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  • Category: Music
  • Publisher: MixerBox Inc.
  • Updated: May, 25 2012
  • Version: 0.20
  • Size: 2.19 MB

Languages: English

Seller: MixerBox Inc.

French, Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese support!

Customer Ratings

Current Version:
1941 Ratings
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3911 Ratings


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→ MILLIONS OF MUSIC VIDEOS - Easily access millions of music videos worldwide, and even performances of unsigned singers

→ SYNCHRONIZATION - Automatically sync playlists across all your iOS devices

* All videos are provided by the public third-party media service YouTube. All trademarks and copyrights belong to their respective owners and are used here under the terms of Fair Use and the Digital Millennium Copyrights Act (DMCA).

Customer Reviews




  • Awesome

    by Bituinw

    Love this app!

  • iTube Wanna Be

    by THEshanice

    It's just an "iTube" wanna be.-.

  • Kaylin

    by Hello kitty 1994

    I like this app .

  • Great app ... Must have it

    by fthisappzzz

    Great job

  • Awsome

    by Tabs2014

    Luv it

  • Great

    by Jillian O'Toole

    This app works great

  • Good!

    by MadiHoran143

    It is fun.

  • Amazing app

    by Me567810

    I had how its slow and you cant use it without internet

  • 5 stars is it didn't have to sign in to Facebook!

    by Trendsettergirl14

    I love this app, the only problem is you have to sign into Facebook before you can use it. That is a problem for me cause I am not allowed to have Facebook until like never! So if the app makers change it to email address or something that would be great!

  • Jossss

    by Hey_oky

    Pas mastab.!!! Kerennn


    by Its a awsome app

    its really great n i love the music n evrething best app i come across

  • Review

    by None your business's


  • Abay

    by Ghhhgyj

    Love the music

  • Awesome

    by sherzzthebalker

    Good app

  • Ugh....

    by T.y 777

    It won't stop playing wen I try to search a song the one playing just keeps poping back up and playing

  • Thanks

    by Thiswebsitesucks

    Great app

  • I liked

    by Bhalu seanpaul

    I love this app

  • Mr.

    by Prettyboy1000

    Cool app

  • mi piace

    by Realtà


  • Awesome but ANNOYING!!

    by Coriiboateng

    This app is like a blessing sent down from God but the problem is the non stop. HOW DO YOU MAKE IT STOP?!?!? I press down or pause and the app just completely ignores it and continues playing it!!! It's so annoying!!! I can't listen to music forever! I have work and class and this thing refuses, REFUSES to stop. And I'm so tired of it. Fix please. It's the only app that let's me listen to the songs I want with no download and no hassle.

  • ads ruin app

    by (lol) lots of love! ;)

    I want to like this I really do. it has more songs available than mctube. but at least mctube didn't force me to turn off my music every 1/2 sec to advertise their new product I couldn't even open the product without having ads thrown in my face

  • Crap

    by I am totally awesome

    It didnt do what it advertised and it kept playing the video! All i wanted was to check to make sire i had the right video and after that i hit done and it continued to play! Even after i had exited the app! I had to delete it to stop it. I found another app way better than this one. Dont waste your time.

  • Didn't work for me

    by Brittany Sorenson

    It was slow, made me make a log in (which I hate), had too many bugs, froze, and wouldn't stop playing.

  • Works fine but ads are annoying

    by TraceyEllen

    If the ads went away I wouldn't have deleted the app. There are much better music apps out there !!!!

  • Bull

    by OneSmurfygirl

    This app crashes and malfunctions too often. I would not recommend this for anyone.

  • Trash

    by HairHelmet. :)

    Doesn't work well at all

  • This app

    by Sparky4231

    This app doesnt let me play any music

  • Terrible

    by I live on mars

    most songs you cant download if it has a ad your out of luck 99% have ads app was good a year ago bugs crash it after a lot of use no pics show

  • What ....

    by Jasmine21101

    It's cool that you can look up songs you want to put in your playlist . That's what I'm really looking for ! But when I listen to the song , the lyrics or video keeps popping up and I can't multitask to put more dogs on without that video popping up every 1 sec . Fix !

  • Facebook

    by muffinzalwayzwithaz

    It will not let me download without facebook so if no facebook, just... No.

  • Disappointed

    by Pau_65

    I did not like this app. I would want to pause the song and it would take off pause and continue playing. Then I wanted to choose a different playlist but it would go back the the song I would be listening to and not let me change it. Very annoying.

  • Not good

    by Nushi1st

    It keeps on stopping in the middle of the song. Doesn't load at times. Just waist of time.

  • Nightmare bad app

    by Anacortesguy

    I said no to push notifications yet I'm getting them gushing.

  • Dwyanewade3

    by The_Chosen_1


  • Great

    by Starkiller0120

    Has good quality and has everything!

  • 4EVER crossover

    by Fhrfhjrdfghhh

    I think this app is so FREAKING ALWSOME!

  • minor flaws but a solid app

    by F3rr1k


  • Max Review

    by Crazy3231

    I Love This App So Much

  • Horrible

    by Justin Scheibe

    When I go away from my iPod and com back the music stops. FIX IT

  • Love it

    by Montse060

    I love it I downloaded both 1 and 2 I can listen to one direction songs all day long

  • One problem

    by ThisIsMe93

    When I push the pause button, it still plays. I try to go to a different song and it still plays. I push "done" and it pops back up. It doesn't let me choose what I want to listen to.

  • Ugh

    by Saddened!!!!!!!

    Always crashes or just doesn't load then crashes

  • fantastic

    by MzQuietStorm

    it's the best thing ever

  • Music

    by Wavii's baby

    Great ☺ I like I can exit out and it still play

  • So cool

    by Sunrisas


  • Qtes

    by Estan de peluche

    It's a great app. Hiiiiii

  • I love this app!

    by Bieber889919

    This app is awesome . Nothing needs to be fixed . I had no crashes but every two songs I can't get to the next bcuz it's showing this mixerbox2 thing about getting it , and to get rid of it you have to press ok. But it brings you to download it. I don't know how to get rid of it , even though I already downloaded mixer box and mixerbox2

  • Mixer Box

    by Viphea

    It's great!

  • Crashy and buggy

    by Mister "(O)"

    Got stuck playing any video I trying to select, I deleted in less than three minutes after installing , I say don't download this.

  • Could I make video to mp3 ?

    by Jamanrose


  • Good app

    by asaaaaaaap

    Its a Greeat app

  • Love it!

    by Jaydabug01

    I love this it lets me listen to my music anytime I want!

  • Blocks video w/ ad to download another app

    by Billybobbrash

    I clicked on OK as I had no other choice & downloaded mixer box 2. Guess what? More ads! Yuk. Hate it already!!

  • Miley

    by Fytfguhe

    I want we can't stop

  • Slow

    by ReviewsFromMe

    This is a good app it's just that it takes a really long time to transfer to the next song..

  • This lame

    by Soso what

    What does it mean when three white blinking lights pop up

  • Frustrated

    by Mirah-san

    It has so much music but you have to go to the App Store to close the adds and whenever I close a song it keeps popping back up before I can click anything if you don't have patience don't buy this app

  • MixerBox

    by Euehdudisjahzudnrid

    This is an awesome app

  • Great app

    by Yea-_yea

    Love the app other then the adds every 5 seconds to buy premium and it glitches sometimes but love the music good choices if you sign in on Facebook

  • Chapis

    by Cleta 27


  • Great

    by Ebony the gamer

    It amazing I LUV it

  • Need internet

    by iMovie is better

    It is not a downloader

  • Songs

    by MrVegeta

    I love how you write good music

  • Quadasjiah

    by virginia williams

    I Luv it sooo much I get to play all the music I want to play. I luv it more than I like the ones that I download on my phone.

  • This App is not Great

    by Paath ...

    Update please!

  • Hate it

    by Crazychic104

    U need a FLIPPIN Facebook account to download... I don't have one and am not allowed to make one....

  • Terrible!

    by SeanStacies

    Kicks me out doesn't let me create new playlists has too many bugs

  • You need version 2

    by Pheonixdollz

    Don't download this app get it just says you must download version 2 as soon as it installs. Save time get ver. 2 first.

  • Good

    by Mohammed/ksa


  • I love this app

    by Lorna#23

    Love it

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