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• Get notified when a faster route becomes available in navigation mode
• Bug fixes

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The newly designed Google Maps app for iPhone and iPad makes navigating your world faster and easier. Find the best spots in town and the information you need to get there.

• Comprehensive, accurate maps in 200 countries
• Voice-guided GPS navigation for driving, biking, and walking
• Transit directions and maps for over 800 cities
• Live traffic, incident reports, and dynamic re-routing
• Detailed information on more than 100 million places
• Street View and indoor imagery for restaurants, museums, and more

* Some features not available in all countries

Customer Reviews

  • Good stuff

    by Thomas Sawyer

    GPS can sometimes take a bit to configure, if it ever orients itself at all. And I'm on an iPhone 5s. Otherwise solid app.

  • awesome app

    by Great Language App

    works great

  • Love this apps

    by LV in Fl

    This is the easiest map apps that I have ever used, great directions, simply love it

  • Google is God!

    by CPinMolalla

    What else can I say? Google Maps is perfect!!

  • Lovin it

    by 318meadors

    Love it

  • Best navigation app

    by Venus710

    Accurate reliable right on point

  • Good stuff

    by DDmitty1


  • Great!

    by Mari929

    I use it all the time! Only four stars because she repeats some of the steps up to three times even after I've made the turn. No biggie, still use it just about every time I go somewhere new.

  • Like it.

    by TheOnly SanDiego

    Very easy to use.

  • Much better!

    by Superres12

    I had it before and it didn't work. Now it works fine. (:

  • Awesome!!

    by SinanGarcia


  • good

    by 꿈의향연


  • Great gps

    by Tirvinal

    Wayy better than apple maps. I wish google maps was the standard gps for ios.

  • Eh

    by ddd732

    Navigation audio does not work with music playing from other apps. Default Apple maps and Waze work great with audio playing from another app. Please fix.

  • <3


    Awesome map app. Great directions and it's all fresh and clean looking.

  • Great APPH

    by ScoKim

    Good Weather App!

  • Awesome

    by Kwgirl88

    Much better than my native app! Even got me through all the construction and detours in Miami!

  • Good!

    by Jymys Gabriels


  • great app

    by Jonfunfunfun

    love it!!!!!

  • Very nice

    by Shaneoboy20

    Love this app!

  • Fix your public transit times and schedules!!!!!!!!

    by Goldsoundz84

    This app is absolutely awful if you rely on it for public transportation. Google, get your sh!t together and update this app!!

  • Glitch

    by AllyR627

    App recently started crashing and has failed to open for a week now.

  • Act like an App!

    by Lance J.

    This app works more like a web site. It doesn't provide any app like features unless you log in, giving up your privacy. It's an app, Google. You have a local data store that you can use on my device. I don't need to log in to your services to use it. Evil? At least it gives the appearance that evil is part of your plan. Bad.

  • Loosing features

    by T-Man Dessert lizard.

    I'm sad. An update should bring new features not loose them. The app no longer allows a route to have midway points. I loved that feature and now it's gone. Please bring it back.

  • Good Apps

    by Audiwerks

    Little confusing with color coded traffic situation, but usable for day to day basis

  • Not a bad stand in.

    by Cadderpidder

    This has helped me navigate around places I was unfamiliar with when I didn't have my TomTom with me. Some of the directions it's given have suggested seasonal roads and two tracks, but apart from that, it's good in a pinch and I'll continue to use it.

  • Map Tool

    by BB nails

    Google Map is a great tool - very helpful when traveling - recommend it to all - easy to use

  • The best there is... And that's sad.

    by Kiltedbassist

    The app is not intuitive to use. It freezes often. It rarely has correct data. The "shortest route" is often times not so. In my experience, it does not know addresses or keep updated information. I was trying to get to a holiday inn, and the correct address took me to a ramada. Sometimes where directions fail, the map function holds correct. That all having been said, other map apps and sites I have tried are considerably worse. This leaves me settling for junk.

  • Simple and intuitive

    by Kiwiberryfox

    When a product works as expected, what more can you ask for?

  • Read to fix stuck in preview/quits after 1st instruction

    by Mitsukai51609

    I was going to leave a bad rating because I seemed to be stuck in preview mode, where navigation either doesn't happen at all or quits after the first instruction. It had been like that since the last update. But, before I ranted, I decided to delete and reinstall the app first. And lo and behold, ITS FIXED. If you're having this problem, DELETE AND REINSTALL and your navigation will return! So 4 stars for you Google - don't release patches that require reinstalls to keep working, but thanks for an app that will actualy get me to my destination (once I reinstall it). Next time just patch it correctly and I might come back with a five.

  • Excellent

    by Dave From ABQ NM

    Always has the most up to date info. Thanks Google!!

  • Does what it's supposed to

    by Map'n

    I like it and use it daily in my travels

  • Not as Great App To Start With But Now....

    by Gdapohead

    Google maps use to be my go to map for quick in town errands, but now the app won't get past the google screen before crashing

  • Better than MapQuest!

    by ommills

    Love it! Works perfectly each time!

  • Good

    by panchopapo


  • GMapsReview

    by WhatsappReview013014

    Great app. Easy it use.

  • Better than the first release. Much improvement.

    by Me222zzzz


  • Better than my Garmin

    by Irf Gotti

    So easy to use and more accurate than my Garmin

  • Great app

    by Dickisonfamily

    Can't mark multiple stops when trip planning ?

  • Case Closed

    by Brman

    If you, like myself, have downloaded and use this app you have made a comment about it and the native app already.

  • Navigation needs a little work

    by Yogini Bethany

    Directions are given a little too late making u have to take evasive action to make the turn :) other than that I love it

  • Great app

    by naty_25

    Love this app! Great job google!!

  • Best map app.

    by tsolomon

    Best map app available...duh!

  • This is the best app I have on any of my Apple products. Great job Google!!

    by Lori's Macbook

    This is the best app I have on any of my Apple products. Real time photos would be awesome. Great job Google!!

  • Awesome !

    by Jerry .G

    Great directions for subways

  • Apple wrecked this app

    by Continual student

    This app used to be absolutely awesome when it was native to the iPhone. I don't know what Apple did but they seem pretty vindictive. This app works extremely poorly. Apple, you should be ashamed of yourselves.

  • Great Travel Aid!

    by Jackie Carter

    Planning a sneak away with my hubby. This app has been great with helping me to find a hotel and restaurants around Oakbrook Center. I saved all the spots I discovered so I can find them when we head out. Great app!

  • One Star for Nagging

    by bfishadow

    Awesome app. But don't nag me for rating ok? Here's the one star for you.

  • Good

    by Robbiea42

    Needs an update for indoor walking directions for every computer and device it's available on. Add more features to indoor maps. Sorry I couldn't get it to work. It works now. Please allow it to work in satellite view.

  • I thought it would be better by now.

    by Jehjeh5

    Even after all of the updates, google maps is still a piece of junk. In all of the times I tried to use it, not once has it ever spoken more than the first direction. Sometimes none at all. I have changed or adjusted every setting and still nothing. I cleared the map and re-entered the address, still nothing. You don't always have the luxury of watching the screen as you drive. Even if you do, some of the streets are so close together you can easily take the wrong one. If it were calling out the street names you could at least read the signs. If you are driving along an miss your turn, it doesn't notify you to take an alternate route or to go back.

  • Love

    by Tekiteki2

    Best map app out there!!!

  • always the best

    by bennygato

    Much better than apple maps

  • IF ONLY....

    by :;()$&@7641389david

    If only this app had existed in 1980, when I started as a Realtor. I actually suggested this idea to my local board but they could not imagine that such a thing could ever be possible. It is not only a time saver, but I see it as a safety tool; a lot more time is spent concentrating on the road and a lot less hunting for street names and house numbers. I am now 30 years into the future dreaming up other ideas that my contemporaries just can see. But for now, I love Google and Google Maps!

  • Must have app for all apple users

    by CapnCrumbles

    This application is simply a must have for every iOS user. It includes all the best from GoogleEarth, plus additional features. I personally prefer the interface over that of GE. The satellite and street view technologies are amazing. Its easy to spend hours searching your town,state, country, or foreign locations.

  • Dead body

    by Dance moms editor

    If you type in "52.376552, 5.198303" you will see a man dragging a dead body.

  • Nice try

    by mickklass

    Glitzy, but poorly designed. Difficult and cryptic to navigate through the app. Deleting past searches is an exercise in frustration. Attempting to be too clever by half.

  • Google Maps

    by Angel Chiro

    Google Maps is the best maps App. I used to get lost so often, and now with Google maps I feel secure in finding my way around the world!

  • Use this app everyday.


    Best map app ever! I use it everyday as part of my job, very rarely does it make a mistake unlike my old Garmin. I use it more than just map, great for finding new places with reviews.

  • Great GPS app.

    by Barbarella20722

    Finally verbal turn by turn directions on my iphone 4. Thank you!

  • Pretty good, but a few bugs

    by VictorNoble1971

    I like the app. IPhone maps does not offer audible directions. However the audio sometimes glitches and does not speak. Also sometimes directions are not the shortest possible. Please fix! Otherwise would have given 5 stars.

  • Life Saver

    by HelenaV

    I love this app. I commute to n frm work on valley metro. This helps me find the best rout easily and conveniently:)

  • Muy funcional

    by Carbon77

    Excelente app!

  • Stan Musial Veterans Bridge St. Louis

    by phintonr

    It would be nice to see the new bridge on the map. How long does this normally take? The bridge has been open a few days now.

  • its the best

    by Lil bit 33

    wish it could work with out wifi though

  • Map Map Map

    by Maurice585

    I love the update it's great. More detailed directions also helped out a lot. Thanks Google

  • Wrong wrong wrong


    Miscalculating all the time.. Getting tiered of using this app, what did u do? It keeps changing routes like never before fix it please ASAP!!!!!

  • Hot garbage

    by Bick dick

    Crashed too often to be useful

  • Multiple Destinations? Google?

    by F-K-D

    I'm a regular user of Google Maps and still don't quite understand why we have to login to a Remote Desktop in order to add multiple destinations for building a route. The reason for the Remote Desktop is due to not being able to properly navigate a mobile browser due to more incompatibilities. You can thank IPad for capitalizing "Remote Desktop"

  • One of the best ones out there.

    by Jspatrie

    I have checked out a few different turn by turn direction navigation apps this one is one of the best

  • Classic

    by Groggywegs

    Great app. Great company. I would choose this over apple maps for use as an actual map, but prefer apple maps for directions. Both are 5/5, it just comes to preference!

  • Google Maps > Apple maps

    by Superdoopernick

    Google maps is better than apple maps in practically every way, Apple GPS sometimes doesn't show buildings or streets and you just see a grid, google maps show A LOT more places on map then Apple, those are main points that make it great. Little things that make me love google maps more is clicking on businesses and seeing their hours of operation, being able to see places eye level. The ONLY thing I wish they would add is once you set up a route, you can't click and see info on any place on the map unless you cancel the route. This is the one neat feature apple has over google maps and the only reason I tried out apple maps for awhile, but google maps is by far superior.

  • Awesome

    by Debt free bound

    I use this app almost everyday.

  • This app saved my life in Dubai

    by MohamedHekal

    This is the best navigator i used one day! Good job google, keep up perfect job!

  • Best ever!

    by Akiol

    Best thing in life! Stupid apple never gave us turn by turn so to make us upgrade to 4S. Google is not evil but others are!!!! Can you fix the Bluetooth breakup issue? Thanks

  • Google or bust

    by Seb625

    Best map app out there

  • Cool!

    by Colbymanlol

    Really good navigation app

  • Great but

    by Meshhhas

    I have test all the maps app , but google maps is really the best But it's need an update to the maps in Saudi Arabia and we need send and receive location via whatsapp bbm ...etc

  • Excellent

    by Tdichuck

    2 minutes of frustration with Apple maps later will make you appreciate this! I wish Siri would default to this map

  • Gold Standard for Mapping

    by FreshDB

    When after an accident I ended up having to take public transportation the google maps is awesome. Helped me to discover ways to get from here to there. No need to review large grids of time tables just "from here" to your destination. Excellent.

  • So far so decent

    by LeaBoc

    Could be worse. Mostly accurate. Shows exit numbers when zoomed in which is a very good thing.

  • Always gives wrong directions

    by BigDaddy4472

    This app used to be good, but it's horrible now. It always gives wrong and borderline accident causing directions. Used to be a fan of Google Maps, but they have fell off! The app no longer navigates to any address correctly, it has added 20 extra miles to a route once, it kept telling me to take uturns for another address but could not get me to the place. Most addresses are out of date and it never can tell if I am on a freeway or the feeder, so it keeps telling me to get on the ramp, even if I have to make a turn off the freeway. And then it goes in to this loop of telling me to keep taking uturns but never gets me to the address I entered. I can't believe google would even want such a crappy app with their name on it. Google is really starting to fall off, wonder if they are close to bankruptcy or something where they can't afford to keep up with what they have.

  • Still my fav.

    by Spazyone

    Best mapping for my tastes, but I still have more trouble getting my bearings than in old version for some reason. Keep tweaking!

  • I recommend it

    by Javretama

    Great app...

  • Mind-boggling!

    by Name nick name

    Mind-boggling! Not only very useful, also quite entertaining!

  • No siri

    by SFRangerMoJo

    This app would be my first choice if Siri was supported.

  • good

    by greatapple

    so good

  • Great

    by Pissed razz

    Great app.

  • Marvelous app

    by Ssk72

    I really like this app cuz it makes me easy to find the way every where and also show a lot of location that I need. Nice app

  • Still use it daily!

    by Theunis

    My commute is so variable, I rely on real-time traffic updates and accurate ETAs to get places on time. Thanks Google!!

  • Great app

    by Mok888

    Best download to date

  • Easy to use...

    by Blankentosh

    But it has put me on a toll road a couple of times when there was a much easier route. Otherwise great and I would have given 5 stars.

  • Crashes

    by Triroc1

    Won't work. Crashes on sign in.

  • 아직까지 한국에서는 지도가 완전하진 않네요..

    by Jongyoon Lee

    그래도 대중교통 버스 안내는 잘 되어있어서 좋습니다^^

  • amazing

    by kristinxx3

    i love it

  • Turn by Turn Navigation Great

    by MikeM7

    I've been flying to multiple cities lately and renting cars---the turn by turn navigation tool is really a great feature.

  • Handy

    by RrNn GgIiRrLl

    This app is very handy. It is not always able to give direction to and from all locations but for the most part it's great. I still have difficulty navigating the touch screen version of this app but I'm learning.

  • Fantastic!

    by DarkHitsugaya15

    Worked flawlessly as a gps for my road trip :)

  • I can't imagine world without Google.

    by Saad jan000

    The best maps on earth.

  • Great

    by C.Ccrew

    I love the smooth look and the street map view of google maps. Only thing is it needs a clear map history, just to get rid of old data.

  • What Happened?!?!?

    by ErikTLibby

    This was a good app. Now after a recent update I cannot even search for an address, city, or anything without getting a "No Results" response. Please fix this.

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