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Seller: dooub inc.

- iPod Touch Button Fix

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-Featured App at Skyhook Wireless Blog
** If your GPS isn't pin-pointing your parked location, please move your pin(yes, it's possible on this app, just tap and drag) to your desired location.

Your Final Parked Spot Finding Solution.

You can simply Point your Parking Location by:

1. Drop Down Pin on Map(GPSed) & Move the Pin to Your Parking Location
2. Tap Pin and Tap Right Accessory Button to Make it Your Parking Spot
3. Write Notes for Your Parking or Take Photos

Remove your Parking Location by:
1. Tap Pin and Tap Left Accessory Button

You can also use:
- All Track View
(Your Current Location & Parking Location on the Same Screen)
- Parking Pin View
- Current Location Track
- Blue Line Track to Your Location
- Link to Map App
- Landscape Mode

- Current Location Update View
* Accuracy Info
* How Far From your Parking Spot

- Current View Mode Light
* Green Lights (Current Mode)
* Yellow Lights (Sub Tracking - Mainly Current Location)
* Gray Lights (Off Mode)

Tip : To Get Free Tracking Mode
- Move Map Screen two times or
- Tap Current View Mode Again

Customer Reviews

  • Worked like a charm

    by PACman25X

    Just like the title says. I used it when I visited and parked in downtown Seattle. App was easy to use and I didn't even need to read the instructions. App correctly located where I parked.

  • There's a problem

    by Echo Zulu

    It needs to work without wifi!!

  • Its works like a charm!

    by JRGN

    Great App! I love the ability to re-place the pin in case you need it or don't have a good GPS reception. Two things to improve the app: 1.- Please remove the ads! I know its a free app but one key to make it a winner is use the whole screen! 2.- Please allow to save more than one parking spot, so you can use pre-saved spots (like office parking spot, home parking spot, or cinema parking spot, etc). Keep the good work, Best Regards.

  • Works for me

    by XMLMaster

    Not sure why this app got a bad rating. It works for me. I will add that when you are marking your parking spot, wait till you get a good solid reading. You have to remember that your iphone needs to get a good GPS cordinates from serveral satellites. Its not magic... This is a cool FREE app.

  • jkhjhj

    by bkjbjhg

    Great app

  • Stupid

    by SuperZachary

    It was loading so long for just my location and I going to delete it I wish I can just rate it 0 stars

  • Not intuitive, unreliable

    by macaddiction

    It's got a counter intuitive interface and it's not very reliable. Lots of ads too. There are many better alternatives.

  • Location services not accurate

    by Pally Guy

    It doesn't work. It's not the app, your phone just isn't a good GPS. You'll wait by your car for 5 minutes waiting for it to pinpoint where you are but always it is off by a quarter mile and in a city that's useless.

  • Does not function

    by Brooklyn CityRocker

    It could not locate me w gps. How will it ever find my car? Not bloody likely. Fix this or do us a favor and remove it.

  • Straight off, this app needs work

    by Clora

    The first thing this app did was ask to use my current location...which most apps do. What this app DID NOT do was get it right: it plotted me 5 blocks away. If it can't figure out where I am, how can it help me figure out where I've parked?

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