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Ever wondered who unfollowed you on Instagram?

With InstaFollow, you can find who unfollowed you on Instagram, who is not following you back, track new followers, and more...

- Track new Instagram followers
- Track Instagram unfollowers (users who followed you and decided to not follow you anymore)
- Track users that don't follow you back
- Track Instagram followers you don’t follow Back
- Follow and unfollow users


- You must have an Instagram account to use this app.
- The number of users you follow or followed by must not exceed 20,000 in order to enjoy the full functionality of the app.
- You can follow or unfollow up to 160 users per hour (Limited by Instagram).

Customer Reviews

  • You should

    by GeNe!!!123456788

    U guys should put the unfollow on the same page Every people that had unfollow me am doing the same thing back so i think that could be more easy to do

  • Fresh

    by BillyT3!

    To def

  • Anna_jaycine

    by Anna_jaycine

    A very good app I recommend it to everyone

  • Morocco

    by Bousnane

    Its awesome to every one have instagram its. Better than. Instafollow....

  • Flow me instagram, clt_2013

    by dcidoni

    Awesome app

  • First

    by Akatrdzhyan

    I don't care just first

  • Coool

    by Someoneeeeeeecx

    Add who blocked you thoe plzz

  • App

    by Michael Godeaux (NY TIMES)

    Great App.

  • Awesome

    by rusty620

    So far I've had no issues with this app on my iphone 5,keep it up guys!! :-)

  • Love it .

    by Jaylanicole

    I love this app ! And the update

  • Love the app

    by G12212346789

    Great app

  • by lolitcarlos

    need improvement in block list i know someone that blocked me and app wont show it

  • Love new update

    by Jaeguar

    Say new update is great and thank you. Have one issue with the twitter, I have 120.000 plus followers and I follow them all back. When I open the twitter it loads ¾ of the way n then nothing happens. I have tried several times but it won't load all the way. I left it for an hour n half twice n still stayed at ¾ loading. Maybe you can take a look at this please.

  • Omg this is amazing

    by Michellerocks247

    It really keeps track of all my followers actions. I really recommend it for others

  • H

    by Giology


  • Great app

    by Delane eey

    This is a wonderful app and its helpful if u want to see who does not follow back well overall i recomend u should get it

  • It's a good app!

    by roxaneelove

    ❤️☺️ Follow me ! @roxaneestyles lol


    by vaniaaa_xx3

    It tell you who's following you who's not Who unfollowed and other get the app and if you want someone to follow who Won't unfollow you follow me vaniaaa_xx3

  • by WindyCityKid34

    Make things way easier to find than those ppl but Overall nice

  • Best app ever

    by Really are u feeling kiting me

    I love Ramiro jurado btw this is melanie I love you

  • Kinda Bad

    by Julesssssssssss.s

    Every time I get followers they unfollow me. They should make it so after you pay for coins and spend them for followers, they can't unfollow you.

  • I not download this app

    by Hannah banana2431

    You have to have a Instagram account DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP

  • Network problems

    by Beardoh

    Since the last update it's broken. ✋


    by Unhappy user ~ipod5

    The app is perfect except for it isn't showing me all the people that aren't following me back. I have 1702 followers and I'm following 1724 but the app only says that 8 people aren't following me back. AND I'm not following back about 40 people so that just doesn't make sense to me. Please fix and it will definitely be a 5 star.!

  • New upgrade

    by Ahhhhh hmm

    Won't let me open the app :(

  • .

    by tonjarose

    Been having 'network problems' since the last update.

  • following problems

    by Savannah Ard

    i love this app, but now when I loose a follower, I go to the app & it says nobody unfollowed me. it is making me mad, but other than that, love this app !

  • Boo

    by Jenjag

    I added my twitter account on here and it blocked 3 people and unfollowed them! The app was good until you added this.

  • Love this app

    by RicCredible

    If you ever wondered who's following you, and who's not following back, this is the app for you!!!!

  • update errors

    by Every single nicknames taken

    ever since i updated i can't see who unfollowed me. I can see that i have less followers but when i go check on the unfollowers tab it says that no one has unfollowed me.

  • Awesome!

    by Madden_love

    It gets the job done! I always know who to unfollow.

  • Awesome App

    by NVInspires

    Really simplifies Instagram. Exactly what I needed. Thanks :-)

  • Insta follow

    by Jaaaaaybmof

    Its pretty good

  • I like it

    by karla Mejia

    Get it dudeeee

  • <3 this app a lot!

    by Kdunc101

    Crazy how I had no idea it would actually work! Highly suggest it!

  • Okay

    by Jazz wrote dis pimpin

    Its good but you cant even unfollow them back on the app u have to remember the name go on insta and then unfollow more work then nessary!!

  • Don't update!

    by ireallylikestarwars

    If you have multiple accounts to track, don't update the latest version! I have two accounts on Instagram and now I can only track one unless I pay for it. Really annoying.

  • This app is ok

    by B^lattt

    It's not a bad app but it won't let me unfollow the people that's not following me back, it tries to get me to upgrade to the premium

  • Amazing

    by Lexiibaybeex3

    This app works amazing.

  • Terrible

    by colleen mchugh

    I spent 8 dollars and got the followers but then they all unfollowed

  • I love this app

    by BillyT3!


  • by alyssa hernandez

    Why can't they show the ones before

  • Amazing!

    by Champets

    When I first got this app I was wondering if it was going to work or not, but don't get me wrong! This app is very useful and the first app of its kind that actually works!

  • It works

    by Finest052

    This app is really useful for Instagram users and i really recommend it.

  • by

    A really good app. It helps me when the people I follow back that I don't like unfollow me so I can unfollow back.

  • Amazing

    by Danica Ellaine Alcantara

    It's good lol

  • Good

    by Kikilols5

    I can see who unfollowed me so I can unfollow back

  • Bored

    by Mody345

    This app is the baby app I ever saw

  • Kinda works

    by hadeed27

    It tells who unfollows me but doesent really tells me who blocks me,and I can tell when specifically some people do (that I argue with) but I need to know everyone!!

  • amazing

    by cristi_xoxo

    this app is pretty cool it tells u who unfollowed you or followed you.

  • It works!!!

    by Nialler❤

    It has all the information you need to know! Who unfollowed you, blocked you, followed you, people that aren't following back and those your not following back! It's accurate and accurate!! I recommend this app defiantly! I check it ever day! ;)

  • Best App

    by MiLeyy25

    Very good app for Instagram!

  • First

    by Broplaysgames

    Very useful.

  • Great app

    by Ah9942

    I love this app, I've been Unfollowed by a couple people I know and called them out, it was hilarious.

  • The problem

    by Foooooofoooo

    I had to sign in everytime I opened the app.It didn't help me keep track of who un/followed me.

  • by Pretty and perfect


  • finds both new followers & unfollowers

    by erez.dav3


  • woot!

    by Yossi-h

    very nice!!!!!!

  • blocked me

    by hfk3333

    now i can see who blocks me!!!!

  • found 5 unfollowers!!

    by sharon_28

    and unfollowed them back!!!!!!!

  • Legit

    by Hashtagskatelife

    I've had this app for a while and it's good like legit lol

  • Most of it works

    by Millton madness

    most of the app works great but the no likes or comments part is always wrong. MUST FIX

  • Good app

    by Arizona0304

    Love this app but recently it hasn't been showing me who has unfollowed, please fix !

  • I guess

    by Ivorychannell

    It's cool or whatever but follow me on Instagram: @ivorychannell

  • Works nice

    by 8lu3

    Download it works

  • Woo!!

    by Emmyykk

    Fantastic ! Finally the people who think their sneaky get caught !

  • Blocking

    by Vanessa Kelly

    The users who blocked me portion no longer works. I also hate that it erased all of my past blocks and unfollows, so I no longer can check who to allow to follow me. I had a lady block me this afternoon, and the app still won't show it.

  • Get it.

    by Swiftie_and_arianator

    It tells me everything I need to know. You don't really need to get the .99c part. It's not needed but it's great!

  • Great App!!

    by Luke_m2015

    This app is awesome I can finally see who has been unfollowing me so I can unfollow them back

  • Oh bad

    by Cheeseball 8825

    U haft to pay do do things like follow and unfollow people don't GET it

  • Ehh

    by shinook1700

    The new update doesn't tell me when someone unfollows me until about a week later

  • Really Helpful

    by AnnaBear010

    Love how helpful it is.

  • Wonderful app

    by  Chad Dukes

    It's just wonderful and never lies! Get to viewing those people who unfollow you first and go unfollow them right back!

  • I'm horny

    by HornyPotato

    The app is chocolate with syrup on top☺️

  • love it!!

    by frankie_lo

    try it! it's the best one!!!!!

  • woot!

    by instafan452

    everything works fine now after the last update!!!!!

  • InstaFollow

    by ernestoo__

    Amazing App

  • what u should do

    by The boy who plays this game

    if u can u should put who has unliked pictures

  • by Tartspple

    This app is awesome ... Definitely a Must Have For Every Instagram User... The only con is That u have to pay $ for the last 2 features.

  • ☺️☺️☺️☺️ amazing

    by Presgab

    It was very helpful and when I wanted to follow people it was only 0.99 to do the entire thing!

  • Hate the update

    by jasminelamjl16

    I use to love this app. But after the update, I would have to go to a person's profile to unfollow. It's a hassle. I would have to buy the full version to unfollow people on the app.

  • Love it!

    by M0nicaaaaaaaaaa

    Great app! Love the new update! Finally can know who has blocked me!

  • Terrible!

    by Terribleeee!!!!!!

    If I could give it no stars, no stars it would be. Doesn't let you unfollow unless you pay!

  • by ✌️chainz

    The new update is nice . I am enjoying it

  • Awesome

    by Ashc2

    It would be better if it had more features

  • App Crash

    by Animegirl1993

    Every time I open my app it crashes when loading my profile

  • Blocked section not working

    by Mooga Melz

    It said I was blocked by 1 person but when I went back to the blocked section nothing was their ???

  • meadia icon ?

    by vbigvil

    I absolutely love the app , but what does the media part mean ?? I'm very confused

  • Amazing new update!!

    by Idk98272

    The new update made this app so much better. It lets you keep track of more than one account now. Definitely get it! Oh and follow me @lil_lang98

  • It's great

    by Morganfaithberman

    I love the app! It gave me like 10 followers in 5 minutes!

  • Love this app

    by AshleynicoleB:)

    I love it but it made me a little upset because many people in my school are popular and not me so no one in my school I really following me except my friends

  • Instafollow

    by Jonathan (jon965)

    Instafollow is very helpful and keeps track very easily! Very nice touch after the iOS 7 update!

  • couldn't get better❤️

    by samigirl1217

    this app is amazing!⭐️I love being able to find out who unfollowed or blocked me or even find out who i don't follow but they follow me! Plus so much more (: I highly recommend this app! You can trust it too with your password✖️

  • "premium"

    by SvDavis

    Are you serious? Now you want to charge me for what I've been doing all this time. I think not.. *deletes app* bye..

  • Great!

    by That_Gal_Mya

    This app is amazing it updates your followers and ghost it's perf and follow me on inst, that_gal_mya I follow back

  • Horrible after update

    by gagetgod

    Took away features that were already in the app previously DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!!!

  • Love the new look but...

    by Y do I hav to rite a nickname


  • Blocked

    by Prissy522

    I can no longer see who has blocked me ever since the new update. Great app but that needs to be fixed.

  • Terrible

    by Essenannex

    I used to love the app due to the way you could unfollow users on the app. But with the new update, I can't do that. I have to upgrade to premium, which is not my idea of a good app. Also, I liked the older version better as it was easy to navigate. I think it is time to switch to a new app.

  • Problem

    by Okay/

    I have to wAit 20 seconds to like a picture !!!

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