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*Addressed the database corruption issue that causes loss of downloads
*Fixed major crashing bug

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The best visually stunning and immersive experience you can get on your iPhone, iPad and iPod. Meet your new music collection complete with 16 million + songs, as well as albums and artist hits spanning the decades. This is more than just internet radio. This is the power to play exactly the songs you want, anytime, anywhere.

Purchase a monthly subscription via In-App Purchase for $9.99 (US) with automatic monthly renewal.

- Integrated into BMW & Mini Apps (model year 2011 and later)
- Rich, Editorially Curated content
- Instant access to millions of songs
- Blazing fast playback
- Offline playback of Downloaded Albums, Tracks and Playlists
- Highly visual album and artist search
- Quicker access to Artist and Genre radio
- Engaging full-screen player with rich-album imagery
- Ad-free, High Quality audio
- Editorial curated staff picks
- New releases every Tuesday
- Artist-themed radio stations that can be saved to your library

There’s no limit to what you can do with Rhapsody. Create and download playlists directly on your device. Automatically sync your playlists and library between Rhapsody’s website, home-audio devices and smartphones. Kick back and listen to truly ad-free radio from almost any artist or genre.

High Quality (HQ) downloaded music can be accessed without an active connection.

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Customer Reviews

  • Thanks for the fix

    by Gameguardian

    The most recent update solved the crashing issue for the itouch. I wish you guys good luck for the other devices!

  • Crashes Randomly

    by Bb4524

    It crashes when you try to open the app

  • Artist radio crash

    by Cflem89

    After the latest 2 updates, the artist radio keeps crashing

  • Plagued by random crashes.

    by Turdferguson91

    On the iPhone 5 I have had this app for quite some time with zero problems. Now it seems that the latest version is plagued by random crashes. Pressing the play button doesn't start music at times. It's a great app but when this happens, I have to power off the phone to make it work again. Please help with this issue. Have three stars because the app is great as a whole. Just needs a little attention. Thank you.

  • Nice in depth library

    by DWF29

    Works really smoothly and seems to have everything I want!

  • Love it

    by MarioGerard

    Love the new app !

  • Awesome service, still getting some crashing

    by H4lfbreed

    Keep up the great work, team! Still getting some random crashes but it's more stable than it was.

  • I love this app

    by Appman4333

    Now with an EQ! Great app.

  • Car Mode

    by iluvmusic4life2010

    Wish it had car mode when I'm driving. It would make it easier to skip songs or pause. Also, a backlight option would be nice. I always have to tap the screen from keeping my phone from locking. Overall, great app!

  • Dope!

    by eekybeeky

    It fixed a thing I didn’t like and the EQ is also dope. Settings > EQ.

  • Great music app

    by The1cj

    This is a great app to have if you love music so much cheaper and inexpensive then other apps including iTunes this is a must have app

  • Alarm clock

    by dalejrfan8848

    It would be awesome if adding a alarm clock in the app..that way waking up to your playlist

  • Nice update

    by 0010001100100001

    Apparently people can't figure out the swipe from left to right to open the menu drawer for easy search?? Thanks for the update! Love the service

  • Good Music But...

    by Lsvdjghfckrfkgdjrgjyefjrfbyrdy

    I can't sign in!

  • Love it and use it every day

    by JonnyMalingo

    This is my go to daily music app. Slick design, great features, and they consistently polish their product with each release. Couldn't ask for more.

  • This app rocks!

    by Koalas1

    Nice bug fixes, sleek design, access to music news, reviews, etc. as well as awesome music!

  • Thanks for the quick fix.

    by jodymckinley

    Awesome turn-around time on repairing the bugs from the previous version.

  • Poorly Written App

    by tBasco

    Music constantly skips, radio often dies and requiring a restart.

  • Album art within playlist view.

    by Lounge2fly

    ✨Update much better but still really, really miss album art icons in playlists!!! Please bring that back. So much easier to pick songs. Please fix and bring back album art in playlist view.

  • SQUID THE WHALE also a bug :p

    by Sexymexi426

    I love this app but you guys would be my best friends if you put squid the whale on the app :) Also on a more important note when I shuffle my queue it randomly exits the shuffle and so I have to start all over :( it'll let me skip a few songs and then it just stops like there's nothing else to play but there is!!!! Help me :'(

  • Keeps crashing!

    by King_stud_

    Needs an update. Keeps crashing. Stop playing after 1 second of play

  • Unreliable

    by Haleymartin

    Extremely unreliable. Search option is a pain to use. Playlist are not alphabetized. Lack of music. Crashes and deletes all downloads. Constantly removes albums from store and thus from any playlists containing album. Randomly starts playing music.

  • Are u kidding me!!!!????!!!

    by Bookworm86

    Just updated this app and it completely took the app off my phone and now it won't open at all!!!!! So annoyed right now! And last time I updated it deleted my entire library and had to start from scratch... I think it's time to switch!! 0 stars smh


    by Fjdodhx

    With the new update, i can no longer listen to music outside of the app (even on the home screen) i love rhaposody and use it constantly, but would love this to be resolved

  • Horrible

    by MiddleFLS

    For some reason some of the songs from my music stopped working

  • Fix This App!!!

    by bill_wieland

    I pay a subscription means this app should work, no questions. In this latest release streaming music just stops at random. Please fix this app!!

  • Disappointing, lacking essential features

    by Some1withAcomputer

    I mostly like the interface other than a few key features that are missing. 1) I should be able to search from almost any page in the app via a search bar top right corner (or somewhere). When I'm in an album page I have to click back 4,5,6 times to get to the search function! That's ridiculous. 2) When I'm in my music and looking at an album I've saved, I should be able to click on the artist's name or have an option to see more albums and have it take me to the artists page where I can view all the albums available, not just the ones I've saved. Currently, again, I have to click back several times and then re-search the artist to see more albums available by that artist. Silly. 3) Your audio quality is falling way behind the competition. 192Kbps is sub-par and you can barely call that "high quality." your competition is streaming at 320kbps. That's a huge difference and almost worth switching for. Please update or you may soon risk loosing this customer of more than 10yrs strong. Thanks.

  • Garbage: only thing it does is take money

    by Tunghoy

    App constantly crashes, songs skip or don't play, library often gets wiped out. Help doc says to sign out and back in, but then the app doesn't recognize the new password. No live help. The programmer should be fired.

  • Unstable iphone app

    by Elvinrod88

    Good music selection but playback issues over and over again. Bad customer support. Very unstable app.

  • Awesome

    by Gay-boy-swag!

    Love this app it's the only one I use know

  • Nice

    by Wolfeburton22

    Love the app, but it would be perfect if it had a area with all tracks and the ability to shuffle them.

  • Crashes

    by Cflem89

    After the latest update, the app will crash after playing a few songs, please fix, otherwise great app when it works

  • It's great but

    by ellsbells/edtheruler

    It keeps crashing. Please fix

  • Full of glitches

    by 5Critics

    I can't even switch songs without the whole application glitching up and not letting me switch the song or just ceasing to play music in general! Fix this!

  • Please eliminate pause between songs

    by Cangstead

    This app is close to perfect but the pause between songs is annoying when listening to albums that have a constant music flow. Please fix.

  • I don't know please help me

    by Raul_barcelona_11

    It ask me for my Apple ID and Password what for. Will it but anything

  • Love it!!

    by Soundbraker

    Excelent sq of the music. App gets better and better with each update. Addition of EQ adds to the flexibility. Keep it up!

  • Love the updated radio features

    by Tami Janney

    Great update!

  • My #1 music app

    by sicme


  • Awesome app

    by C. Kent

    App looks and feels great! My first and only choice for music streaming.

  • Rock on!

    by Rhapdork

    Keep it coming, love the updates.

  • Deleted Everything

    by Gigs in

    I used to listen to my music on here all the time and all of a sudden it has a "data space error" and deletes ALL of my music? Umm no thank you. I had so much music on there and it's all gone.

  • Horrible since update

    by Awkward Cheese Puff

    The update erased the majority of my playlists and won't let me re-add the songs...every time I try, there's nothing there. PLEASE FIX!

  • Better than ever!

    by OnlyTimeWillTell

    Update works great and just found the EQ, cool.

  • all music, no ads, eq!

    by Killarojaja

    finally has an equalizer! having fun trying the different settings. also streams super quick! glad all of my playlists are preserved perfectly with the upgrade!

  • Just a few things to add

    by Vanessakay49

    I wish they still showed the album cover in the playlist screen. Multiple profiles within one account would be nice as well. I also wish there was a way to search songs within a playlist.

  • Great app.

    by Shumazing BK

    Really nice new design with editorial. The EQ addition is cool, too.

  • Luv the equalizer!

    by PixelMadchen

    Nice addition.

  • Great app!

    by Knomymusic

    Love the layout

  • Slick!

    by Maria Cristina Jimenez

    It's a slick looking app, easy to use!

  • Music gold

    by Abhi nair

    This app gets it. I want an intuitive interface. No desire to go down any rabbit holes to get what I want. I like the new look - brighter and more polished!

  • Great app

    by Oliviaparriott

    Keeps getting better and better!

  • Love this app!

    by Franfromfrance

    Works great + super intuitive. Highly recommended!!!

  • Awesome new version

    by Ebook reader lover

    Liked the equalizer and radio feature, putting others behind

  • Very Sleek

    by Mattomaha321

    The app looks amazing! Great playlists for ease of use. Keep it up!

  • Best music app gets even better

    by Onelovell

    Thanks for incorporating the equalizer. I love this app and use it everyday. I would love to be able to rearrange my playlists by album, date added or artist. Keep up the good work

  • Love it ..

    by Haritham

    Totally love the new app..

  • EQ

    by TheSSS_420

    Love the functionality of the Equalizer. Really enhances the listening experience.

  • Love it

    by Phattcan

    Gets better every time!

  • Great update!

    by DHesse

    Enjoying the new equalizer. Keep the jazz catalogue growing!


    by mikC T

    All recent updates to this app have removed the ability to shuffle library while listening on iphone. This was a very useful and basic feature. Playlist or artist must be selected,unlike earlier versions.PLEASE BRING BACK "SHUFFLE LIBRARY" OPTION for iphone.

  • absolutely hate the new version

    by Cccamila

    I really really regret updating it because it erased almost all my playlist and took away Justin bieber which ticked me off the most. it deleted all my playlists with his songs and I hate this app along with it's update now. the update is truly awful.

  • I would give it no stars

    by dbackbear

    ...but I didn't have a choice. The app keeps clearing my playlists, forcing me to delete and reinstall the app. What good is this if I can't listen to anything?

  • Bey is worth the wait

    by Not a pandora user

    I've waited too long!! I just want the new Beyonce' album, please update!

  • Equalizer Does not work!

    by John3oh3

    I tried the equalizer and it sounds worst, it sounds better without the equalizer please fix!

  • Oh yeah!

    by dmpratt

    Great library and slowly improving app. But now that they support the iPhone's eq! OMG yeah!

  • Love it

    by funkapus7

    Looks better and better all the time. I love that I can listen to anything I want to, no ads.

  • Can't stop listening!

    by borishnikovv

    Solid music app!

  • Love it

    by MarioGerard

    Love the new app !

  • Font fix

    by Shippy McBuysalot

    Thanks for darkening the search font.


    by 0010001100100001

    Finally got an equalizer in this app! I love it

  • EQ!!

    by eekybeeky

    Settings > Equalizer Schweet.

  • I love this app

    by Appman4333

    Now with an EQ! Great app.

  • This app is awesome!

    by Ffkijinx

    All the music I want for one low price! Works great!!!

  • Loving the EQ!

    by bizzybizmark

    Great update. So far really enjoying the addition of the equalizer.

  • Good

    by Jimb011223345

    Songs take up a lot of space tho :(

  • Works Sometimes

    by Kenny Carson

    Songs stop playing and you have restart everything and even sometimes delete the app altogether and re-download. Pain in the butt!

  • Crashes

    by lizlovejoy94

    I pay for the app, and while I listen to my music, the app just crashes unexpectedly, or just stops playing the song. Its frustrating!! >:(

  • Crash crash crash

    by Kgrau93

    Although it crashes here and there every so often, it still gives you a great bang for your buck. But what I'm not okay with is it randomly crashing and deleting my 800+ downloaded songs. This is pretty frustrating.

  • Great once you figure it out

    by Adeshawne

    Figure out how to use it and it's the bomb

  • Worlds better!

    by JordanCox

    I've been a long time subscriber, and I can honestly say it is a million times better than what it used to be. Hardly ever crashes, very modern design (although navigating is kind of a pain) keep up the good work!

  • Love it but..

    by beats_n_blunts

    The SHUFFLE is terrible at least for me I find myself listening to back to back songs which REALLY annoys me. Other than that I LOVE this app and love that I'm subscribed.

  • Can't take it anymore...

    by AestheticDeath2

    I'm getting fed up with losing my songs and etc... It's bs to have put up with this crap and pay 10 bucks a month to be miserable?!

  • Deltes all my downloaded songs

    by CellisRandom

    F**K you

  • Great app

    by Itsjeff

    BUT can you guys fix the memory efficiency??? It takes too much space. Makes me not want to use it.

  • Don't buy

    by Dugongwalrusman

    Don't get they constantly delete your music database claiming it's an error and then when I decided to cancel they make it nearly impossible

  • Database Error=Songs GONE!

    by gc in ct

    About to cancel subscription. Like concept, hate fact that I’ve lost my music and now must start over collecting/downloading stuff that should be saved. 3rd time. I am no rookie as an IT tech. This is NOT acceptable. Worse than useless, bc you are lulled into thinking it’s working again. NOT!

  • Awesome updates and improvements!

    by Vernlicious

    Thank you for hearing us! The new shuffle feature is nice and i like how it shows if my playlist needs updating clearly. Overall interface is much better and makes it easier to use. Yayyy so worth my 9.99/month!

  • App disappointing

    by Changotime

    Very choppy play / with full bars and wifi enabled.

  • Error

    by avril summer

    Stop undownloading my music! It is so annoying. I'm tired of all these errors and I have to download all my music over again and I have done this at least five times. Please fix the problem

  • Great interface

    by Math pro

    I had Rdio for about a year.... Hands down this is way better. You can search by genre, similar artists, etc. Great app!

  • Why

    by Chris da white

    Great, except for when it deletes ALL OF YOUR SONGS!

  • Database error = deleted all songs

    by ObeWanKanObe

    I don't pay $10 a month for all my downloaded songs to get deleted. "Database error" NEEDS TO BE FIXED. 3rd time this has happened

  • Please restore my downloads!

    by Jaye Vee

    Every album that I downloaded was DELETED with the last update.

  • Frustrating

    by Thelonius696969

    Deleted all my downloads. A common problem.

  • nice

    by Ride-till-I-die

    I love the new swipe menu. But i keep getting kick out of the app when im downloading music!!!! please help!

  • It's alright

    by Darealestnig

    There needs to be a repeat button

  • Slow for iPhone

    by coolBEANer :]

    Slow to start up the app, slow to raise/lower the volume, slow to skip/select a track, just SLOW. What happened to my favorite app?

  • Erased my Database?

    by Dinglewaha

    I had 5 gigs of music downloaded, too many artists to count and now it's all gone. That's really Irritating.

  • When it works it works great...

    by Shockwavee

    But the app has a lot of problems, including randomly deleting your entire downloaded library! Make sure to add all your downloads to playlists to recover them in case this happens to you.

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