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Languages: Arabic, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Swedish, Chinese

Seller: Sergey Sokolov

Minor bug fixes and perfomance improvements

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26 Ratings
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Advanced free music downloader for you iPhone or iPad!
Legally download thousands of free songs directly to your device!
Large variety of free music available!!

Full iPhone 5s/5c support!
Skins Support! - Try the new iOS 7 Style Skin

Web browser
-Web Password Keeper
-Bookmark manager
-Single tap downloads
-Multi tab browser

Download Manager
-Fast Downloading
-Multiple downloading at one time
-Pause, resume, or cancel downloading

Compressed File Manager
-Download zip or rar
-Auto extract (able to turn off on Settings)
-Import or export compressed files via Files Sharing Documents and Open in

File manager
-Backup & Restore files to Dropbox
-Songs, Albums, Genre, Artists tab
-Move, rename or delete files and folders

-Create, edit, remove
-Smart Playlists - My Top Rated, Top 25 Most Played, Recently Played, Recently Added

Audio player
-Background Video Playback
-Cover flow
-Fine scrubbing
-Sleep timer

10 bands graphic EQ & visualizer
-22 standard presets like iPod’s
-Customized EQ settings & presets
-EQ presets for specific songs
-Visualizer on player and cover flow

Tag Editor
-Lyrics, Album Artwork, Album Name, Genre, Title, Artist, Album Artist, Track, Year

Customer Reviews

  • Good

    by Jesse1021509877

    Its a cool app.

  • Finally

    by Mally4

    Now that the app is working the right way it's perfect

  • Great

    by Tim Quigs 133

    Best app ever!!

  • Loving It!! =)

    by barrerasjosh

    the most quality to download much more songs but very simple

  • Great APP

    by 99live

    Best music app available by far.

  • Great

    by Wilcher


  • Great

    by 7rxcrr


  • Perfect

    by Ddbcdghbc

    Great app

  • Love this app don't have to buy songs!

    by Pikealex

    Love it!!

  • Mr

    by Dongolito

    Great app

  • Yup

    by Alizzabith

    Great app. Bit expensive though

  • Love it

    by koralys kercado cruz

    Me encanta


    by The kid jacob

    Saved me money

  • Best music app


    It's really useful thkz

  • King_monrroy

    by Eldon_leo

    Great app i have hundeeds of songs

  • Excellent!!!

    by Instagram/WillayBruh_

    This app is just an amazing addition to the AppStore! If your thinking about buying it, DO IT. It's $2 for unlimited downloads. By far the best music app on the AppStore:

  • It works

    by Treenukiah

    An no virus

  • Quite possibly the best app EVER!!!

    by Modern_Rock_Fan

    Simply put, it really is. Just wish the download times were quicker.

  • I love music

    by Rottweiiler

    Love the new theme .. It works great for me.. Now im loving it.. Cant stop playing music.

  • Awesome

    by Rory jenness

    Been using it since my iPhone 5 came out Love it, use it every time in my car.

  • Crap

    by Drakes bro

    All my songs got deleted out of NOWHERE and I had at least 100

  • Pop up problems!

    by StephBelch

    I have had this app for about 3 months now. It has gotten to the point were I can not down load songs, any songs, because I keep on being redirected to pop ups or advertisements to other apps in the App Store. I have taken all the suggestions on trying to fix this, but it seems to be where I can not even search anymore. I didn't pay for pop ups and redirections.

  • by Individiual uae

    Worth the money and works very well

  • App is so perfect

    by Rosewood95

    When I'm on the go and new music drops this app does me so much justice

  • Fantastic

    by J-dubs5

    Works perfectly.

  • The best

    by sharnece

    Absolutely love this app!

  • Rawness

    by Marvin'sRoom707

    This app is great. But it sometimes lags. But other than that, it's a great app.

  • Needs to be able to download to an ipod classic

    by conner Castro

    I now 6 djs that use this app for there job but need more space on there device and I personally need the music to be able to be able to be downloaded onto the apple iTunes library as same with these people. I also am going into the Dj area. I would greatly appreciate it if you could do this. Thank you

  • Awesome (:

    by CR7Francisco

    Great app but the layout is to simple. They should add different color font and cool background with a galaxy theme

  • Review

    by TrapLord707

    I love the app

  • Music App!

    by giocmer

    Great app, better if you buy cause you'll get more songs and it'll always be saved.

  • The best app for downloading any thing

    by Brandt Turner

    I recommend this to any one I know


    by nbaanand

    A great app. It's easy and efficient. Just wish it was a little faster. Other than that probably the best music app in the whole App Store. Just amazing. Definetly worth buying. It's only 2 dollars for unlimited downloading. You have to buy it!

  • Awesome

    by The princes

    Cool app it's faster than iTunes

  • Music D/L

    by TheAdrianMoreno

    I love it!

  • Music

    by Iluvmusicamc97

    Love it!

  • Amazing!!

    by Doof6974

    This was by far the best investment I've made in the App Store!! Buy this app!!! Worth it.

  • Okay

    by Zjakss kabobs

    App bothering me to leave a review, it works, does what it says

  • best app

    by Ajacob80

    the best app I've ever downloaded

  • Nice app

    by JuliaM.V.

    Great app. Some glitches. Hate the pop-ups but over all, pretty good app

  • Cool

    by Klondike bar yummy to my tummy


  • The best.

    by Randishia

    I love this !!!

  • Great app

    by Esvin martinez

    Great for music if u have trouble finding a website to download music try 'mp3skull.com or hatmp3.com'

  • Music App

    by Yurigi

    Haven't had it that long.It's good so far,but I'll see.

  • Wonderful

    by DrewKrew

    This is officially the best music downloader/player I've used on this iPad, it's fast and very efficient.

  • Music

    by Pat52525


  • The best and cheapest Downloader App Ever!!!!

    by KiraRenzo

    Thi app is SO amazing,its the best app downloader better than others and cheaper.You should BUY IT!!!!!! Thank you for this app.

  • Love it!

    by Darkness Surrounds Us


  • Favorite app

    by Aaron199

    Best app ever

  • Love it

    by Judalys


  • Great

    by Hhyyitwafg

    Great app for mysic

  • amazing

    by J0RdAn;)$&

    it is awesome I can't live without it

  • <3

    by sandritaxbaby


  • Runs lethargically now.

    by I2(0I3

    I think the app is great! But it just needs a little tweaking to increase the performance.


    by $$$shakkka

    Cant do it unless songs by same artist have different years. All get edited if they dont have the year the track was made in EDIT

  • Best app

    by Adnannidal

    The best music App ever..every iphone must buy this amazing app :)


    by JTEEZY_B0y


  • I love this app!!

    by Applefanboy117

    This has taken the struggle of syncing music from iTunes out of my life!!

  • Great

    by Dazzlekj

    Very easy to use

  • Awesome

    by jay d12

    Bt little but improve thx

  • Desings they should add more

    by Dragoncity angel

    There is only two

  • Ugh

    by eeezy21

    I like it but I already paid for the app why are there still pop up and ads??? ANNOYING

  • Amazing

    by Somaymay

    It's an awesome app which lets me download unlimited music

  • Pretty hurts

    by Kemryn

    Love this app

  • One of the Best Download Apps

    by The kid 121

    Love this app haven't had a problem yet. Great ios layout.

  • Coolness

    by Celeste_luvs

    This app is the best I can download all the songs I want!!!!

  • Music at mp3skull.com

    by Rtesza

    Good app

  • Great.

    by Ygfbfrhvf

    It's perfect.

  • Perfect!

    by Mindimisfit

    Works amazing!!!!

  • Yes

    by Big pp (:

    Easy to use. Great app

  • Perfect

    by Treswagg

    Its just like the actual music that comes with any apple product except you dont need itunes i use mp3skull.com and i find most of the music i search for 6 stars fasho

  • Awesome app

    by WillyD83

    Great app! A must have for anyone who loves music!

  • Great app

    by Dudeeeseyejs

    Very nice app is all that needs to be said.

  • Awesome!

    by dietzy 1995

    Great app!

  • Everything u want

    by CnBlack


  • Great App

    by glaram

    Super easy to use and it allows you to play music from your iTunes directly from the app


    by Kkristenpp



    by $$$shakkka

    The easiest music app to edit and organize your tracks! Find your music real easy. But the old logo looked nicer. Please bring it back. This is my alternative to my Music app and the old logo matched it perfectly!

  • Love it

    by Benny'smomma11

    Great !!! Best music app !!!!

  • Music app

    by Smallsssss

    Great app. Works great!

  • So perfect.

    by Dkdjsjsns


  • Love

    by ThomasT0690

    Fantastic app. Must have for any music lover. I don't even bother with iTunes anymore.

  • Great app

    by Saves my life

    I love this app but the only thing I have a problem with is that I can not view old downloads in my files. It fast and can find basically any song.

  • Pretty Good

    by Super star soldier

    It would be better if you can download zip files (Albums & Mix tapes) that should be in the next update. & It crashes a lot & when it won't stop I have to delete it & get everything back

  • Excellent

    by Brandon1793

    Works well

  • It's okay

    by Koalee song


  • Great App

    by Stylbwai

    I had looked around for that app that would deliver on a great range of genre. This app is what you want as the data base is wide and always updated. Lovely app.

  • Good app

    by Israel Alamos

    Good app

  • Chipotle turtle

    by Don't work man chizzle

    Cool but bought it and still ads ...

  • Really good and usefull

    by NateNunn2

    I give 5 stars mostly because of unlimited downloads and that I can customize the songs information (which is my favorite).

  • by Alesia25

  • I like it

    by TheyCallMeMir

    Lags sometimes, other than that great!

  • Amazing

    by Jack__Jackk


  • Great app!

    by Wildhogs44

    I love this app. Never have any problems and it syncs to my radio so I can listen to my music in my car.

  • Cool but more apps like it

    by Maowr

    What the title says

  • Great app

    by Foofita1983

    I like it so much

  • I like it

    by Pablo gonzale

    I like iy

  • Really great!

    by brandonblk01

    Works great for downloading music and works quick and smooth, but there is still little pop up adds here and there even though you pay for the app.

  • Amazing!

    by Jperalta97

    Best music app!!

  • Top of the line

    by farruko

    Nice music app

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