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Languages: Arabic, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Swedish, Chinese

Seller: Sergey Sokolov

Minor bug fixes and perfomance improvements

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Advanced free music downloader for you iPhone or iPad!
Legally download thousands of free songs directly to your device!
Large variety of free music available!!

Full iPhone 5s/5c support!
Skins Support! - Try the new iOS 7 Style Skin

Web browser
-Web Password Keeper
-Bookmark manager
-Single tap downloads
-Multi tab browser

Download Manager
-Fast Downloading
-Multiple downloading at one time
-Pause, resume, or cancel downloading

Compressed File Manager
-Download zip or rar
-Auto extract (able to turn off on Settings)
-Import or export compressed files via Files Sharing Documents and Open in

File manager
-Backup & Restore files to Dropbox
-Songs, Albums, Genre, Artists tab
-Move, rename or delete files and folders

-Create, edit, remove
-Smart Playlists - My Top Rated, Top 25 Most Played, Recently Played, Recently Added

Audio player
-Background Video Playback
-Cover flow
-Fine scrubbing
-Sleep timer

10 bands graphic EQ & visualizer
-22 standard presets like iPod’s
-Customized EQ settings & presets
-EQ presets for specific songs
-Visualizer on player and cover flow

Tag Editor
-Lyrics, Album Artwork, Album Name, Genre, Title, Artist, Album Artist, Track, Year

The free version can download up to 15 songs. Please upgrade to download more songs.

Customer Reviews

  • A

    by Nfbcnnm


  • Love It!!

    by Artvark06

    Best one yet!! The end!!

  • Amazing

    by Sioux tribal


  • nice

    by hhvfcvg

    gooood program

  • Love it

    by Pinkfacelove

    This app is soy cool

  • Easy and useful

    by Bryn_K

    I really like this app because it has like every song I cannot find on iTunes and I can download it without a problem

  • Beast App!

    by YC__Chris

    Dope App!

  • Nice

    by Bee cee cee

    Does what it says it does

  • It cool

    by Young star1


  • Good stuff

    by Utesutah

    Good app! You can get almost any song you want!!

  • Love it!

    by JAH14baby

    It's one of the music apps that you can trust and rely on. Not like the bs music apps that don't let you download anything and this app makes it easy to store your music and search it

  • Good

    by Lilwendernoy62

    Legit time consuming but good

  • Great app!

    by Xiomy Acorn

    Best music app!

  • ok app

    by UndefeatedPeacock

    no unlimited music download, have to buy

  • Love it

    by itsjmay

    Great app!

  • Good app

    by Smileyalby

    This music app is good ....I love it !!

  • It's decent

    by BrendiRhiannon

    This isn't that great

  • Impresive!!

    by Swagerius

    It works pretty good!! ^_^

  • Love it

    by lilgabbbbbz


  • Great app

    by Yashmonga99

    Cool !!

  • Upgrade issues

    by Hari Krishna P

    I am being asked to upgrade to download the music.

  • Issues

    by Luli1997

    I can't download music on itemvn.com

  • Help

    by Mute_pmb

    How do you download the songs? I been trying for a long time and it never helps me

  • Really?

    by Guy across the street from you

    This app would be great if it actually let download music. Every time you open the app it takes you directly to the App Store to promote some random app every 5 seconds, I mean isn't it enough that we're only getting 15 downloads.

  • Stupid

    by Creeper king185

    Dont let you do nothing except pay

  • Cool!

    by Sjdhnsien

    I love This app

  • Amazing app

    by Jpizzaroll

    This app is great just wish we could get a little more than 15 limit maybe 25 or 30

  • Good game

    by Daltoncruze

    This game is so good

  • Good but not great

    by ELmatic5150

    It's a good app but I wish they'd let you download more song before making upgrade to pro..

  • <3

    by Giselle. Carr

    I love it!!!!!

  • by @Reina_Chicaa


  • If only it was unlimited

    by Mamacita Jelly

    It's a great app I just wish it was unlimited for music

  • Best

    by Gi14

    The bezt app

  • This downloader is the best of all kind......I love using it n thanks to those who made it possible.

    by Apamdada

    Best downloader

  • Fantastic

    by cardinal0505050505

    love it and it's good

  • Ghgrgg

    by Negra.98

    I love it....!

  • Best music App

    by Pincheputo$$$$$$$$$

    This App is so awesome expect that you can only download 15 song not unless you buy the App, other then that its a great App

  • Too Much Notifications

    by Gsrddttgf

    Always asking for a review.

  • How many downloads???

    by Soooo.... What?

    Soooo is it like 15 downloads per day?... Oooooor like 15 downloads for the whole app??.... Anyone?

  • This is cool but only if it let me get more music then I have right now

    by Jr101342

    It's a very kool app u won't want to miss!!!!

  • Love it!!!!!

    by JennyyyyM21

    I just absolutely love this app! I can download any song I want without any problems! I just don't like the fact that there's a max of only 15 songs one can download, but other than that it's an awesome music download app! :)

  • Waste

    by lil brandonski

    The app doesn't let me download songs it comes out with an ad to make me buy the full version waste of time

  • Luv it!!!

    by Panot3

    So worth buying it!!!

  • Awesome App

    by SKiiTTLESS

    Love it<3 it works so good:)

  • More than just downloader

    by peterinna

    This app is much more than just a good downloader. What I like the most: I can return to the played file at the exact place where I've stopped listening during previous session.

  • Great app!

    by Megolive

    Love this app!

  • My Review

    by Unevencarrot

    It was awesome except for the popups and limited number of songs you can download.

  • App crashing

    by Kallistajeanne

    This used to be a great music app but it will not stop crashing since I updated it. Please fix it!

  • Best

    by Sweetj88

    One of the best apps I have on my iPhone

  • Great app

    by Angry birds, angry fan

    Amazing variety

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