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Listen to your favorite live stations or create your own with iHeartRadio -- the only iPad app you need to stream live radio and enjoy commercial-free custom music stations.

“The best streaming radio app” (CNET) l #19 Free App of All Time (iTunes)

iHeart's free internet radio app for iPad features:
• The best of LIVE INTERNET RADIO: Pop, country, hip-hop and R&B, rock, talk, news, sports & more
• Create CUSTOM MUSIC stations: Over 18 million songs from more than 400,000 artists
• TALK: On-demand talk radio episodes from great names in news, sports, finance, comedy & entertainment

Log in via email or Facebook to create custom music stations, save and access your stations from wherever you use iHeartRadio, and more. It's fast, easy and FREE!

Have a suggestion, question or concern? Please contact us at http://help.iheartradio.com and we'll be happy to assist you.

Customer Reviews

  • Great app

    by ~Kelseyem2001~

    I love this app it allows me to listen to music on my time, my way. I think it is so much better than pandora. Personally pandora is absolutely horrendous. However, IHeartRadio is absolutely fabulous. If you search a song on this app you get that song but, in pandora you get every song but that one. Thank you IHeartRadio for creating my new favorite app. You rock!

  • I like it but

    by Nimy2525

    A lot of my stations keep telling me that they are un able to stream content... It's fine but really my favorite stations are not playing

  • .

    by Babytiggercc

    I think that If you creat a costume station that it only plays the one you created for ex: If I make Demi it should only play her music

  • Great App.

    by Casper-x

    Pro: It has radio station I listen to. Simple interface. Con: Wish it had equalizer option to adjust sound output on my airplay to lessen the bass.

  • Works well

    by 46Fire

    Got past the log in jazz and app runs smoothly. No issues.

  • Awesome

    by Soul4242

    Well this is way better than Pandora, cuz I'm on my iPad at home, not listening in the car and I can still listen to the station I always listen to in the car. The reason I don't like Pandora is becuz it has TONS of ads and I want to listen to music, not getting ads that really stink. I❤radio is a very good app, so I❤radio is something very special to me

  • Good app

    by Dddddddddsss

    This is a wonderful app. I don't even listen to my music any more. The only thing that needs to be changed is the skip limit which should just be removed.

  • I heart radio in my car

    by 1156salina

    I love listening to my heart radio but I can't plug in my I pod and listen to it in my car. I had to listen to Pandora in my car, when when when will I be able to listen to I heart radio in my car?

  • It's okay

    by Johnyohio

    It's okay. I can listen to my local radio station, but there is a odd delay of being able to tap on a station in order to start the stream. I prefer tuneinradio over this.

  • Perfect for...

    by Pumagal123456

    I loved using 'perfect for' but now it isn't on the ipad app for some reason ? But overall it's a really great app

  • It's the best radio station there is!

    by JellyBeans12321

    It's probably a tad slow though. But it's not too slow it's still great!

  • Loses stream when device goes to sleep

    by Omega Dragotroid

    The recent update has essentially killed the purpose of the sleep timer. I listen to my softer stations at night with the sleep timer on, but it doesn't matter cos I wake up to alerts saying it can't connect to the stream. The Win8 RT version does the same, which is partially why I enjoyed it so much on my iPad. Now both versions do it and I'm at a loss. 3 stars for that inconvenience, but otherwise I love the app.

  • Alarm clock

    by Song Shi

    Can you add an alarm clock? Great app otherwise.

  • Good

    by Draggifli

    It is very good but sometimes I have some bugs but it is like my fav radio app.

  • Great app

    by CookiesSaan

    If you were wondering there is a 15.21 second delay between the app and the radio. The app I the laggy one

  • It's OK

    by MasterChiefATM

    I don't understand why there so much bad comments for this app, Considering that this app is about 1 year old (give and take) it had it's has ugly moment ( it still does). But in order to improve it must learn it's mistake, hell even big car company, retail store, and other great apps out there, it had it's ugly moments. Just give it sometime and it will improve I am able to hear live radio, music, and picture, but I have a IOS 7 IPad, so for me it's perfectly OK but since it's still young it still got more to learn compare to other Radio apps out there. The only reason I won't give it 5 Star it's because I can't shuffle my favorite music station, you know sometime you just want to listen randomly through your favorite music station.

  • It's OK

    by MasterChiefATM

    I don't understand why there so much bad comments for this app, Considering that this app is about 1 year old (give and take) it had it's has ugly moment ( it still does). But in order to improve it must learn it's mistake, hell even big car company, retail store, and other great apps out there, it had it's ugly moments. Just give it sometime and it will improve I am able to hear live radio, music, and picture, but I have a IOS 7 IPad, so for me it's perfectly OK but since it's still young it still got more to learn compare to other Radio apps out there. The only reason I won't give it 5 Star it's because I can't shuffle my favorite music station, you know sometime you just want to listen randomly through your favorite music station.

  • Ok

    by GameCritiqer101

    U should be able to make ur own station without Facebook or an account.

  • Cant register

    by Hfdyjnvdrhm

    Now I shall never listen to music

  • Wonderful!

    by Roseykat

    So much better reception than regular radio. I am sorry it took me so long before I tried this ap.

  • What the heck

    by Smartiegirl11111

    Ok, third time I have typed this in because the nickname is used and you have to start all over each time..grr. I could not use the app at all after the update on iPad. I had to completely deinstall and reinstall to get it to work. Then it takes about 30 seconds for a station to tune in...and where did artist name and song title go. Double grrr. Not a happy user.

  • Ray

    by RayBubba7

    Bad app don't get over 15 sec again before it played today took even longer why???

  • IHeart

    by TX

    It's not very good. I'd rather use something else.

  • Good bye Iheart radio hello Tune in Radio

    by Mr Aufait

    As others have said, the app use to be great but now it is just a spying personal information grabber second only to the NSA. I now use Tune In Radio app and I find the app is more robust with more features and it asks but doesn't require me to sign up or divulge face book or other information. So Iheart is now deleted and I don't even miss it. thanks Tune In Radio for not being like these people.

  • It so dumb

    by Willoughby11

    I got the one for the I pad and it said go to the store for the iPad and it said I heart radio for iPad

  • Can't use

    by chell54311

    Do I want the app...sure. I download it, try to open it and it just wants me to install again but then shows it as installed where I can click open. And around around we go over and over.

  • "Perfect For" is Gone

    by Frogger 25

    Perfect For is missing from the updated app. That was the main reason I used it! I don't really use it anymore because of this. I hope they bring it back, otherwise I'll continue to just listen to my local radio stations

  • Butchtozier

    by Butchtozier

    This app is terrible compared to Pandora. It does not even display the name the name of the song that is currently playing, only show an album cover which is no help for compilation albums. The artist bio shows nothing and I haven't seen any lyrics either. The interface is a confusing mess.

  • Horrible app

    by Joey Chloe zoey

    If i didnt have to i wouldnt rate this .I lost all my good stations and it won't play any music anymore I agree with people that give this app a bad review it's horrible fix or I'm deliting it :| :| #the updates wiped out all my stations I'm not happy with this app

  • Less than one star

    by SF Person

    Absolute piece of junk. Why oh why did I update? Used. To love this app. Can I rollback please?

  • Very very poor update

    by Mikey1501

    I spent a lot of time building my stations and collecting my radio stations from my travels. With this update everything is gone. When I go to search a station nothing happens.....very very poor. Glad I did not pay for this app.

  • From ok to bad

    by pomodoroman

    Latest downgrade: home screen is commercials. Everything you hear gets automatically added to your preferred stations. Only stupid people can think this was an "update."

  • New update looks good, does nothing

    by Dan Cohn

    So far I've launched the new app and haven't found a single station other than the ones featured at the top of the home screen. It can't find any stations near me and doesn't complete searches. Something is BROKEN!

  • Perfect for

    by Weighmore

    Do not like that the "perfect for" option is not available on the iPad version.

  • Poor

    by CAB 1970

    This app wants you to start an account but when you try, it won't let you! NEEDS FIXED!

  • Horrible update

    by Sundude_99

    Can I rate this update no stars? The original iHeart Radio app was one of the first I downloaded to my iPhone about 5 years ago. I used the app to listen to a NY station even though I was 300 miles away, or on the road, listening (probably) 4-5 hours each week day. This new update is simply horrible, doing little more than capturing personal information and pushing advertisements. People - Do not, under any circumstance log in through Facebook. Doing so gives them access to your personal info and friends list. I will begin streaming the station directly from the station's website. iHeart Radio has lost me as a customer. I have already deleted the app from my iPhone and after writing this review will delete it from my iPad. Such a disappointment!

  • What happened

    by Englishswede

    What happened to this app.? I have used this for over 2 years and now it is like pulling teeth to get my stations. The last update wiped out my stations.

  • Not working

    by Tati Vitsic

    The new update does not show any radio stations on my searches... Can listen to any station. :(

  • Was my fav music app until

    by Abcuknomesowhatitbe

    It stopped showing what songs are playing on my iPad

  • Nothing intuitive

    by Tanderson

    This version does not work well at all. Nothing intuitive about this app. Maybe more options and buttons.

  • 850 KOA RA

    by CarolMae2

    The first time I used iHeart radio I was listening to the pre-game of Denver Broncos for a couple of hours. As soon as the game started I lost the connection. Why? I'm mad!

  • Do Not Waste Your Time

    by BreesN2SuperBowl

    Horrible!! Worst streaming app. Does not work. Just keeps going to a page to download the app which you are already on.

  • Wonderful!

    by Roseykat

    So much better reception than regular radio. I am sorry it took me so long before I tried this ap.

  • Great

    by Mikey808080808

    Very easy and simple. All I want is to listen to my station and it works.

  • Best Music App!

    by Itwillalwaysbeshea

    This is the best music app out.I love that I can listen all my favorite live stations like q104.3 on vacation.

  • Facebook

    by Dean Domino

    The app won't let me log in with Facebook.

  • Another Satisfied Customer!

    by Davey-boyo

    Highly recommend this app. Great user interface / user friendly! But the BIG thing I'd the absence of advertisements. In my humble opinion, this app beats Pandora and iTunes Radio hands-down. Thank you iHeart Radio. Don't quite know what the one and two star people are talking about. I've never seen any spam, and haven't had to uninstall. Jan-2014 Notes: improvement recommendation - a way to organize or group your custom stations, say into folders or tabs. This would help those with a lot of stations.

  • Unfortunate

    by Ewill119

    I've been using this app for over a year and used to get m through my day. Now, i can't even listen to talk shows... So sad. After this last update, bot even one of my favorites are on here. Deleting.

  • Great App

    by Davester357

    Like the ability to listen to the music continually.

  • Junk

    by Cosmichrist

    Horrible interface . Junk

  • Enjoyable

    by Bohol Mark

    As I plan to retire in The Philippines soon it will be nice to have access to the talk shows and music I enjoy.

  • Bad update

    by ,()$$?&)?)$,

    It WON'T UPDATE. Fix it. I listen to this EVERY morning. I'll give you max stars if it updates.

  • Love my music!

    by Kam655

    Great app, always have my favorite stations at hand. If you love music you will love iHeart radio

  • Unfathomable

    by AJGoods

    This app was designed by someone who doesn't want anyone to listen to radio stations. The function of the app is poorly conceived and unfathomable to use!

  • No Live Radio

    by RSL08

    Although there is access to talk radio, video, and photos... it doesn't matter if you search or browse live radio, you get nothing more than a city name or topic title... no list, no link, no place to go except back... to the home screen. I don't have iOS 7 (and won't be switching) maybe that's the problem.

  • Unusable, no stations available

    by AZ Scott

    No matter what I search on no stations come up, also thinks no stations are available anywhere by location. Do you have to log in with Facebook or something equally stupid to use this thing? App used to work in the past.

  • Was my fav music app until....

    by Abcuknomesowhatitbe

    It stopped showing what songs are playing on my iPad

  • Cool

    by F,fyjhmgdtc

    Love it only problem is i cant listen to power106 :(

  • Conservative crapfest.

    by Krispispudd

    Seriously!? You can get all the conservative 'bull'oney your crazy, hate mongering, uncle could ever want. But no Stephanie Miller show? No Tom Hartman? No Ed Schultz? Get Tune-in's app instead.

  • Awesome


    Be able to recommend songs by Facebook,twitter,email and messages

  • Who knows?

    by dcadmin

    I was watching the replay of the iHeart radio concert and decided to go to the website to sign up but... I am unable to access anything but the mobile site, and even tho' there is an option to sign up later, the site won't go any further until I "download the app". I open the app, try to set up an account, and my info is rejected - says it doesn't match their records. What records? I have no records with them. Oh well, there is the option to sign in with Facebook but since hell has not yet frozen over, that is not a viable option at this time. Too bad, the concert was great!

  • Great app for music lovers

    by Ny ny lil kiss

    Love this app

  • Update is less than desirable!

    by Scybrix

    Loved the app for both iPhone and iPad, until the update. Now iPad doesn't change song info or the ability to like or dislike on each song. Not to mention it deliberately plays songs I've said I don't like! iPad needs to offer "Perfect For" option, I use this on my phone and am quite frustrated that it doesn't come up on iPad. Lots of little things that are becoming more and more irritating, hopefully these will get fixed so I don't have to go back to that other app.

  • Awesome!

    by Momo mini love

    I LOVE music, so the iheartradio app is something I use multiple times a day. It's a great app!!

  • Love it.

    by Paige Hanson

    I would give it ten stars but it only has five.

  • Can't search for stations

    by PrattleSnake11

    Doesn't work, can't search for a station. This is a worthless app. Do not download.

  • What junk

    by 850koa

    Complete waste of time. Installed, updated, uninstalled, never has let me hear the station I want.

  • Awesome but..


    I love this app! I use it every morning getting ready for school. The sleep timer is awesome, as I have a hard time falling asleep with no noise. But it won't save my favorite songs! But overall it's a good app!

  • Great app!

    by Neasys1

    This app is great. It allows me to listen to stations I haven't heard in a while and also customize to my liking.

  • Yes

    by Ally4675

    I a absolutely love this app. I have no complaints. GREAT MUSIC!!!

  • Good app, not perfect,

    by Bayinda

    Best overall app I have found for uninterrupted music.

  • Great app

    by Corbettboaz

    Enjoy being able to listen to my home town stations while I travel

  • Love it easy to use!!

    by Bigsnaxx

    Easy to use and great for old school heads like me!!

  • Fair

    by Cptoz

    Fair app that does not seem to lag in times of poorer signal, but it forgets your favorite stations constantly. Best to write your favorites down. Also it logs you out all the time.

  • Buggy Junk - takes personal info them nothing

    by Jokewriter

    All it does is take your personal information. I created an account but it wouldn't let me enter it. I tried to login with Facebook and it asked for permission to contact my friends and tell everybody but then it did nothing. Really just a piece of junk as it stands right now.

  • Miserable

    by Mark Gibbons

    I wanted an easy app for a few programs I enjoy. There was one, just one of the shows I enjoy. Total waste of time. Can't wait to delete. And the thing has grabbed all my Facebook friends information from moment one. Miserable app.

  • Works for me...

    by South Philly point guard

    I read other reviews complaining but...The app works for me. I get my favorite stations here and from around the country -- mostly selected music and sports. I keep it simple. Once in awhile I am told I have saved my stations but otherwise, it works.

  • App won't download

    by Kermit Friel

    App won't download on iPad

  • Updates! #SMH

    by Rome the Nome

    Another app that was prematurely released. Love the talk shows...hate they have to be on iheart! The app shouldn't be that hard to navigate!

  • Very frustrating

    by Willbilly1086

    The app works great and I love it allthough whenever I want to change the channel the slide over menu opens and it's literally a tapping MADNESS. I liked the older version better. And I want to see this pointless slide over menu eliminated. It makes things too complicated

  • Buffering

    by Srobert57

    Other than the issue of buffering this App is great. Lots of channels to choose from.


    by Big cake 13


  • Love it!

    by robrowe

    I can choose exactly which episode in my favorite shows to listen to!

  • Luv it

    by Daveydla

    I love the sleep timer feature. It really helps to know it will turn off in an hour as I fall asleep to sweet sweet music:)

  • Worst music app

    by DIB456

    I downloaded iheart radio to listen to radio stations but for some reason music will not play. I have searched for hours trying to figure out how to fix it but no dice. Most wasteful amount of my time ever :(

  • Oh dear, this is a bad update

    by Suziqba

    Worked fine before. Now won't turn off or stop playing no matter what I do, even rebooting the iPad did nothing. Had to delete the app to get it to stop playing! Time for an update on the update, please.

  • I heart radio

    by marj2

    Can 't get the ap, and can't get rid of the page asking me to get the ap. about normal for iTunes. Now, can't send the review.

  • #1 Music Lover

    by Blue Diamond Chip

    Really enjoy all the station available from al over the country.

  • Why and again ... Ditto

    by #%^+¥

    Every time I update I have to uninstall and reinstall. It says I have no stations. When I reinstall they come back. Annoying. This time can't find them any where. Hello Pandora! Time to switch.

  • What an app!

    by CarlosNJ74

    I can't search for stations, but now iheartradeo can send me mountains of spam. Great. Please accept the one star as zero stars.


    by Rocadero

    Buffering is more than annoying. No Alarm(s)! The alarm set up on the iPhone is relatively easy but it will only do ONE alarm and uses a beeping to wake you up that you have no option to turn OFF. Dumb! The iPad is the preferred mobile device to use at night and when traveling because using the iPhone uses all your phone’s data plan. However, it really needs a way of creating MULTIPLE alarms (not just ONE like the iPhone version is now). For example, one for wake-up, one for the work day and one for night time. The iPad NEEDS alarms for this app! I posted a critical review of the iPad version in Oct (and another recent one for the iPhone) and it hasn’t improved since then. Hard to imagine that a company like CLEAR CHANNEL can’t bring together enough capital and resources to make a better app. It’s actually sad and pathetic. Clear Channel, I don’t know who you have heading up this development team but you may need to rethink their value to this project.

  • This works GREAT!!

    by cj4nier

    I love this app, it works like a charm. I like being able to listen to my local stations no matter where in the country I am! It's the greatest thing since sliced bread! Try it!

  • Frustrating

    by Trul0ve89

    Every time I try to create an account it won't allow me to. If I try to connect with fb it won't allow me either. Please fix!

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