Geocaching Navigation App Review (iOS, $9.99)


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Seller: Groundspeak Inc.

In our latest iPhone release, we focused on making finding and logging geocaches easier:
 ・ The buttons for navigating to geocaches and posting logs—the two most-used actions—are now front and center.
 ・ We added easy-to-understand new icons.
 ・ Revised language helps eliminate confusion between saving and sending logs.
 ・ Log types are now shown in the title bar.

We also streamlined a few things:
 ・ Additional features have been grouped together in their own menu in the top-right corner.
 ・ The new “Found it!” button includes a drop-down menu for other log types.

And, of course, no release would be complete without a few bug fixes to help smooth the search for your next geocache.

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Unlock the exclusive coordinates and detailed information for 2 million hidden geocache containers across the globe. Join the search for geocaches and the growing community of families, urban explorers, and spontaneous outdoor adventurers.

Use the Official App to guide you to cleverly hidden containers just around the corner and in more than 180 countries. Tap into your treasure-hunting skills, the in-app descriptions, and available hints to make the final find! Start your location-based GPS-powered adventure now, or combine it with other activities like biking, hiking, or camping. Find even more information on

Instant Adventure – Anywhere

Use the “Find Nearby Geocaches” button to locate geocaches near your current location. Odds are you can reach the nearest geocache in less than 10 minutes.

Track your progress to the cache on a suite of interactive maps or switch to the preferred explorer method of a compass arrow and watch the distance countdown until your geocache discovery.

Once you find the geocache – log your “Found it!” to earn a smiley, take and upload pictures, post a note, and see your “Found it!” count rise on your home screen.

Setup for Geocaching Success

Beginner geocachers search for traditional, regular sized geocaches rated Difficulty 1/Terrain 1. Check logs to make ensure the cache has been found recently.

Browse a photo gallery for each geocache, review attributes like “Recommended for Kids” or “Takes less than an hour,” and an option to view the geocache page on without leaving the app.

Save geocache listings, including maps and pictures for quick retrieval and offline use.

Supercharged Geocaching

Advanced search options allows filtering of geocaches by difficulty, terrain, location, cache type, keywords, Premium Caches (Premium Member feature) and excluding your finds or your friend’s finds.

Full Trackable integration – access and explore one of the most engaging parts of geocaching. Geocachers moves Trackables from geocache to geocache on specific missions. Log and search for their unique codes.

Access Pocket Queries (saved searches with up to 500 results) – A Premium Member only feature.

Supported languages:
 ・ Čeština
 ・ English (US)
 ・ Español
 ・ Français
 ・ Dansk
 ・ Deutsch
 ・ Italiano
 ・ Português
 ・ 日本語
 ・ Nederlands
 ・ Norsk Bokmål
 ・ Slovenčina
 ・ Svenska

Customer Reviews

  • Great

    by micah

    This app makes geocaching so easy (on an iPhone). The "find caches around me" feature is great! The one down side is that it is a little pricey (at least when I got it) if you have an iPod touch, It is a great app to save caches and logs on

  • 4 years


    Lived the app for 3 years now!

  • Epic app

    by Alaskan1980

    The rating and title says it all


    by hor.con

    Love this app. We Have been using this app since the day it became available for the iPhone. Lots of fun.

  • Pocket queries.

    by Shortinak

    I have a few pocket queries already set up when I log on to my home computer, but am unable to access them when using my iPhone. Any suggestions? Also curious how to add multiple caches to an offline list at once.

  • Hours of fun

    by TankMaxDuffy

    My favorite activity and app!!!

  • Great app

    by TokenCreek

    Works great. Very intuitive. Wish there was a way to enter waypoints.

  • Great app. Great fun.

    by Dos buckos

    Has everything you need to get out there and find those caches.

  • Great app!

    by Luvto cache

    Great app. Fun to use when traveling through a new town. Easy to use. Enjoy seeing a map of available caches & being able to log caches on the spot.

  • Best geocaching app available!

    by Jay2kma

    Dont even look at other apps! This one is hands down the best.

  • Love it

    by Kiwithepanda


  • Love this app!

    by Skipsgirll

    This app works so well I have never shopped around for another! Why would you? This app provides everything you need!!!

  • Best app. Ever.

    by JustinJustinC-ville

    I have never before rated an app. This one however, is amazing. It is under priced, and I use it all the time. It is very smoothly designed, and leaves nothing to be desired. Ongoing value at no additional charges. Best $10 I have ever spent.

  • Great app and game!

    by Get the free one

    Friend introduced me to Geocaching, and it's been a great time. This app is well worth the $10 for all the entertainment it brings.

  • Fun app, better than buying a $200 gps

    by TeD2D

    We were introduced to geocaching through this app last year and have begun a new family hobby. $10 was completely worth the price and I've been happy with the updates ever since.

  • This is like discovering the wizarding world

    by Heather sans

    This is so fun and fuels my inner treasure hunter/spy/adventurer it's so fun

  • Great family fun!

    by SuperGirl2689533

    This gets us outdoors and having fun as a family. :)

  • Awesome!!!

    by PeachesMcGroove

    Huge Fan of this game/sport!! So happy I can do it whenever! Def keeping it at 5 stars, but for iPhone on map it would be cooler if it wasn't just a blue dot, instead an arrow. Regardless I use compass but just a heads up! Thanks for this being custom and all and groove on!!

  • Solid family fun.

    by SanyaBird

    So simple the five year old can use it.

  • Great tool for caching

    by HistoryRider

    Great app! With a couple if additions it would be fantastic! My wish is that it would have access to the user/member database and profiles like the website. All in all great fun to be had by all.

  • Big missing feature

    by TkasWV718Geo

    There is no way to enter a specific gps location and navigate to it. I was liking the app till I came to a cash that is part of a series and gives the location of the next cashes to find. For that much $ I would think the official geocashing app would have an easy way to enter a specific gps point to find. Maybe in the next update hopefully coming soon

  • Price

    by Ginny1962 w

    Don't understand why I paid $9.99 and still it's just a beginner app. The price is terrible!! :(

  • Needs a Serious Update!

    by kel bowen

    Keyboard is old and the whole UI can be slow and glitchy. This app would be worth the price if they paid more attention to what it needs. Months without updates?? I'd also like to see some new features added.. Perhaps sad faces for DNF locations and username tags for logs so threads on caches can be more interactive.


    by Jmkendall001

    It's so much fun!

  • Great except Compass

    by KatieDrWhoFan

    The compass could use some improvement. Not sure if its my phone or what but otherwise I really like this app.

  • Great Adventures Await!

    by CasualGamerDad

    I love Geocaching and this app solidifies that for me! Kinda expensive for an app at $10 but well worth it! I don't know how other apps fair up to this one but I am not disappointed

  • Awesome

    by JollyRogers247022896

    The best geocaching app available!

  • Would be nice to see history

    by Serenajay

    Love the app, use it almost exclusively. However, I haven't been able to figure out how to see my history of finds, which is my only complaint.

  • Awesome!!!

    by ninja-angels27

    Think it works better than the droid app!

  • Missing some stuff

    by bearco

    For 10 bucks I would think an app works properly also offline. Since I do most of my geocaching outside my country, I have no wifi except at hotel. It would be nice if offline option included all the descriptions and photos! Sometimes the hint is a spoiler photo and you can't do those offline. All in all, without these options, if you're an offline user like me, I'm not sure it's worth the money.

  • Geocacher lover!

    by Cre8iveles

    So much fun! Gets you out in the fresh air! Love it!

  • Love it!!

    by Jake stokke

    Best app on my phone by far

  • A blast

    by Queen bird

    We had a blast today treasure hunting best family day in a long time brought us all together. Can't wait to get more people into this.way worth the 10$

  • Makes you look at everything differently

    by Dizzi lizzi

    Love this! So much fun, and cheap family fun

  • Great

    by hairysun

    's great

  • Only one thing missing!

    by IdahoZorn

    I have an iPod touch so I use the app for storing the cache data offline, however the lat/Lon coordinates are nowhere to be found on a caches page. I have found a work around, by going to navigate, then clicking the flag in the top right, then clicking set to cache location, however this is timely and kind of inconvenient. You could easily add an internal menu allowing us to view the coordinates offline, so please do! Other than that, great!

  • Great until the change in maps

    by Danphin

    The new operating system and change in maps has greatly limited this app.

  • ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    by Joshld98

    Thats ten stars that is what i give

  • Works perfectly!!

    by Andy.dugas

    Works Perfectly!!!

  • Amazing app!

    by Oregon Sarah

    Thanks! This app makes my life so much easier when saving caches I want to find and when out and about finding caches.

  • Phenomenal !!!

    by SusanVette

    Amazing with this last update. So easy to use on iPhone. Has all the bells & whistles. Worth every penny. Keeps getting better and better. Great job!

  • Love it!!

    by Mw3rocks1

    Even though I don't have an actual gps, my iPod does ok with this app. Wish the accuracy was better though.

  • Fun for the whole family

    by Artsyfartsymom

    This app is super fun. My boys ages 7 and 5 love navigating to find caches.

  • Love it!

    by Kaylen Gonzalez

    I absolutely love geocaching! The one big thing I found was that it needs a history of where the trackable have been, maybe even a map to show the route it has taken across the country!

  • Good but...

    by iTunes, get your act together

    We need another version done just for iPad.

  • Good and improving - one problem...

    by Kelsoboom

    I appreciate the fact that not only is this one of my favorite and most-used apps, but also that it has improved with each release. Some of the stability and memory problems with earlier versions have been fixed, and it seems to benefit from thoughtful ongoing development. Added comments - Dec 2013: I am still using the app with my iPhone 4S and rely on it heavily for routine caching. However seemingly since the iOS 7 update, I’ve been experiencing a problem with GPS and battery use. If I use the app to navigate to a cache using the phone’s GPS, it goes into a high battery drain mode and stays that way, even after the search is ended. If I don’t shut off the phone and reboot, my battery will go down to zero in a relatively short time. This makes it a real problem to use the app to hunt caches for an extended period of time away from home or away from a power source. Interestingly, the abnormal battery drain does not seem to occur if I use the app to view my position on a search map; but if I pick a particular cache and ask to navigate to it, it goes into battery drain mode and seemingly never comes out. Perhaps there is some kind of bug or conflict with the new iOS that is preventing the GPS chip from shutting off when it should? Temporarily deducting one star from my rating due to this issue.

  • Buy it!

    by Samusxl

    Love it!

  • Great app!

    by E.j.ball

    Get off the couch and go on an inexpensive adventure by yourself, with friend or with family!

  • Geocacher

    by Markandval21

    Works great sometimes but for the last few months its been about 3 miles off. I use it to log about 50% of my finds and it needs a way to change the log dates.

  • GPS

    by Samtheman345

    Who needs a waterproof GPS when you have this app, an iPhone, and a ziplock bag?!?! I love it!

  • Love to Geocache!

    by Kc10001

    Would love a GPS function for directions to the caches.

  • Awesome game

    by Leffwood

    This is a great worldwide adventure. Highly recommended:)

  • Geocacher

    by AdaddyA


  • Awesome App

    by Smsjsuahskxidnejskxhjdejsk

    Love this app

  • Geocaching ap

    by catliftech

    In use this app along with a delorme works good for me

  • Geocaching app.

    by Christine Vian

    Works great as long as I have a connection

  • Terrific app!

    by Medic654

    This app is great and has guided me successfully to over 2000 caches. I use it in urban areas and dense forests. I love that you can easily download pocket query's and save cache information to use in areas without cell connection. Thanks!

  • Great app!

    by 2 on a mission

    This is a great app! I have used it successfully without any fails for months now!

  • Awesome

    by Nick Malahovsky

    This app has change the face of Geocaching without doubt. It has also opened geocaching to many people who could never afford to have both a smart phone and a separate GPS device. Keep up the good work. Nickedemous

  • Great!

    by Jp1725

    I love this app use it all the time. Hopefully a version for the ipad comes along very soon though...

  • Great app

    by Azhugskisses

    I use it a lot works with no problem. A calendar would be nice to be able to put actual date found if there is not time to do it the same day.

  • Great App!

    by Tired but worth it!

    Very good and easy to use. There is one issue I am experiencing with it. My girlfriend and I have an iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S respectfully. When logging a find neither of our app will post the find to Facebook. We are both running IOS6. We checked our settings and they are the same as when the app was posting to Facebook.

  • Overall good

    by Lt._T-Lo

    Only thing I wish I could do is look up caches a little further out on my routes.

  • Great app

    by jibit10

    This app works great, it lets you track caches in-app, the compass is pretty accurate, and you can log any found caches on this app

  • Super aid to caching!

    by RedRackem

    This app really makes caching a fun activity. It's great to find caches nearby. I use the map to get close and I use the compass to home-in on the target.


    by TexaspPch7

  • Awesome!

    by LightningVoltix

    This is really great and I'm sure many others agree! The only thing I ask for is a way to update(refresh) a whole offline list at once without the tedious effort of going through each and every single cache. It's good to know about new logs, when it was last found, and trackable info. Otherwise, this is perfect!

  • Love the new features.....

    by OleNissanRidah

    But crashes often on 4S & 3GS. Would be great to have the option to sort by tb's on app and pc. Crashed on my numerous times today while out caching, while heading to one cache, (.01 miles away) it crashed 5 times! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE FIX!!!!!!!!

  • Cannot connect to Geocaching

    by Bleakboy27

    App is not connecting to geocaching website, therefore cannot search for, open or log caches


    by Cameron Family

    GREAT way to hang out with the family and have a good time WHERE EVER you go!!!!! There's geocaches everywhere!

  • Great app

    by Rbilabronze

    This is one of our most used apps. If you plan on geocaching this is the app to get.

  • iPhone app

    by Lyoness7

    Best 9.99 ever. Thanks to you I spent under .5 hour installing the app, updating the website, and familiarizing myself with the first search and I'm not advanced. It was fun and successful from the get-go.

  • Love it.

    by Jstaguy

    Very easy to use and sensible app. We are really enjoying our new hobby and this app. has been instrumental in our learning how to geocache.

  • Love it

    by Hou1997

    Great app

  • Awesome

    by Coachmencrew

    Love this app!! Geocaching is so much better with this app!

  • So far no real complaint

    by Jstagteam

    We're newcomers... App seems sensibly organized to deliver all the descriptions, directions, distances, hints and logs that help us succeed. It is what it claims to be. Does not shortchange supplying information.

  • Works great

    by Jmzb2010

    App works great just make sure have battery charger for phone.

  • Awesome

    by jsat61307

    I use this app nonstop. Works great even without data and cell service if you save it to an offline list. Would like to see a feature to be able to jam in coordinates for multicaches while still in app. Awesome gear.

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