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Seller: Clear Channel Management Services, LP

Refreshed look and feel, optimized for iOS7.
Fixes bugs to improve iHeartRadio listener experience.

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Listen to your favorite live stations or create your own with iHeartRadio -- the only app you need to stream live radio and enjoy commercial-free custom music stations.

“The best streaming radio app” (CNET)
#19 Free App of All Time (iTunes)

iHeart's iPhone radio app also offers activity-based music recommendations and on-demand audio from your favorite talk shows and personalities. Set an alarm clock to wake you up to your favorite station or remind you to tune in to your favorite show.

• The best of LIVE INTERNET RADIO: pop, country, hip-hop and R&B, rock, talk, news, sports & more

• Create CUSTOM MUSIC stations: over 18 million songs from more than 400,000 artists

• PERFECT FOR: music playlists for working, driving, working out & hundreds more activities

• TALK: on-demand talk radio episodes from great names in news, sports, finance, comedy & entertainment

Log in via email or Facebook to create custom music stations, save live radio stations to your Presets, and access your favorites from wherever you use iHeartRadio. It's fast, easy and FREE!

Have a suggestion, question or concern? Please email us at [email protected] and we'll be happy to assist you.

Customer Reviews

  • Best radio app

    by Abed Arnaout

    First time for me to write a review on an app, but this app is so awesome, so I felt that I must do it

  • I heart radio

    by Lil Mama 369

    I love this app. I'm able to find older songs I like.

  • Perfect

    by Iggyparma

    Everything I need

  • Good

    by Mgirlboy

    It is good but doesn't have all the stations I want

  • Love

    by I heart radio lover

    Love this app use it all the time

  • Awesome

    by Articcatman2009

    Love I heart radio!!

  • Review

    by Gbritt59

    Great music keep up the good job

  • I don't mind the add so much but....

    by Partner_mark

    The constant request for sign in is very annoying. Ya just want to hit an icon while working on something and the stupid thing wants me to sign in AGAIN! And another thing, if I wanted my Facebook app opened I would have done it myself!

  • Love

    by pianoman0479

    It help if you l Love the radio.

  • Licious2003

    by Emmalee Mohler

    It's slow and It buffers a lot but I think it's all worth it because they have the best stations and it plays the best songs


    by Hokystikk

    Best music app ever !! I LOVE IT ! Thanks I HEART

  • Better than most radio apps

    by 3ddgarr

    Better than pandora thats for sure more variety.

  • I❤️Radio

    by curlylou63

    I have only one word AWESOME!!!!!

  • turns itself on

    by TheDruidCM

    It has started randomly turning itself on; this development is obnoxious.

  • Better than pandora

    by LovelyLoisss

    More freedom and options. Wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy less commercials.

  • Review

    by Bos57

    The concept of Iheart radio is great. Love being able to get stations from all around the country. There are Still major problems with the stations cutting out for extensive periods of time and having to restart the app. If it wasn't for that I would give it five stars

  • Omg

    by Jamstersjamie

    Love it just love it

  • Great but not exceptional

    by Shana-Kay

    The app could use a few more channels and the variety of music could be expanded a but more but other than that it's an overall great music app.

  • awesome

    by Curtis Webb

    like it! thumbs up!

  • Love it!

    by Nik2449

    The only complaint... It goes to "buffering" a lot.

  • Not a good app

    by Adan Lopez

    Too many commercials and the streaming is always slow.

  • Streaming Dallas sports station on Portland

    by Wisedan 69

    Trying to listen to blazer game on 620am In Portland and I'm streaming Dallas sports station? Really? Yes I changed my location on my phone!

  • Buffering Constantly

    by Luckyphx

    The app is constantly buffering sucking my data if like it was water. It was great before but now it's an issue. This happens to me even when I'm on LTE with full bars. Please fix!

  • Needs fixed

    by chillidog442

    App turns on by itself after a phone call or just randomly which uses a ton of data when I'm not even using it. I have to delete the app and then reinstall whenever I want to use it. No attempt has been made to fix the problem which I have already reported.

  • Guy

    by Swervo the landlord

    This app continually connects to the last channel I listened to after I hang up from a phone conversation. Very annoying.

  • It's getting worse...

    by Thescottsman

    I've used this app for 2 years and I'm done with it. It keeps disconnecting no matter which iDevice I use. It's a battery super leech! If you want to discharge your phone, use this app! The final straw was when it forgot my password again. This is a badly written app.

  • Unfriendly app, email spam

    by Patio pundit

    Slow to load, not intuitive. Once they have your email they keep spamming you

  • Wont shut off

    by Billy k l

    I downloaded and re-installed several times. The problem is when I shut it down, it will suddenly start to play again. I need a way to completely turn it off.

  • Like

    by Yssup02


  • Worst app ever!!!!!!

    by Logan45

    This app would be better if I could LOG IN!!!!!! Therefore I would give it zero stars if I could!!!!

  • Way better then Pandora

    by Mello_Jello

    This app is amazing! Less ads

  • Fantastic!

    by SafeHaven Angel

    I love this app! It's like it can detect what songs I really need to listen to whenever I create a new station

  • Right now!

    by Jtr Kyler

    This app it's easy to use.

  • Breaking up with this app Re: Buffer fail

    by SooozieTX

    I'm done missing bits of my favorite morning show due to "buffering." Constant "buffering" that actually skips over content instead of starting back where it left off. Deleting the app now!! Infinity Radio is much more reliable.

  • ❤️❤️❤️

    by HippiebyNature

    Bomb.COM ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Keep it up!!

    by Mik3nik3101

    This is fricking awesome keep it up u should get an alarm clock mode!!!

  • I'm trying to love it

    by Noctania

    It would be easier to love if you could sick to the artist the station was created for pandora doesn't either. Example: I made a Lisa gerrard radio and its good at first then you'll jump to Kate bush which is in a totally different class of singing! It throws my mode all over and kinda shocks my auditory nervous system. Maybe you could just keep with who the station is made for?????

  • Two sides

    by IHeart Fan

    Enjoy listening to talk stations but: the station automatically comes back on after every phone call. Can't find instruction to prevent this other than deleting app.

  • Two sides

    by IHeart Fan

    Enjoy listening to talk stations but: the station automatically comes back on after every phone call. Can't find instruction to prevent this other than deleting app.

  • It Plays Music

    by Cameron Phillips

    How much can I say about iHeart? It works as well as Pandora, Slacker, or last.fm and seems to play more of what I like than the others. It could really benefit, I think, from an add variety feature like Pandora had at one time; other than that I have no gripes with this app.

  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    by MrCooch


  • Perfect

    by Cagg96

    The best music app ... Thats it

  • Pandora by CIassPresident

    I've been a pandora user for years and I've read many reviews on iHeart, good and bad, but I was still skeptical on downloading it. I honestly don't know why this app is getting bad reviews, those people probably just have crappy phones. One day of using this app and I loved it, I'm Korean and I put Korean artists so I can listen to other Korean songs. iHeart does a good job on staying on the right category of music. When I put a Korean songs on pandora the first song would be korean, but the rest would be Spanish, English etc. What makes this better than Pandora, would be the amount of commercials they have (iHeart=1 every 2hrs, Pandora=1 every 4-6 songs) No exaggerations. Overall I HIGHLY recommend this app.

  • Thizz

    by Abern707

    Has good amount of Mac Dre enough said.

  • Nice!!!

    by BlablablablablaMade


  • Love this app!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    by Anim3 girl

    I love it!!!

  • Always buffering....

    by SRT Fan

    Good app. Get my stations that I like, but not reliable. Always losing connection, especially when's it rains. Which seems silly. Fix the connection issues and I'd rate it 5 stars.

  • Song selection system needs work

    by Tylerray_2

    I like the app but its like ill start out listening to Japanese techno and end listening to Mongolian banjo crap without clicking a single button

  • I ❤️ radio

    by Finman2000

    This app is the perfect app if you love listening to music you get to listen to your favorite artist, and songs and it's so easy to you

  • Nicz

    by CHTL


  • 8)

    by Richard Fajardo

    Best music app ever!

  • Needs fixed

    by Genealogist

    Crashes after receiving a phone call or listening to another audio source, such as voice-mail. Should resume when phone call is ended. It is very annoying to have to quit the app, then relaunch it each time.

  • Nice

    by Pinay_Samurai

    Great App. We are able to listen to our favorite stations anywhere we are. Works well.

  • Iheartradio

    by Grace Bates

    Love the app!

  • Smile

    by Terismom

    Great app

  • Hi

    by Nena Green

    Like it songs

  • Runs behind

    by Chris Wenck

    If you listen to this cast and the actual broadcast the app runs about 10seconds behind. Otherwise it's a nice app.

  • PROJECT 9-6-1

    by  Moophw

    I used to listen to Project 96.1 out of Alanna on I heart radio, but Clear Channel radio shut the station down, so I am deleting I heart radio because they are part of Clear Channel radio. Bring back PROJECT 9-6-1 then I'll think about re-downloading the app. LIVE LOUD PLAY HARD

  • Uses sooo much data!!

    by AshLash3705

    I absolutely love this app. I love being able to listen to my fav morning show, or custom artist stations (without commercials!). My only problem with this app is the amount of data it uses. I like to listen at work where there isn't wifi. On a normal month, I barely use half my allotted data. When I listen to iheart radio, I end up having to turn data on my phone off just to make it through the last couple days of the month. Pandora doesn't use as much data- guess I'll go back to commercials... :(

  • Denver radio

    by Aliceslots

    Wish you could pick more songs!

  • carlangas ñangas ñangas trece

    by Adr Ian

    me vale Madre

  • 5STARS

    by Fefeisthename

    I LOVE IT.!! It's completely amazing

  • Great App

    by Farivale

    Love it!

  • Best music app

    by M.heilman

    I recommend this to anyone who love music especially old country u can't really get on regular radio ;)

  • Nothing

    by Lilserg01

    I only got this because my Pandora wasn't working

  • Good app but....

    by aaron davis

    It's a great app but it buffers so much

  • Good app

    by Nycbella8206

    It's a great app it has it's flaws but one doesn't. I love it and it's a life saver traveling to work / school. Everyone must download it!


    by Opxkoscoiadicposiadj

    I ❤️ this app it streams live music and is awesome

  • Love this app

    by Rare ads

    This app is so perfect. Theres rarely ads and it introduced me to so much new music related to my old favorite genres

  • I heart raidio

    by Jokingskull

    Great app but sometimes when I'm listening to a live station and it goes to commercial the app commercials (the top 10 lists ect) last longer than the stations commercial break and I miss part of the song that the station is playing. This is very annoying when listening to a talk show

  • Song Name &&' Artist name

    by osnapitzjessica

    i just wish you could see the artist and song name when you listen to a radio station out of the state it'd be helpful lol

  • Love it

    by Danelle Smith

    Better than pandora

  • Home Away for Home


    Great app for those out of town gigs and certain music inspires you to perform. Sometimes you just want hear that home style niche!!!

  • iHeart Radio

    by mbar1

    My number 1, favorite streaming radio app. I've had very little problems with this app.

  • Wonderful but in need of improving

    by alexia clark

    Love the different music that I get to experience but I hate some if the glitching and buffering. Sometimes when a song ends it take three to five minutes for the next song to load.

  • Good

    by Matthew davis 2014

    So good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!no trouble!!!!!!!!!!

  • ??

    by Chuym19

    It's all SICKKK!!!

  • This is the best

    by Dolphace

    I love love this application.. It not only has music but meditation as well.. I can't be without it, especially evenings when I want to unwind, it's the best of the best and I'd recommend it 150%

  • Great custom stations, so so radio

    by sbbadm

    I use iheart on the web at work and on my iphone at home and working out. Great selection, the custom stations give you what you ask for. The streaming radio has been spotty, seems to depend on the station. Bring back the more/less variety dial/option on custom stations! Please?

  • I Heart Radio stinks

    by Gojftic

    Since the latest upgrade I haven't been able to search for any stations. I type on the station name and hit search and nothing happens! A worthless app.

  • Awesome

    by Jokeli twilight

    I Love this

  • Better than pandora

    by Elliedanny

    It plays more of a variety than pandora when on a certain station. As soo many artists. Awesome love my music by far my favorite ap.

  • Great all day

    by cre001

    Love talk radio and use iheart as a constant companion. Only request is that the wake up alarm offers the option to wake up to my station without the beeper.

  • Buffering anyone

    by Frustrated and frozen screen

    This app buffers WAY to much. Oh and I love the way it crashes a majority of the time

  • App comes on by itself


    I luv listening to iheart radio everyday! However, when I turn it off after I'm listening, the app comes on by itself. So annoying! I'm deleted it and reinstalled it! And it still does it!

  • It's ok

    by Lena Decker

    Yes I get to listen to the local stations I want to hear, but this app constantly turns off throughout the day and it's annoying!

  • Maddening!

    by c139878

    Streaming works okay until you want it to stop. Every time I turn the station off and then send a text message or type anything the streaming turns back on. Maddening. I have had to delete the app to get the station to stop playing.

  • Easy listening

    by Candieboo02

    This is so nice to be able to decide what I want to listen to depending on my mood. I can change it anytime I want and can always add new music styles to my favorites.

  • Menah

    by Gooch362

    The station browser is easy enough, but I keep getting poorly chosen songs. I do however use it every day in my way to work

  • Barely passable

    by Jsquanto

    I'm not a fan of the long load times, crashes, or having to sit through in-app ads (I'll get those listening to the stations). Definitely not as much functionality as TuneIn but exclusivity forces me to use this app.

  • Good App.

    by Cwlp71

    Good app just stop with the ads.

  • Great!!

    by Punky414

    Amazing. You can set a sleep timer so you can fall asleep to your favorite music without having to turn it off! Love this more than Pandora!

  • Great app :)

    by N¿NJA

    For all those people who say the wireless connection fails after phone calls, ads, ect., it just takes time for it to 'reboot' the connection after the interruption. This happens mainly because iPhones and iPods don't have very strong connection strength.

  • Great app

    by Ty-dye rainbows

    This app is amazing I love how you can pick your own song chooses but the only bad thing is that some of the songs are not even related and how u can't have unlimited thumps downs.

  • Awesome app

    by G8mer5000

    This app has a lot of good stations.

  • Really?!?!?!

    by Jake13370422

    Get rid of skip limits,plz!!!!!!!

  • Love it

    by Edgar.N.95

  • Does what I want!

    by iamhondo

    My rural location limits my access to the music I enjoy. But I<3Radio lets me find stations across the country to fill the gap. A few more in my genre would be nice but it's fine as it is.

  • Pure crappy

    by Saucy Jack1888

    It keeps crashing won't even start up. F this app!!!

  • Phone Call Issue

    by Ariz1758

    I just noticed recently that this app turns on after I receive or make phone calls and I can't figure out how to fix it. It just playing right after I hang up the phone. Please fix!!

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