6 Digits Canada Postcode Location Finder and Street View Images Navigation App Review (iOS, $0.99)


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Now, You could see street view image on any point of the map.

Also, You could send your location details with sms. Your friends can click the link on sms to see your location.



Simple application to find location information with map view for 6 digits Canada postcode.(This application has more than 800,000 Canada locations postcode with location informations)

You need to enter 6 digits postcode to find it's location or you could find any location's postcode with postcode button.

Keyboard design has been changed to easy postcode entry. Number buttons has been added to bottom of the keyboard layout.

You could see street view image on any point of the map.

You could send your location details with sms. So,Your friends can click the link on the text message to see your location.

You could find your location and nearest postcode by clicking 'Postcode' button. if you move your position on the map application it will show you your nearest postcode. So , You could find any street's postcode by just touching Postcode button on the bottom toolbar after changing your location position on the map.
You could use postcode from iPhone contact's list by clicking to Bookmark button.
Also, You could save last postcode search details with name and you could retrieve that information from the list if you need it. (So, you could save your last parking place or new club which you would like to visit to same place.)

The application can show postcode's coordinates on the map as well as your live location. Also, You could click info button to see all details(Street,house number,town,etc) of your location (if there is any available informations).

You could send searched postcode location details with E-mail.

You can enter any postcode then you will have latitude/longitude information of the postcode and it will show on the map as well.
This application also displaying live distance info between your location and postcode.

Also, if you click GPS button it is going to show your live position on the map. So , you could check your live position on the map.
Clear button to remove existing annotations on the mapview.

New Route option has been added. It is very easy to use by just touchin route function. Just, Enter any postcode or select from favourites list or select from contact list and click to the route button on the bottom toolbar. It will show you car/bus/walking routes.

You could click Navigon button to use find your route in Navigon application by using 6 digits postcode location/contact's postcode/saved location data or any point on the map. (You should have/purchase Navigon CA application from appstore)

The flash light button can use to read postcode information in dark places.

(Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.)
(Continued use of the flash may dramatically decrease battery life.)
(We do not accept any responsibility of not correct postcode and/or latitude/longitude data if it is not correct.)

FAQ: One of our customer asked " I have just found your post code app.. Can you click on map to find out post code for a certain street? Would be the answer to a satnavvers dreams!"

Answer: Our application already have that function. Please , open application and touch Gps button than you will see where are you on the map. Touch Gps button to stop gps. Than move your position on the map. Maybe you did not recognize in the middle of screen there is red circle which is using for finding postcode in our application. Now, Click postcode button on the bottom toolbar. That's it. You will see your nearest postcode details on the map.

This application for iPhone only.


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