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  • Category: Lifestyle
  • Publisher: Cocopok
  • Updated: Dec, 12 2013
  • Version: 1.0.0
  • Size: 92.44 MB

Languages: English

Seller: Siu Pok

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Bored with your default iOS keyboard? CUSTOMIZE your keyboard now with this app!

With this Color Texting app you can design Color Text Messages that are cute / cool / funky or whatever style you can imagine! You will be able to send these messages in your email or favorite chat apps via copy and paste

It also comes with dozens of new keyboard designs that you can use while composing your messages. You will surely find one that suits your taste to do email or chat apps with.

Customer Reviews

  • Swag

    by DSiXL••••

    Yo dawg i put dem 30" wheels with da spinnerz on my keyboard and now mah iPhone is pimped dawg thanks

  • Interesting app

    by Rkw99

    I believe this app is useful, colorful, and fun. With all the different colored/styled keyboards, the amazing fonts, and the color of the words typed you create a message most likely to capture someones attention. You should get this app, it is truly amazing. I know I love it!!!! ❤❤❤❤

  • WHY

    by Abby rod

    WHY does this app have so bad reviews???? It's really cool

  • Change Keyboard feature!

    by gettosee1

    I think this app is pretty cool, but one problem.. it would be awesome If you could let the keyboard change and let that style stay the way it is when using it in iMessage, facebook, or any apps that let you use a keyboard (most likely the Internet). I mean the text feature is all right, but the keyboard feature needs to be updated.

  • I love it

    by Lincon Bravo

    Why are you not liking the app it cool and I love it

  • Awesome

    by Hapadog02

    Read the directions and then you will see how awesome this app is

  • 50/50

    by SS Candy Lover

    This app is ok! It's kind of hard to understand it. It could use an update and so more details! But all in all it's a kind of ok app!

  • Stop Complaining

    by Cammaster98

    Guys you need to STOP the complaining because it's not like the owners of Pimp My Keyboard false advertised on this app and said they work outside the app. They would have to do a lot of work for that to happen, but enough of my rambling. I love this app!

  • Waste of time

    by allie lavigne

    Do not get this app. The keyboard only works in the app. the design doesnt stay on the keyboard.

  • awesome

    by frenchfry81752

    this app is sooo cool! you should totally get it!

  • I have seen worst

    by Oh_Its_Tanny

    This app is not horrible , but it's okay

  • No!!!!!!!!!!!!

    by Lezlee Thurman

    U can't even send a message from it or have the words in pretty color sublease u are on the app so what is the point to have this app

  • vsnk

    by starrate0134


  • thx

    by pradyun25913

    i appriciate it even though its bad for trying your best

  • it's pretty chill.

    by yellowbella525

    well I'm kinda a pimp myself, so this fits with my lifestyle.. yeah it's pretty chill. I mean I like the BJs app better because i dunno it's just chill brah. yah go get the BJs app if u wanna be a pimp like me. dude I kno how to be a pimp. k I got some things to do (GET THE BJ'S APP)


    by 110frogs

    Off the chainz

  • Works fine, but works only for whats app and gmail.

    by Gmsale

    Works only for the two. If it works for all, I give 5 stars. Great app

  • Yay!

    by Rainbowcolorgirl1890

    Y'all r just haters because you r just jealous of them because you probably could come up with this magnificent idea so shut up

  • Pointless and Frustrating.

    by sstanley1028

    Would give 0 stars if possible because when downloading the app I was under the impression (due to the lack of information regarding the contrary of the following) that I could have had the "pimped" keyboard be different throughout the entire phone, but come to find out it only works within the app. It'd be nice if the developers would have expressed this somewhere like I don't know maybe in the description...? What's the point of using that app (and using the space on my device to house the app) to do things I have other apps for (without sacrificing the extra data storage space)? This app is pointless and frustrating. Save your time and effort by not installing this app!!

  • Dislike this

    by Pretty princess aka nicole

    I like the keyboards design. But I just now deleted this app because I thought it would make your keyboard stay like that when you are on anything. But the keyboard will only work on the app. So y'all need to make it work on everything. :( I would get this app again if it was like how I wanted it!...

  • If I could give less than one star

    by Kaos595

    What is this app other than trying to get you to buy the full version? And I would expect the full version to be a waste as well. Check the star rating

  • by Swag er day

    Don't waste you time


    by Carryyee

    Im on the same page as you. I want color keyboard whenever. But this app tricks you and only allows the color to come on within the app...DONT WASTE YOUR TIME AND $$ ON THIS APP. Its totally not worth it. Its not what you think.

  • So stupid

    by Xmsmdmdj

    I thought that you could use the keyboard where ever!! You can only use the keyboard within the app... Then you have to copy and paste your message it's a COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME!

  • Gay!!!

    by w0nd3rw4ffl3

    These con-artists wouldn't know what a good app was if it punched them in the crotch

  • it doesnt even deserve 1 star...

    by Aldav(42)

    this app is difficult to use. and when i was typing on the keyboard, it kept typing different letters or it didnt get that i presses on it and i had to tap the button again. There is no reason for me to own this app

  • It's ok

    by Safc_98

    It isn't very good. It doesn't work as well as everybody says it does.

  • Stupid

    by Shkemmerz

    It doesn't do anything! You choose a color then you can like send the picture to somebody but it's just a colored box!!! And it won't let me type! I'd give it 0stars if I could!

  • Don't waste ur time!

    by 1DBITCHgotApRoMbLeM?

    U have to open the app for u to see the different color keyboard it does NOT go to ur actual keyboard on ur phone or wht ever device u have!!!!!!!!

  • Crap

    by Förèvér

    Everything it shows only works in the app, which is the worst copy of notes ever made.

  • How do I work it?

    by Shy fawn

    Every time I open it I get the same keyboard. Honestly don't waste your time tryin. I'll just stay with my reg keyboard.

  • What the heck

    by Rizzuto413

    Omg that was the most crappiest app ever, u need to improve that.

  • Garbage

    by Alex627273737373

    what a waste of time. This app is a scam, they make you go to like another link to pay 2.99 for the "real" app, screw that

  • Eh

    by DADDYS#1

    It is not that great. I personally rather just stick to my regular text message keyboard. The app is to complicated and you can only work if through the app

  • My opinion

    by Someone5184

    For my opinion the "pimp" isn't really... Pimp! the creators should make it more easy to set up and to make it your own keyboard color, it should stay like your "pimp keyboard" till you change it. Every time u text, message, go on notes, or anything it should pop up. Just for my opinion if it was like that it would be much better.


    by Mander J Jumm

    I honestly have no clue how this is on the best selling list or whatever. Not only does it not allow you to even change the keyboard, you can't use the keyboard outside of the app. I had it for 5 minutes and then deleted it.

  • Stupid

    by Bkd22

    No comment

  • Not very good

    by Tyler taz

    I'm not really sure how this got into the top 100 apps, but there's nothing really useful about having an app to type stuff into so you can email it. That's what the email app is for, or the notes app. The keyboard do work but only in the app


    by nutzenboltz

    Does nothing but show ads. Does not actually customize your keyboard. Don't download. It's a fake.

  • Zero-stars!!!!!

    by Hdjisiwjskoorizbxkzvkjs

    This app tells you that you can basically pimp your keyboard but that is not the case. You can only use the app itself, not on anything like say an iMessage. This app is a waste of your time, so don't bother. And also, this app is almost pitiful.


    by Dudesdread

    It only changed the keyboard in the app wast of time looking at the app

  • Shut up

    by Not your dam business

    Man it is not hard to make this app don't say it is hard game to make if u never made a game @shutupandstophating

  • Crap!

    by jobert_q

    Two words: crappy fock!

  • Blah

    by Luvu

    Not a good app

  • !!!!waste of time !!!!!!!

    by Cherrypieatx

    Stupid !

  • Terrible

    by Kaitlynxle18

    It does nothing

  • WORST EVER!!!!

    by Mcballstar

    Don't waste your time on this crap...I've never seen a more worse app ugh

  • Terrible app

    by SpartaninjaApps123

    Only 6 year olds find this app useful

  • total crap

    by LTS_Tretter


  • Ugh worst

    by Rmxkskdiv

    Total waste of time

  • Umm it is ok

    by Bribriquad

    I can't find how to change the coler

  • This app is Mids

    by jkelly727

    This app doesn't even give you a keyboard.

  • Awful

    by Jjunta831

    It's not what you think it is it's stupid don't waist your time

  • Don't waste your time.

    by Amanda21199

    The key board only works within the app and is hard to navigate through. I thought you could use the key board whenever you want to type something, but no. It's a total waste of time. The idea of coloring the key board is great, just for the entire time in and out of the app. I mean who really wants to stay in an app to type emails in the app that'll take less than thirty seconds somewhere else and then go to reply to a text with the same key board that came with the phone? We were all looking for something creative and fun for our key boards and this app is a total let down. The only reason it's so high on the charts is because people think it's for what it says. To "pimp" their key boards and when they open it they see why they shouldn't have wasted their time. My only advise to you is to read the reviews before you get anything and don't waste your time with this one.

  • una poronga

    by que es esa poronga

    una reverenda garcha

  • Weird!

    by Cool times10

    Um I'm so confused. I don't know why you would download this. I can't even figure this out or what the point of it is.

  • Downloaded and it's mostly advertising

    by Djk0689

    Can't use in text message or emails. Have to click app and use as a note pad for use.

  • Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!

    by Elicontilie

    I can't pimp my keyboard!!!! ?????????? :(

  • Absolute waste

    by allboutsteve

    This app is a total lie. Do not download, complete crap

  • Wow

    by sabina popovich


  • It waq

    by Carlos32332

    It waq

  • by Skarico

    baddest app ever seen

  • Horrible

    by Carlos350

    It a dumb app!!


    by Gangnam567

    Don't get it

  • Nooo

    by Egg mommy

    Did nothing for me

  • BAD

    by Uygcxfhhdd

    This app is horrible I had it and deleted it right away don't waste your time getting it

  • I would give 0 stars

    by Stalker064

    This app desapointed me

  • Please dont get it...

    by Guguli7

    So i saw all these bad comments, and didnt believe them. But all you do in this app is use a different keyboard in the actuall app. You cant even use the keyboard on other things like imessage, whatsapp, instagram, all you can use it on is the app itself.

  • 纯垃圾

    by hydebunny

    纯垃圾,全是广告,不能切换输入法。 我当初好奇为什么一个美国AppStore 里面排名26位的软件能够获得如此低的评价,用完就明白了

  • Don't get it.

    by Geeemarie

    Not a good app. Scam.

  • Do not buy

    by WBloom92


  • Trash

    by Nick1998!!!

    People who are saying this is a so called five-star app are probably being paid to say that don't buy people...

  • Nope

    by Samuraimidori


  • TO MANY ADDS !!!!!

    by Lex581

    Way to many adds it is horrible do not get it !!! Trust me it is so hard to use!!!

  • Should be called

    by CreativeUsername000001

    This app should be called "Notes with Lame Keyboard"

  • Bummer

    by SAFilly

    This app isn't great but isn't horrible. I was expecting it to be able to make your keyboard different colors and themes. Well it does let you do that but inside the app. Also I think the name is a little interesting because it really is just a pimp my texts app or something. I'm just a little upset but don't get me wrong I don't hate this app!

  • That stupid first comment

    by Firmly_grasp_it

    So the only reason I got this app was because the first comment (titled: TOTALLY PIMPIN') made me laugh but when I learned that this was a total scam I became very sad. You, like me, probably made the same mistake as me and downloaded the app before reading more than the first review. And now you're reading this review too little too late. Well, I'm sorry friend. What can I say? I know that feel, man. I know that feel.

  • So Confusing

    by Cattenis

    I try using the app, but Holy Cow, it is confusing!

  • Misleading

    by TeamJames33

    Terrible keyboards too, it's virtually pointless.

  • Doesn't work like you think it would

    by Meggamuffin

    The key pad only works in the app and you cannot send messages or really use the app. Pretty useless and pointless.

  • Horrible

    by NateDD!

    Waste of time!!!

  • by Aria1198

    This app doesn't even work !

  • Worst app

    by Dphilip1234566

    This is a scam and if there was a zero star rating that's what I would have chosen. Save your time and battery and DONT get this app

  • No. God No

    by King Tyga

    Please don't get this if you want to use the cool keyboard outside of the app. Very misleading

  • so terrible

    by kalexhn

    this app just wasted my time don't download this this doesn't really change your keyboard!!

  • Misleading

    by Jade

    It's not actually for your iPhone keyboard.

  • Misleading

    by Cool personz

    Just an advertisement for the paid app

  • by Bhl15

    Does not even change the keyboard out of app... Don't get the point of writing something in the app to just yourself but not having a colored keyboard outside the app. Very misleading and pointless

  • Nope

    by Cristian Gerardo

    Doesn't work

  • BAD!!!

    by Vandikatt

    I hate this app makes no sense and is very confusing

  • Dis is poopy

    by Meisasmexilisiousbeast

    This is soooo stupid don't get it. LIES

  • Misleading

    by tubm

    Not a good app would be nice if actually changed keyboard

  • Don't waste your time

    by gmaswimmer

    Don't waste your time


    by Lucia 261

    DONT get this app it really stinks and if you do it really stinks and you can only send a email not iMessage or text message and you can't get emoji if you press what you would press for emoji it just changes the key board style


    by Archy 2

    This is a bad confusing app. This app also makes you download other apps for it to work. This app is a TOTAL RIPOFF

  • Doesn't really work

    by Evelyn Rivera

    This would be great app if it actually change your keyboard like in the pics. Hope you fix this.

  • DONT BUY!!!!!

    by Mason Marchant

    Don't buy this the keyboards are fake P.S the app gives you way too many pop up ads forcing you get you to buy other apps. Apple needs to ban all these scammers. It's been like 3 years now of scam apps on the store. I don't know how this got in top apps list along with all the other apps Apple has taken down about a year ago.

  • Lame

    by Ashes0987


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