Ultimate Guitar Tabs - largest catalog of songs with guitar and ukulele chords, tabs and lyrics Music App Review (iOS, $2.99)


Languages: English

Seller: Ultimate Guitar

• Left-handed mode for chords
• Support for iOS 5 & iOS 6
• Minor bug fixes

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Ultimate Guitar Tabs is a mobile version of the world's largest catalog of guitar & ukulele chords, tabs and lyrics, available even offline. Learn how to play your favorite songs on acoustic, electric guitar or ukulele. Get over 800,000 tabs and free daily updates with recent hit songs! App includes:

• Popular songs from latest releases
• Chords, notes and guitar scores for more than 400,000 songs
• Chord diagrams with notes' placement on fretboard. Each chord features multiple variations
• Free daily updates
• Оffline access to favorite tabs
• Quick search by type, difficulty, tuning and rating
• Autoscroll

Powerful extensions:

Tab Pro
• Access to 150,000+ interactive tabs with realistic sound playback
• Multiple instrument tracks available for each tab (guitar, bass, drums etc)
• Loop and tempo control

Guitar Tools
• Accurate Tuner
• Precision Metronome
• Chords Library with more than 2 million chords

Tab Tools
• Print and share tabs
• Change font style and size
• "Fit To Screen" feature
• Export tabs and chords to Dropbox, send them via email with just one tap

See what Ultimate Guitar Tabs users have to say about the app:

"This app is amazing! It's great for any musician or even just a casual player!" - by A.x.l

"Worth every penny, glad I found this app!" - by Thomas Kunstler

"Best guitar app I've ever used. In app purchases are definitely worth it" - by Dskippy70

We strive for excellence and we're always eager to improve your Tabs experience! Please do not post bug reports or feature requests as an App Store review. Let us help you in person - contact development team at support-iphone[email protected] and your feedback will be heard.

Customer Reviews

  • Amazing

    by scoopyakc

    Really kickstarted my playing. Thanks ultimate guitar

  • Great App

    by Marc Hoffman

    One of my favorite apps on iPhone. Only 4 stars because many of the tabs are written in by amateurs who are using the wrong key, chords and/or tabs.

  • Really great app

    by Overlord 46

    It's a really great app I use it for all the songs that I cover it looks great in IOS 7 love it

  • Ehh

    by Andres Bayas

    Was pretty good until the tuner started acting up

  • Awesome

    by Snowdog10

    I never review and never rate apps, but this one takes the cake. Awesome. Easy to navigate. Where was this when I was sitting by the tape deck for hours as a teenager learning songs!?!?

  • Great app for any guitar player

    by Karla <3

    This app is wonderful I have used it ever since I was a beginner and it has all different types music. There is anything you like. I believe any guitar player needs this app.

  • Very handy

    by Dama Biancha

    Great app. I play ukulele and this is fine. Useful.

  • Great!!

    by BecauseHeisaScott

    I've enjoyed my time with this certain product. It has brought many night o' pleasure. It does everything a human person could ever so want.

  • Great app!

    by Ceeze092

    Love the app. Very easy to navigate and the new update had an awesome GUI facelift. Recommend it to anyone.

  • Good app, don't be fooled by price

    by Theamishginger

    Awesome app! Tabs and chord sheets customized to my iPhone! However, don't be fooled by the price. Some things that I wanted, such as sheets stored offline, force you to buy extra apps, in this cad done for 4$, leading to a grand total of 7$. But still, totally worth it.

  • Great app for tabs

    by Steven Logan

    App is great for tabs on the go! I wish forums were integrated into the app though!

  • Must have app for any musician!

    by AlyssaMeiman

    This is by far the best app for guitar players you will find. It has a huge selection of songs to pick from and the features make this app great. I’ve been playing guitar for many years now and I can finally say goodbye to my huge folder of tabs. This app makes it easy to keep all your favorite tabs together and ready to use wherever you go! Some of the features include automatic scrolling and a built in tuner. If you don't know how to play a chord, you can just tap it and it will show you how to play it! This app is a must have for all guitar/bass players!

  • Great for beginners to novice players.

    by BertJoe

    I have been playing bass and guitar off and on for about 10 years. I was idiot as a youth and never really learned any covers, so now I am trying to catch up. This is a great app to use on the go or with a little clip to connect to my instrument. Thanks.

  • Amazing app.

    by anjodrew

    It has everything you need for both beginner and experienced players. Great app!!

  • Lefties Say Yeah!

    by MisterMousey

    Love this app, and with the new left-handed adaptation I don't have to think upside down!

  • Love This App!

    by Jack Holcomb

    Please add piano tabs if at all possible. Thanks

  • Amazing app

    by Sean Henry Regan

    The best app ever, teaches you any song you want to play

  • Love it

    by Nattyybynature

    Love love love this app

  • Good but...

    by sillyturtle

    Love this app, but recently the connection isn't working. My phone tells me I have full bars and service, but when I open the app it tells me the connection is too low...

  • Great!!!

    by Austenw98$&

    This is the best $3 I've ever spent!!

  • Not cool

    by DewEye

    Really? After paying for what seemed the pro version, you are constantly prompted to buy or upgrade again. Totally not cool.

  • It costs $ to access anything on this app.

    by jwdezign

    So you buy an app and you think you have access to everything. Not so here. Everything is a add on that costs you $3.99 a piece. If you want this to be usable, prepare to pay around $16. It's nice but it's not worth that. Save your money. If I would have known what I know now I would never had bought it.

  • Great

    by Kalynnsdad

    Very impressed with this app.

  • Not enough stars!

    by Logan silver fang

    I love this app! It's been so helpful to me for a long time! This is the best app ever made! Thank you guys for making this app!

  • I love this app.

    by Mike17o1

    This is such an easy app to navigate. With the tools that you can purchase, it makes it even better. I love it!

  • Great app

    by congomonkey

    I need this to survive!

  • Great app!!

    by Crozier66

    This app is great for both beginners and advanced players.

  • Nickel and dime you to death

    by ngoma

    You want to print the tab or email the tab? Pay up....bs. Uninstall

  • Perfect

    by Ham_aw

    Perfectly made for guitar playing needs.

  • Five star app

    by MDG:P

    Enough said

  • Great app - lots an lots of tab'd songs!!

    by Mobi194

    Well done

  • Great app!

    by frostdeath6546


  • Awesome!!!!

    by Chaz4God

    Great app for music on the road!!!!!

  • Only guitar app you'll ever need!

    by Galamaad

    This app is an all in one, amazing tool for any guitarist. Look up easy to read tabs, chords wherever you are. Can't remember how to play a song? Just look it up!

  • Just what i needed!!!!

    by Albertatx78702

    Awesome app

  • Awesome!

    by Brovard

    This is so cool! This app is awesome. Best guitar app in the AppStore. I wish people would put strumming patterns on but this is still an awesome app. Very helpful. 10/10 A++++++++++

  • Great app!

    by Gilbert Kitchens

    Best possible mobile version of the site for tab browsing. I do wish news, reviews and other site staples as well as perhaps the forums were included in some way. Lots of progress in the changes since iOS7 was released. Simpler and more efficient layout for sure.

  • Worth it

    by Robljr17

    Great chords Needs more updates And maybe a piano centric mode

  • Trying too Hard

    by Anonymous-the original

    The features on this app are great; but please stop forcing them all into one app. I've lost the song's I've favorited 2-3 times now and each time was after some major change in the app adding a whole ton of features. The ideas are fine; but have them optional add ons, or within another app or so. The reason I got this app was it's connection to the website and the ability to quickly search tabs and songs easily when you're not by a computer... Don't lose sight of that.

  • Amazing!!!

    by Mayamlhb

    As someone teaching myself guitar, this app really helped me along the way. It's definitely worth the money!

  • Sweet app

    by Jmora1988

    Awesome for a phone app. Prices for the tools are a bit much but you pay for what you get . 5 stars all the way still .

  • Awesome

    by Jhumphries19

    Lots of songs and the tab pro feature is great.

  • Rate this app pop-up

    by elwarmo

    Great app, worth the price! Covered in the cost should include the option to deactivate annoying "rate this app" pop-up window.

  • Ultimate Guitar lessons

    by SneekAPeek

    Three words.... I'm In Love

  • awesome app!

    by Mrsexypantz

    Perfect for when you're no where near a computer and you want to learn on the go!

  • Saves me a lot of trouble

    by Sal_in_chile

    Works great. Just wish I didn't have to pay separately to use protab... Makes a useful tool

  • Good one :)

    by Jaqi Holcombe

    I thoroughly enjoy this app. I'm teaching myself guitar and it's sooooo helpful!

  • Awesome !

    by Liberty Center Tiger

    What can I say other than Awesome ? People getting together and picking out songs and sharing them with others .

  • Amazing!

    by Biarocks

    I love this app! This app is worth it. I don't have to take screen shots of the tabs anymore so I can see them when I'm offline. I like the new look too and how you can add a playlist :D

  • by planeKrazy

    I'm fairly new to guitar and I just love this app, it's very professionally made! Also, the metronome is very easy to use and it helps me tremendously. I wish it had a visual feature, like a moving metronome needle or a blinking-light feature but it's already great as is. Thank you!

  • Awesome

    by Penguinbro42

    I love using it it helps me further my skills of playing guitar

  • Amazing guitar app

    by SuZ@nne

    I'm a pretty new guitar player, taking guitar 1 this year. This app is amazing. It's incredibly easy to use, the database is huge, and incredibly versatile. There's a little something for everyone whether you're new like me, or if you're an experienced player.

  • Awesome!

    by Brovard

    This is so cool! This app is awesome. Best guitar app in the AppStore. I wish people would put strumming patterns on but this is still an awesome app. Very helpful.

  • good app

    by frank234989

    app works as described and does come in handy

  • What would I be without this app?

    by The_trebleist_

    I love this app, not only did it help me learn the songs I wanted to learn, it also help me improve as a guitarist and bassist. The app is great, There are no problems, I have no complaints, no glitches, it's the best guitar tabs app I've gotten. It's totally worth the money. I don't know where I'd be without it.

  • Excellent app

    by Wh!tfield

    Nuff said

  • Very Nice

    by NF1026

    Really easy to find all my tabs, and the download feature is really handy. Overall a sleek and universal app good for any guitar player who just wants to play songs.

  • Convenient App

    by EnjoiHardcore

    I love this app. I have my tabs when I need them. Very convenient and simple to navigate.

  • As good as the site... Maybe better

    by Qwerty267

    This app is great. I think it maybe because it has fewer adds. I just wish I could get to the user reviews of gear.

  • The Crown Jewel of Tabs.

    by Andrew Guillermo

    Nuff' said.

  • Awesome

    by Nelson34467

    Best app ever

  • Fabulousth!

    by KuilowKey

    As a musician and there being tons of other sources out there who have it all wrong. To me. This app is my lord and savior!

  • I'm here for the contest

    by Nirvanadude69

    This app is amazing though. Whenever I'm on the go with my guitar I can just whip out my iPod and jam out with this app. :)

  • Amazing

    by Antonio Berumen

  • -A Ukulele Amateur

    by Alexa Garcia

    Due to my guitar's fatal incident, I decided to finally pick up a ukulele in the meantime and buy a new guitar when I can finally afford it (which will definitely take some time). I LOVE being able to have my ukulele tabs right on my phone and pull them out virtually everywhere! This app is truly wonderful and I plan on continuing to use it whenever I can finally afford a new guitar. :-)

  • Misled

    by phambao14

    I was misled into downloading this app thinking it will have interactive plays, but all it is is the website on an app. Nothing special.

  • Best app on the planet for guitar tabs!

    by Big Buddha420

    I look up guitar tabs at least 10 times and day and I always find what I want and it supper easy to read and play. The interface is super smooth, Pro tabs are the best being able to hear the tabs played to you really help me get down those most epic of riffs.

  • Great

    by Heath1227

    Great app for learning new songs.

  • A

    by Patrick Hnizda

    Good stuff


    by Jonathan Salcido

    This app is so close to perfect. I love being able to have access to my favorites offline and how the app will recognize the song you're listening to and see if there's a tab for it at the push of a button. I just wish the favorites on computer would line up with the app. If that would happen this app would be perfect

  • Amazing

    by Tanilazation

    Really helpful. So glad my friend introduced me to tabs. Makes learning guitar so much easier

  • Excellent

    by BumbleC

    Amazing App for any guitarist, beginner or pro. Highly recommend getting the "Tabs Pro" offered within the app for accuracy, the feature is an amazing addition. Hopefully they will soon add a "Chords Pro" as another great feature, especially for us acoustic/rhythm players. 5 star!

  • Awesome!!!!!

    by A200b

    I love it!!!

  • Great app

    by Ruckon7

    Love this app. I just open a tab and put my phone on my knee and I can play all day. Also, the tools add on is definitely worth it even just for the tuner

  • Amazing App

    by Pauehdiwoshahdid

    Probably the biggest collection of tabs and the price is definitely worth all the content you get

  • Helpful

    by CricketXP

    This app is extremely helpful. I am still a beginner. but with ultimate guitar, I can at least play a few songs that I would not have learned at all. For that I give ultimate guitar 5 stars.◕‿ ◕

  • Great App!

    by Hidingmyshadow

    It's smooth and runs well, and using Tab Pro I've learned so many new songs due to me being a visual and audio learner it's perfect!

  • by Staci


  • Good so far

    by Jesus55555

    I am I beginner guitarist and the app is helping me learn chords and a couple easy songs

  • Must have!

    by parnim

    Great app for musicians Everything else has already been said !

  • Never to old to learn

    by Thandanagyga

    I just started playing guitar, and in my search for music, tuners, chords, I stumbled on Ultimate Guitar Tabs App. it has everything I needed in one package. My partner is now downloading the app.

  • Awesome

    by Stubba2

    Great app

  • Best app ever

    by Ccronner

    Awesome I've learned how to play guitar just from this app love it

  • Works Great

    by Perrytheplatypusrocks

    This app is really easy to use

  • Solid.

    by Plumpmousie

    Definitely the app of choice for tabs. The library is all user-submitted, so it can be incorrect on occasion, but it is incredibly useful and enormous in scope. Some indie or less well-known songs are missing, but that's to be expected. My only complaint is that you have to buy an accessory to create your own tabs. Seems like it should be a basic included feature.

  • Solid.

    by Plumpmousie

    Definitely the app of choice for tabs. The library is all user-submitted, so it can be incorrect on occasion, but it is incredibly useful and enormous in scope. Some indie or less well-known songs are missing, but that's to be expected. My only complaint is that you have to buy an accessory to create your own tabs. Seems like it should be a basic included feature.

  • Good App

    by Allen Margavich

    Its good for what it does. I wish it had forum access included.

  • Fantastic app

    by Draynap

    It works really well, and is very convenient. Great perfomance, great features.

  • 16 year old girl music passion

    by A_Highschool_Student

    I like it but it needs more song tabs!!!!

  • Great app.

    by AppSlave2

    Devs: Can you please make it so the app works together with the website. I want to have my favorites on the website show up on my ipod and vice versa. If I favorite a tab on my ipod, I should be able to do a file transfer through wifi and include it in my favorites on the website. Then I know my tabs are safe even if I lose my ipod. I would just get a new ipod, download the app, sync to the webpage and have all the tabs again. I know I am explaining it wrong but I hope you get the idea. OK now this is important. You need to make a "nighttime mode". The white screen is too bright and it illuminates my face on stage. There needs to be a way to switch to a black background with white letters. This would help out greatly. Next, you need to make it optional if I want to use the sideways scroll function or turn it off completely and only use the "up and down" scrolling. The sideways feature is cool, but tabs have to be formatted to use it correctly and most are not. The up and down one is all I use, but I have to make things super small to avoid having the sideways scroll become active. Then the tabs are hard to see.

  • Gotta have it

    by NittyMcHein

    The tabs might not always be spot on, but it's always a good point of reference. Makes learning songs easy.

  • Awesome!

    by Yoyoyahoo

    Deff worth the upgrade to pro great app to use to learn songs so easy to use

  • This App

    by Ozakwow

    If anyone is reading this, this app is a life saver when your on the go. Eaither if you need a tuner, forgot a chord, forgot part of the song that your going to show off and you cant get to a computer. Amazging mobile app greatly suggest it.

  • Great Utility When On The Spot

    by bugeisha36

    If you've ever been put on the spot to play a song you "kind of" know while you're doing a show, this can be a real life-saver! Just download their song and look it over on a break, pop your iPad back onto its stand, and this can get you through it.

  • Incredible!

    by Pouriasbt

    The only app i bought that i use almost every day, this app allowed me to increase my skills in a really short time, this is one app u must get! Now ;)

  • Love it!

    by Samurai sword

    I love this app. It helps me learn my favorite songs and makes it easy. Thanks for fixing the crash!

  • by planeKrazy

    I'm fairly new to guitar and I just love this app, it's very professionally made! Also, the metronome is very easy to use and it helps me tremendously. I wish it also had a visual feature, like a moving metronome needle or a blinking-light feature but it's already great as is. Thank you!

  • Just as expected!

    by Draeco

    This app functions just as it says it does. I play for an acoustic cover band and the favorite tabs function comes in handy when I'm on the road and forget some chords! Would definitely recommend.

  • 5 Stars for Ultimate Guitars!!!!!

    by Shawn Downer

    Thank you ultimate guitar for helping me to learn all the songs that I wanted to learn. This app is simple yet so effective. I love it so much that I have downloaded all the Ultimate Guitar apps.

  • Amazing

    by Joerockgalvan

    Just like the website with so much more!

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