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After only a few days on the App Store AC Transit riders have already put AC Transit Tracker in the top 50 Navigation Apps. And climbing! Thanks to Apple for featuring in New and Noteworthy!
For iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 users, included is FREE Augmented Reality Feature which helps find nearest stops! ------------------------------------------------
AC Transit Tracker tells AC Transit riders how many minutes are left until the next bus comes. AC Transit Tracker works with all bus stations and for all route directions in the AC Transit system.

Stop names can be sorted alphabetically or according to distance from the user's location. Alphabetical sorted stops have a tappable index for quick access and search functionality.

Additional features include walking directions to any selected bus stop and storage of favorite stops. Stops can also be found through their respective route. Routes can be sorted alphabetically or by route number.

With this application, you will never be in a rush when not necessary. You can savor your last minutes drinking a coffee knowing that it isn't until 7 more minutes that the bus will come. Never wait for buses again. Just two iPhone screen touches will put all the information you need in front of you immediately.

Other very nice features:

-Google map showing user's location as well as nearest bus stops. Bus stops can be tapped in order to display arrival times for all buses going through the stop.

-Google map showing user's location as well as the location and travel direction of buses corresponding to the current selected route.

Customer Reviews

  • Needs better graphics

    by Happy Bus Rider

    Great App! It could use better graphics. The whole chalkboard thing is bit goofy.

  • Update location?

    by Nipperisme

    Pretty accurate but I have to close the app to get it to find my location. Would be nice to locate me upon opening the app. Over all accurate times though.

  • Great purchased app so far!!

    by ldkid12

    I have to start running to the bus stop when it says 1 min. The bus arrives right on time

  • Stopped working!!!

    by B2bpmb

    I used this app all the time and it worked great. Suddenly stopped working a few months ago. Crashes every time I try to open it. Have even tried to delete and reinstall. No luck.

  • Ac transit into madness

    by Vuelo303

    One of the worst apps I've ever seen. Not even Franz Kafka could have conceived of something more utterly confusing, surreal and worthless

  • Useless

    by appsareawsum

    Always thinks I'm at home or where i was days ago when looking for "nearest stops." Cumbersome and nonsensical.

  • Horrible.

    by Ericc Chappell

    I hate this app. I almost missed my bus cause I check the time and it said the bus was 40mins away so I was going to walk to another bus stop and I had to literally chase after the bus to the second closest stop cause it pulled up to my stop while I was across the street and no one else was there so it pulled off to the next stop and I had to run after it.

  • Terrible.

    by neandrothal

    The times reported bear no resemblance to reality. Downloaded it and it told me a bus was 12 minutes away as it was pulling up in front me. This afternoon it told me a bus was arriving and there is none in sight. The GPS only updates once you force the app to quit and relaunch it. Avoid!

  • AC Transit

    by 103David

    The perfectly worst ap I've used. Absolutely criminally bad. Don't they realize people depend on things like this in real life? For God's sake, I key the map button and it comes up with BOSTON? Hello, I live in Oakland! For the geographically challenged, that's in California, almost 3000 miles away!

  • Don't bother

    by Narya55

    Very disappointing, incomprehensible interface, missing bus stops, did not resemble preview.

  • can't use it

    by Graph-R-us

    the first time i fired this up i didn't want to use my location because i was in LA, so it selected Downtown Oakland for me. Now that i am home no matter what i do i can't get it to use my location. i suppose i can delete and re-install. i have killed it on multitask, re-booted, etc.

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