDBoutelle

    This is absolutely, hands down, the biggest waste of $20 I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with. Does NONE of what it claims to do when off-line. Save your money, buy an Ultimate map and deal with the inaccuracies of that paper based garbage. At least with the paper version you can find your location without a GPS. You've been warned, buyer beware!!!!!

  • NOT Happy

    by 2buyORnot2buy!

    I just bought this app and I'm VERY disappointed! I should've trusted the previous reviews....this app isn't worth paying for. In fact, after I saved specific routes, I tried to access those routes and it keeps CLOSING the app so I have to reopen it and start again (this has happened numerous times already). Also, snowmobile trails aren't even accurate. I would give this app a rating of "0" stars if I could. Not worth buying, not worth the $20.00. You're better off throwing away your hard earned money some other way.

  • Total Failure

    by bgc33

    Works great as long as you have very good reception or WIFI wherever you are. As soon as I took it out on the trail it froze while updating and no amount of power cycling the phone or restarting the app would fix it. Wouldn't pay $1 for this app if I had the option again. Downloaded "Polaris Snow Trails" for FREE and was very pleasantly surprised. DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY!

  • Worst app I've ever bought

    by Skidoochop

    Worst app ever and I paid $20 to boot. Always loading updates. Just got back from a week in Old Forge and this app was useless. Does not flow and very hard to read. Shame on me for not following other reviews, but I guess live and learn.

  • F

    by DonnyPea

    Rip off get Polaris snow trails for free and more complete

  • Booooo fix it!

    by Jakejake851

    1 star till fixed

  • Don't waste your money

    by Skidooxman

    Great idea but it doesn't open once you download the maps. Don't buy it

  • .

    by Dave3411

    Don't waist your money! Won't open any locations!

  • Good app but some problems

    by Rxwar04

    It's nice to have this app if u don't have a gps on ur sled!! I know this app is new and has bugs to be worked out but for 20$ crashing shouldn't be happening!!! If they can fix the problem and have the new release with route creation to show u what trails to take to get to where u want to go like a gps should I would give this app 5 stars but right now it's only worth 2 for me!!!

  • App crashes

    by dan8056

    The app crashes while loading maps. Not good for a app that costs $20.

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