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  • Publisher: Google, Inc.
  • Updated: Nov, 15 2013
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Seller: Google, Inc.

- UI updated for iOS7
- Added support for I'm feeling lucky radio
- Auto-playlists (including Thumbs Up playlist) added to playlist view
- Genre radio stations added for All Access users
- Added ability to search for genres

Customer Ratings

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255 Ratings
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1189 Ratings


Google Play Music makes it easy to discover, play and share the music you love, anywhere!
With our new All Access service, you can enjoy millions of songs, listen to custom radio with no limits, and discover more of the music you love

With both All Access and the standard service, the Google Play Music app lets you listen to your music collection anywhere. All your music is stored online, so no need to worry about syncing, storage space or offline playback. You can listen across any device and on the web, seamlessly.

All Access features:
* Listen to unlimited songs
* Create custom radio stations from any song, artist or album
* Enjoy radio without skip limits
* Get smart recommendations based on your tastes
* Enjoy handcrafted playlists from our music experts

All Access and standard features:
* Add up to 20,000 of your own songs from your personal music collection using your Mac, Windows or Linux computer
* Listen on all your devices and our web player
* Access your music anywhere without syncing, and save your favorites for offline playback
* Experience all your music without ads

Customer Reviews

  • Slow load

    by Glenn Fiorine

    This app works great on my nexus 5. On ios, it loads for 2 minutes every time I start it up. I'm an all access subscriber and this is really annoying. Once started, functionality is great! Keep up the good work!

  • Love it!!

    by Whitey_Ford

    Used to crash until I updated iOS. Love that you guys included Apple users. Thanks!!

  • download probs and save queue.

    by simsimi's best friend,

    every time I make a playlist offline while still online, it says it has been made offline successfully. but when I actually go offline, it's not shown. why??? and also please add a "save queue" option for easier playlist making.

  • I love it.

    by Carlos Ulibarri

    I no longer need the 64GB iPhone

  • Better, not great

    by Matt Nelson

    The app gets confused by songs of the same name/remixes more often than not and refuses to play certain tracks after being downloaded, I don't have this problem on my nexus 7. Could use some design tweaks and an offline mode.

  • Broken promise

    by mattsgreat5

    Google said they would release this sometime in October, never happened. I feel they are not trustable. But the app is here now, I'll give them that UPDATE please give us the option to edit playlists on the go. So annoying I can't delete playlists or edit playlists on my phone

  • iPad

    by TylerMaarschalk

    How about some love for the iPad?

  • Solid app but...

    by Caedo12

    I still don't see the option to download individual songs from an album in my library to my device. And no option to remove a song/album/artist from within this app. Even the third party Google Music apps have this functionality. so...why doesn't this?

  • Great

    by Marauderskeeper

    Love this app. All the music I want including all the new albums.

  • My library option

    by kasheezy

    Could you maybe set an option to maybe have our own default option when we click 'my library' instead of it going straight to artist?

  • Needs support

    by CosmonautJones

    Why doesn't it scrobble!

  • Ehhhh

    by Fagotbich54

    The streaming isn't smooth unless it's on wifi and i don't have an option to shop or buy more music

  • better

    by Haldi Kuniqi

    when you're in the last added playlist and switch out of the app and go back to it the playlist automatically scrolls to the top _________________________how hard is it to add a download button for a single song and keeping a song in cache so it can repeat without needing internet

  • Excellent

    by DigNity914

    About time google got this app on here. Excellent production and the most useful app

  • Where is the Offline mode?

    by MiMo81

    I use this app every single day and I am an All Access subscriber. I love the service but this application is lacking some fundamental functionality which every competitor had from the start. The offline mode is very important to me, I live in NYC and just like millions of others I commute using the subway which runs underground where there is no cellphone service. You guys already let us download songs for offline listening, why can't you create a view that shows us these downloaded songs? Why is it when I have no service the app shows me songs and albums that I can't play? Why not just show things I have downloaded and can be played. These are all elementary UI standards, I can't believe you guys are ignoring them.

  • Good

    by ndh777

    Update seems good for the most part but I'd love a way to download individual songs. Overall, I'm glad to see an official google play music app and it runs a little smoother as each update rolls through.

  • Best App I have ever had in my Life

    by David Points III

    I love this app. Online and offline. I love music, so being able to access and stream my music at anytime is great. Thank you for developing this app. Best thing on the market. I use this app at least 3 hours out of the day everyday. Thanks again. Don't see how you can improve this app anymore, but rock on if you can!

  • Google Play

    by JazziJonesGmail


  • iPad app...

    by Danny McVey

    ...will get five stars.

  • What took you so long Google??

    by EzE_601

    I've been waiting for this app for a LONG time. I hate the third party apps for my google play music. I love google play because I can store over 20,000 songs on the cloud and stream my music to my phone. Thanks for finally making this an app available for iOS, instead of a web app...

  • No ability to only listen to Dowoaded/Offline music

    by Josh Gonzo.

    Come on Apple!!!! It isnt Google..remember guys, google is a direct competitor, so would Apple want you to have all the functionality you have come to expect!

  • Keeps crashing

    by Kashnad

    Program will not launch after the update.

  • Can't open the app!

    by Mvistadan

    I was so excited to see this app & was adding music & it crashed. I am now unable to open it-on perpetual crash cycle. :( Fail!!!

  • STILL Garbage

    by GratefulJed If you listened to even one comment I'd be happy. This app is GARBAGE. Google - you're getting clobbered by no name apps. ADD OFFLINE MODE FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!!! YOU NEED USERS...LET THE BUGS BE FOR NOW!!!! Ridiculous.

  • Doesn't work on mobile

    by Qwerty4321

    Only seems to work on wifi. Still using gmusic 2 instead.

  • Need an iPad version

    by hh9296

    Make this app fit for iPad so I can enjoy my music on my iPad using Google Play.

  • Current Version is CRAP

    by Steenus

    I love All Access music. Up until today, it worked pretty well. After my update this afternoon it CRASHES and won't stay open. Fix it

  • Updated???

    by Yair Marx

    There still is no section to view cached music. How can you find what you downloaded?????

  • app won't open

    by norepedo

    This app crashes on startup for me. It happened before and after the most recent update. I'm running iOS 7.0.4 on a 5s. Not sure what the issue is, but until i can open the app I will rate this 1 star.

  • Offline Play list won't download

    by L X G

    They said this was fixed in last update. Still not working.

  • Congratulations Google!!

    by Easternsun

    Really buggy as of late!! App now crashes every time I open it! Possibly due to cache and new optin features Google is testing??? SMH Just a few details missing. The ability to cache instant mixes, continuos play for an artist songs from album to album, and while a song is playing it would be nice to see all the other songs from that album when we select the option to "go to album". when looking up the album.

  • Love it but one big problem

    by someone11111112

    I cant delete songs on the app. If i want to delete songs or playlists i have to go on my computer and Im not always near it.

  • Crash 7.0.5

    by محمود المزيني

    Keep crashing . Please have fix ASAP . I was using it on daily basis :( .

  • It's soo stupid I can't even delete a dong

    by Devilgaara

    Come on google why in the f*** I can't delete my songs? Tell me your kidding! Other than that who come the app can't seek/rewind music! You guys are terrible! Other than these issue the app is okay/:

  • You Tards

    by btwintexad

    Stop fixing things that are not broken, 7 days now i havent had access to my PURCHASED music, fix it or refund my money you tards, i am really starting to despise you,

  • It was working great until I clicked add to my library

    by Itsmurat

    It was working great until I clicked add to my library. It crashed and never opened again I had to delete the app and installed again. I have faith on google they should be able to fix the app. I have been waiting the app for a long time.

  • Clumsy layout, needs ipad app!

    by JDJ423

    I love the service, give us an ipad app google!

  • Inconsistent end of story!

    by Lewenberg


  • Uhm

    by TheVintageCameo

    This app was so great at first then suddenly it started crashing and when I uninstalled it and installed it again it doesn't even open at all!! It doesn't show up on my apps but it says I have it? Please fix it.

  • Uninstalled it

    by davekriss

    Takes *forever* to load the music library on strong wifi on my iPhone 4; forget about it on 3G. Last time I waited that half of forever for it to load, it only seemed to have playlist mode by album art. Maybe I'm wrong but I couldn't get a List Mode which is a far faster searching method for me.

  • Crashes immediately

    by Nrdctcg

    I love this app and the service, however the app is no longer functional. I tried to download an album and the app crashed. Opened it back up, it crashed. Force closed the app, opened it again, it crashed. Restarted my phone, tried to open the app, it crashed. It crashes immediately and won't let me do anything.

  • Great potential (duplicate songs r a PROBLEM!)

    by FREVCO 7.03

    Here's a few things that need to be added in future updates... 1) Filter that easily separates offline (on device) music from online (streaming) music. 2) eliminate duplicate songs/albums!!! Really annoying!! 3) current download status list when multiple albums are being downloaded at one time.

  • BUG! Can't remove a song from playlist

    by Drummerboy4x14

    There is no option to remove a song from a playlist as described in help under settings.

  • Unstable as of now

    by Miyelsh

    The whole idea of uploading your library to stream anywhere is incredible. Right now the app crashes on startup after giving the option to stream an album I don't own, and now it is unable to proceed without closing abruptly after "Loading my Library". Hopefully these issues can be fixed, because the product looks very promising. Edit: This problem is fixed by reinstalling the app, but it seems that the big allows you to add an album to your library and then corrupts the installation.

  • Google Music On iPad is a Hidden Gem

    by @Globalwritingcorp

    Listening to music is one of my passions. Google music is an evolved version of Itunes. The new approach thrives on mobile devices. My inability to utilize this powerful tool on my iPad air was disappointing. This app received five stars because it fixed a void.

  • Good app but why can't it save the last spot you where at

    by No bob no

    I have a lot of audio books and remember what file I am on is impossible. This app would be awesome but since it can remember where I was at the last time I was using it the app is worthless to me.

  • by Shandreeka Mccarter

    The app crashed and every time I tried to get back on it wouldn't reload again and then it would crash FIX PLEASE.

  • Great app, but...

    by ngpaige

    My playlists won't sync!!!

  • Really terrible

    by hamburger7

    UX for downloading music is abysmal, and even once youve figure that out, the app refuses to download anything. If it does, it's super slow. Unusable

  • Lacks many features

    by Firearm

    Offline is buggy and sometimes never downloads complete playlist. Doesn't seem to download in the background. More features are needed.

  • Connection Issues

    by TwIsTeD_FaTe_

    There are some major issues streaming over cellular. Even on LTE I constantly have to wait for the music to buffer; sometimes it won't even load.

  • Boss

    by Bossssssss5


  • Great App, but needs update

    by D0w3rk

    Needs update to allow you to remove artists / albums from the library. Once you add something to your library, there is no way to get rid of it on here.

  • Will no longer load on iPad

    by PaulLinda

    This phone app was working ok on an iPad Air until today now it won't load at all! Would like to see an iPad specific (i.e. full screen) app from Google to access Play Music but first lets get SOMETHING working at least.

  • Decent app but

    by Carlos Perez Jr

    Can a paying customer request scrobbling support? This app is well due for an update from what i gather from reading other user reviews. Is google even listening?

  • Please add Landscape mode!

    by Sum Different Bizness

    I use the Google Play Music app and while it generally works, it’s very frustrating to use with my iPad and AirPlay due to the lack of Landscape mode. I like using my iPad Mini as a music controller while at home. I understand that it’s a lot of work to build a proper iPad app, but at least with basic Landscape support (similar to the Google Voice app) I’d be able to control the app while my iPad is propped up, without having to tilt my head sideways.

  • Works Great!!!

    by Thatoneguy0624

    I love this app. I don't have to use up space on my iPhone, but I can still listen to all my favorite music.


    by Darington Copeland


  • Crashes and never opens again

    by theWolfMonkey WTMN


  • Great app but....

    by Gregofcanada

    When is the IPad version coming?

  • It's okay...when it works.

    by dirtroadprncess

    The app is okay but leaves a lot to be desired, especially now since I can't even use it. I'll try to open it and within a second, it force closes. Every single time. Please fix this.

  • How do I

    by jahizen

    Download one song.

  • Great when it works

    by Kingdarsh

    Was so excited when I saw this app and have been using the mobile site for a while prior to that. Now it's starting to crash on me and won't even load up my library.

  • The app keeps crashing

    by 1 fresh c


  • More settings needed

    by Mobile_guru

    Bitrate quality selection for wifi vs. cellular is needed. Great otherwise.

  • I want this app for iPad!!!!!

    by thegreencat88

    The best thing about Google Play is that because all my music is the ethernet (15,000 songs), my phone has no music in memory so I can use that memory for other stuff. Just want this app for my iPad mini. 4 stars because there is not the app for that yet

  • Great App

    by Ivan Yapur

    Great App

  • Great potential

    by FREVCO 7.03

    Here's a few things that need to be added in future updates... 1) Filter that easily separates offline (on device) music from online (streaming) music. 2) eliminate duplicate songs/albums!!! Really annoying!! 3) current download status list when multiple albums are being downloaded at one time.

  • Great potential

    by FREVCO 7.03

    Here's a few things that need to be added in future updates... 1) Filter that easily separates offline (on device) music from online (streaming) music. 2) eliminate duplicate songs/albums!!! Really annoying!! 3) current download status list when multiple albums are being downloaded at one time.

  • Great potential

    by FREVCO 7.03

    Here's a few things that need to be added in future updates... 1) Filter that easily separates offline (on device) music from online (streaming) music. 2) eliminate duplicate songs/albums!!! Really annoying!! 3) current download status list when multiple albums are being downloaded at one time.

  • Offline

    by Luke442

    This is a great app but only one thing... I have to always have an internet connection it would be perfect if you didn't have to have an internet connection always to listen to ur music until then 4 stars 5 when that is fixed

  • Good, but could be better

    by Marc Lane

    The app does exactly as it says it does, but no more. There’s no wow here. It’s basic, but it’s lacking the features that certain third party apps have by default: iPad support, visualizations, and Artist Artwork. Fix these, and you’ll have a 5 star app on your hands

  • Frequent streaming errors

    by Ricardo420

    The app is just ok in general, something like a beta. On my iPhone, streaming frequently stops with unspecified error notification. Sometimes it recovers, sometimes not.

  • Not working.

    by JayDub16

    Crashes every time I open it unless I re-download it.

  • Great app. One major drawback

    by DSLINER

    Overall a great app. One annoying problem is that when someone calls, the music stops and then does not continue after the call is answered, ignored, or rings with no answer.

  • Works Well

    by MarkFiorucci

    App looks good and works as intended.

  • Needs better offline support!

    by drysz

    You can download your music from your library but there is no view that only displays offline songs. You have to remember which albums you downloaded.

  • Missing Some Key Features

    by Deathstar20000000

    Beautiful app, a lot of the UI and gestures are nice. But as many, MANY people have said, it lacks some really important features, mainly those having to do with offline functionality. There is no way to go “Offline” with the app, and there is no way to see only the music I have downloaded to my phone. Also, you can’t download individual songs, only entire albums. Finally, pressing shuffle when I’m listening will not cause the queue to play randomly. These are pretty standard features on apps from similar streaming services. Google Play’s web app is great, but this iOS one leaves a lot to be desired in the offline functionality part. Please work on it, guys, you’re so close!

  • Needs work!

    by aavoyan

    For example, somehow my settings had switched to stream only on wifi, but when I was trying to play on 3g I was getting en stream error message instead of simple alert that I have set streaming to wifi only.

  • Love u google

    by Kefayet Ullah

    I can't believe it so happy


    by DQSooner

    App looks good and works OK once you get used to it but the speed at which it downloads tracks for offline listening is pathetic. I have an offline playlist of a little over 200 tracks that it is taking hours to put on the device and occasionally it gets interrupted and I have to manually continue the download. Don’t get me wrong, I love the service and once I get the majority of my music on my iPhone, it’ll be OK but it could use a little better download speed for sure.

  • Good or bad

    by Tatiboti

    Is this app a good app or a bad app

  • Best option

    by Ryan1025

    Better than third party google play music apps. Works perfectly so far. Happy to have an official google app for it

  • Needs a native iPad app

    by 88Ray88

    Great app for iPhone, but Google really need to make a native app for the iPad.

  • Horrible

    by SkullOfRock7

    Wont let me download

  • Some missing features

    by Khasmammadov

    App is great, but has some missing features: - built in equalizer - removing songs from playlists - to see all downloaded musics in seperate category - uploading music

  • Missing features and designed poorly

    by Devinrube

    Where do i begin? There is No way to manage playlists on the fly. The app always forces you to use a data connection to listen to music that you already have saved on the device through Itunes. App will use a ridiculous amount of data if left unchecked. I like the ability to listen to any song when i want but not when the interface is designed to be so unintuitive. They surely overlooked these problems on purpose.

  • Nope

    by nm3lin

    Rdio much better

  • Downloading playlists

    by Jaycubbbbbb

    Only partially downloads playlists. Forces me to use my data when I'm off of wifi. Killing me.

  • No scrobbling support

    by Hakboy

    The app performs pretty well considering how new it is, but lack of scrobbling support is major drawback. I've been scrobbling to my account since 2004. It's foolish for Google to expect online music lovers to just abandon such a beloved service. Going back to Rdio (which wisely supports scrobbling natively in all their apps).

  • Great but needs work


    I really want keeping music to be easier it freezes and stops everytime you restart the app making you restart the downloads, talking about downloads, we need a downloads tab telling us what we are downloading pause and resume downloads. A few crashes here and there but the rest is alright

  • Setting the industry standard for engineering

    by OctopusToe

    Surprisingly, it looks good too. Which says a lot for a google app.

  • Duplicates

    by idontball

    Bug causing duplicates of the same album and songs other then that it's good

  • needs an ipad app!

    by kkbree

    Great app, love the all access service, but I really want an ipad app. Iphone app looks grainy and does not fit screen on ipad. I <3 google!

  • Crashing while Downloading!

    by Ec$Lati2

    I have a playlist with a lot of music and I want to download them but when it gets to a certain point of downloading the music the app wont open again and it sends me to the home screen, please fix this!

  • Was Working...

    by Hor Aha

    The Google Music app was working fine. All of a sudden it crashes every time I open it. Please fix this!

  • Needs a lot of improvement

    by Gthardstyle

    Gmusic is way better. No eq, can't delete songs from playlists even if corrupted. Can't edit playlists if multiple songs added. Downloading individual songs is a hassle if part of an album. Offline songs deleted often. Won't load to main screen unless connected to Internet

  • POS

    by OmarCCX

    Every time I unlock the phone, playback stops.

  • Error

    by Lovvvvvvvveme

    I love play music but all of a sudden the app won't open up. Please fix this.

  • Shuffle weak

    by NoNeinNyetNao

    I have a library of over 7000 tracks but the app does not shuffle for the entire set. Unless I reset I get the same 100 or so songs over and over.

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