iTube Pro - Playlist Manager for YouTube Entertainment App Review (iOS, $0.99)


Languages: English

Seller: Shulamit Markish

- iOS7 Ready
- Bug fixes

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77 Ratings
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640 Ratings


Use YouTube as music player:
- Play on background
- Find lyrics to videos
- Set a sleep timer
- Make Playlists
- Enjoy Dynamic TOP 100 Playlists = changes every day.
- View history of watched videos and make favorites list
- Login with YouTube and play & edit your playlists
- Publish on Facebook
- Display media info on lock screen
- Search Playlists and Channels and copy them immediately to be yours.
- Skip songs with headphones or iPod controls
Need to say more?

- Double Tap on video to zoom in and out, one tap to dismiss controls.
- Scroll player controls to the left to see sleep timer, rotation lock and more.

Thank you for all the reviews, good and bad. We read them all.

Customer Reviews

  • Where's the cach?

    by Kekoa1994

    Great app. But why isn't it caching anymore? It was working fine yesterday now it won't even cach the music videos. Fix it perhaps?

  • Fix chache

    by Sommeeoommeee

    Videos are not chacheing, please fix this is the only good app i know

  • Used to be good

    by Hay grl

    When you fix the caching, I will give this five stars. Please fix!

  • Swag

    by Richard03!!

    I just wanna give it five stars and that's enough said because it's good

  • Not saving!!

    by Sommeeoommeee

    My songs aren't saving on my ipod!

  • Help!

    by Diaz209

    Can some one please help me clutch my videos please it won't even give me the option to do it

  • Cache

    by Itsmary10

    Even when waiting for the song to download fully it still doesn't have the red cache wording on the bottom of it. Please fix this!


    by Aoireid

    When I first got the app it worked fine on my iPod. Then I got an iPhone and then the problems started occurring on my iPhone AND my iPod. The cache works fine, but when I press the lyrics buttons, it says, "Could not find lyrics" for every song I try it on! I'm confused because it used to work but now it doesn't..?

  • Moon

    by Moon 777777

    This app is so great this is an app that is not a waste of money


    by Mfitz373

    I love the app, great style, just FIX THE CACHING SYSTEM. I have tried everything, restarted my phone, redownloaded the app, waited for the orange crap, watched the whole video, NOTHING WORKED. I can't use this on 3G because of how slow the music loads. Please please please fix it!:( 5 stars when fixed

  • The cachê

    by Swift 22

    The cachê does not work it. does no catch the music and furios because i payed the app to it not work


    by Lolzzzzdjjdjsh

    How do you cache it the review below isn't working!!!

  • HELP ME!

    by AlitaP.

    I need help because I erase itube to get the itube pro and then I couldn't catch the videos, later I restarted my iphone and still I couldn't catch the videos. I need help please!!

  • Idk

    by LelaMG

    I cannot cache my videos! How do I do that with the new update!?

  • Help?

    by SLYWAYS671

    Look.. It won't cache my videos...could you update or anyone know how to fix? The orange bar loads up fully then I look at history but it doesn't say "Cached".. Help? Thanks ~ RandomGuy

  • HELP !

    by Its_lynn

    I love this app put I restarted my iPod because it froze and when I got iTube back it doesn't catch the video no more please help me ! Just help me please !


    by Snoppy242

    This is how the cache works on this app. You find the video, cache it, and then play the video again and let the orange stuff fill up the bar at the top. Then it will say in red letters "cached" below the video name.

  • Please fix

    by KhiddJoee

    It dont let me catch videos or search for them & also It Dont Let me Lissent To Anything last version was better please fix as soon as posible

  • Caching still

    by Ghetto KB

    I risk updating it and it still hase all my songs cache and it still does really good

  • I dont know why

    by Georges F Hersang

    I don't know why but the next day the update was made, it already let me cached all the videos!! Thank u for fixing it..

  • Problems with Listening

    by Ray Guzman

    I downloaded the full version yesterday, and I got a few songs; saving with wifi works fine. The problem is that I can not listen to the songs while OFF wifi, and it works for others with the same app. NO it's not the iPod generation, because one girl who has a fifth doesn't work yet my sisters (same version as mine) works fine. PLEASE FIX THIS PROBLEM SOON- IT'S HAPPENING TO A LOT OF DEVICES.

  • Where's the cache?

    by JiveBoy

    It was a great app when it cached. But now it doesn't cache anymore, which makes it worthless.

  • FIX IT

    by Z9h2u

    I am very very mad because the caching won't work and that's the only reason I got this stupid app I will give it 5 stars when you fix it

  • Annoying

    by Super Star Singer(SSS)

    My phone died and when I come back my whole playlist is deleted

  • Can't cache

    by Basketballfrrrrdayyzzz

    I can't cache it. Makes me want to cry:(

  • NO

    by Jmoran24


  • Cant cache !!!!

    by Steelspartan19

    I cant cache any videos and without wifi this app is useless to me


    by Purpleprincess2565

    I bought the pro because my friend told my about it and she said it was awesome. Well I got it on my iPod and I watched all my videos and the turned orange but never cached. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY.

  • FIX

    by Limeyforever

    I got a new phone and I re downloaded the app and now it doesn't cache the songs!! PLEASE FIX!!

  • Cache

    by Kssfayjhauhauhahhahauhauhau

    You can not cache the videos, this ap doesnt work anymore. This is crap now!

  • "Catch"

    by Chuyitaale

    Does the "catch" also works for iPhone 4S or it only works for iPhone 5??????

  • Umm

    by NickMB

    I wait for the orange bar to fill up and them I try playing it again and it still won't cache anything.. I'm trying everything I can think of. This is turning out to be a waste

  • F. This app.

    by Kittyy143

    I had this app for a long time it's an amazing app. But I accidentally deleted it and then I downloaded it again and it won't even cache anything. At first I thought it was my phone so I deleted then Got it again. Then I read that you completely removed the ability to cache and I thought if I bought the app I would be able to cache. I am so mad at this app. And I absolutely hate it now.


    by hdenler

    Not caching !!!!!!! Yes genius , I know how it works. I have had it for quite a while and still do on several devices. New download of app on iPhone 5 and it is NOT working!!!!

  • Cache

    by mariferrari11

    Itsss noot lettingg me cache my videos! I even updated to the new but it still doesnt cache!!!!! Please fix it

  • No caching?!?

    by XEmoRockerBabyGirlX

    Seriously, I paid for the full version so I could get more songs and have access to new music, but if they don't cache then there's no sense in having it.... Please fix this problem!!

  • Really?!

    by SherBear in Italy

    I downloaded this app and as I try to use it, I can't cache any videos. That feature alone was one of the main reasons I downloaded this app. Please fix this soon.


    by Kawaiiwanta

    The catching system of the new update doesn't work!!!! PLEASE FIX IT, THATS AWFUL !!!

  • Doesn't download.

    by MatthewH6412

    I let the orange load to the end then hit the plus sign. When I go to listen to the song it's not all orange it has to load again!


    by Oh.No!

    This app does not work and i let the bar fill up and it still wont catch my video. It deleted all of my songs and now it won't save. App does not work.!

  • Ahh

    by Basma8505

    Not cacheing!! Fix please! Update

  • Not worth it

    by Jamyang Sherap

    I just bought this it's not working.

  • Don't work anymore

    by Upkpkolil

    This app don't work anymore. It doesn't chached music anymore sucksss..

  • Won't Cache! -.-

    by Forever_a_belieber_143

    Really mad!

  • Not Working

    by Redman123467790

    Can the creators of this app please make this adaptable for the iPhone 5s

  • HELP!

    by CC SANNNN!

    I've tried everything! My videos are not playing! On my iPod, when I listen to my music without wifi, it works fine. But on my iPhone it's not cached, so I can't listen to my music without wifi! I don't want to carry both my iPod and iPhone around with me all the time. FIX PLEASE!


    by Alicia82391



    by sophieestrada

    My videos wont cache!! Please fix this or update it!! Help!

  • Cache

    by StacyAldrich

    I can not cache the music on my iPod even paid for app thinking that was problem can u help app is no good if i can only listen to music when I'm home or where there's wifi I don't need it

  • Not catching

    by Erica_love1627

    Why won't this app catch any more songs I've deleted and re-download it like six times already they need to fix it and NOW!!!!

  • Help me now.

    by MacKenzieeeeeeeee

    This is ridiculous. It says that they are cached when the bar is fully orange right? Well the bar will be fully orange, and it won't cache. Sooo. Fix it..

  • How Do You Cached

    by Jessica Merino

    Well, the soul reason I downloaded this app is pretty obvious. I don't know how to use it so if someone is kind enough to help me. Many thanks . . .

  • Do not download if...!

    by Fahad Almazroa

    Videos does not cache anymore somehow. I payed for this app to cache my videos and now the feature has been removed!

  • It doesn't work >=|

    by MR-G12

    I cant save song. This app is useless.

  • Cached

    by No respeto

    it deleted all my videos from cached and now I can't listen to squat at all. Please fix the issue!!

  • Cache doesnt work!

    by nickbball9

    Since the update iTube no longer caches. Fix this quick

  • What

    by Twixx95

    My videos won't cache, watched multiple times

  • Won't Cache

    by Connorbethune

    This is no longer my favorite app, it won't cache any of the videos:(

  • Dont caching

    by Vilcbr

    Please fix i dont know why is not cached now... Please help me

  • Urg!!

    by Jdhdhdhdhuejsike

    The orange Bar fills up all the way but the video don't get chached. And I have to wait just to listen to a song I have already played before. FIX IT!!!!

  • Caching

    by Jimfromdimbolimbocrimo

    Change it back so we can cache videos

  • it used to be good, its not anymore.

    by Aldjfjdhddd

    The app doesn’t cache videos anymore.

  • Waste of time

    by Mujo 1981

    The app was working fine now it doesn't capture my videos I tried to delete and reinstall it again but still nothing waste of money it's not a lot just a 1dollar but still something that is not working it's not worth to buy if they fixed the issue it's a big five star!

  • Fix it

    by El CREEPER

    I accidentaly deleted the app download it again but no i cant cache videos fix it ipod 5 that is the only god thing about this app so please text the update before because this is really frustrating i dont care i just buy a diferent video dowloader if itube dosnt work soon so fix it and please dont update anymore :)

  • Caching problem

    by 7 dollar ice cream

    Why'd you guys take out the caching from the app? I bought the app to cache videos

  • There's some errors

    by Itubeloveit

    Umm I like the app don't get me wrong but I accidentally erase the app and got again it doesn't let me cache my music no more the orange line fills up but it doesn't say cache and when there's no wifi I can't play them please fix it ( I'm using a iPod touch 4 by the way if you wanted to know)


    by Anonymous 1045

    This app used to be fear and all of the sudden it stopped letting me cache or listen to my music! This has happened before so I deleted the app and downloaded it again and it worked but now it stopped working again and I tried deleting and redoing it but I won't work please fix this app!

  • No more cache

    by Jade & Caroline

    Dumbest thing you could of possibly done is remove the cache,and you did it. I never should of updated it this app is now useless to me.

  • Fix it put the catch sistem back

    by El CREEPER

    Fix it put the cache sistem back

  • Do not update!!!

    by sunflower mamma

    This some BS another perfect app ruined. Way to go...

  • Better

    by Lakers fan 125749

    Really new good update now the videos do cache and the new layout and the colors are really good

  • Disappointed

    by xMotivee

    I haven't updated because I figured one day this would happen. If you guys can remember the app PlayTube it was the same as iTube, but they did the same thing!!! If you guys find another app like this recommend it to others, but as a word of advice from personal experience, ALWAYS check what the update contains, to avoid this happening to you again!!!

  • Cache

    by Zack1800

    Please fixes this is the only app I use for the iPhone

  • paulaabb

    by Picboothlover

    PLEASEEE put the catch back!! I cant listen to mt music anymore!! The app was so good, what happened?? Please fiz it As soon as possible!!

  • Look what you have done

    by Jarrett3582

    By removing chace you have upset all your user base. Nice job

  • بعد التحديث

    by saudowen

    بعد التحديث ازالوا التحميل من اليوتيوب

  • HD video

    by Kally florian

    Why no cache HD video ?

  • Uncashed music

    by ManofCandy

    My music won't get checked so I can't get my music when I want it please fix it I want to listen to my music


    by Guy Who Complains


  • Fix the app

    by Rafyej8

    Bought the app thinking they would have fixed the catching problem ITS NOT FIXED bought the app for nothing !

  • Please fix it

    by Waiting For It To Happen

    It's not cacheing the videos anymore , please fix it soon

  • Fix it

    by Bullsbearshawkssoxs6

    Ok so it was working fine this morning but now its not letting me listen to my music. It says the video is cached but the orange line is not filled. And this is not the first time its happened and i didnt hav my music for a week! I dont want it to happen again and i also want to know the problem?

  • No cache?

    by Kathypk

    Update says it removes cache. Do I get my money back if I update?

  • Cache bug

    by Hhdisbeu

    Occasionally there is a cache bug that won't let you cache anything whatsoever even if you wait until the video is fully loaded it fixes itself but it usually takes around a couple months but it still comes back

  • Horrible

    by Keep4cheep

    Why would you take off the Cache system, I'm deleting this app. That's straight up a dumb move.

  • Don't update!

    by +-[robot]-+

    They removed cached D: do not update!!!!!!!!!!


    by Ghshdnmsk



    by Mikayla Sanders

    I love this app but I hate that the Cache was removed!!

  • Awesome

    by Manny Chaves (BOS, MA)

    Great app!

  • App

    by Jonathan Sanchez-Braulio

    The app is great but the cache wont work

  • Cache doesn't work

    by Gggggggfvdvfgfcbzca

    People are saying cache is back but mine doesn't work

  • Enjoyable

    by Larrese

    The app is definitely helpful, I don't even use a playlist a just use my history. Angel introduced me to it.

  • I used to love...

    by Shadowlilly

    Ok so I USED to love this app sooo much I really I did until today so my iPod wasn't charging so I turned it off over night the next morning my iPod was charging but my all my music was gone all gone and I'm angry cause I bought the one that cost money and it still didn't work I don't have internet all the time so I can't just reload and reload these songs I'm upset and I want this app fixed or I will delete it and never recommend it

  • Wont Cache

    by SirferBro

    I used to have a version of this app and it would cache just fine but I updated the app and IT WONT CACHE! Using up all my internet now...

  • by AriaForever97

    I hate the way it used to let me cache the song when I first downloaded the app and I deleted it then I downloaded it again cause I liked it but now it won't let me cache anything!!!!!!!!! FIX THIS!!

  • Won't cashe

    by Carolynne Skellen

    It won't Cashe videos on my iPad you need to fix this your last update was October 3rd even though we have all been complaining about this why? This needs to be fixed.

  • There's no more cache

    by Tffn

    It's supposed to do that they removed caching

  • What happened to the cache?

    by Cedar Phil

    Are you not listening to anyone? I was going to give you five stars but without cache it is not worth more than one star, I can make a list with other apps.I was recommending this to all of my friends and now that cache is gone I won't be able to do that anymore. Sorry. "If it ain't broke don't fix it!"

  • It won't cache

    by @paperjetsz

    It used to work perfect. Then I got a new phone and it just stopped working the same. Please fix. Not what I paid for

  • Not the best anymore

    by pdogg53146

    Whenever my wifi is off on my iPod, the songs won't load or play because the app won't cache them. Why is this happening?

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