Qello - Concerts & Music Documentaries Music App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Music
  • Publisher: Qello
  • Updated: Mar, 15 2012
  • Version: 1.7.3
  • Size: 6.34 MB

Languages: English

Seller: Qello LLC

Minor update that includes:

* When entering fullscreen video mode on iPad landscape, the top navigation bar is no longer visible, providing a true fullscreen experience.

* Spotlight screen now displays additional tiers of curated content to help you discover more amazing shows.

* Added a new scrolling banner animation to the Sign In screen.

* A few very minor bug fixes and enhancements.

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22 Ratings
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227 Ratings


Do you love live music? Qello brings the concert to you - wherever you are, whenever you want it. Qello is the world's largest collection of full-length HD concerts and music documentaries on demand.

Whether you want to watch Beyoncé or Coldplay in concert on your iPhone; a documentary about The Doors, The Grateful Dead, or JayZ on your iPad; or turn your living room into a Mumford & Sons, Celine Dion, or a Blake Shelton concert with your Apple TV, Qello delivers the ultimate music experience - in crystal clear High Definition video. Qello's library of full-length live concert videos spans the spectrum of musical genres, from the 1920s to days, giving every music lover a feast of entertainment.

Join our mission to make the concert experience a bigger part of every music lover's life!

Qello was selected by TechCrunch as one of the "Best iOS Apps to Watch on Apple TV." Billboard magazine called Qello "A Super-Hip Netflix for Concert Films." USA Today called Qello a "Haven for Music Movies." And Apple has featured Qello as "New & Noteworthy" "What's Hot," "Amazing on iPhone 5," and a "Music Discovery" essential app.

The app download includes one or more free tracks from every show, plus more than 30 channels of continuous concert moments on Qello TV. To get unlimited access to the entire Qello collection, we invite you to sign up for a Qello 7-DAY FREE TRIAL.

After your free trial ends, your Qello All-Access Pass subscription will automatically renew at $4.99 US each month, billed through your iTunes account. It's risk-free because you can cancel at any time by turning off auto-renew in your iTunes account settings.

With thousands of incredible full-length concerts spanning the spectrum of musical genres, Qello is a music lover's dream-come true!

Qello features:

On Demand: You can choose whatever you want to watch and instantly stream it any time, anywhere.

Variety: From Hip Hop, Country, Rock, Jazz, Blues, Indie, Metal, Pop, and so many more, Qello's ever-expanding collection spans the spectrum of musical genres from the 1920s to today. 

Qello Documentaries: Go backstage and access countless award-winning music documentaries, including our Classic Albums series that uncovers the creative process of legendary albums.

New Releases: Don't miss out! Download Qello now and get all the new shows - from the stage straight to the app - Qello is always adding amazing new content.

Qello TV: Sit back and discover. Watch more than 30 channels of music programming on Qello TV. It's a festival of non-stop musical genius!

Qello on the Big Screen: Home entertainment at its finest - Qello is now available on Apple TV (Check out "What's on Apple TV" http://www.apple.com/appletv/whats-on).

Qello Setlists: With an All-Access Pass, you can design your own dream shows by adding tracks to your custom Setlists. Or enjoy Qello's currated Setlists.

Sign up for a Qello 7-DAY FREE TRIAL today.

We're eager to improve your Qello iOS experience! Please do not post bug reports or feature requests as an App Store review. Help us help you - contact us directly at http://applehelp.qello.com
And we'll make sure your feedback gets to our development team!

Qello terms and privacy policy: http://qello.com/privacy_policy

Customer Reviews

  • Ahmet

    by Ahmet as


  • I hope its good

    by Warrior573

    This will be one of the best apps i think

  • Love it

    by FreddieG345

    Great app!

  • Like having season tickets

    by Egroot

    Wide variety of music genre's and artist, most in HD

  • Celtic Women

    by Gwomem

    The holiday special collection added some wonderful music moments to our Christmas Eve..... Thank You Qello!

  • Vg

    by Bernard Luib


  • First!

    by Moindex


  • All white

    by Avid music lover

    New update is awesome! Looks refreshed and the new features are pretty cool. Definitely loads everything faster.

  • Niche, Quality App for Music Lovers

    by MQmusicfan

    The documentaries are worth paying the subscription fee. Moreover, Apple TV product to compliment iPad and iPhone rounds out the suite of cross-apple entertainment.


    by NYCDWB

    1 number and 1 word to describe…….5 STARS!

  • LOVE LOVE LOVE Qello!!

    by Mnidel1972

    What can I say?? It's fantastic!! If u don't have it already get it!

  • "SLEEK"!!! Great app! ( spidermonkey)

    by Francita Viviana

    I have one adjective to describe this app " SLEEK"it has a very neat look, an easy to browse screen, and an amazing hight quality - streaming video content. This music app is number one of my list. I simply love it. I have always been a music lover but now I m a music savvy . This app carries tones of music concerts and documentaries, it is just great for anyone who enjoys music. It turns watching a concert into a vivid experience! I can't wait for my app tv so I can watch it full screen. BTW can you please add some more Spanish artist?

  • Amazing.

    by JayGuitar99

    Non-stop concerts? Yes please.

  • Qello

    by Firecracker;)

    This is an amazing app!!!!!! I'm addicted! There's just nothing like it! It's like Netflix (but all music) had a baby with MTV when MTV used to actually play music;( I'm just so excited that I found this, I'm too young to have witnessed all these amazing concerts and how can one person attend to all that's going on now and what's yet to come? Qello!!!!!!

  • Qello Rocks Again!

    by Love Street West

    Fantastic App. The world of music is now my oyster. Keep it coming! Love this week's new releases. I am going to buy an Apple TV now!! Great update Qello, please keep up the good work!

  • Great App

    by MikeeikM

    Keep it coming, the only downside is it seems some artists may be unwilling to sign a licensing agreement. Beyond that, the app and paid service are both excellent!

  • airplay multitasking

    by East Village Radiohead

    love the airplaying to my apple tv while i do stuff around the house or entertaining. great concerts.

  • It's Good....

    by Gary Player

    It's kind of good... I wouldn't say great though.

  • Great app

    by Povard

    Works great and has good content

  • AMAZING❗❗❗


    It's the best music app ever❕❕❕

  • Not enough variety

    by 13me13131313131313

    The best shows are put on my jam bands, DMB, OAR, Dispatch... None of these and only one by Slightly Stupid. Can't justify the expense for such little content.

  • i wouldnt pick this :/

    by bellabunny2000

    its not great for me but might be good for others :|

  • FAIL

    by tchronister

    Obnoxious app and phony trial offer. Folks you will be charged, don't fall for it. I will not lend anymore feedback because I do want to see Qello fail. Good night Irene.

  • Tough to work with

    by Weady5

    Cool content, but logging in was such a pain that I took it off both ipad and Apple TV. It's $5/mo, worth the cost if you are a music lover

  • Useless

    by Chuck McSchmuck

    Got the app because it sounded cool. When I tried to open it, all I got was a black screen. It was immediately deleted

  • Qello

    by MSBrownlee

    The iPhone app works ok, Qello on AppleTV is another story. Causes my ATV to reset after about 30 mins. Qello support was friendly but called out wifi interference. Streaming Netflix is fine so that's bunk. Apple support forums have quite a few threads, so I'm definitely not the only one. I discontinued the service. Maybe if its fixed soon I'll sign up again, hopefully they will keep adding content as well.

  • Awesome app!

    by Sir Larry G

    Great app for iPhone & iPad! It's available on AppleTV! It's worth purchasing the yearly subscription. #MustHave

  • Qello

    by Here-u-havit

    Well worth the five bucks per month to have all of these great concerts on demand!

  • Obnoxious ads

    by Obsidian71

    Saw that Qello is now on the Apple TV. Thought I'd give it another try but the "in your face" banner ads are a turnoff and certainly don't make me want to learn what the service is about.

  • Awesome

    by Homer dog

    This is a solid app. Love watching concerts with this app.

  • A music lover's dream

    by dominick9999

    I love this app. It offers a great selection with hours of great stuff to discover. I recently made a setlist of my favorite songs to play on my Apple TV for a party. It was awesome.

  • Horrible so far

    by Allycat0717

    I downloaded this because I saw Blake Shelton has 2 concerts on it. However, I've tried to watch one twice and didn't even get past the first minute and the app crashes. Fix this please!

  • Awesome

    by Scream1121

    Would love more jazz! Overall great app

  • Phenomenal Library

    by Dollharbor

    This app is incredible! Amazing library, easy to navigate and endless choices. I could spend hours getting lost wandering around this app.

  • Boo!!!!

    by Disocactus ackermanii

    Not free. They should be honest up front. First they take your personal information then they want a monthly fee. Booooo!

  • Great app! BUT..

    by Kelly P. McConkey

    This app is awesome. As soon as it's library gets bigger it will be even better! ALSO - There is a bug that causes the app to crash every time I hit the "Done" button after a video has finished. Please fix this!

  • Wasn't impressed

    by Ryco24

    Show selection is poor and you only get one song without membership. When I first read about it I was excited. Fail!

  • Spanish women love qello

    by Carlita loco

    Es lo mas caliente !!! Qello makes me want to dance and have fun withy girls.

  • NOT Free

    by Snap-Hook

    It's only FREE to download & FREE to delete! Unless you want to 'subscribe' this app is useless. Also, a really lame selection of bands.

  • Not good

    by Freshbeets

    I downloaded this and immediately deleted it. It did not have 1 band I was looking for...what a disappointment.

  • Free no longer means free

    by 10Stickee

    This is the furthest thing from a free app. I understand in app purchases for some features but this app is useless unless you pay. Unless you want to start paying monthly don't bother downloading

  • Its gonna cost ya!

    by Fauxbay

    Guess they have to pay for their ads on Sirius. App is free but you'll pay after you download! Can see this same stuff online for free!

  • Great App

    by Reubsmatubes

    Great App

  • Surprise!!!!!

    by Mdaz75

    We get you to download the app for free..........then...........you have to pay to use it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bye bye CABLE

    by grantsisneros

    I am going to be so happy when cable TV

  • Great!

    by Hoda Magid

    Love this app...probably one of the best music apps. Great idea!

  • Previews work 30% of the time

    by WeAreTheBobs

    Why in the world would i pay a monthly subscription for a service that cannot even get its video previews to work? Great idea...bad app

  • Free sort of

    by Ninkar30

    Got a free 3 month sub to it in a contest. Great free concerts to but limited content

  • Pretty cool

    by Tim Hutchings

    I'm not sure what the 1-star reviews are talking about. The app has lots of free videos, especially in qello tv. I'm really enjoying this app so far.

  • Not free

    by King-00

    Should not be listed in the free apps category

  • Love this app

    by Fancy pants bbb


  • PASS, way over priced!

    by Free game lover

    This is ridiculous to be charging people so much for concert videos. The reviews are obviously fake, unless it was reviewed by idiots.

  • Qello? Qello!!!

    by M.John.H

    This app is awesome. True story

  • Amazing!!! app

    by Dogpie7

    I love that app I use it all the time while on long waits I get great connection with it and the selection is perfect for me

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