WingX Pro7 - Aviation Moving Map, Charts, and Weather Navigation App Review (iOS, $0.99)


Languages: English

Seller: Hilton Software LLC

● Military Arresting System Information shown on moving map (using Airport Information button in top-right of Moving Map) and in A/FD information
● Now you can view any airport's charts in View 1 or View 2 - not just the departure or destination airport - ties in perfectly with Phase Of Flight selection.

● Improved database download management and database verification
● More views compatible with night time flying
● Various UI improvements and fixes

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WingX Pro7 for iPad/iPhone requires a $99.95 annual subscription or $199.95 three-year subscription (30-day Free Period option - iOS 6 or later). Synthetic Vision requires a separate $99.95 annual subscription. Viewing your aircraft, route, and breadcrumb trail on an approach chart requires a $74.99 subscription. Fuel Prices ( require a $29.95 subscription.

● ● ● Aviation Consumer (July 2013) ● ● ●
"WingX Pro7 is Best iPad App of 2012!"

● ● ● Aviation Consumer (Feb 2013) ● ● ●
"Five Top Apps - WingX Pro7 is a Standout"

Big New Features in Version 7
● Wx Overlays that use superb Baron Services imagery - including composite mosaic radar reflectivity and many other weather overlay types, animation, transparency, and option for low-bandwidth networks (e.g. hotel rooms) (not on iPad 1)
● Pitot-Static support via the iLevil AW

GPS-Enabled Moving Map
● VFR Sectionals, IFR Enroute (Low and High), WACs, and TACs with legends.
● Track Up (not on iPad 1)
● Split Screen Technology
● ADS-B In-Flight Weather and Traffic - support for about 10 ADS-B receivers!
● Works with X-Plane and MS Flight Sim
● Ground Proximity Warning System (GPWS) - terrain and obstacles
● SmartTaxi™ - advanced taxi warning system
● FlightShare™ - share routes with others on the ground or in the air!
● Auto Airport Diagram (Auto APD) auto-switches to/from Airport Diagram
● Class B Transitions
● Search And Rescue Grids and Patterns (old/new format) - Parallel, Square, Sector, and Auto Fill Grid - supports MGRS
● Overlay terrain and obstacles (terrain up to 60N)
● Drag to see time/distance to point
● State Lines
● Aspen Connected Panel
● Zaon XRX Traffic
● Airspace Overlay and Information
● Airspace Notifications
● Passive RADAR Altimeter - Terrain Elevation or AGL
● Terrain Profile View
● AHRS-driven Attitude Indicator
● Simulator
● Brightness
● Rubber-Banding (use tap-n-hold)
● User-Defined Waypoints - e.g. SJC09015, N37.5W119.56 etc
● Multi-Page Notepad with Undo
● Route CDI, ETEs, and ETAs
● Knots, MPH, km/h
● Runway Extensions and Traffic Patterns
● Easy GPS Calibration - just tap on the altitude at the top of the moving map (iPad only)

GPS Options
● Internal GPS
● Dual XGPS150, XGPS160, or Bad Elf
● ADS-B Receiver

A/FD and AOPA Directory
● A/FD includes Airports, NavAids, and Fixes
● Includes Bahamas and Puerto Rico
● Sunrise/Sunset times

Approach Charts
● SmartTaxi™ (no georef subscription required)
● GeoRef Subscription enables:
● Approach Chart Trail - 10 minutes
● See route on IAPs
● ChartTouch Technology - tap on IAP to add points to route
● Print charts wirelessly
● Rotate DPs and STARs easily
● Draw on the approach chart with your finger

Wx Text
● Color-coded and decoded METARs, TAFs, winds/temps aloft
● Includes Alaska and Hawaii
● Calculates METAR Density Altitude and Freezing Levels

Route Planning
● Victor Airways and Jetways
● Waypoints automatically inserted in correct position
● Total and Longer Than Direct distances
● Flight Log shows Magnetic Headings, Groundspeed, ETE, Fuel Burn using winds aloft information
● Optimize Altitude for winds aloft

● Flight Plans and Weather Briefings using secure connection (optional) and are official and recorded by Can be reused for fast filing
● File, Close, and Cancel flight plans
● Route and Area Weather Briefings
● Aircraft Manager for auto-fill
● Part 135 friendly

● Conversions
● Distance-Speed-Time
● Pressure/Density Altitude
● Winds Aloft
● Runway Winds
● IFR Climb
● Descent Rate

● FARs including Parts 1, 43, 61, 91, 119, 121, 135, 137, 141, NTSB 830, 1552, and 1562
● Parts of the AIM
● AC61-65E - Including Endorsements
● AC61-67C - Stall and Spin Awarenes
● Pilot/Controller Glossary
● Aeronautical Contractions

Integrated Help System
● Built-in mini-manual

Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

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Customer Reviews

  • Wing X - Professional Grade

    by minoxer

    WingX just keeps getting better and better. Now with two 'moving maps' what more could you ask? I have been impressed with its stability and usability in flight. While it has everything that the professional airman could ask of it, it is also extremely easy to use. Its pre-flight planning functions are spectacular and the way it integrates DUATS briefings is terrific. If you are looking for the ONE aviation app for your iPad/iPhone, this is it!!!

  • Unstable

    by Flyboy Instructor

    Easier to use the garmin or foreflight. But sadly unstable on iOS 7. Keeps dropping out to ipad home screen, especially when flipping between screens such as charts, AFD etc. Though easy to get back in. Had to keep powering off iPad. Not something you want to be doing in flight.

  • I went back to Garmin

    by C172Pilot

    Sometimes you can give too much information. This app does a great job of presenting the pilot with excellent situational awareness, however I found the app to be cumbersome and not very professional looking and at times symbology was written of the top of pertinent information. The interface needs an overhaul; improper use of color and contrast. However the app did work very well for the most part and is not really any better or any worse than the competition. One real plus is Mr. Goldsteins updates are quick when issues are found.

  • Love it

    by Sidney474cp


  • Wingx

    by mikel1982

    I have used garmin, aopa, and foreflight. I have a foreflight subscription from flight school because it is what was recommended by instructors. Once I showed instructors everyone switched. This is by far the most advanced, reliable and easy to use EFB on the market! I have used it for 2 years now and do not see any need to change anytime soon! Fantastic product at affordable pricing. There is no reason to strictly fly paper charts with tools this powerful and affordable.

  • wing x great ap

    by williamCD

    above and beyond any of the competition. always new additions to functionality. the ability to seamlessly connect to x-plane to practice approaches is great. i can fly in sim mode before i even take to the air. great for ifr practice before leaving in imc. love this app. my only complaint is that tech support only responds to about half my emails when i have a question. a lot of people complain about crashes but i have used this app for two years now and NEVER had a crash, i really believe the competition is writing some of this stuff. i tried foreflight and it doesnt even come close to wing x.

  • Best Aviation App

    by jrs005

    I've flow with WingX for over two years and without reservation have to say it's the best EFB on the market. I've tried all similar apps and none compare to WingX. Whether you're using it for VFR or IFR flying I wouldn't fly without. Jrs005

  • Simply the best

    by Piper Dakota Pilot

    I use both Foreflight and WingX .... Foreflight for planning and filing, WingX for flying. Both are great, from my perspective, they compliment each other perfectly.

  • Never Fly Without

    by FlyWithEase

    I have flown thousands of miles using WingX and love it! Every update is like Christmas. I flew without my iPad last weekend and it was not the same. Too many good EFB features that I cannot live without. No more crinkled or ripped paper in my cockpit!

  • WingX Mexico

    by Stevej182p

    During a recent trip to Mexico , with some MVFR Weather, I was able to use charting into Mexico and also had NEXRAD coverage 80 miles south of the border. The Charting was a very pleasant addition . Most of the airport info was available , but not all. Great new feature for me and this was easy to use . I was very pleased with the performance of the software and recommend Wing X . My right seat pilot had Foreflight software and could not follow along , so he turned it off and watched my Wing X perform. He was impressed.he has also emailed Foreflight for updates and has not heard from them. Thank you WingX for staying in front of the curve.

  • Indispensable

    by Bill-182

    I researched all the major iPad apps available before deciding on WingX Pro. It has depth, breadth and an elegant interface. An important part of the decision was the system's ability to expand and access ADS-B radar info on traffic, etc., so I spent the extra bucks and got the iLevil puck. After flying with everything for just three weeks, I can say with certainty that I made the right choice. Everything works and it is the best situational awareness I've ever enjoyed in many years of flying. One of my non-pilot passengers, after I explained everything on the screen to him, said simply, "I can't imagine flying without this." After my last thousand mile cross-country, I can't either. It is a powerful system developed by people who know how to do the right thing, the right way. To Hilton and company I gratefully say, "Many thanks for the hard work that went into making flying about as easy and enjoyable as it can ever be."

  • New update

    by Cessna Cardinal

    The new update has created a constant crash after downloading databases. Please fix.

  • Zaon issue

    by Scr12

    Reported issue regarding Zaon profile since version 6.9.? and still not fixed

  • Jim Floyd

    by JacksonJim

    Use it all the time in my VFR Cessna. Outstanding situational awareness. Completely replaces my King VFR GPS by 100 fold.

  • Best App, Great Integration

    by JScottNeal

    I don't ever review apps, but I just had to write about how great this software is. I have WingX with XAON XRX PCAS traffic, iLevil ADS-B and AHRS unit along with the recently released pass through of the XAON information to WingX via iLevil. The cable, xaon, ilevil combo worked great yesterday and identified traffic before atc, gave me live weather in the air, backup heading information along with ads-b traffic all on wingx in a busy Seattle airspace. Really pretty cool and I don't think I am nearly as comfortable flying without my high tech instruments any more. This is in addition to all of the other features which are too numerous for me to mention. I know that ForeFlight and WingX are big competition (which is great for all of us) and I have tried both. Hands down, WingX has the best features, quick development and outside hardware integration. Thanks for the great team work and please keep driving this market forward and making flying safer and more fun.

  • Baron Wx puts it over the top

    by bollaya

    WingX is hands down my favorite EFB app and I've tried them all. I started with ForeFlight, but after using the trial WingX, i switched to WingX permanently. I have never had such great SA in the cockpit and the Baron Wx puts them over the top!

  • Great

    by Bobelod322

    Wing X has a really fantastic interface: easy to learn, easy to remember yet powerful... Their software team have my total admiration. I tried Foreflight and I had to fight and learn the interface. I am not sure about Garmin Pilot; but after decades of learning different Garmin products I am a little tired. Editing a flight plan in Wing X is a pleasure; no so in Garmin G1000 flagship. Wing X is designed so that you do not need to leave the map, is not "modal", few commands are needed to get the info you need. IFR is also really nice with the geo located plates, taxi maps... OK, one minor criticism: Pattern altitude is kind of hard to find and scroll to at a rather busy time.

  • Excellent Aviation App!

    by Ericdurbin

    I have used Foreflight and WingX Pro7, and I much prefer WingX Pro7 because of the features that it has that Foreflight does not. The split screen is very cool, and the terrain overlay is very good in helping you with situational awareness to avoid terrain that you cannot see, whether it be at night, or while being vectored in IMC conditions, or just wanting to know if you're going to clear that ridge ahead in VFR conditions. I also have the SkyRadar ADS-B receiver with the WAAS GPS included, and the ability to overlay NEXRAD weather without any subscription fee is awesome! It also gives TAF, METAR, PIREP, and NOTAMS through the ADS-B as well. The accuracy of the WAAS GPS is phenomenal. In addition, the synthetic vision feature is well worth it for added situational awareness, and with the split screen, you have synthetic vision on one half of the screen and a VFR or IFR (low or high) chart on the other half of the screen with all of the various overlays such as terrain, ADS-B Radar, etc. The support is also very good. I typically get an email answer back within minutes of asking a question during the day. Very impressed with the software, and looking forward to future updates with more enhancements and added features. It is also saving me money versus subscriptions to paper charts. It's much nicer to just grap my iPad and go, without worrying about if I have current charts, etc. and making sure I have the needed charts for the flight. I have the entire US (VFR, IFR low, IFR high, approach plates, AF/D) and they even include all of the CFRs! You can also zoom in on the charts more than with Forefight, which is another nice feature. They have multiple scratchpad screens where you can copy down information, such as clearances, or whatever you want. Awesome app!!! With the updated features, including Baron weather overlays, it's even better!

  • New update


    This last update put you way out front of everybody. I have used your program from the start. Would recommend for pilots who don't fly often to do two fifteen minute sessions at home planning a flight and going through the procedures they would do in the air. If not they can't take advantage of all the information your app has to offer and they become overwhelmed .Just an average general aviation pilot. It beats Foreflight

  • Great value

    by AZCTFlyer

    I have subscriptions to 4 EFBs, but WingX is my favorite, and the best value. It's the little things that sets WX apart, and they offered many features well before the competition: split screen, extended runways with traffic patterns, position reporting, passive radar altimeter , terrain and obstacles, vertical profile, distance measuring, and integration with ADS/B. While some upgrades are available, you get more features in the base price than the competitors. The $100 3-yr subscription is a real bargain. Really looking forward to the next update! -:-:-:- Update -:-:-:- came out just a couple days after my review... It added weather overlays right over the moving map. The previous update added airport weather, on the moving map, from the Internet or ADS/B. These guys move fast.

  • Pic

    by Freeflightman

    I have been using ForeFlight for 4 years and love it. I am only looking to use WingX because my ADS-B transponder makes reference to it. In my quick review of WingX one thing I find it does not have is moving weather maps. I have found the ForeFlight to update faster than my on board hardware. I have used it in the air and on the ground. On the ground when hurricane Sandy came whipping up the coast at a quick glance I got more information than NOAA could give me. Where probable tornadoes were, super cells and flooding. ForeFlight is awesome above the ground and on the ground. My verdict is not out yet on WingX other than it is less expensive.

  • Don't ask for support

    by Spithakos

    Had a problem renewing the yearly subscription, tried to call and they always have an answering machine never returning calls. Send emails waiting one or two days to get a generic response from them. Still 4 days after buying the in app renewal I m unable to use the app since they have not activated the subscription. I wonder for what reason I wanted to renew with them and nor go for another app. My 99.99$ are still in the air !!

  • Needs performance improvements

    by Jt_flyer

    I have issues regarding the performance of this app. (I'm using the ipad 3 not the ipad air). It takes way too long to regenerate the screen image. Especially the tack line which sometimes just chooses not to show up at all. The app also crashes quite frequently. I like all the features, especially with my Clarity SV, however reliability trumps features ever time.

  • Great new features

    by whitemhw

    Wing x 7.0 just became the almost complete aviation weather/navigation product available. By adding the Internet based baron services weather to the map page for preflight information makes this a valuable addition. Myself and other users have ask for this and Dr. Hilton and the wingx people have listened and answered. One thing about the wing x developers they do respond and deliver. 2 of my other apps i have used and tested in this category will expire in the near future and I plan on making wing x 7 my final choice for the future.

  • Nighttime Approach Plates are Great

    by RJviator

    I have been a user of WingX for many years and the program continues to improve. With release 7.0 I believe it has everything and more that the alternative programs offer. With WingX, I have everything at my fingertips when I am flying. With its 5 page electronic notepad, I never need any paper in the cockpit. One thing I don’t see the reviewers discussing much about WingX is the Nighttime Charts feature. Having a white chart glowing at you when you are shooting an approach at night is terrible. I don’t think WingX's competitors offer the nighttime approach plate feature. Frankly, when I was comparing WingX to the other guys three years ago, this feature is what really crystalized the decision for me. Besides all the other things in the program, this one really differentiates. WingX also automatically downloads the weather database for the entire US when it is connected to the internet and is open. It is a very compact file. Since I have a dataplan on my iPad, when I am in flight I have all the metars and TAFs, and wind data that was current right when I took off. WingX may more complex to learn than its competition, but if you spend the time with it, the program is incredibly effective during flight and for flight planning. It is my most used aviation app and is essential for my flying.

  • Best aviation app

    by 9CG

    This is seriously the best app for aviation out there! I have contacted customer support a few times and always received a quick response. I met Hilton at NBAA, he is a good person and is passionate about his product.

  • Very Useful App

    by Gadgettt

    I don't know that I would even consider this an app. It is really a great tool! Every flight I take, the first thing I do is grab my iPad open wing x and instantly that un prepared feeling when strapping in to the plane goes away. I would like to use some of the other features but can't justify the price for those extras. Ads-b works great and as advertised! I look forward to the future of this program as it seems to be written by people who actually fly instead of programmers who never leave the ground. Thanks for a great tool!

  • Get this app NOW

    by propwashout

    I must applaud Hilton software for putting together an app that is much easier to use in flight than FF. The layout is just right and the split screen so easy to tailor. The pencil feature is super and updating a snap. Just added synthetic vision can't wait to try it out in-flight! If you want an intuitive, friendly app then look no further. Hilton continues to improve based upon feedback and has the pilot in mind as well as affordability.

  • WingX beats them all

    by Pilot500

    I tried all the ipad apps for aviation gps navigation. They all did their jobs well and of course some were better than others. In my opinion WingX beats them all hands down. Every feature you can think of is included and they all work well. What's really important is that the people at Hilton software are constantly upgrading and improving the software. You've got the swapping split screen, synthetic vision, pitch info, geo referenced approaches, ads-b weather, traffic information. The list goes on and on. Also important is the fast response you get from inquiries no matter how silly they man seem. So you've got superior software and service. Unbeatable!

  • Jaded No More

    by 126LL

    Downloaded WingX Pro on an impulse as I was departing for SnF in my homebuilt for the normal 5 hour VFR flight. First three hours were great, but the last two hours took two DAYS thanks to fog, scud, and rain. The plane is loaded with MGL Voyager and every one of it's options, plus iPhone, iPad, XM weather, paper sectionals, etc., so was thinking I'd have some 'fun' with WingX in flight. Typical jaded gadget guy... Those last two 'hours' saw more diverts, takeoffs, landings, radio calls, fuel stops, and weather checks than ever. In no time, it was clear that WingX Pro was the best tool aboard to provide instant, useful, and complete information to an unexpected and increasingly busy cockpit. With no practice or advance training, I was using this 'Meta-App' in real time like I was the programmer. It is simply amazing that this much critical data (especially towers on the sectional in that region that day) is so intuitive, so organized, and so well harmonized with the iPad concept. Much of my trip was under about 3000' AGL. The split screen with terrain view and sectionals both showing current GPS position, the airport flight conditions, ceilings, extended runways, and sidebar Comm info is all intuitive. All with absolutely no crashes or hangs. From starting as an impulse, it is no exaggeration to say that WingX became a vital component of realtime decision-making that contributed to a safe conclusion of that trip. When I arrived, I made my way over to the busy WingX booth, and was pleased to find Hilton there. I waited my turn, just to meet and thank him. He was as gracious and 'user-friendly' as his work. Though he was busy, he took the time to demonstrate for me the ADSB/ AHRS capabilities. They will be aboard soon. WingX Pro is the best $100 I've spent in aviation in a long time.

  • Love it!

    by RvOwner22

    Works great on my iPad2, we fly with the iLevil ADS-B and we love it! I highly recommend WingX, it is unbelievale what technology can do now a days! Thanks guys, keep up the good job!

  • Running with Sagetech

    by Dakota Pilot

    I've had WingX for about a year. I've always been impressed, but recently added a Sagetech SV ADS-B receiver. Moving heads up maps with ADS-B weather, traffic, and radar. Very impressive. Synthetic vision too! It all works. Low cost backup avionics. Highly recommended.

  • This Is The One!

    by NKAltd

    I've used this App for over a year and it never fails to amaze. Extremely well thought out and intuitive, packed with useful features and easy to use. The developer is very responsive, open to suggestions and provides excellent support. I use a yoke mounted iPad(2) in my 182RG plugged into the cigarette lighter, (no external GPS required) and use my iPhone (3GS/iOS6.1.2) as backup. Moving map, chart replacement, flight planning/briefing/filing tool and way more; getting better all the time. I've never had a problem with the software on my devices, or the downloads either. Extremely happy with this great App!

  • WingX Rocks

    by IowaFlyer

    After extensive review, including Aviation Consumers top rating, and various flight magazines and web info, I bought this over Foreflight and other competitors last year. I've got over 1,500 hours with lots of it high performance time, commercial and instrument ratings, and a good panel with Garmin GPS driving a S-Tec 55X. It's done a wonderful job to plan and fly some long trips and I've recommended it repeatedly. If I had it to do over I'd get the 3 year contract, buy the iFly mike to go with a Bose noise canceling headset and Xavion to complement the WingX info. Easy to use and flexible. There are also additional modules that some might like. Additional note. I am not now nor have I ever been a WingX employee or related to them in any way, just a satisfied user like the other reviewer. Same with Bose, Xavion and uFly should a question arise. Web search will show that the 99 cents was to discourage random downloads, but the real program, like Garmin, AOPA, ForeFlight and all others, requires a subscription. There are other excellent choices, but Aviation Consumer gave it a top rating as do I. It's bad to have a product and review slurred by someone hasn't read the instructions.

  • What a piece of junk. Does anyone test this before a release?

    by CFI_in_Florida

    What a piece of junk. Does anyone test this before a release? I just saw the update, decided to spend the $.99 to see if this really works. Well it does not really work as described. First, crashed when downloading whatever comes in the .99 cent version. Second, subscribed for the 30 days service. Again crashed during the download. Third, I have a new Clarity unit and it shows connected via WiFi but this program that claims to work with it does not ever see it. However in Airplane mode and Wifi On I do get GPS location from the Clarity. SO NO AHRS or ADS-B. All the other apps I am testing do work fine. Fourth, same issue with the Dual 170, does not work as described and crashes repeatedly when connected to the Dual 170 via BT. (IN Airplane Mode and BT ON) Fifth and final straw. I try to go to the Seattle Avionics link to check out the prices and signup for an account and the link is bad. It takes you to a dead page. What junk, do NOT waste your time or your .99 cents. Was the review above written by you or your employee? What gives. Do you not have a QA department? BTW, Before I started and after each crash I did a full, HARD reset on my iPad 4th Gen and ALL the other EFB apps I am testing work just fine.. yours was the last I was checking out before I purchased… Continues to so "No Subscription, but I just got the 30 days subscription" Spelling errors all over. Button and Information descriptions to long to read as the get cut off. The button or description field is to short. When you update the TFR's is says "Downloading Weather Database" STAY AWAY it is not worth it.

  • TFR issue

    by N184DA

    Still on the Foreflight/WingX fence. Discovered an issue with TFRs. Seems the TFR database is not refreshing correctly and/or is relying on old data. WingX shows an active TFR that was canceled days ago. FYI, Foreflight correctly reflects the TFR status, which I have verified by cross checking with official, FAA TFR site. Add to that, I was unable to view the TFR graphic. The TFR graphic page crashes.

  • Better!

    by Freqdfwflyer

    No crashes so far with the new update. Speed is very good and Clarity SV support is great including reset. Changed my primary iPad flight program today. Looking forward to continued refinement!

  • Great aviation App

    by Ces180

    I have been using Wing X for more than 2 years and with each revision the program is getting better and better. I recently called for tech support concerning displaying terrain clearance along a route at different altitudes. In just a few minutes, all my questions were answered and I learned about some features I wasn't aware of before. This is simply the best program for flying that I have found. Excellent support.

  • Version 6.9 introduces serious lag

    by Eric W. Davis

    Guys, I love this app and have always highly recommended it but this latest update 6.9 introduced some serious graphics lag. The refresh rate of the moving map is problematic depending on how many overlay features are enabled. The AI is unusable now due to the serious lag in its graphics refresh. Please fix this quickly. Eric

  • Good, almost there

    by Flybytex

    I flew with it today and it worked wonderfully. Great situational awareness. Easy to use. All the app needs is a few things.... 1. Be able to set a heading bug on the HSI 2. Add a VSI 3. Add optional "hoops" to fly to your waypoints

  • Crashed, updated

    by MikeS11234234

    Updated review for Crashed as soon as I clicked 'agree' on the terms page after installing :-( Caution - after not having a problem with Wing-X since the iOS 5.whatever upgrade, as soon as updated to the current Wing-X, it crashed when I went to map view. It reopened OK. Fortunately, I was on the ground. Crashing is not good. Update: for VFR charts, the runway extension lines now show right or left traffic pattern! THANK YOU.

  • Needs better internet WX

    by Dmlad4uu

    Great product. I use it with my new Sagtech Clarity SV ADS-B. The Carity worked great in the air. Wing X needs some work though. In the air it worked pretty well. But flight planning and getting internet WX is not so good. I use Garmin Pilot to get my WX breifing with radar and file my flight plans, If only Garmin Pilot used the Sagetech ADS-B that would be a great combination. The internet WX also does not auto Update. You need to manually refresh it often to keep it cuurent. I wish WING-X would make this a higher priority, Need a seamless solution from flight planning to automatically dipsplaying safe taxi on landing. Better filtering on traffic and better info on the ADS-B towers would also be a big plus. An option to show a target screen with towers with distance heading etc.

  • Step it up

    by Captainjohn2010

    I do love the overall format/usability of Wing X. My single biggest and almost only complaint is the instability. It crashes so much that there have been days I regret buying it ( especially the full Monty package) If they get the crashing fixed - it'll be worth owning. But until then, I'd stick with foreflight or garmin pilot simply due to the stability of the program, features or not. I'm a huge fan of Hilton stuff, especially coming from the mariner side of things as a full time captain.....this is almost unacceptable.

  • Good - could be better- some development issues

    by TeacherVal

    I have been a user for over one year. Great program and it could be much better but Hilton is still developing usable interfaces to products like AHRS. I purchased the Levil AHRS mini product to use with WingX some 4 months ago. I find that the Attitude Indicator display in WingX is not usefull due to the lack of a calibrate, "cage", or similar function. I have communicated that issue with Hilton over 2 months ago (now 4/9/2013) and they acknowledged the usefullness of such a function (a similar function is available in the AHRS Remote utility) and promised an update - no update provided as of this date.

  • Wing X pro7

    by Ltcdlh

    This is the greatest "glass cockpit" for pilots bar none! Pilot suggestions are readily considered and integrated making this the best platform for cockpit situational awareness! Wing X has been the leader in innovations well ahead of other products! There are videos and a help tab that helps learn the multitude of capabilities of this program!

  • Awful user interface Nagware

    by AgentInfinity

    After putting my login information multiple times for each "subscription", waiting an hour for download, I *still* can't bring up any chart views. I am using the free 30 days and glad I did before dumping money into wing x. Dedicates User Interface for constant subscription nagging. Poorly designed interface when compared to ForeFlight. If ForeFlight adds synthetic vision and flight tracks, why would anyone bother with wing x? Update: I was somewhat wrong After getting the views to work they make a good Aspen EF1000 kind of display. Granted. Still route edit and planning and nagging and ui are poor compared to foreflight. Maybe wing x has a chance.

  • Crashed repeatedly

    by Hard IFR

    I just completed my first flight since updating Wingx only to have the program shut down repeatedly from the moving map page. I was IFR into the DC SFRA in moderate turbulence and clearance amendments. Frustration! I was glad I had my old 196 with fresh batteries. My confidence is severely shaken. I pad and wingx. Help me guys....... Al

  • Great App & Support

    by netsurfr1

    I've been using wingx for a year now and love all the features. I started with Foreflight but like wingx much better. Some of the features like runways, full name searches, passive radar, terrain, split screen, etc... are very useful to me. When sage tech releases their adsb unit in 2013 ill be set. Support is also great. I had the "missing" runway issue someone else posted about and called them and got help right away. Turns out the problem was that I had forgotten to enable runways as a display option so no bug other than user error. Keep up the good work! Some requests for future versions: 1. Please add weather, airmets, notams and pireps to the moving maps when connected to wifi. 2. Add a ruler function so we can measure distances and bearings for flight planning 3. Beef up the route planning navigation log to display wind info used for ETE and allow user to enter different wind speeds AND add the ability to print/email the navigation log so we can use to track actual vs. planned times while in flight 4. Update the help file to include all the new cool features you roll out so we know what they are and how to use them!

  • Best moving Map !

    by RTR CAP

    As a User of this software now for a few months, I can tell you this is the best out there. After also discovering a minor bug. I contacted the developers, and they responded immediately, to the issue and an update right away, outstanding support ! As a CAP pilot there is NO one else with integrated SAR features like this software. It has all the common SAR patterns were called on to fly. They newest update allows the use of Lat Long, MGRS or present GPS position ! Fabulous features. And I have not even touched on the normal pilot moving map features, one again this is the best !

  • Outstanding!

    by Diogo Rau

    I've been using WingX for the past year on my iPhone and my iPad (now my iPad mini too). I find it is the best of all the tools for inflight use. The split-screen functionality and the overlays are fantastic. Plus new features keep showing up. I'm always excited to see an update available. I can't recommend WingX more highly!

  • WingX

    by RTSwisher

    I purchased both wingX and fore flight a couple years ago to test both. I found myself gravitating to wingX most often thus cancelled fore flight. I have enjoyed wingX and could not imagine flying without it and appreciate how good they are about updated that keep improving the software. Keep it up I love it.

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