Rdio Music App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Music
  • Publisher: Rdio
  • Updated: Dec, 17 2009
  • Version: 2.5.5
  • Size: 30.79 MB

Languages: Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, ID, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Chinese

Seller: Rdio, Inc.

Minor bug fixes

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Discover your next favorite track with Rdio, a social jukebox with over 20 million tracks to play — instantly or in stations — on your iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. Play what you want, when you want, from new hits to classic albums. Or, start a station based on any track, artist or genre and lean back while Rdio plays a perfect mix of songs. Once you’ve found some favorites, add them to your Collection or put them in a playlist. If you’re going to lose signal, just sync to your device and listen offline.

Feeling social? Follow friends, artists and other music lovers to see what they’re playing. The more people you follow, the more music you’ll discover.

It’s music evolved. Go and play.

Try Rdio Unlimited free for two weeks. Keep listening to stations for free (currently available in the United States, Canada, and Australia), or upgrade for unlimited listening everywhere with In-App Purchases for 14.99 USD (US) / 14.99 CAD (CA) / 14.99 GBP (GB) / 20.99 AUD (AU) / 19.99 NZD (NZ) / 14,99 EUR (DE, ES, PT, FR, FI, BE, NL, IE, AT, IT) / 10,99 EUR (LV, LT) / 9,99 EUR (CZ, EE) / 6,99 EUR (PL) / 149 DKK (DK) / 149 SEK (SE) / 147 NOK (NO) / 139 MXP (MX) / 19,00 CHF (CH) / $18.99 USD (IS) / 10.99 USD (CL) / $11.99 USD (CO) / 68 HKD (HK) / $6.99 (MY) per month, renewing automatically.

Praise from Rdio’s fans:

"Rdio feels more like a best friend who loves music than an app." – @Visqis

“Everyone knows that I'm the king of the playlists . . . Rdio gives me the red carpet I been waiting for to lead people to my favorite Quiet Storm Classics . . . or my Sunday Clean Mix (my personal favorite song collection). My infinite music landscape has found a happy home!” – Questlove, drummer of The Roots

Praise from the press:

“A seemingly endless amount of music to discover.” – Belinda Thomas, Examiner

“Makes it so, so easy to find music you love, hopping from one act to the next.” – Alexis C. Madrigal, The Atlantic

“Rdio has by far the best app and online interface [of all streaming music services] . . . Grade: A” – Entertainment Weekly

“It's the music discovery version of a candy store.” — Marissa Cetin, Mashable

Customer Reviews

  • By far the best

    by viachicago22

    This app is awesome. Rdio is by far the best music streaming service. The design of the app is beautiful. I love the social features.

  • Love This App...

    by maxurbn

    Great design, very fluid... My only criticism is the lack of music in the catalog. A number of my artists albums are not available.

  • Finally!

    by garlandobloom89

    I have not even updated, but you are already getting five stars for adding proper playlist editing. It has been the biggest glaring missing feature since the creation of the mobile app. Thank you.

  • Finally!!

    by Moltomateo

    Playlist editing!! NOW the app is perfect.

  • Luvit

    by ShaiLeShai

    I can't live without it!!

  • Please have my children

    by mkkwon

    Love it!!

  • Best App

    by Ddre4123

    I think that rdio is the best app to use because u can listen to the exact song u want to listen to and the quality it's great the only issue is that the cost is too high they should make it 9.99 to meet everyone's needs

  • Love it!

    by TLS_music

    Best app for streaming music! Love the option to listen to a whole album! It's a must try... You won't be sorry!

  • Love this app

    by muzik1903

    The remote function is awesome.

  • Best music streaming app

    by notanickname55

    Search needs improvement but other than that, Rdio is unquestionably the cleanest, easiest to use, best for music discovery. It's not even close.

  • Fantastic Experience

    by mojodean

    The quality of the user experience, the depth of the music library and the appropriate integration of your friend's music experiences (without the constant Facebook/Twitter integrations that most incorporate) makes Rdio a must-have. I have been listening for hours each day,

  • Needs better stations

    by FlabLoser

    Audio quality is good. Selection is good. Easy to navigate and build playlists. Lacks favorites or likes/dislikes for songs. I find the Stations very disappointing. The artist stations come up with bizarre things. Some how it thinks Bon Jovi is similar to J.J. Cale. Artist radio keeps playing the same 5-6 artists repeatedly. Same for genre stations. The stations/radio function generally needs a lot more intelligence. There is a thumbs up/down function for songs played through Stations, but it seems to have no effect in tuning the Station.

  • Awesome

    by Thompson4545

    This is my favorite app it has everything it's got so much freedom to get all the music you want and more it's great if you see this app get it

  • Awesome

    by Thompson4545

    This is my favorite app it has everything it's got so much freedom to get all the music you want and more it's great if you see this app get it

  • Good features

    by Kyle McDonald

    This app has all the features I'm looking for. There are still some bugs. The app will freeze while trying to play, sometimes there won't be any sound even though I can see the app says its playing. Fix these bugs and it will be a 5 star app

  • Rdio

    by BeeWhyAre21

    Amazing! I love this app, if i remember a song or hear one i like all i have to do is look it up! That's it! Love it ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  • Love it but

    by nilus world

    still miss a lot of foreign songs.

  • Awesome app

    by Stevemp114

    Looking forward to chromecast support.

  • Have my whole family on Rdio

    by petrockz

    What a perfect way to keep track of what my daughters are listening to. Plus I love the mobile app, as a mobile developer myself, it inspires me to take design to new heights.

  • Forget Pandora and itunes radio

    by Jdjdkddj

    This is my new musuc source! I love this app! Everything about it is great, i'm already recommending it to friends

  • App doesn't play songs

    by kamakazzi

    I have a valid subscription. It will play the first half second of every song, then stop. What happened?

  • Great Service, Horrible App

    by JBradK

    I miss the old interface. There's too many things to slide around to navigate the app. It used to be simple, intuitive, and easy to use. I have no use for the social aspect either. I just want a clean, simple interface and a great selection of music.

  • Crashing

    by Ezlnh8u

    Does not load using my iPhone 5s

  • It was good for only a month

    by Gdjjdfddhch

    It was awesome for the first month until they started making me playlists

  • Great app, just keeps prompting for a review

    by Pete the Coder

    Another prompter app. Sad

  • Horrible now, used to be great

    by Just_a_normal_mouse

    Whenever you click on song from your collection it starts a station if I wanted to start a station I would I just want to play that song fix this and I'll download it again

  • Trash

    by C. Euseary

    This just became trash, now I can't just play music I choose. I'm forced to play 15$ a month now. DELETE!!

  • Deleted it after they killed it

    by killedkenny

    I just wanted to listen to one song, but they made a new station for the song instead and didn't let me listen to the only song I used the app for. No point for me. They did let me listen to it for a little while before; it was a song that I couldn't find anywhere else, so its got a decent selection...if you pay.

  • Went down the drain

    by Constantlito

    Where do i begin. My collection playlist always follows the same order making it impossible to listen to other songs unless i click on them. It wont delete songs that i took off my sync mobile or collection. It starts radio stations that dont at all correlate to the previous song. I deleted the app reinstalled same errors. It stops playing sometimes if i go to the internet, while im doing nothing on the internet that can interrupt it. Very frustrating app. I told many people about rdio when it was good they all left. I too, after this months pay, will definitely be deleting this app.

  • Excellent!!!

    by mtbeargie

    Rdio is one of my fav music apps. I enjoy it completely.

  • It changed

    by Marissa and jayden

    I like the app although I don't like the new version where you have to play stations and you can't play the exact song you wanna play I like the old version

  • Auto play

    by stealth102

    When I pick an artist and it list all the songs (by that artist) sorted by most played ones, why doesn't it play one song after another once I pick one? Please fix it.

  • So far, So good

    by LH in Santa Monica

    Still getting used to the app but so far, it is working well. Streaming to my B & W A7 AirPlay speaker has been awesome. This app seems to integrate well with the desktop app. I'll send an update later.

  • Good app.

    by Abdullatif_reviews

    This is what I looked for in a music app. Thank you.

  • Great App & Service

    by dj-boston

    The Rdio app and streaming service are great. I can listen to what lever music or artist I want wherever and whenever I want. Control the playback from other devices, cache music locally, and share playlists...all great features. The one downside; I wish I could delete and/or rename stations. Other than that...awesome.

  • Avoid these scammers

    by Bubmack2

    When you sign up they start emailing you constantly. There is no easy email opt out in the email and I have yet to be able to figure how to get them to stop emailing me. Annoying.

  • Sweet

    by Robmuniz1

    I love this app! You can do a lot with it and it has all the music that I want!

  • Why pay a monthly fee when other...

    by CAHouseModern

    Why pay a monthly fee when Pandora and a ton of other music apps are a one time yearly fee of $30 or less. This a waste of money.

  • Best mobile expierience out there

    by Sebastian Huber

    While the desktop app has its flaws, the mobile counterpart shines like no other mobile music app I know. Discovery is superb, listening history based radio is mad and that is just the beginning. Rdio offers the best music experience you can get on iOS. Period. No other streaming app used since I switched to Rdio.

  • Beto

    by HLoza

    Great App! Love the music!!

  • Great for finding new music

    by MoehrkStar

    This is a fantastic app for finding new music. The app design is flawless.

  • Better than other music apps

    by AlmostMatt

    amazing app, not a lot of people know about it.

  • must hace it

    by Wasup17

    excelent app , great partner for shazan

  • It's a good app

    by mister pintsize

    Great app and service but I wish that there was a playback feature.i play a song and it's on pause and I play it again the song starts all over again.update please

  • Worst app ever

    by trongnguyen

    Need more work

  • Best

    by Josh the boss's

    Best music app on the App Store

  • Bugging me to rate

    by Gern Blanston

    Bugging me to rate

  • Way better than any other

    by Eduardo2540

    This is the best music radio out. This makes pandora look like the lamest thing out.

  • Love it!!

    by E_Burns

    I love Rdio!!! I use it to create playlists for my workouts and the yoga classes I teach. So many choices! It's truly an awesome app!

  • 15 mi$takes every month

    by arnaud_78

    great + very expensive app, needs lots of fixes.

  • Love it

    by crocodileman

    Great app. You really can't beat the amazing artist only radio and adjustable radio discovery slider. The remote feature is also amazing. Sync / which songs are stored on the device needs to be streamlined, but when it comes to just artist specific streaming radio- this is hands down the best music app.

  • Almost Perfect.

    by meltiurc

    Rdio would literally be perfect if add local file support.

  • love it

    by frouglas

    great app. good selection, good interface. all around win.

  • Help me please !!

    by Joel Skane

    I bought the 14.99 monthly subscription and i get an error message saying "this payment has been used on a different rdio account" which i only have one account for rdio?? Please i really like this app

  • Praise God for Rdio!!

    by Running Home Scared

    Tons of great worship music and worship playlists that other people loaded. Great app!! Must have for nonstop worship music!

  • Very Buggy

    by cridernickname

    This app crashes every day. Or the sound will go dead in the middle of a song while the track keeps going. It can take 30-60 seconds to view the track list of songs synced to mobile. I've reinstalled this app many times.

  • Before


    I liked this app better before when you could listen to an artist full album and just that artist not different artists. To me it is just like Pandora radio. I would like to listen to just one artist album and not a artist radio.

  • Design should never be over performance

    by dosochentaydos

    Come on guys, I'd give this five stars if it wasn't for the last update, which animations are all sluggish, on an iPhone 5!! It was perfect on the last version, but the you introduced that blurry now playing screen and it all turned very very laggy. Unacceptable! Great design, but sacrificing function!!

  • Best Streaming App

    by Rickey Melton

    Love his app have had it since launch I have 4 member family plan. Love that every Tuesday we get music when it comes out and entire albums!

  • Bugged my phone

    by TinTinBro

    I was listening to music an decided to choose a different song. At first it was loading the song but then it froze and none of the buttons worked. A few seconds later the screen shut off but the song I picked kept playing. I pressed the home button and lock button but my screen wouldnt turn on. Now Im stuck with my phone not even working. If had bugs similar to this but this time it went too far. Something like this cant be happening. Hopefully it doesnt happen to other people.

  • Amazing

    by Mw51178

    Love this app so great one of my favs a must buy

  • Bad bad bad

    by HeiHei13

    This used to be my favorite app because I could listen to all the music I wanted and full albums. Now is a bunch of stations and you don't get to listen to the songs you like anymore. After today I'm deleting it because it isn't even worth it. If I wanted to listen to stations made by the artist I would go to Pandora or the Apple station because what made this app different was the fact that you were able to listen to the songs you wanted. Sorry, but if something is going well, keep it and don't change it because changes aren't always benefiting.

  • By far the best

    by Allrawk

    I have subscribed to all of the different music services out there and this is the best!

  • Awesome!

    by Nyanalicious

    This is perfect for work when not everyone likes the same music I do! I can add a nice variety!

  • Best music streaming app out there

    by SometimeLater

    Beautiful interface and reliable service. Love it.

  • Heads above the competition

    by Kandyasss

    This app is well designed and up to todays standards of use. Rdio is wonderful and enjoyable. Definitely pleased. It is heads above the competition

  • Worth it


    When I farted I pooped a little bit

  • Love this service, love this app.

    by Meatbulb

    I recommend rdio to so many people! Interface is easy to use and the selection is awesome.

  • Fantastic app!

    by erick.chevez

    No complaints so far. Beautiful design and great functionality.

  • My go-to music app

    by adamstielstra

    Beats iTunes Match, because it IS iTunes Match and all that much more. Affordable and enough variety for anyone to enjoy. This IS digital music's best bet.

  • HardAF!!!!

    by Frank the tank5567

    This app is dope. 5 starz!!! The only thing it needs to be the best, and EVERYONE agrees with this! ..... It needs to be arranged by song name! The app is still fresh though!

  • Best app ever

    by Laurabowwow

    So awesome!! Can find any album and any song!!!

  • Great music player!

    by Eric Moss

    I love Rdio and this is a great app!

  • Boo


    I use to like this app a lot cuz it gave me easy access to all my favorite songs,but now it won't let me listen to the songs I like. Instead it gives me recommended songs that they think I will like based on what I have already listen to. I don't like this the only reason I got this was cuz it wasnt like pandora it let me listen to the songs I wanted to. It didn't give me songs to listen based on the song I actually wanted to listen to. So for that I am very angry and after I finish writing I'm gonna delete this app. Sorry.....

  • Awesome!!

    by David Taylor

    This app lets you listen to the right song at the right time. Love it!

  • Great App!!

    by rbotafogo2011

    Rdio is a wonderful app, it's library is broad and eclectic.

  • Love the design

    by jet_set

    Keep it coming!

  • Best app ever

    by Lizzy fly

    Awesome app

  • Buggy

    by Tamemore

    The app often freezes on the title page and won't let me play music. Annoying for a paying customer :(

  • Better Than Pandora x10

    by Emhsno

    this is the best music app out there. you get pretty much every song you want at your disposal with no ads (so far/from what I can tell)

  • Should of never changed

    by Randybaldwinrd

    This app was perfect until it changed, now its like pandora, sorry but im going back to livemixtapes

  • Turning over a new leaf

    by xHALFRICANx

    My testimony would start off something like this "Once was a pirate..." Since Rdio has been in my life I send then $10 every month with a smile on my face! Never again do I have search, download, re-edit content, upload to my music and have it take up space. This is the music revolution! Thank you Rdio for making me fly right on Route 66 ---PLEASE--- Allow for deletion of Stations! I got time if you got developers on it!!

  • Great app!

    by Rob Grzywinski

    My only ask is that the workflow around searching is cleaned up. After a search and diving in, you end up losing the search and you have to navigate to it again.

  • Great app!

    by Rob Grzywinski

    My only ask is that the workflow around searching is cleaned up. After a search and diving in, you end up losing the search and you have to navigate to it again.

  • Miles above the rest.

    by brandonpiersol

    Well designed. Well supported. Best music service, hands down. Stop hating your life, and subscribe already.

  • Its really good

    by Chubbiicheaks

    Its really good i love it but i have one question dose it take up any internet ?

  • Rdio App.

    by El Nene Malo1369

    This app is awesome I love it Keep up the good werk.

  • Better than Pandora !

    by Pachi Cruz

    I still can't believe how great this is ! Fully recommend it to everybody has almost al the music you want :)

  • Herd of but not fond of

    by Shimmer33

    I have tried it but never really tried it but I hope it's good thumbs up

  • Great app

    by zbju

    Access to everything I could want and more. I love everything about this app, haven't had any of the crashes others are talking about. Occasionally there is a problem with the streaming and songs won't load, but I haven't had that issue since the latest update ( the developers update frequently, which is nice, keeps everything running smoothly). It's easy to navigate, nice to look at, and has everything I've ever thought to search for; minus a very select few. Get this app, well worth the money. You won't be disappointed. Update 10/29 Would be nice if the customized recommendations were available on mobile. Otherwise still loving the app! Update 11/5 Ask and you shall receive, recommendations now on mobile. I may be asking a bit much but would an alarm clock/sleep timer function be implemented? Then I could go to sleep and wake up with rdio...think about it developers... Without a doubt the most used app on my phone, rdio is the absolute best. Cheers

  • You can sync and listen offline!

    by Dalton33-Brasil

    Much better than iTunes Radio because you can should exactly what Artists, Albums and Music you what to and to your collection and then sync it to listen offline. This last feature is killer! Now I convinced to pay for online music!!!

  • The Best!

    by helbonikster

    Streaming perfected.

  • Great app

    by Dtheone

    Luv this app can't get any better

  • Good but needs work

    by nk91

    Been a long time subscriber of Rdio and never had any issues in terms of streaming etc. Sometimes my wifi signal isn't as strong and it doesn't stream from data so it can be slow in times like that. My only issue is that on the regular the swipe function in the app will stall. It doesn't happen in any other apps, just Rdio. Happens atleast 3-4x a day when frequently used. I usually have to close out or go back to home screen. Fix please!!

  • Buy it NOW

    by Guerillaw

    Represents the future of music delivery. Amazing archive of music including a lot of obscure tracks. Easily worth the monthly fee for the sheer volume but goes well beyond that with a quality interface and availability across the iOS ecosystem. I listen to kid stuff while driving with my daughter and obscure indie rap when alone. Stellar app.

  • Error

    by Popstar4829

    Well there's a problem with this, I make a playlist and I click on it and it makes a station so if you can please fix this

  • AWESOME!!!!!!!!

    by Manerod1978

    Specially the paid version anything you want !!! I love it!!

  • Great App

    by Lmazet

    Lovely design with intuitive stations, a wide range of music, easily shareable playlists and songs.

  • Awesome!

    by ruins411

    Great library of music, beautiful design.

  • wah wah

    by bcompton

    shouldn't have pestered me to rate your app, maybe.

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