Slacker Radio Music App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Music
  • Publisher: Slacker, Inc.
  • Updated: Jan, 13 2009
  • Version: 5.0.244
  • Size: 20.41 MB

Languages: Afrikaans, Amharic, Arabic, Byelorussian, NB, Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Greek, HE, Hindi, Hungarian, ID, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latvian, Lettish, Lingala, Lithuanian, Malay, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swahili, Swedish, Tagalog, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, Zulu

Seller: Slacker, Inc.

Fixes and improvements, including the addition of VoiceOver (helps you navigate through Slacker if you have trouble seeing the screen)

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282 Ratings
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68109 Ratings


Slacker Radio. Crafted by hand to deliver the perfect music for any moment.

Slacker Radio is handcrafted radio from passionate music experts. Listen for free and discover the perfect music for any moment with hundreds of stations and recommendations. Turn up the volume on an old favorite or discover your next obsession as we help you explore one of the largest music libraries anywhere. Slacker Radio is constantly updated and adapts to your tastes so the music is always fresh, fun and unexpected.

• Hundreds of handcrafted stations that adapt to your tastes
• The perfect music for any moment with hundreds of activity-based stations (only available on iOS 7 for iPhone)
• Free on your smartphone, web browser, car or tablet
• Customizable news, sports, talk and weather from ABC, ESPN, American Public Media and The Weather Channel
• Subscribe for ad-free, off-line and on-demand access to millions of songs
• Original programming you won’t hear anywhere else

Praise for Slacker from users and press:
• “Best. Streaming music app. Ever.” — CNET News
• “The free Slacker application is our top choice for streaming radio on the iPhone.” — LAPTOP Magazine
• 5/5. I was a heavy Pandora user. No longer. Slacker is SO much better and has songs I've NEVER heard on Pandora. Also love all the stations. Such a great service!!! — App Store User on 8/30/2013
• 5/5. This is an amazing alternative to the popular music streaming service Pandora. The pre-made stations are amazing and diverse. User made artist stations are spot on. I highly recommend this app! — App Store User on 8/13/2013

Customer Reviews

  • Best music app by far

    by Taylorm007

    Love slacker, my faithful companion in the car/house/gym!

  • The best

    by Guitar gator

    Non stop music that I customize? Whats not to love.

  • Love it

    by RonTrandell

    Use it daily and love it.

  • Love it

    by RonTrandell

    Use it daily and love it.

  • Awesome

    by Raven1333

    <3 it!

  • Great App

    by kevin Cole

    The channels are so much better than pandora.

  • The only music app you should use.

    by coolceruleanblue

    Radio as it should be, slacker has the best and largest selection of music. Their specialty stations are fantastic.

  • Awesome app

    by Drakoblood

    To be honest this is better than pandora!

  • Awesome

    by AEL75PD

    Loving it!

  • I really like it

    by Bengoodtimes

    This is a great app.

  • Slacker


    Great music app!!! The only thing stopping me from putting 5stars is because I would like it to play more non-mainstream music.

  • What can you say, it's the best.

    by Jeter1973

    Love this app, use it with my wireless head set at work. Keeps me going. Keep up the great work guys!!

  • Slacker radio rules

    by Trttttt

    The best music app ever I love it it has every thing absolutely better than any radio station out there couldn't live without slacker radio it's the best download it!!!

  • Favorite from lock screen

    by WhozDakota

    When your phone is locked and a amazing song comes on you should be able to just favorite it then. Besides that, I love you slacker.

  • Great App!

    by BoSoxRock613

    Picks best songs and I enjoy the selection especially when it comes back to the original artist about every 4-5 songs.

  • Oh Yea!

    by Jman allthetime

    Love having all the latest music at my fingertips.

  • Love Slacker

    by Tz296934

    Great application and will most likely upgrade. Love Slacker Radio!

  • Love it.

    by Jen097531

    Love it way more than pandora and iTunes Radio.

  • Great Subscription Options

    by cmoore70

    Better options make this service a great alternative. Love the music it provides and the fact I can take a ton of music with me on my ipod without paying a small fortune for the honor.

  • Great

    by Your boyyyyyyy

    Honestly just a great app. No nonsense, works when you want it, and has great music. Give it a try!

  • Big rip off

    by chris ford

    I paid the $4 a month thinking that I would get all the features. Boy was I wrong. I will never use this app again. Also my subscription is canceled.

  • Good App

    by Chester Honeycutt

    Goo music app. The user interface is ugly and cluttered...not good if you're a runner. But a pretty good app.

  • Huge variety and selection of music

    by Tiorik

    I set up an account with Slacker to build stations with favorite artists, but I listen a lot to various pre-built station, and really enjoy them. Only issue is that it occasionally drops off and has to be restarted. Great app, with enormous store of songs from Slacker.

  • Great music with great features!

    by 78rn

    The music is great but the "Fine tune" feature and the ability to cache stations puts this app above the rest.

  • Love it, love it, love it!!!!!!!!!!!!

    by K5wilson

    LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!

  • Slacker > Pandora

    by ProCSkidd

    First learned about this because it was integrated in my Tesla. At first, I was disappointed it was not Pandora. Then I realized, it is so much better than Pandora. Biggest +, it is not repetitive

  • Always a good song!

    by Lilkarrrma

    My favorite music app.

  • Yoder

    by Yoder71

    Love this app

  • Great station

    by Lterp

    Love listening to the comedy works great

  • Love My Music!

    by Achia

    It's a great app for music and is much better then Pandora!

  • My Vibe is the best!

    by skbeez

    I don't always know what I want to listen to, and may other stations have attempted to solve this problem but if think the "My Vibe" based on what I'm doing is the best answer!

  • Slackerrr

    by Jdizzlydawg

    Love it

  • Slacker lover

    by Flappy bird obsessed

    I love slacker I can get on it any time I want to and listen to music. It's a fun app. I like it because you can listen to different type of songs. If you like music this is a great app..

  • Satellite radio outside the US

    by Implodespw

    Keeps me up to date on the latest music when I am stuck outside the US. LOVE IT.

  • Love

    by Seriously In Love

    This is really the only music app i like to use!

  • I like

    by Proana.banana

    Me gusta

  • Great

    by Lakeali

    Love it

  • ❤️❤️❤️ Slacker

    by StraightCheeze

    I absolutely love slacker!!

  • Love slacker

    by Misterspaceman

    Been a member for four years and I'm extremely happy with the service. Really love the pre-programmed stations and freshness of content. App itself is great too.

  • You know what you want

    by Mr. Biggity Giggity

    Slacker is the ****! Party metal is the best station on here. Whether we're grilling out or working in the garage slacker is always playing through my phone into our stereo. \m/. . \m/

  • I love it

    by Bryacyr

    This app is awesome. I downloaded stations and I can play them anytime I want as long as I play from my device. I love it

  • Awesome

    by Manyen

    Favorite radio app!

  • It's good

    by So like it

    Hey it's good but don't get crazy with the ads again though. I quit listening for months. I listen again you have them back in control. Love my vibe!!

  • Love it!

    by JazzKennedy

    Definitely worth the monthly subscription cost!

  • Great App

    by CasiLoco2

    Why be Sirrius? All you need is this app. Slacker ROCKS!

  • If you're not a fan of Slacker then you're not a fan of music

    by ThaTipperSon

    I've been a premium customer 4 so long can't even remember and all I know is I don't burn CDs anymore cuz it's pointless I alwayz hear new music b4 anybody else i know and I don't know what I'd do without u guyz just keep it goin strong!!!!...much luv y'all=]

  • Ads ads ads

    by Fleuristic

    As if the frequency of the ads wasn't enough you have to X out of them at the end. As much as I love reaching for my phone while driving this is clearly a deal breaker. Back to Pandora and iTunes Radio I guess.

  • The best!

    by Alberto Jimenez

    I love this app. It's a must have for the eclectic music lover. So many genres!

  • Vibe

    by Princesslime13

    Love vibe stations

  • To little

    by Dannyalvin

    It was good in the beginning but it started playing the same songs over and over and accidentally swiping screen and changes the song bunch of BS so by slacker and hi pandora

  • Great

    by James Rude

    Great selection.

  • Love it!!!!

    by Rik2243

    Love Slacker!! Great mixes!!

  • by MANKILLA85


  • Great

    by Namyzzark

    Great work

  • Slacker Rocks!

    by Agonthier

    Amazing selection, always has what I need!

  • Great variety

    by Catface meowmerz

    Great way to mix up music listening.

  • Beautiful

    by Beautiful Always

    I love slacker it continues to give me my daily smiles of the variety with music choices!!!!! Loves loves loves!!!!

  • Love it!

    by Spunkybeaver

    Great app. Much improved over earlier versions. Hope it sticks around.

  • Better than Pandora.

    by Socalgirl15

    Beats Audio is better but slacker is good too

  • Love Slacker!!!!:)

    by PinkFloydFan_2016

    I love my SLACKER RADIO!!!!!!!!!

  • Convert

    by Sandra Bilokonsky

    Pandora had my heart but was introduced to Slacker...I love it. Love the fact I can search and play some of my favorite songs.

  • Love it

    by @svedkagirl

    I love it

  • Awesome

    by luvleyleo23

    Much better than Pandora!

  • Could use some work

    by Colten Dash

    It's better than pandora, but I still believe there are some things that could use some work. Love the playlist abilities, but unless you pay for the upgrade you may never hear songs you want. Other than a few small things, this is as good as its gonna get.

  • Totally the best !!!

    by Pings78

    Best music streaming app out there plays better combinations and any song I could want to hear love it !!!

  • Best music app ever!!

    by LucyMetalGoddess

    Other than a couple bugs in the system still, I rate Slacker the highest and best music app out there

  • Loving Slacker

    by R86gnrare

    Used to swear by Pandora, but after using Slacker Radio once, I was hooked and have only used it ever since.

  • Great app

    by SupErCaliFRAgiListIcEXpIalADoCIoUS

    Better than pandora. I love the song selection. Terrific app!!

  • Love it.

    by Nydia_The_MUA

    It's absolutely fabulous. I like it way better than pandora.

  • Not good

    by Boo-oob

    I used to be a huge fan of slacker but their horribly buggy app has pushed me to cancel my subscription. I've submitted bug reports and they reply after a few weeks that the newest update fixes them but it's almost never true. Every time I stop playback for more than a few minutes it loses track of what song it was playing and starts a new one. This has been ongoing for months. It's significant because it rarely plays my favorite songs even though I have that setting turned up. Recently It will just stop playing music. I have to go pull up the app.. It says it's playing but I have to stop and start it to get it to play again. Oh and whatever you do, don't add iron maiden to your station, it will go wild playing bad hair metal music and almost never actually play iron maiden music!

  • Love It.

    by Segilman

    To all the negative reviewers who complain about too many the $3.99 a month and never worry about it again. I'm sorry that you feel they should not make any money in ads.They have to pay the bills. This includes royalities to ASCAP and the likes to broadcast the music you want to hear. Besides those of us who pay the monthly fees, they have to have cash coming in.They're out to make money just like anyone else in this world.

  • Best music app ever.

    by Mertjk8

    I love this app. You can literally listen to anything here!! Highly recommend.

  • Nice

    by 5:40 92


  • I love my slacker stations

    by #cantsleepever

    I use my slacker more than anything else!

  • Great music app!

    by Gary Radnich

    Use it everyday!

  • Woooowwwww!!!!

    by scoobydoo5032

    I absolutely love this app!!

  • Slacker rocks!!!

    by Kaletaka

    Need I say more??

  • Great app!!

    by Jarriel Johnson

    Listen to Slacker everyday. Great for road trips

  • #1

    by Requiem997

    Love it!!!

  • 5 stars big time!

    by Benjibuttons

    Best music app. Better than all the other BS. Super easy to use! I love slacker!

  • A non repetitive radio app

    by MachineGun831

    Being able to download your radio stations to listen to offline for $3.99 a month is actually a way better deal than pandora. Pandora doesn't allow that and their monthly fee is 3.99. This app is so convenient for me for the reason that I'm running it on my iTouch so I'm always on the go and I have my radio stations already pre loaded for offline mode! One thing that does bother me is that you can't go back and listen to the previous track you just heard :( and do that slacker is wanting 9.99 a month. I'm Kool..

  • Slacker Review

    by Kitty flinger

    Not bad.

  • Slacker Radio

    by Chuck0714

    Did have pandora but found that slacker played on more areas with less cut outs than it had. Glad my son turned me onto Slacker Keep up the great music

  • Great App

    by Revbmingo

    Great Gospel stations.

  • Great

    by Vincentdvarela

    I love slacker. Great variety. Grand theft auto station is my favorite.

  • Simply Great

    by Granttheguy

    An awesome variety of music!

  • Slacker - Glitches

    by _I_r_e_n_e_

    I love to use slacker all the time! Honestly I think it's better than pandora and one of the best radios here. But recently, for about one or two months every now and then it goes to a commercial and it shuts down on its own. It's really frustrating because I love to use slacker all the time.

  • Slacker has more features

    by Kibbyr

    I especially appreciate the ABC news channel and the ability to cache stations for offline listening. I'm lazy and don't have time to mess with creating my own playlists. Slacker's stations make it easier to listen to the genres of music that meet my mood.

  • The best!

    by RonZombie44

    Love slacker!! Sound quality is good and great selection of music. However, the latest menu could be improved some. Thanks for being available Slacker!!

  • Slacker review

    by 4863786


  • Hell yea

    by TheeQueenRetta

    Always got this app playin

  • Great music app

    by Shannon704

    Really enjoying the music and "mood" selections! I listen to Slacker more than Pandora these days!! Music for EVERY mood!!

  • Expand

    by Orozco1492

    I loved this app in the US but you guys should expand haha im in mexico right now and having a hard time getting my type of music.

  • Slacker radio

    by Preciousangel32

    I love it. I can customize my way.

  • Love it

    by wh23caretaker

    Not much to say. Its awesome!

  • Obsessed with slacker

    by Jmmnj

    Love it. Best radio ever!

  • slacker and only SLACKER

    by Dwalsh0615

    I used to be tied to my iTunes account I am addicted to music - I was running a serious budget deficit ... But none of the other internet radios quite did it for me, they were either too repetitive or didn't have the functionality - the portability and flexibility that I needed to fuel my day with my music. Then one day I found slacker - and my budget thanks me!!! I pay for the premium membership and it is worth EVERY PENNEY. Making my own playlists, having queued content, being able to bookmark and play songs at will from all over time and space - PRICELESS. I can't tell you how many of my friends and family I have sold slacker to - for me seeing someone using something else means they haven't seen the light... (And they have fantastic customer service! Issues reported are fixed ASAP) thank you Slacker for an awesome product!!!

  • Best music player ever

    by Bamn314

    Slacker is by far a lot better than pandora. I love how I can download all my favorite songs to a playlist. The reason I give it four stars is the songs aren't able to be kept in alphabetical order and you can't search through the songs you add to your play list. Another thing I'm really hoping you guys can fix is that if I add a song to a playlist that already has that song it shouldn't make a double of that song. If you guys fix these little things I will gladly give them 5 stars because everything else about slacker radio is much better than pandora or any other music app

  • Turn off the freaking Do you live slacker? pop ups

    by Hammond Egger

    I mainly listen to slacker in the shower using a shower speaker. At least half the time I try to skip a track and can't due to the fact that a stupid Do you love slacker? window pops up which prevents controlling the app until you select yes or no. Kind of hard to do while you are in the shower. Is Slacker really that insecure that this is necessary? When are streaming services going to realize that people want an uninterrupted stream of music and the more they can provide that, the happier people will be?

  • I love Slacker

    by Ripmaverick

    I listen every day. Love the customizable settings.

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