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Discover the best new music & audio with the official SoundCloud app. Hear what's new and next from the world's largest community of musicians, bands, producers and audio creators of all types.

SoundCloud is the world’s leading social sound platform, with over ten hours of music & audio posted every minute. Hear new music, comedy, news, podcasts and and more. With the SoundCloud app for iPhone and iPad, play it all anytime, anywhere.

Key features:

- Search and discover new music & audio
- Discover and follow diverse music & audio creators
- Play playlists, or create your own and share them with your followers (iPhone only for now)
- Hear a stream of new tracks wherever you are; streaming audio playback over WiFi or cellular data connection
- Record audio with one touch and easily share it to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Tumblr

Get started with SoundCloud: it's easier and simpler than ever to discover and share music & audio you love:

- Join the community: connect on SoundCloud with friends and music & audio creators you already follow on Facebook
- Choose your favorite genres to launch your SoundCloud stream full of music & audio you want to hear
- Get personalized content suggestions to help you discover new music & audio creators you'll love

Customer Reviews

  • Yooo

    by Gairett Taylor

    I need to be able to see and send messages through this app without needing to log onto the website just to see if I get an important message from a client PLEASE

  • Music is my everything

    by IrishPrincessCat

    So I really like this app but I think you should add a few changes to enhance the performance. I think you should allow the user to delete their sounds even of its already been posted. You should also add a button that allows you to change the privacy settings after the sound has already been posted and so we can update our profiles fully, like changing the 'about me' section.

  • Why can't we download from our phone

    by Sky8705

    I love the app I use it every day I would give it five stars if I was able to download songs straight from the phone if possible make it to where we could download songs straight to the phone

  • 1 issue

    by ASIAN Batman 11

    Please, give the users the option to delete a song from there playlist through the phone. Please, and thank you.

  • Great - for sharing original music on Facebook

    by Shellsj64

    Easy to use, plays in the background if u want. Occasionally I even listen to my friends' stuff!

  • BassofDiamonds

    by Bgruberxhhbv

    Love it. Listen to me.. BassofDiamonds... Song name: Anthem

  • A great app

    by funerwork

    This app is an outstanding app, however the loading times are sometimes very slow and I've even occasionally not had anything load at all. The app is structured fairly well and I love finding and posting my new music on here. Hopefully some future updates will get rid of some of the minor flaws.

  • Crashing

    by Polemical

    It keeps crashing for some reason when it is trying to launch. When it doesn't do this i Iove it.

  • Good player

    by Saidl

    This is good as a player. It does not allow you to manage your sounds in any way. I have to clear the app's cache before use or it will not display the lists accurately. That goes for my songs, favorites, and followers. It will duplicate some list items and skip others completely.

  • Remove songs?

    by MSG57

    How do I remove songs off of my playlist

  • Sound cloud is flawless

    by Aondoe

    This app is beautiful and functional. I love the website as well. It's a great way to share music and listen to music/podcasts anywhere. Can't song enough praises.

  • An adventure!

    by Maltoroy

    Its so great to discover other people's music.


    by Insta_xoxo

    Had to re download the app for the 4th time because it won't open

  • He'll ya! (Whoops) oh we'll.

    by (Nou)


  • Soundcloud!

    by Boxert

    Amazing app easy to use and fast stream! I personally just use it to explore new music and its great! Lots of fun! enjoy!

  • Awesome app for finding new jelly

    by mark gaudette

    Good stuff

  • Good app but

    by Harman707

    The app closes and sometimes it makes you log back into Facebook when you were already logged on ?!? Also songs don't load sometimes so you have to close the app and restart it.

  • *****


    And I love this *ish.... Pretty much!!

  • Great app

    by Sahegag

    I love it very much

  • Very awesome App!!!

    by Policejonwee

    I LOVE how I can turn it off and listen!!

  • I love it but...

    by Vander12344321

    I love soundcloud... But it's not working.., it won't open for me. Please help.

  • by Hello..Im Andrew

    Songs wont load Or start but continuously buffer and stop

  • Update for iOS 7!

    by Jungy14

    Update for iOS 7!

  • Review for soundcloud

    by Sip!XD

    I love soundcloud! But this app is really frustrating me because it won't open completely!!!! I'm tired of it!!!! Please fix it!!

  • Why

    by Cannibal Zebra

    I've been blocked from liking/commenting for well over 24 hours. I rarely comment, so it must be my liking. Here's the thing, it's been 3 days. Anyone know how to fix this?

  • Crashing

    by Crane games

    I have an iPod fourth gen. and I'me tired of the apps not working and this one is one of my most used and after the update it won't even open

  • So disappointed.

    by Joshua.Krikorian

    This App is missing some of the most important features. STATS ! I am an up and coming music producer and I cant even see how many plays/downloads I received that day. Also , messaging , is this seriously a complicated thing to incorporate ? The app doesnt crash on me very often , but the missing features really turn me off.

  • Distressed

    by Krazzzzzzzxzzz

    What's with the force closing !! Please fix I don't want to delete it

  • It won't load.

    by Yes. I have a complaint.

    This app won't load. It loaded at first. And then I tried it again. And it didn't load. Yeah.

  • Awesome

    by Miguel123mw3bf3sr3

    I like this better than having to download songs off of iTunes using a computer.

  • app won't load

    by WinterEF

    plz fix!

  • App quits when BT disconnects

    by JB3NB

    Super annoying. Every time I turn my car off and then get back in, the app restarts and I have to log in every time I open it AND I lose the place in the song or set I'm listening to and it goes all the way back to my stream.

  • Crashing

    by gizbellrc99

    Everytime I try to open the app it stays on the opening screen then goes back to my home screen and I've tried everything and it still isn't working.

  • Great app but a few fix suggestions

    by CaLeB J Touché

    I love SoundCloud and use this app every single day. I love everything about the app except 3 things. 1) I have to delete and reload the app from iTunes because about once a week it won't open. 2) The newest songs added to your playlist are at the bottom of the playlist forcing you to scroll and wait for the app to load the songs if your playlist is long enough. About over 50 songs in a playlist and you're having to do a lot of scrolling and waiting. 3) And with that playlist problem in #2, another playlist problem is when you're in your playlist if you play a song at the bottom and then come back to the playlist of songs. It kicks you up the playlist making you do more scrolling and waiting to get back to your recently added songs at the bottom. I know you can get on the actual SoundCloud website and rearrange your songs but it's still a hassle to move every one of your daily added playlist songs to the top of your playlist. Just to reiterate, I am not dissing this app at all, just have a few suggestions to make it even better and easier on the user. This is by far my most used and favorite app on my phone.


    by Raycharles777

    Soundcloud was working fine for the last few weeks I've had it downloaded on my iPhone 4, iOS 6. But the last 3 days it won't even open. Please fix this and ill change my review to 5 stars because I love and live soundcloud thank you

  • Great app

    by marshall BRADY

    Only listen to this it's awesome and easy just crashes a little too often or won't open

  • Lacks feature

    by Quinn Souther

    Please add messaging as a panel to the app. It's hard to network one's music using this app.

  • Playlist on the IPad aren't showing

    by lolz; kokoko?

    My playlists show on my phone, but not my iPad. Please fix. Love the app!

  • Great but I want an update !

    by Crazypaparazzi

    I really like the app but i want to post my own record from my phone. Can you guys make an update that can allow people to post their records to Soundcloud ?

  • It's more easier for me to get music without paying!

    by lanabug~~^o^

    I mean everything about this app is an a+ to me I'm glad I found this app and someone recommended me this app but I never knew it worked! There could be some flaws but I still can enjoy my music wherever I go! It's an very enjoyable app!

  • Frustrating :/

    by That funny for

    Great app, but I can't delete old playlists I created and I can't find an option to delete old songs that I added to said playlists.

  • Problem

    by Fan pants

    I forgot my password and it won't let me back in

  • Love

    by JulieSims

    I love it but I want to be able to delete things from my iPhone.

  • So Godd!

    by Vince Cole

    Soundcloud exposed me to so many new artists and genres that it is almost now all I use for music. I only have one problem and that is that there is no download feature. I find it a hassle to have to go on my computer just to download a song from the artist I like. Other than that this is the best thing ever! I would recommend getting the app if you want to expose yourself to new music. Check out me while you're there- (Sound Slayer [Official])

  • Songs/app WON'T LOAD

    by Pauline49er

    I like this app but sometimes the songs won't load.and then there is times were the app won't load it's frustrating cause I want to listen to my music.CAN YOU PLEASE FIX !!! Ty

  • Ugh

    by addictedtoy0ux0

    If the app opens, it's an okay app. If it opens.

  • Can u guys make an update

    by Maztraana

    Can u guys make an update cause my soundcloud won't load up. ;_;

  • Like it

    by Supersimoz

    I love this app

  • Really good overall

    by Needs shuffle on playlists

    Needs to have shuffle on the playlists pleasee

  • Ehhhh

    by Jujubean111945

    I think soundcloud is a very accurate music app but there is a couple of problems: first of all you definatly need to add a shuffle button and add a button where you can delete songs.. That would really improve this app thanks!

  • Pretty good but sound issue

    by Lunar Blade

    If you have a 4s on ios 7 and your sound no longer appears then delete this app and restart your phone but you can redownload it

  • Explore :(

    by to:apple

    The app is great for listening to people I know, but what happened to the explore tab? A huge part of the soundcloud community is discovering new music, and if we can't do that... Then what's the point?

  • Really awesome

    by Bro1954

    Really useful app has all the great songs you want Ex: Dubstep rap hip hop you name it really great app

  • Great App

    by kingeste

    Great app. Can't get past 'Rate This App' screen though.

  • Nice

    by Dee Durnil

    You need to be able to shuffle your likes

  • Love it BUT

    by Jshajsybskx

    Needs a REPLAY button. PLEASE !

  • Doesn't work

    by allykat988

    This app won't open and it always crashes

  • Amazing app

    by Google Hater Bing Lover

    Great app as long as you wifi or a cellular network

  • A problem

    by On_the_coast

    Well it's a awesome app no doubt, but you can't edit/delete playlists, and you can't listen to song without wifi. You should be able to download the song to listen to it anywhere. Thanks and please take this review into consideration. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  • Music

    by Piping lock

    When I hear the music I just want to dance

  • Legit

    by Voodookills

    Its a decent app. Only problem is that some songs wont be there. And some songs take a while to load, before you download i suggest you listen to the actual song rather then just adding it to a play list, there are many "covers" of songs which sound awful.

  • wow

    by FlipnoteToddXD

    Keeps crashing it only shows the Soundcloud logo and then crashes never opens fix it

  • Good app

    by Ncdthcsstygcfyuuuuuuxdtvc

    I like how you can upload songs straight out of garage band app. Could be better but it's got it where it counts.

  • Needs an update for big fixes

    by Lexthepro

    I love sound cloud it's so much better then pandora but lately mine will close suddenly

  • Fix

    by Andrew Jordan

    It was perfect but recently won't open. Maybe bugs or something please fix it.

  • Amazing app with a flaw...

    by VividNotations

    Been using this app to upload my tunes, and hear the other artists out there in the world. Tonight, the app just started not wanting to load. The app is truly amazing, but this flaw makes uploading and listening to music very hard to do. Please fix this soon, I want to get back to enjoying other's tunes. :/

  • Soundcloud

    by Deesplash

    Love the app my favorite but needs major bug fixes and the app keeps crashing and sometimes won't even open.

  • Crashes

    by JucoMusic

    This is a great app but it just started crashing on me! It'll stay at the home screen for a while and then crash. Please fix this now!!!! Other users seem to be experiencing this problem too.

  • It used to be great...

    by Go Kendra!

    I got this app and loved it until it randomly signed me out of my account and whenever I try signing in, my password doesn't work. I've made about 6 different accounts for soundcloud and it keeps doing this.

  • It crashed.

    by BlockSonic

    It's good but I crashed. Please fix soundcloud

  • Good but needs work

    by Girmachew Tefera

    Good app but Keeps on crashing when I try to sign in

  • Slow

    by VMP74

    Slowness gets a lil frustrating

  • Please fix the bugs

    by Roscoe 5673

    I love soundcloud but this app has serious flaws. Often everything stops working and the only way to fix it is to delete the app then red download

  • True G

    by Barely works for me

    It's ok but I want the original songs but not every song is official and playlist edit Is really needed because I just deleted my acount to make a new plAylist

  • Bug Fix

    by M!gs

    I can't see the time, signal, and battery life at the top of the screen. Please fix it and make the icons white!

  • Lame

    by Munik281

    This app works at times. Most of the time it freezes and crashes. I'm unstalling this crap


    by Ohhsangirl

    I love soundcloud and use it everyday. So please fix the bugs so I can take me soundcloud to-go.

  • Awesome

    by iWashed

    Sound cloud is my best friend lol

  • Go check it out

    by Lamp pamp

    Go check out the band how to make a hero. They are awesome

  • Won't even open :(

    by MartineAiyana

    Every time I try to open the app, I get http error message :( please fix!

  • I love this app, but...

    by TkN0Link

    Every now and then I have the same problem where I try to start the app and it just freezes, not letting me do anything, then just crashes and goes back to my home page, I'd really like for this to be fixed. But other than that it is a great app.

  • Something went wrong

    by Bri-z Bri'Baby

    This used to be my favorite app but now I can't even get it to open. As soon as I try to sign in it force closes on me. I can't do anything with it. As of right now it is a waste of space.

  • please fix

    by Mcsteezy 777

    songs wont play at times and will be stuck on loading even with good signal

  • still can't remember how, or where I lost my way

    by Jordanfamily1

    when it comes to my vox, i am terribly shy; so, i hope when i get those, "I am finally going to load something!" Even though it would most definitely be a cover, acoustic and vox, mono at redbook specs with the "mic" on the phone, seems like the reception would be to a pretty cool community. Is it wrong to rate something I have stared at more than use?

  • Whyyyyy

    by Better pitch correction please

    It won't let me upload sounds to Twitter it says a problem has occurred

  • Keeps freezing

    by Danny36_99

    It keeps freezing every time I open the app please fix I really like this app

  • Great but crashes

    by LegitBagel

    It's a great app but randomly crashes and stays crashed and the only way to get back into the app is to delete it and redownload please fix

  • Probably the best music app ever...but

    by Ian Brumbaugh

    Sometimes it won't let me post my songs on twitter just wondering why

  • I like this app but

    by Yor momo

    it won't let me use it lately saying there is a "connection problem" when my connection is completely fine. unacceptable and unsatisfied !!!

  • Good music selection BUT

    by Pita X

    Songs never load. Horrifically unresponsive. Very delayed cannot listen without a WIFI connection. With wifi still no music plays. Get with the program guys !!!!!!!!

  • crashing again and again

    by Manna_AR

    i am trying to siging through google account but app crashed as soon as i accept permissions... fix it or contact me i will fix it bcz im also ios develpor :P

  • I like this app

    by MZEZ

    Great app I just wish the songs would play one after the next, instead I have to go to my playlist and select a new song, unless maybe there's a way of doing it and maybe I just haven't figured it out. 4 1/2 Stars though!

  • can't open

    by BaconHawk69

    love the app but the app hasn't been able to open for the past 3 days. I'm sure it will be fixed but those are the bugs I'm experiencing

  • Awesome App!

    by Mr.Pix

    I like that u can find and listen to local and nation wide indie music from various genres....


    by Insta_xoxo

    Soundcloud is one of my favorite apps but IT ALWAYS CRASHES OR TE SONGS DO NOT LOAD!!!!!!!! That's the whole purpose of the app and it doesn't work. I've had to move to another music app unfortunately

  • Great when it works

    by ExtreemWeenie

    Wont launch at times

  • Shuffle would be GREAT

    by Fimfam

    good app its the only thing i use for music but add shuffle and its glitchy

  • Love it

    by A_JORD

    Great app

  • Need repeat and shuffle feature

    by Quốc Trọng

    This app is great , but i need repeat and shuffle feature, sometimes i can't comment

  • Great but…

    by Da faqquer

    It's a great app, and you can easily find song, but you can't delete songs or playlist. Which is bad. Yeah.

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