Where's My Water? 2 Games App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Games
  • Publisher: Disney
  • Updated: Sep, 12 2013
  • Version: 1.1.0
  • Size: 41.75 MB

Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Chinese

Seller: Walt Disney

Water fans, thanks for all your support! We took your feedback to heart and REMOVED the energy system in this update! Yep that’s right. Now play as often and as much as you like! For those who purchased the expanded energy meter, you will receive 2 Monster Bundles for free!

Check out 2 BRAND NEW locations: the Bayou and Winter Woods! Start playing now for new levels, achievements, and collectibles!

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Get ready to join Swampy, Allie, and Cranky on their NEXT exciting adventure!

The sequel to the most addicting physics-based puzzler from Disney has finally arrived. Where’s My Water? 2 launches with three brand new locations including the Sewer, the Soap Factory, the Beach. Best of all, the puzzles are all free! Cut through dirt, and guide fresh water, purple water, and steam to help Swampy and his friends!

Key Features:
• Play 100+ levels and challenges with a brand new look in the Gator universe featuring Swampy, Allie, Cranky, and Mystery Duck!
• Introducing ‘Challenge Modes’ to replay the levels in explosive new ways!
• Dig as fast as you can and get as many duckies as possible in ‘Duck Rush’ levels!
• ‘Tri-ducking’ is now faster, better and more fun with boosts, such as Vacuum, Dropper, and Absorber! Small fees may be required for these additional boosts.
• Connect through Facebook and see if you can beat your pals on the adventure!
• Experience fun mechanics that are uniquely designed for each character!
• Complete achievements and earn special themed duckies such as gladiator-duckie, astronaut-duckie, hula-duckie, and many more!
• Stuck on a level? Use hints to help you solve the puzzles!

Become a fan on www.facebook.com/wheresmywater or visit us on Twitter @Swampythegator to receive exclusive news and game tips from the Gator community!

Where’s My Water? is a multiple Game of the Year award-winning puzzle game. The Where's My... franchise has received hundreds of millions of downloads to date. Check out Where’s My Mickey? and Where's My Perry? for more refreshing water-physics fun!

This app has been optimized for OS 6.0 and above.

Customer Reviews

  • Needs updates

    by AmyJoLo

    1. The app tells you the ads disappear after you buy something, so I did - and they didn't. 2. It crashes at least once everytime I play. Outside of that - its fun - but those two things are very irritating.


    by Southerncom4rt

    A lot of fun. Love the challenges. Determined to get those ducks and the mystery duck! Really enjoy this game!

  • Where's my updates?

    by DVC A2

    Gameplay is great in this sequel, but where are more levels? I made an in app purchase back when it first came out to unlock levels, and i'm not thinking that was a good move at this point. Still waiting...

  • Crashes a lot

    by Error 500

    It seems that whenever I complete a level, the game instantly kicks me out :( If this was fixed, I would give it 5 stars.

  • It froze?

    by Graciebay

    It's a really good game, I am actually obsessed, but it froze when i tried to play a "Mystery Duck" level. I had to exit, so now i can't earn the mystery duck! I do like how they took the energy bar away from the game, so you can play whenever.

  • Lolp

    by 2002yne

    Fun adicting

  • Mystery Duck Gone?!?!

    by Hali_963

    It was time for me to get the mystery duck again, but it was nowhere to be found. What's going on??

  • Super!!!!!!

    by Dimps53

    I have a question? I can't understand how to find the shadow items. This is a great stress release besides having a massage. Keep them coming. Oh, I forgot some of us do not have Facebook. Seen it, keep it and don't won't. Thanks (3 to 100)

  • Cute game

    by Undertakerfan1996369012

    This game is really fun and all the characters are so cute ^-^

  • Addictive

    by Patoma

    Fun game

  • Best

    by Supercool chic

    I <3 this game

  • Very buggy

    by rsfd

    1) I have made 2 in app purchases and the ads have not gone away. Lies. 2) the app keeps closing itself. Often in the middle of a level. I've already looked into app support with no avail.

  • Where's my water 2 rocks

    by Maycie 123456789

    I just love this game ! It is TOTALLY AWESOME!!!!! My favorite parts are probably Ally(you use steam instead of water and you're trying to get it to a girl alligator )and the mystery duck ! I just ABSOLUTELY LOVE the costumes you can earn with the mystery duck ! I have the unicorn duck, the dragon duck ,the drama duck,and many more!where's my water 2 ROCKS!!!

  • Great fun until you hit the wall

    by Pleased Peter

    I actually had a blast playing this game, but you have to buy each set of 3 keys after you get far enough, or have Facebook friends gift you keys. It would've been more interesting to offer to Facebook gift power up or hints. But you get stuck if none of your Facebook friends play this game.

  • It's a great game.

    by L mcqueen95

    I love getting the daily Mystery Duck.

  • Fun time!

    by AAIP1121914

    My son loves this game!

  • Fun for all

    by Temptxca

    My whole fam enjoys this

  • Crush and Mystery Duck...

    by Miyankocat

    Always crush after completed Mystery Duck quest.. If the game did not crush, I could get Dino duck today.

  • Very buggy

    by rsfd

    1) I have completed level 41 the melody challenge 3 times but it continues to reset itself and say I haven't played it. 2) the app keeps closing itself. Often in the middle of a level. I've already looked into app support with no avail.


    by Rob Rocks!

    I firmly believe that this game is the most fun game ever!

  • Won't connect to Facebook

    by Pokey3000

    I need to get on Facebook so I can get keys to unlock the new levels. But with the new update, the game no longer allows me to connect to Facebook on my iPad. The iPhone version strangely does allow me to connect to Facebook but all of my saved progress is on iPad version. Please fix!!!!

  • I need money???!!!!

    by MightyMouse20

    I can't pass to the next place because I need money!!! And I can't get the explorer duck even though I played the mystery duck quest! Please fix it!!!!

  • Where's my levels?

    by Kishaxjuliet

    Are there any updates? This is ridiculous. Pay for keys, wait for levels, chase the mystery duck who hides on unopened levels.

  • Not worth it any more

    by breakingitdown

    The game is fun, but since the last two updates there are too many tasks to do before actually playing the game. I don't want to ask friends for keys, or buy keys, or wait for a power up to play. already paid for this app once. Done with it

  • Glitchy

    by Forgedbyfire

    Game is fun when it loads. Creators modified the code to allow for ads. The ads are not a problem, I can live with the ads. When the ads try to load they lock up the app completely. This very frustrating when trying to play the game at this point we are only getting the game to load about 20%of the time. I hope they fix this soon.

  • Very buggy and disappointing

    by rsfd

    1) I have made 2 in app purchases and the ads have not gone away. Lies. 2) the app keeps closing itself. Often in the middle of a level. I've already looked into app support with no avail. 3) addition to my review and reduction of stars: this is now the third time the app has shut down when I complete a mystery duck level. I get to play 2 successfully, then I play the third (where I believe I win a duck costume or something) and as soon as complete, the app shuts down. I relaunch to find out my mystery duck counter has been reset and I have no idea why I'm even trying to win them now. I don't get to have the little hooray for getting three. I wish someone else would put out a similar game so I wouldn't get drawn back into the buggy world if Disney.

  • Huge failure!

    by Mas3oodi

    Horrible! Just horrible! Always crashing Constant adds Constant freezing Constant fb nonsense Constantly asking for money The touch on the iPhone doesn't work well at all And all the Allie stages are horrible!!! Just plain unnecessary boredom Huge failure from part 1 So are all the other lame re-makes. Perry, Mickey n what not. Part 1 remains the purest and most entertaining thus far.

  • it's not worth it

    by Yeisley

    This game is fun and all, but after you finish the soap factory, the gate asks for keys. I don't have any money for this game, and do not have a Facebook, so there is no way for me to play this game anymore. So Disney, I'm not the only one like this, and it's a sure fire way to lose annoyed players who have been following you since the beginning. You shouldn't have to pay money to get to another level. They should work like items you find in a level, or maybe a hidden secret at the areas them selves, but overall, this issue should be fixed.

  • Fix Level 49 Glitch!!!

    by Headi G

    There is sn extra piece of rock that prevents you from being able to complete all the challenges within level 49. So annoying!!!

  • Just get the first one

    by MarleyWatch

    Constant video adds and attempts to make me connect with Facebook, make this more frustrating than fun

  • Where's the other "2 NEW" Levels as promised???

    by Headi G

    So they took away the energy bar and promised new content...where is it? I downloaded updates and now i have a bunch of bugs, ads, & no new levels.

  • Enjoyed it right up to the first intrusive ad

    by tiny elvis bmn

    So I got a good 5 minutes out of it. Delete.

  • want $17 to upgrade???

    by wadub56

    app blasts you with ads and stops at level 30 unless you pay the ransom of $17??? madness

  • This is a cop out

    by Driby

    The original was was creative with each new level. Now the take a level, turn it upside down, and call it something new. Not much fun.

  • Won't connect to Facebook

    by Caseymw87

    Since buying a new iphone 5s this app will no longer connect to my Facebook.

  • Facebook scam and crashing

    by Ahmedgak

    Please fix the issue where it crashes on my ipad. I can't get beyond level 3 as it crashes every time. Also, please remove the facebook thingy

  • CRASH!

    by JackOfficer

    CRASH all the time!

  • Biggest sell out

    by Ex-fan of this game

    The fact that that I have to pay for getting rid of ads and getting me to the next levels has gotten me more furious than playing flappy bird. Do not download this game.

  • Please fix

    by Deuceontop

    Crashes every 2 levels or so on iPhone 5. Very frustrating.

  • Bugs

    by Kat1244

    Level 45 looks different on my version than the on-line cheater videos. My version has an extra bomb in the bottom left. Also, ads keep popping up even though I made an in-app purchase which were supposed to make ads go away.

  • Myster duck: caroling duck error

    by Eekiam

    Been playing the mystery duck.. I've completed the caroling duck but when i played again, i have to complete another set for the same duck.. Now i completed it for the second time, the next mysteryduck is still the caroling duck (3rd time).. Please fix..:(

  • 52carp

    by fincholive

    Fun game but crashes all the time when you complete a level.

  • 52carp

    by fincholive

    Fun game but crashes all the time when you complete a level.

  • Bug in getting Caroling Duck

    by Time2lose

    I have the same issue as others have mentioned. No matter how many times I get the mystery duck I am stuck on the Caroling duck. Game also crashes frequently when I complete a level.

  • Frustrating

    by Mj1690

    If you enjoy pop up ads (even after making a purchase) and crashing games then by all means download this game. I spent a few bucks on keys and the ads stopped, until a recent update and now I get them again. I have beat the mystery duck levels multiple times only for the game to crash and not record my progress. Emails to customer support have gone unanswered. Sick of it, deleting the game.

  • Fix the force closing please!

    by Danhr

    I'd rate this game higher but the fact that every time I complete a level the game force closes gives it this rating. The game is fun, makes your brain work. But it really becomes a pain when it closes on you as soon as you pass a level. Please fix this!!!

  • Good But Buggy

    by souch3

    This game is great for gameplay but crashes once every 10 minutes. That is ridiculous

  • Bugs bugs bugs

    by oobster

    Bugs with gates, bugs with mystery ducks, bugs with ads, bugs with levels being unbeatable... Tired of waiting on them to fix things.

  • Fun, But...

    by Blockhead III

    The game is fun and all, but it has quite a few annoying issues. The incessant ads are annoying and it crashes a lot. This causes me to have to restart the game which takes a while too load. I had just gotten a third mystery duck, but I crashed. I restarted and my mystery ducks were gone, but I still had no new duck. I'm also pretty ticked about being forced to use a hint on a level I had been having trouble with. I was doing a challenge, but the hint only showed me how to beat it in regular, so I failed. I finally beat the level many tries later, no thanks to that hint. The game made me waste a hint. After all the trouble the game caused I eventually decided it had to be done. Deleted.

  • ADs in a kids game

    by Ira Burg

    ADs should not be in a kids game! Are you kidding me Disney!

  • Unlocking is difficult

    by Mamakt

    I can't seem to move past a level because I need to get keys from Facebook. This is crap. I really like aging and don't want to become one of those ppl on fbook that is always telling ppl what level I'm on or what I'm in need of. Please get rid of this.

  • $$$$

    by kachar04

    So frustrating to have to beg or pay for next level. I would rather pay up front for the app then deal with in app purchases. Too bad I liked the original.

  • Iced teeth mystery duck where's my water 2

    by Dr Kathie

    Has anyone figured out this mystery duck? It seems that what is missing is the "iced teeth" in the level. It starts out with "iced teeth" and then they quickly disappear. Therefore, there is not enough water to satisfy Cranky. I have successfully completed every challenge except this mystery duck. Help!

  • Fun

    by amylizz81

    This game is fun but it crashes ALL THE TIME

  • Wheres my crash

    by Paracyte

    App crashes constantly. Also keep getting ads even though Ive made an in app purchase. Game is fun but the crashing and ads make it miserable. Stop being greedy and charge for the app and be done with ads and tons of useless in app purchases. Unless the pricing model chages this will be my last wally app!!!

  • Worth a download

    by Gage P.

    Played plenty of games this one is hours of fun!

  • Love it!

    by KeyQu

    First got it for my nephews... Now I just can't stop playing it!!

  • Ads are back!!! And still need keys

    by Dan203

    I bought something from the store, for $3, to disable ads. It worked at first, but now they're back! Also even after you buy something you still have to buy keys, or beg for them on Facebook, to move past certain points. Just offer a real "unlock" option so I can play the game!

  • Good but

    by Nay0311

    Fun game but don't like being forced to pay for stuff

  • Fun for me and my kids

    by Boo320


  • Fun fun fun

    by Ladydreya

    Awesome fun addicting game. I recommend it!

  • Yes, Bugs in Getting Caroling Duck + More Bugs

    by Bill Greaves

    Since Carolling Duck was assigned as a mystery duck, I can't get it no matter how many times I have tri-ducked. Because of this, I’m stuck on Caroling Duck. The game won’t proceed to another Mystery Duck. I just keep tri-ducking, and the game automatically returns to Caroling Duck. For level 55 Driller, the thickness of the wall on the right shown on iPhones is half of what shown on the official walkthrough. Due to this difference, it is impossible to drill a nice curve to lead the toxic water up. I can only tri-duck this level by using the Absorber power-up.

  • Better than the original

    by Chelentaz

    Great challenges at all levels!

  • Force close

    by Ludsjfkdkanshs

    Seems that ever since I bought my way past the first set of gates now whenever there was supposed to be one of those adds it just force closes my app and then I have to reopen it and wait for it to log on and reload everything. This is the only highly annoying part.

  • A let down. Original is better.

    by Red4man

    Really lacks the charm and creativity of the original. Also, isn't this sort of a game for kids? Kids can't even use facebook but this game really wants you to sign in. Full screen ads show frequently and you have to buy "keys" to get passed a certain point. Luckily the game won't draw you in so it's not very disappointing when you can't play anymore.

  • This game is awful

    by Xcdfffre

    Don't waste your time with this buggy junk. No way to get the caroling duck. It doesn't matter how many times you get the mystery duck. Games crashes a lot. Find a different game that works. Seriously. Can't believe Disney would put their name on this crap. Only reason it gets one star is because you can't give it zero stars.

  • Ok but still probs

    by Smoosw

    The game is ok...at least they got rid of the ridiculous energy thing. But it still freezes too much. I don't need some journey all over the place. Just give me good levels like before. If it wasn't broken, why keep trying to change it?

  • by Tinkviere

    Great game for all ages!

  • Okay

    by DeVlaminck

    I like the levels. There nice and new but I'm now stuck. No one wants to play it anymore, so I can't get keys without paying. I can't pay for the keys and I don't want to. Please remove the gate with keys. I am fine with having to earn ducks for gates.

  • Haven't played in a while

    by VONiE

    I haven't played this game in a while because, one I don't have any facebook friends who play and I refuse to bother ppl with notifications. And two, for some reason I don't have any mystery ducks challenges and it's upsetting.

  • Crash!

    by Younghollywood9

    The game crashes after every level. Also they say if u buy an in store purchase it'll do away with ads forever. False! I have purchased many items and the pop ups continue

  • Crashes, ads after purchases

    by Heat_her

    This app continually crashes after finishing a level, and then takes a minute to reboot. Lame. It also promises you won't get ads after making an in-app purchase, but I still get them after buying several keychains. Needs work!

  • Fun addictive game!

    by Sesamechama

    Love this game. Cute graphics, lots of levels, and very addictive!

  • Level 55 & 65

    by Waszczak

    Please fix.. Wall thickness too small on level 55 & level 65 does not allow to be solved unless using absorber

  • Great

    by Rawdog.rm

    Wonderful game but how do I get the keys

  • Worst version of "Where's My...?"

    by Unlikely EViL

    Fixed energy, but not much else. Get demos of the other versions or buy the other versions; this one is still not good.

  • Caroling duck and ad issue

    by lokenj88

    Have been stuck on caroling duck for I don't know how many mystery duck missions now. Constantly crashing and resetting after finishing a mystery duck level as well as just levels in general. Then I have paid to unlock the gates which gets rid of ads, BUT now I get the ad almost every time stating, "by making a purchase in the app you will remove all ads"..........if I have made a purchase I do not need to have this come up every time I log in.....the purchase has been made. It's a great game and has kept me entertained but the bugs are very bothersome. I have wasted many power ups and purchased power ups to get past the caroling duck and am still stuck in a boot loop of this same duck.

  • Needs to fix some issues

    by Ashinator16502549

    I have been trying to get the caroling duck multiple times now, and no matter how many times I tri-duck it, I can never get the mystery duck. The level 55 driller challenge is VERY challenging. I have tried looking at a walkthrough, and the right side where I can drill isn't big enough. I always eventually drill through the wall and the toxic water goes through. Other than those things, I think this game is great. But personally, I liked the original "Where's my Water."

  • Great!!! but one thing....

    by Phoebe

    this game is soo fun and addicting.... i love how u got allie, swampy, and cranky together! except everytime i finish a level or two, the app shuts off, sometimes, losing my data. I am not the only one with this problem.... if you could fix that, that would be great!!! thanks again for making the second one! and if u fix this... I will give you five stars! for sure!

  • Better; still buggy

    by oldpinano

    Bad: 55 Driller and 65 Upside Down are not possible without power ups. Can't earn the Caroling Duck: the count resets after every 3 Mystery Ducks. Crashes to Springboard often; usually when completing a level. Good: no more 'energy'. More levels added!

  • Love it

    by Maylynn Rodrign

    Greatest app

  • Too many bugs

    by Right1976

    Random crashes, too much lag time between levels. Stick with the original or where's my perry

  • More Mystery Duck Woes

    by Lucky Wolf

    Great! You added more levels and now I can actually access the mystery duck, which was working great and I was starting to enjoy the game until, dun dun dun! The Caroling Duck! I have beat this duck a total of 7 times, and it's still there. Finally got it to show three hats, and go away, but now guess what the next duck is? The Caroling Duck, and guess what I don't have? The Caroling Duck. Please fix this bug right away so I can enjoy the game again. Bad enough I missed out in the Reindeer and New Year duck because of these mess ups :(

  • level 45 can't be beat.......

    by Big pop-pa

    level 45 is impossible to beat..... there's a bomb at the bottom left corner where the water comes down.... please fix..... will change to 5stars when level 45 is fixed.....

  • Great

    by Onkushcloudz

    Good game but it keeps crashing please fix for iPad mini

  • New style of fun

    by Benhdjdne

    I was addicted to candy crush. Now I've moved on. This game is a great change from typical games. It also gets more interesting as it goes along. The games negative aspect would be that the player needs "help" to advance levels.

  • Fun game

    by Azn_Thug33

    Fun game but keeps crashing :/

  • One-third the fun of the original

    by akaoni

    This game is constantly bring interrupted by annoying hints and helps, plus pop-up video ads that you have to skip (after 3 seconds...) A very lame sequel to a fun original game.

  • Good game, but too many problems.

    by Spydernights

    Between the constant ads and crashes, I was very tempted to uninstall it. When it tried to force me to be social - I don't play games on my phone for the social aspect - it went away. Too bad, too. I'd pay for the game if it was stable.

  • Crashes

    by Artmif

    The game crashes every time I tap level 8. I've tried everything I can think of. How can this be fixed? I'm about to just delete.

  • Won't stop crashing

    by JessicaDally

    I'd love to play this game and loved the first version but I can't get past the 8th level where it won't load the game without crashing. Too buggy to consider paying to stop the ads.

  • Glitch

    by Marie2833

    Ok so when I first got the game it was all fun and I liked it ,but then when I got so far the game started to kick me out each time I tried to play the game!!!!!!!

  • Where's my water

    by Mollymiacat

    Direction would be nice, I do not get what I am supposed to do. I also find it horrible that you have to pay extra for things like hints and helpful tools. I want a game I can unwind and play not one that frustrates me.

  • Fun, but buggy

    by Sancho Pancho

    Water 1 was a very fun game and everyone should definitely play that. Water 2 seems like a step forward and a step back. The new ducks and challenges are very fun. However the app seems buggy, crashing often.

  • Crashes

    by Snoopy.Kid

    The app crashes when I start and it won't let me play :/

  • Level 49

    by Indura

    Level 49 is very difficult. I have looked up solutions to this level and the rock has a break in it. The new version does not have a break and it is impossible to pass this level because the steam opens the gate before it could get to ally. I really like this game but I can't get pass this level so I can't continue to play the game. Please put the break back.

  • No Facebook!

    by bekeld

    Crashes after I complete a level. Does not consistently record that I caught Mystery Duck. Have to pay to move to new stage or ask friends for keys. I WILL NOT bug friends for 'game bonuses'. No option to play to earn stage. Not happy. Would rather pay $2 or $3 up front than deal with ads and Facebook.

  • Updated version is better

    by Jmg1674

    Thank you Disney for listening to people and removing the energy bar. I really like the twist on the challenges like Driller, Guest Duck and the interspersing of the different gators. I don't even mind having to pay for additional levels (and supposedly making that purchase will remove the ads, which is another bonus). Heck, I would have happily payed $1-2 for the base game. The biggest thing I don't care for is the constant pimping to Connect to Facebook. Lots of parents let their kids play this game - kids who aren't on Facebook and shouldn't be. My daughter loves the game. It's also annoying to get prompted to use a power up before each level. I know it's there to encourage people to use them and buy more, but you honestly don't need them on the first two worlds and probably not for the rest of it. I have an iPad 2 on iOS7 and the app is prone to crashing. I have restarted the iPad since installing the update, so that didn't fix it. Even with that, I will likely install this on my daughter's iPod so she can play the new adventures of Swampy and friends.

  • Ads

    by Gggggbcarj


  • Very good

    by Johion3421


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