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  • Updated: Nov, 11 2011
  • Version: 5.3
  • Size: 11.06 MB

Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish

Seller: Tarun Chauhan

- iOS7 improvements
- Bug Fixes and More...

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MP3 Music Downloader is an amazing free application which lets you download and play any number of mp3 songs from websites online. The application is absolutely free without any download restrictions. Download and play any number of legal mp3 songs directly from Internet.



Demo Video:

MP3 Music Downloader Free provides seamless music download from websites where free music is available legally. MP3 Music Downloader Free comes loaded with following power packed features.

MP3 Song Seeker

MP3 Song Seeker is basically an advanced tool which crawls the entire webpage opened in the Browser Tab for MP3 links. It lists all the MP3 songs it finds in any webpage opened in the browser and lets you download all the songs in 1 single go. For instance if you wish to download an entire album where all the songs are listed on one webpage; just open the webpage in browser and start a new search in the “Search” tab. The crawler would automatically search each and every link on the page and extract the ones which are MP3 in a list in the “Search Tab”. Check Application FAQ for complete details.

Built In Download Manager

1) Unrestricted music download using built in browser.
2) Download status bars and ability to pause downloads
3) Download multiple songs together.
4) Uninterrupted background downloads in case the phone goes on Standby Mode.
5) Automatic queuing of songs selected for download.

Built in powerful Web Browser

1) Just open any website, select the MP3 song link and tap it to download.
2) Bookmarks functionality to easy access to favourite websites.
3) Tap browsing.

Full Featured Music Player

1) iPod Like music player with all music functions.
2) Slide to change the songs.
3) Repeat and shuffle functions.
4) Album Art while song plays.
5) Plays music in background.
6) Sleep Timer.

Loading iPod Music

1) Ability to load iPod music within the application.
2) Manage ipod songs and remove whenever required.

Song Management

1) Create custom folders.
2) Move songs to folders of your choice
3) Create And Manage playlists
4) Move songs to playlists.


The application comes loaded with a built in browser. Just open the website you want to download songs from. Choose your songs and hit the download button!


For any query, bug or suggestions, please contact us at [email protected]

Demo Video:

Customer Reviews

  • Great Apps,


    I enjoy it

  • The greatest

    by Florida Skies

    I love this app I'm able to find all the older music I enjoyed coming through the ages. I've had quite the pleasant experience.

  • Buenísimo

    by El jaimin

    Excelente para bajar música en mi iPhone y no cuesta tanto bajar canciones

  • Love it

    by Dt6999


  • 2 thumbs and 2 Toes up

    by Lil chode

    This is a great app and its a lot better that buying music You can even pick the album cover if it didn't come with the mp3 download GET IT NOW!!!

  • Awesome App BUT..

    by A-boyyyy

    Love this app but there's Way to many pop ups that are a real pain to deal with

  • Love the app, but would like a alarm clock feature

    by Sweet Sexy Mama

    Arrrrrrrrrrrg!!!! I feel more piraty already!!!!!!!

  • Review

    by DJ White-n-Wordy

    THE BEST app out there!

  • Music

    by Ns Asylum

    Best app ever no lie just fix the music quality because that bothers me

  • The Heirs

    by Daren John


  • Needs some fixing

    by 31basketball

    It's an amazing app, but every time I try to type in a new song, it either opens up an ad, or the keyboard disappears. I'd really like an update that changes this, it'd be AMAZING then✨✨!

  • Awesome app

    by Lilz42

    Sweet app u can down load any thing on it

  • Can't unlock phone

    by Dadocu

    I bought the upgrade for .99 and I was very exited until I noticed the music would lag and I was unable to unlock my phone due to the music playing in the background. I find this frustrating and I have to pause my music and wait a couple seconds each time. And after I finally get my phone to unlock my phone would lag terribly and I could not do anything for a solid minute. Please fix this since I paid for the app and use it a lot please fix ASAP

  • Awesome

    by TroubledLion40

    I can download my favorite songs

  • I like the app

    by Lilyluv28

    This app is very good for downloading music of every sort. I like this app it's easy and I can download as many songs as I want

  • Mp3

    by Greenville native4

    Very great mp3 app!!! Enjoying everyday.

  • €xcełłęńt

    by Bello umo


  • Okay


    This app is okay because the music you download is close or just like the music u would get off iTunes.. But the one downside is adds always pop up... Saying that if u are a person that gets mad easy don't download this app.. Or either u get good music.. :)

  • Wow, this app is perfect

    by GionniBabylinsky808

    I never write reviews for apps, but this one was phenomenal. Perfect app. so here's how to utilize this app. click on the browser icon and google search"mp3 juices" and then look up artists or song names there and click download. THEN YOU CAN LISTEN TO YOUR MUSIC DOWNLOADED FROM OTHER SITES EVEN WHEN U HAVE NO WIFI!

  • The ad

    by 65422

    It can lag or freeze and it send u to some po*n site automacilly which has disturbing things and it send u to it without doing anything

  • ADS

    by #1Scrabble fan

    I had ad pop ups frequently , disabling me from downloading any music . Terrible app .

  • Really?

    by ~F1R3StON3~

    I downloaded this app the other day and left it aside while I went to search some songs that I was going to download later when I haw a decent list. I even bought the $0.99 upgrade for no ads, but it keeps directing me to the AppStore to buy an app I have never even heard of. Please fix this, and actually remove ads, also fix the redirecting of apps that appear out of nowhere. Thanks.

  • So so

    by Jsqueezy92

    I got to download about 67 songs then i updated it and its crap cant download anymore and the songs i do find are foreign two stars....

  • If I could give no stars

    by iPhone user

    I bought the app and I'm still getting hit wit massive ads like come on now only reason I don't ask for a refund is cause I haven't had a problem with downloading any song but please fix the ads I PAYED FOR THIS NOT TO HAPPEN

  • .

    by Kitty76466

    Horrible app!!!

  • Basketball

    by Hoops567890

    This app is awesome

  • Good

    by Phanthiminhloan


  • My absolute favorite app!!

    by Dkwddw

    I will always download this app! Works like a dream!

  • Ads still pop up

    by Donkeypunch513

    After paying for the app to remove ads I still get them. And also I get redirected to the App Store for stupid games I don't want and have to keep switching back and forth to just get one song. These guys dropped the ball on this app after the update.

  • Keeps crashing

    by Kay20046

    I used to love this app! Can't download nothing without it crashing !

  • Would've been 5

    by Unknownboy99

    I would have given this app 5 stars its the best one I've used so far but the keyboard disappears in some of the websites and sometimes porn pops up which is very disturbing when your trying to get music but I love the app other than that and my top downloading websites are,,and lastly these websites are my favorite with good quality songs mostly and album covers on the last 2 websites.

  • oh wow

    by Lexy_Giordullo

    this app soes not work efficently do not download

  • I really like this app but..

    by Phong Nguyen

    I really like this app but, too much ads are popping up! ITS ANNOYING AS HECK!!! And I also notice that when I'm typing the keyboard disappears...

  • Crashes

    by The east coast bloods

    I have a iPhone 5s brand new and this app crashes as soon as any song ends or I try to change a song. Would be awesome if it didn't crash every time.

  • Great

    by B-Money  

    Great app! Nearly flawless and I've been using it for a while now!

  • Annoying Ads

    by Bby*Jones

    Like The App But All The Ads That Keep Popping Up And Taking Me Out The App To The Appstore Not Whats Up

  • CRAP

    by Xx-kills-xX

    when u purchase 99 cents to drop the adds the song keeps lagging

  • Okay app...

    by 4 star game!!!!!@

    The reason I'm giving this app 2 stars is because at times it's really great, but other times, it's really frustrating! Half of the time it won't let me download songs, and other times the keyboard will just disappear so I can't type! And when I'm in the middle of typing, it will go to a completely different website. And a lot of the time the websites aren't exactly appropriate. But I'm not saying its a bad app, because sometimes it does download music. Please make improvements!

  • La magia 26 del sandwche

    by Burricarne26

    La magia 26 del sandwche

  • It's good

    by BananaGracie

    This app is okay but I don't like how it won't let you download some songs. An it doesn't have a shuffle button and I love to shuffle my songs but this app doesn't have that. Other than that, it's good.

  • Retarded App!

    by Shbl 2011 Champ

    Nice that you can download all kinds of music, but it takes you 10 mins to even be able to type a letter. Making you click other things by making the search bar disappear. Very frustrating !

  • Nice but ...

    by Mozrin

    It works, it plays MP3s on my iPad. However, the files I want to play are on my google drive ... I have to jump through hoops to get at them. Would be nice to be able to open from my drive. #wishlist

  • Uhhhh

    by TheCriteegh

    This app runs ok . But when i refresh it or push the back button , sometimes PORN SITES pop up ! I feel like this needs to get checked and fixed FAST !!!! Other sites i dont mind BUT porn sites aren working for me so please fix ASAP !!!

  • Not bad

    by Trip420247

    Minor bugs need to be fixed like freezing up occasionally and glitching white bars other than that great

  • Good and bad

    by P517

    It's a good app just not for me, it doesn't gave the artists I enjoy listening to

  • I Came Here For Music, Not Porn..

    by Off Beat Dread

    Normally when you download these kinds of apps you expect the typical music downloader app stuff, but not with this one. At first I really enjoyed the app. This was the first one that actually showed the album cover in my lock screen. It let you change the downloaded name of the song. The first problem I had with it was that while typing a song I wanted, the keypad would disappear in the middle of typing. This was extremely frustrating to me, but nevertheless I still went on with it. The second, and last, problem I had with this app was the reoccurring adds it had. These "adds" were of porn sites. They would actually show images of some of these "videos" on the add. I really didn't enjoy this at all. First of all, who wants to see this crap? Not me! Second, I was concerned about my nephews and nieces seeing this whenever I let them play on my phone. So, all in all this app is crap. I despise it and find it discussing and inappropriate for a "music downloader". Well, unless some of you people enjoy watching that stuff - be my guest.

  • by ❤️



    by Steph bieber

    I rate this app 4 stars because you can download as much songs as you like, it has great effects on a song, and it it really easy to handle. The only thing that I'm not to fond about is when I cannot choose what song to play first and I can't just randomly click a "shuffle" button. So far I have been clicking on a song, hit the shuffle button, then skip that song. ! A shuffle button would be really useful if you plan on putting one !

  • Fix please

    by Angela Campuzano

    It needs be fixed

  • No original content

    by Alskdjfhgghfjdksla

    This is essentially a glorified web browser and doesn't contain any original music that isn't already available for download through your current web browser.

  • Good but..

    by Atheist Christian

    This app is amazing, don't get me wrong, but please,please fix the constant add pop ups from jelly splash it's annoying hitting cancel or ignore ~6 times, also, every-time I lock my iPod and open back my iPod the song pauses, so, please fix!, and also this is hugely important to me, because I don't even use my iTunes anymore, and I only use this app for my music! So please fix!

  • Great app

    by Bluesnoop

    I have had a lot of apps to download music but they didn't always have the music I was looking for. This app covers all aspects of music love it


    by Hdkskdh


  • Great App!!!!

    by xMR_Scrappyx

    This app is amazing and easy to use as long as you know websites that allow mp3 downloads. The only reason I gave this 4 stars is because sometimes when I try to download a song from mp3skull, the app crashes, but in my opinion this is only a minor annoyance. It would still be nice if this could somehow be fixed.

  • Love this app

    by Redranger1203

    You get unlimited music!!!! This is awesome!!!!

  • I love it but it lags

    by Therosiesweethearted1

    It use to be amazing! I still love it and all, but ever since I bought the full version it lags a crap load and it really pisses me off. Please fix!

  • Ehh...

    by -Apey[;

    I used to love this app and thought it was perfect, until I bought the full version and now my tracks skip every time I try to open a new app or click on something, and it's really irritating. Also, when I'm downloading music from a website, all the irritating ads keep popping up and it prevents me from downloading the song, because it opens up a new page that takes me to the App Store to buy their stupid app. If you could fix my track skipping problem, then I'll rate this 4 stars.

  • Love it but one problem!

    by TheCoolKid122

    This app is awesome! I love it<3 but i HATE the little adds that pop up in my screen!!! >.< It's very very annoying because I'll be trying to get a song but they will be popping up so MANY. And also i HATE that it takes me to this page and it's some kind of porn pages. Which is really disturbing. I wish you guys could fix those things! Then this app would be way much awesome. Please fix!

  • Mp3 dowloader es genial

    by Iphone's kelvin

    Es muy buena es de las mejores

  • Love app. But need new style.

    by rockstar322

    I love this app. I can download all the music i like to listen to. But the only thing i dont really like is the style and the design of the app it looks to old school. /: can yall make a new design for this app. Other than that this is a must have app!

  • Ads ads ads

    by Keisha1992

    Ad **hits cancel** Ad **hits cancel** Ad **hits cancel** Ad **hits cancel**

  • Some thing is wrong

    by Gazirima

    It's a awesome app ever I fond I like the the app too mouth for it unlimited daownload service The app will more helpful if u add to read the lyric of any songs

  • Need to fix

    by Dosisj

    it needs to be fixed because when ever i listen to music i cant unlock my phone

  • Good app

    by FART MASTER 333

    It would be cool if you can trim songs, and cut parts out. other than that this is really good app

  • Love it

    by Specruss03

    It works great I always get the music I want and it sounds great.

  • fgcdgvc

    by dbyedchird

    AWSOME…its comfusing at first but u will get the hang of it

  • Yeah...

    by PilaHookani

    I have to say I really enjoyed this app, it was close to perfect and the ads were my only concern. I was willing to ignore them, because I loved everything else, however, I came into some money over Christmas and purchased the pro upgrade version. This, is where my problems began. The app has now been lagging out a crap ton and if I lock my phone whilst playing my music, I am unable to unlock my phone unless I stop my music first. I am nearly incapable of using another app while my music is playing, and I'm at my wits end. I've read that other customers are experiencing this as well, so I know it isn't a faulty phone. I have a collection of almost 400 songs on this app, and the thought of deleting in favor of another MP3 player is a daunting one. Please fix this and save a life.

  • Fantastic

    by Sumon@Aryan

    Easy and remarkable apps

  • It's ok

    by Jasin101

    It's an ok app I gess but the adds are stupid

  • Not bad

    by Eneljio

    In fact, I recommend it!

  • It's okay

    by John.mb93

    When I play my music from iTunes it says title not available and it gets very annoying but other than that the app is great

  • Eh

    by Twilightfan279

    A great app if you actually know where to download music!

  • Perfect almost

    by Stud $

    Really good app but I wish it had an EQ to buy or just an EQ. Other then that works beautify


    by Grateable

    This is a bad app

  • Good but.....

    by Iluvcaketeehee

    I love how I can have unlimited songs and such but it crashes a lot and tends to not want to play the songs so I have to refresh it every time. Please fix these bugs

  • Hate it

    by Kloveperson

    Because it pulls up naughty pics and other crap

  • Needs Work Too Many Ads

    by BlazinnAKAxxx

    This App Could Be 5 Stars It Lags, Too Many Ads, Shuts Down on its Own, Music Plays When I Shut it Off, The Letters in The Download List Are Too Big Doesn't Show Artist n Song Name! Could Be A Five Star App

  • by Taytay12345678900987654321

    Good app for all my music and I don't have to have my 4g or wifi to listen to it but it gets me a little bit with all the ads and stuff randomly popping up I think they should find a way to fix all the ads from popping up

  • Used to be good but..

    by Nutellafreak99

    This app used to be amazing, it was my fav app. I didn't mind the occasional add that popped up. But now, jelly splash adds come up every 30 seconds and keep popping up for about 15. And then the app keeps lagging no matter what u do to try and get it to go faster. It also crashes a lot. I wouldn't recommend this app.

  • TuneIn radio is better but this is #2

    by Mrg597

    I live this app for the most part. I bought the upgrade for no ads but Jelly splash keeps on interrupting everything I do. It pops two to four times a min! It's really annoying to know I paid the 99 cents for no ads when Jelly splash is even more of a bother than the old adds please fix that because I shouldn't haft to spend a min just pushing cancel on a stupid game ad

  • /:

    by Yayagarciaaaaa

    Unlimited music is a + But Way to many ads !!!! Annoying pop up EVERYTIME!!

  • Good

    by Dantheman 64

    This is a vary vary vary good app.

  • Love

    by Mr.Vixamar

    Very helpful app in the midst of trying to find a song not on my iphone .

  • Epic fail...

    by Tofuking

    I paid a dollar to disable ads, yet I get 6-7popups and a bunch of ridiculous redirects when I try to download music. Please update and make an actual ad blocker on this app.... Update.... Can the devs try their app out on mp3skull and see that their adblocker is useless...

  • It's ok

    by ThatGirlKitty

    It's simple to use, only bad thing is the ads . But other than that it's a really nice app.

  • I like this app

    by Neffyboy


  • Fix this

    by Farmer bleep

    It's a great app but every time I go to download a song I just get bombarded with ads. Once you guys fix this problem i'll change the 1 star to a 5 star

  • Alright

    by Miranda395

    The process of getting the songs is horrible, sometimes it'll tell me to get all of these apps and even if you press cancel it will still take you to the App Store. The thing I hate the most is sometimes it will take me to a poem site! I don't need that stuff on my phone. Point being it might take you five minutes just to type in the song.

  • Ok....

    by Its_hope_bro_33

    I like it. U can download as much music as u want. But there's two problems, 1- every time I try to download a song.. I always have to start over when looking for a song 2- all of a sudden, there's this ad that keeps popping up and it want stop!!!!! Fix it now plz!!!

  • To many ads

    by Kay Yam

    This is a good app to download music on but every time I want to download something an ad pops up out of nowhere. This really bothers me. Every time I try to press something yet another as just pops ups. Please can u reduce the amount of ads that pops ups that would be greatly appreciated.

  • Too many ads

    by Girly and Guilty

    Can't download one song without tapping cancel 100 times.

  • I love it but after the update

    by Lizhhjxgdljbfc

    To get rid of all that annoying ads that comes up every time, i removed the ads which was 99 cents and that wasn't bad. But as soon as I start playing my music, I start noticing that the music is lagging so i thought it was something else, I took out all the background apps I wasn't using. But it kept on lagging. This app would deserve 5 stars but after the remove ads update, it dropped to 3. When I'm on my phone and it turns off and I try to unlock my phone, it wouldn't let since the music is playing, so I have to wait for at least 5 minutes to actually do it or I have to pause the music an my phone returns back to normal. I don't get it, it never did this when I didn't remove the ads so why is it doing it now? Fix this problem ASAP.

  • No problems

    by Known_terrestrial

    This app was simple and incredibly easy to use from day one. It's met my needs perfectly and despite some of the other comments, I have had no problems with the ads. They are small and take up a little bit of space but can easily be overlooked and have never hindered my searches, etc. I normally believe that you get what you pay for, but in this case you get a really nice freebie with nothing to lose!

  • Not so good

    by Toddy boiii

    I thought the app was good although i wanted to get my songs to itunes. And i couldnt

  • Good until I purchased upgrades

    by Ry guy 90

    The playback and speed of browsing was great until I purchased the full version. Once I did that the songs would skip, the phone would freeze, my battery would be drained, downloading links wouldn't work until the third or fourth try...I could go on and on. Overall, don't waste your time with this app..get something different.

  • Terrible

    by Party_Mike

    Don't even bother waste of time

  • The best ever

    by greenmunstahh

    Too good to be true.

  • Slow, popups

    by Maxxxxxnoq82906

    Way to many Kelly splash it makes it basically impossible to download.

  • The day itunes player died

    by BagO'Beat

    The stock itunes player is cool, but you stuck on a leash of business. This app is freedom, add music without a computer, a-b repeat, editing including album art all in the player. And car mode which is so very clever. You can actually not have a pc/laptop whatever and still add/delete songs straight on your phone!!! Lets not forget it can also play your songs you added via iTunes too and to seal the deal it can play in the background! thank you for this great music player, and best wishes!

  • Cool music

    by Princess0807

    It has good music but some songs don't download all the time

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