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Seller: Fabio Borelli

- Atualização das Cartas Aeronauticas 09/01/2014
- Versão Premium: Nova funcionalidade de download de atualizações



AeroChartBr is an application designed for pilots and aviation enthusiasts . It is a pioneer in the segment in Brazil .

AeroChartBr is an aggregator and content organizer , focused on commercial aviation , which aids in navigation and allows the visualization of navigation charts .

This app facilitates access of pilots to charts - formerly accomplished via PDF through generic readers . Adapted for mobile device access just getting more practical and organized.

Available in more than 1700 charts of aerodromes / TMA Brazilians in the following standards :

• ADC ( Aerodrome Chart )
• AOC ( Aerodrome Obstacle Chart )
• ARC ( Area Chart )
• ATCSMAC ( Air Traffic Control Surveillance Minimum Altitude Chart )
• GMC ( Ground Movement Chart )
• IAC ( Instrument Approach Chart )
• LC ( Landing Chart )
• PATC ( Precision approach terrain chart )
• PDC ( Aircraft Parking/Docking Chart )
• SID ( Standard instrument departure )
• STAR ( Standard instrument arrival )
• VAC ( Visual Approach Chart )

Free Version:
• Search Airfields / TMA by ICAO code or name
• Search by Description of Charts
• Allows you to zoom in Chart
• Allows to Print (AirPrint) or Email a chart
• Paging ( for charts with more than one page )
• Requires internet access to download the charts

Premium Version (In App Purchase):
• Removes ads
• Stores the charts on the device
• Download all the charts of aerodrome in one click
• Delete all charts
• Download chart updates

Attention : This App should be used as an auxiliary tool in the planning phase of the flight to be conducted , not replacing , so the printed publication by Aeronautics of Brazil - Rio de Janeiro - RJ - PAME , which is the official documentation to be used by airmen during phases of flight .

Aeronautical charts are available free system AISWEB DECEA ( Department of Airspace Control - Brazil) . And according to published ICA 53-7 are not allowed to be marketed .

Customer Reviews

  • Perfeito

    by Riecom

    Falta so tirar os anúncios e criar uma versão paga!

  • Muito bom falta só um ponto pra ser excelente

    by marcosflyra

    Poderia ter um modo de baixar todas as cartas de uma vez, para ficar todas disponiveis offline.


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