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• Badge Notifications are now removed on app launch instead of on successful login
• Mobile share change rate plan – Existing Mobile Share customers will be able to view all plan options, compare, and change to a new mobile share plan
• Performance improvements

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Tap into convenience with the myAT&T app.

myAT&T lets you manage your AT&T Wireless, U-verse®, home phone and Internet accounts with your iPhone or iPod Touch.

• View and pay your bill
• View wireless voice, text, and data usage
• Trouble logging in? Recover your User ID and reset your password
• View U-verse® voice and television usage
• Add or remove wireless account services
• Review wireless rate plan details
• Enroll and manage paperless billing
• Set up and manage AutoPay
• Reset your wireless voicemail password
• Manage bill ready notifications
• Manage stored payment profiles
• Account and usage alerts for wireless accounts
• Find AT&T store locations and schedule appointments
• Get help for your AT&T services
• Chat with a live agent for help with wireless features

myAT&T requires an active AT&T account that is registered for online account management. Visit to register your account and download the myAT&T app. myAT&T does not support Premier business accounts or GoPhone/Prepaid accounts.

Customer Reviews

  • Easy!

    by AVMAC24

    This app is awesome. All I have to do is login on the app and I can view and pay my bills. Saves me so much time! Also love that I can see when I can upgrade :-)

  • Awesome app to pay bill.

    by randyg1123

    You can pay your bill, change your voicemail password, and check data usage. Super awesome!

  • Where's the myAT&T iPad app!?

    by Jodath79

    I would have given this app 5 stars but, I can't believe that AT&T didn't optimize this for the iPad. :/

  • Great!

    by Jarod04

    Lots of room for improvement but it keeps getting better that's for sure.

  • Great View of Acct. Status, Pymt Process Slowly

    by Nard B

    Overall this app is extremely useful and convenient. The only short coming for this app is the slow processing of payments to acct. with this App. Don't make a payment the day before or on due date. But for all other purposes, view minutes used, available rollover minutes, and usage for each device, this app is great.

  • Works good!

    by Flagirl7

    I'm not sure why all the negative remarks. I'm enjoying this app. Does everything I need it to do!

  • Great App

    by kdp117

    This is awesome app to manage your account!

  • A super AT&T app

    by DoctorWho49

    This is great app for doing business with AT&T. Their customer care rep, Iesha walked me through setting up and answered every question I had. I just wished all AT&T customers could talk with her, AT&T would have no customer care problems....she ROCKS!

  • Not accurate

    by vmanzella

    Do not like the app isn't accurate. It shows one # on the account as being maxed out in data. When I call AT&T I was told he wasn't. That rep I talked to didn't even understand, nor do I think she cared what I was trying to say. I am disappointed!!! Usually AT&T has been great.

  • Love it.


    Been using it for years! Saves so much time and hassle. You can make appointments, payments, payment arrangements, shut off data on phones, view usage...EVERYTHING YOU NEED IS HERE!

  • App

    by lulubell163925

    I love this app better than calling a rep

  • Keep it up!

    by T.Holl

    Better and better with every update! Would be nice to have the ability to export bill to iBooks or other PDF file. Love the new features and smooth interface! Keep the updates coming! No other tech giant has an app this good for their billing and account info. Industry leading!

  • Great app, but don't expect too much

    by DimitrySk

    This is a good app, if you want full access, go to the website and log in. If you want to see what your bill will be this month, this is the app for you!

  • Ok

    by speakso

    AT&T has two apps, and I prefer the other one. This one tends to run and load slower.

  • Works good

    by Slack attack4ce

    Works good on my iPhone 4. A little slow but it lets me do everything I need and more!

  • Works great!!!


    I have wireless, landline, and DSL. I had to setup my "accessid" on the website to see all my services in the app at one time. That took me a few mins to remember all my passwords, but once that was done I could log into the app and see all my accounts in one place. They app works really well and has a lot of functionality. I'm sure I'll be using this one for some time to come. Thanks!!

  • Help

    by Jacki1978

    Why is it when I set bill notifications to on and logout of the app, the notification is off when I go back in?

  • AT&T is the best with people like Josephine

    by Bethere58

    This AT&T rep called me back to see what was going on and how she could help, after a hour on the phone and me explaining what was going on she highly capable of fixing all the little quirks in MY INADVERTENTLY MIS-set up of my online account , thus is why my AT&T. Is the GREATEST WIRELESS NETWORK TO BE ON, if you have a problem call them back and people like Josephine will help you out, again Josephine Davis you are a stand up person and AT&T is very lucky to have you on their team, keep up the great work. ;-)

  • Awesome!

    by tonyspizza

    This app really helps me! Thanks to the employees at the at&t store. It allows me to see my usage on my data, text, & call! & i can pay my bills & such. This app is amazing!

  • Convenient little app.

    by T.HendriXon

    Not sure what all the negativity is about. For me, this app is extremely convenient and efficient. Compare it to the look and flow of Verizon's similar app and you'll find AT&T's is much cleaner. They've even updated it for the new iOS 7 aesthetic! Five stars from me!

  • Loads so slow.

    by Bluemrh

    Oh wait my speeds are slow. .50 Mbps download lol. Good app shows what I want to see and let's me pay my huge bill. These slow speeds are killing my phone battery

  • App freezes

    by bsdjunkie

    This app probably needs a re-design. I have difficulty scrolling and viewing the data elements. Not a fan, but better than nothing. Never mind. I'm uninstalling.

  • No use

    by MS_Info

    No use of this app. Could waste my time...

  • Add SMALL BIZ!!!!

    by Jdog2354

    Why we can't manage our business accounts from this app is beyond me. FIX IT!!! Add it!!!

  • Bill notification broken

    by vinnyrose

    I turn on bill notification, it turns itself off, turn it back on a month later, turns itself off, turn it back on a month later and on and on. I don't get it.

  • Data usage

    by Just_Hiedi

    What happened to the data usage view?????

  • Most garbage piece of crap I've ever dealt with.

    by 0r1andpro

    If I could give this zero stars I would. The only reason you got one star was because I'm forced to. I did not know my ID and I wasn't sure about password only to find "your username or password is wrong" well wow thank you very much, helped me out a lot. TELL ME WHICH ONE SO I CAN CORRECT IT. It's not 20 questions I don't ENJOY wasting my time trying to find it. Oh even better, I tried to find my ID and i typed in my phone number. Well I guess my phone and everyone else's phone ISNT AN EXISTING NUMBER. Common seriously? I put my area code on there, I put my regional code on just to be safe and no. Nothing works. Wow very much help indeed

  • Poor button response

    by Simplefred

    ^^^^bad app

  • Not native?

    by Sasha_nec

    Seriously, why do people still produce apps with web views inside

  • My AT&T app

    by Earlc13

    This continues to excel in DISFUNCTIONALITY On a good day, Typically, if you were to open your bill as a PDF file you would find that you have very limited navigation through it; that is, if the app will even open, as per the statement that your account is not available at the moment. A VERY DISAPPOINTING APP...

  • Used to be pretty good

    by sandhophone

    But it seems the latest, uh, improvements, have broken it. Some links (like the "back" to return to the main account page) don't seem to work at all, and things that do work cause a "please wait" message to display while the app cranks for 15 seconds before anything happens. Can we please have the old app back, which actually worked well?

  • Bad app

    by samoanLORD

    It deserves no star

  • Frustrated

    by ChamorritaLuv

    I used the app for over a year and loved the ease of use and functionality. Recently, my account changed, for several reasons. Now, when I try to login, I get a message the the app doesn't support my account type and must use the full website. Ugggh! Just doesn't make sense. So frustrated.

  • Worthless

    by BNMe2009

    Used to work. Last update killed that. Wish there were another carrier choice than TMobile. I'd pay to Jo if they had the coverage.

  • Deleted app 3 times and still issues

    by Crazy528

    I've had my fair share of issues with this app but now this is just getting annoying. I have never had a problem when paying my bill on the app, now all of a sudden it freezes on the submit payment screen and then kicks me out I have tried it three times and still nothing. I'm just tired of all this and deleting this app. It's useless

  • Useless

    by Skivvywaiver

    Too slow, too limited - just links to the browser site most of the time and takes forever to do it. Deleted.

  • Doesnt work - cant view bill

    by jtv415

    Pretty worthless. Get an error whenever trying to view my bill. Reminds me of the same error I get from customer service every time I try to correct my bill. To bad T mobile doesnt have TV service.

  • Att is loosing it's market

    by nofearman12

    App keeps getting worse and worse. Att will not do anything but ask you to pay your bill.

  • A Disaster

    by sirenjk

    Articles listed in Search Results lead to pages with no content. Pages from the desktop site are served at original size, with no pull-to-zoom enabled on them. Deleting this before I get any more aggravated. Pathetic for a telecom company that this is where it's at.

  • Roll over minutes

    by Everettrieck

    Can't see how many roll over minutes I have left

  • Unresponsive!!

    by Keemman

    Although AT&T app has improved a lot, it still missing important thing. The app is still very slow and unresponsive. I have to click twice on the icon and it take longer than necessary to load. It crashes a lot which is really frustrating. The app is not a reliable tool at this moment.

  • Does not show unite usage

    by Rwf1

    At&t is saying I'm over using my unite - but its usage does not show on the app as it did on previous version. I cannot track my USAGE!!!

  • Pretty stupid...

    by Notasdumbasatt

    Absolutely useless! Will not scroll on pages, takes you to the internet for 99.9% of the actions you try to perform, randomly freezes and closes. Not sure why I still have it on my phone....

  • Painfully slow

    by Bkk32

    Very slow!

  • Too bad

    by Gdhft

    Why isn't it working for prepaid customers.

  • Slow and limited usefulness

    by Ray--T

    First, please restore the ability to open the PDF version of a bill and not just view it within this app. This app does let you see your current talk and data usage. For much else it links you to the AT&T web site, which IMO, is one of the worst web sites for a major company.

  • Don't waste your time

    by April sunshine

    AT&T should be embarrassed to put this out. What a joke.

  • Pathetic

    by Buddha Mar

    Does not work. Freezes and drops. Quicker to use browser.

  • AT&T fails!

    by BR@DIKAL

    Both the app and the website are junk! They won't let me log in. U would think that they want to be paid

  • App now useless

    by unusedusername

    It seems that ATT has changed their website and not updated this app. *All* links on the sidebar now bring you to the "pay your bill" page. You can no longer track your usage, or view your plan. The app has become useless.

  • A new issue

    by TeachC

    Ok I fixed the issue of not being able to see acct rot bout crashing. I upgraded phone from 4s to the 5s. NOW I can't log into this app at all. Still have Att service, same plan, but can't view acct on app. Get with it already!

  • AT&T is going to Throttle me straight to T-mobile.

    by Tsalasi

    AT&T is going to Throttle me straight to T-mobile.

  • Got worse

    by Arr.abhi

    Ever since it was upgraded, the performance is just killing.

  • Might as well use the web browser.

    by Adriankeith

    Honestly it's insulting that this is even considered an app. Anything that shows more complex information is funneled to the web version of their site which shows how lazy AT&T is if they can't even program a proper app interface. It's clunky, slow to respond, and poorly optimized. It's mind-boggling that a company as large and wealthy as AT&T would release such garbage onto the App Store. All of the 5 star reviews are reviewing their customer service (questionable), none of which are actually discussing the app. AT&T, if you're reading this, you really need to pull this app from the App Store and rework it entirely. This is just downright embarrassing. A 4 year old could design an app better than this.

  • Slow

    by JKaplow

    Really slow. It's just a web app that displays the mobile site. The previous version was much better.

  • Full site, full site...

    by Channel Sprit

    Is it browser or app? Come on! You can do better.

  • Can't view data Usage

    by Abcvsdfre

    I can't view my data usage. Please fix. App is useless to me.

  • CR APP

    by Kais2010

    Nice app that only works half the time, just like your crappy svc! Time to think about Verizon.

  • Bad design

    by nashdaripper

    You need to rethink the app from ground up.

  • Doesn't work

    by SVRV

    This app does not work. I was on the phone with ATT to solve a 6 minute problem for 55 minutes because they wanted me to try the app first before they would help me. But of course it didn't work while I was on the phone with them. Horrendous!!!!! Wasted my time pushing their crappy technology on me first. Get the technology working first! No need to push! I'd use it if it works because why would I WANT to talk to cust serv.?!

  • Shocking. Useless.

    by Jamalon

    I checked the reviews for this app before downloading and saw that they were pretty polarized. My review will add another mark to the 1 star group. I won't bash AT&T because I think all the phone companies are crooks but this app is really poor.

  • No GO

    by ShadezAblaze

    Not accessible for someone with the GOphone plan. Utterly useless to me.

  • Doesn't work like it used too

    by Kasper1014

    I used to get notifications when my bill was due. For the past 2 months, I stopped getting bill notifications. The app no longer saves my info. This app needs to be fixed!!!

  • Doesn't work

    by Giagoddess

    The app will not link to usage details. You just get a blank page.

  • Version 3.0.4 killed my iPhone app.

    by Orville Walters

    MyAtt app for the iPhone (IOS 7) stopped working with the 3.0.4. I called and the technician was of little help.

  • Great app

    by pacman55

    Love how I can add international features without calling in

  • Does NOT work!

    by John10101010

    AT&T is beginning to really frustrate me when I have been moving and trying to pay my bill for over a week now and still, I get errors upon errors!

  • Will not open

    by Rheeman

    What happened? I can't even log on anymore using my phone# ands password. Please fix and do test rums before releasing updates applications.

  • ??

    by Julio Romero

    At least I can pay my bill... Everything is just pictures

  • Data Meter Missing

    by kvnhe

    The data usage meter used to show up as soon as I log in. It is now nowhere to be found in the mobile app or mobile site for several months. I can only check data usage from the full site or *DATA# but not from the mobile app or site.

  • Wow

    by brk7894

    AT&T worst phone company.. Paying $20 for 300mb of data and they can't even make an app that works!

  • very subpar

    by The Stick

    It's not an app in the true sense of the word. Believe it or not, the pre-ios7 version of this app was better. Bill notification toggle does not stay on. Yes, this will probably make me leave AT&T when my contract is up.

  • Great job AT&T

    by Dayton C

    Very easy to use app allows me to manage my account on the go.

  • CRAP!!!

    by Devan30

    AT&T this app is still CRAP!!! It will not let me log in. I tried for about 30 min to log in. Come on let's get it right or take the app out of the App Store. All this app does is take up memory!

  • Very frustrating!

    by Verbetty

    I can't even log into the app to attempt to use it without it freezing up. To say I am disappointed in the app as well as the company is a major understatement. AT&T has been on a downhill slide for awhile, and I can hardly wait for my contract to expire this summer so I can change providers. The last two times I have called them, I have been treated like garbage, and each interaction I have with the company just makes me that much stronger in my resolution to change companies.

  • Last update...

    by LeoraG

    Previously was able to see Data, Minutes, and Text usage info... What happened to the Text info?

  • AT&T

    by Cathari#1

    Consistently messes me up because it does not respond appropriately to correct information provided. When a single error happens entering pw info on iPhone keyboard, the real correct ow and info is disqualified. Four times now I am unable to retrieve anything to make it work. Creating a new Pw for voice mail is consistently rejected saying timed out try again. It has made my life with AT&T miserable to the point my husband wants me to switch service to another company.

  • This app stinks

    by OldSheep44

    This app was working well until they "fixed" it. It keeps telling me to trun off private browsing in iPhone setting. I do this and the app still does not work. Also, why would I want to trun off private browsing? This is the only app I have ever used that gave this message. Please fix it back like it was before.

  • Piece of junk

    by AndyKR

    Very difficult to believe this app could ever pass quality assurance - perhaps this is an intentional way from att to discourage its users from reporting any issues.

  • Love it !

    by Leo and gouri

    I love this app! I can do everything. :)

  • Not working

    by jianandyli2

    The most useful function data usage does not work at all.

  • Very poor app

    by EddieC93

    Screen freezes and doesn't scroll. Functionality switches between the app and webpage. Pointless to use the app.

  • Sooooo sloooow

    by OldSchoolGig

    Lame update.

  • Fantastic

    by ed_diesel 

    Does what it should, which is to make paying my bill and viewing my usage very easy. Thought it was strange that I had to punch in my phone number. Can't it pull that information directly from the phone? Not really a big issue, though. Great app!

  • New app is really bad

    by gamer1408

    It no longer feels like a mobile app. It's like att took the full web and crammed it onto an iPhone screen. Previous versions of the app were far more useful!! Went back to ver 2.6.1

  • Update Downgrade

    by nursenancy23

    The recent update has rendered the app useless.

  • Great!

    by TiggyPopElectric

    I love this app...especially if you have your info saved. Sometimes a little slow but better than going online.

  • Horrible !!!

    by Jet-Life

    You would think AT&T would step up there game with a nice sleek app with all the competition but no this app seem like it was put together in a hurry it's slow it sometimes works and the settings are incorrect it says change plan but it takes you to pay your bill smh ! This needs a major reconstruction update !!!

  • Interface issues

    by Billions

    Difficult to navigate back to my other accounts once I'm in looking at one of them. There doesn't seem to be a "Home" or "back" button that takes you there, so I usually just quit the app and restart it, just so I can get back to the main screen where I can access my other accounts again. Poor interface.

  • Rarely works

    by joe mommie

    As much they charge u think they would make a functional app!!

  • Not working

    by Shepherd517

    It gives me a blank screen at every single tab. It's totally not working.

  • Great app and super efficient!

    by jrenee2112

    I can access all my account information with a few swipes and manage while on the go! Updates work great!

  • This is needs work

    by Matteoyo

    Billing notifications don't work. Never have

  • Usage data does not work

    by EyePhone5

    Usage data had not been working for 6 months.

  • Re-installed older 2.+ version

    by Carpediem

    I went on to pay my bill but would not let me login even after a phone reboot. I keep backups of important apps so went back to older 2.8 version and works flawless.

  • Loads so slow.

    by Bluemrh

    Oh wait my speeds are slow. Good app shows what I want to see and let's me pay my huge bill.


    by Racko23

    arreglen la app no carga, se tarda años y me cierra mi secion ...........

  • So does AT&T test this app before release???


    It's among the most needed apps here but now is most worst app out there Hey come on att I know u can do better than that

  • Nice

    by Dlecompte21

    Love the look and feel of the app. Was easy to find and understand the info I was looking for.

  • NEED FIX!!!!!!

    by Everett73

    Every time I turn bill notifications on and close the App the bill notifications turns off. PLEASE FIX THIS...

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