Free Music Download Pro - Mp3 Downloader Music App Review (iOS, $2.99)

  • Category: Music
  • Publisher: ASPS Apps
  • Updated: Dec, 14 2012
  • Version: 1.4
  • Size: 19.56 MB

Languages: Arabic, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Swedish, Chinese


- iOS 7 minor bugfixes

Customer Ratings

Current Version:
17283 Ratings
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38708 Ratings


** #1 Paid Music App in 44 Countries **
** iOS7 and iPhone 5c / 5s Ready! **

Fully featured music downloader. Download free legal music, videos and audio books to your iPhone, iPod and iPad.

√ Full iPhone 5, 5c and 5s Support!
√ Skins Support + New iOS 7 Style Skin!

√ Browser
- Single tap music downloads
- Listen songs before downloading
- Download all music files from the page at once
- Tap & hold video to download
- Bookmark manager
- Web password manager

√ Download Manager
- Download songs while listening them right from the player!
- Fast Downloading
- Multiple downloading at one time
- Pause, resume, or cancel downloading
- Live download progress bar
- Downloads badge
- Auto-rename music files from mp3 file tag

√ File manager
- Folders manager
- Move, rename or delete files
- Video Thumbnails
- Sort by name, type, size, date
- Export Videos to Photoroll
- Search by filename
- Backup and restore files to\from DropBox

√ Playlists
- iPod-Like music playlists
- Video playlists

√ Media player
- Full featured music player
- Full featured video player
- Album covers
- Sleep timer
- Equalizer with BassBooster
- Display lyrics while listening to music
- Lock screen playback controls
- Fine scrubbing
- Background music playback (iPhone 3GS, iOS 4.0 or later)
- Background video playback

√ Media library
- Tag Editor
- Lyrics Editor
- Import music from iPod library
- Songs Rating like in iTunes
- iPod style Smart Playlists
- Tabs for Songs, Albums, Artists, Videos

Customer Reviews

  • Excellent

    by XxJuan1t0xX

    This app is great best dollar I spent

  • Great

    by Oh_JustM3


  • Great worth it!

    by Marcusbelllll

    Definaltey worth the 99 cents

  • Great

    by Buffy smurrrf

    Best app

  • Awesome!!

    by mario zavala

    Excellent service

  • Pretty good

    by Kyle23Knipp

    Good app. The only thing I don't like about it is sorts the songs by the first name of the artist and not the name of the song

  • by Ajendfnsns

    Love this app!

  • Great App

    by Lover of Flaws

    Cool and Reliable App!!!!

  • Cool application

    by 786rayray

    I love this app

  • Works for me.

    by Hdvroihdva

    Could us am update but still like it so far.

  • Cool app

    by Weezy2783

  • Great!!

    by Siimba2fast

    Love it!!

  • Nice app

    by Chausies

    I like that the app automatically order the songs alphabetically. Some other apps don't do that.

  • Sweet

    by Jeffrey La


  • This app!!!!!!!

    by TattooModelG

    I love it !!!!


    by Call dorm


  • Awesome

    by Nyce


  • Klutch

    by _Gu_Wop_

    Love the app

  • Nice

    by Cesar35638:81

    Nice app

  • Love this app

    by CBW1992

    This is the only app I use to download music. It's awesome.

  • This app is horrible

    by Nolan Dawson

    I bought this app seeing all of the five star reviews but those are a lie. It is a worthless app which I will soon be deleting.

  • Mister

    by DaKursedPoet

    This is a great app to have its has never been disappointing I love the fact that will practically download any song with just hitting the play button

  • Great

    by Happy mosqueda

    This app is a awsome app and the best website is

  • Worth it

    by xPOLLOx

    I love it

  • Amazing.

    by Jayjay22738

    I love music, and my laptop wouldn't let me download music to my phone so downloaded this app, for 3 bucks it was definitely worth it.

  • Downloader pro

    by Lhsktsitcjvvv

    Love this app. It's is the best thing you can download to your phone

  • It's a Scam

    by RealFuckingPerson12345

    The only way to get music is by putting in a credit card number

  • Great

    by Voicelessmcmlxx

    Does what it says it will do absolutely

  • review

    by jenm47

    it's awesome

  • Review

    by Jamessss1$(

    Its better than some of the other ones and it has a eq setting which is ok also

  • Good app

    by ktgeorge

    I like if

  • Great

    by $LJ23BILLS$

    Good app love it, no ads

  • Dope

    by PhuckPheds


  • Smooth

    by Only1hope88

    Decent 100

  • Great app

    by __livelifesuave

    Great app! I'm able to download anything I want. Sometimes I used this app to be the dj for house parties in my area

  • shahs

    by Lil Beaner44


  • Great

    by Scottystevensonamerica

    No issues besides the rate pop up that's why I'm writing a review now

  • Awesome App

    by slendergirl123

    This app is truly great! It says exactly what it does, although the repetitive 'Rate Us' pop up is a bit annoying, this app good to go. Some of the websites don't work, but still good sites.

  • Best Music App

    by meganciro

    I am constantly listening to music and this app made it so much easier for me to download music straight to my phone. Even when I'm on the go. Great app! Highly recommended!

  • Great app

    by Jordan-Nicolee

    I love it :) It's definitely worth buying. You can download zip files, too. It's pretty great.

  • Great app

    by Jordan-Nicolee

    I love it :) It's definitely worth the money, you can download zip files too. It's pretty great.

  • Great app

    by Jordan-Nicolee

    I love it :) It's definitely worth buying. You can download zip files, too. It's pretty great.

  • Awesome!

    by F1nalHorizon

    The apps great, i love how you can listen to music when your not connected to wifi or 3G. The websites on the app glitch alot though.

  • Amazing but...

    by Hippiefrogs

    Would be 5 stars but it's too glitchy. May be my phone because it's old but it messes up a lot yet other apps don't.

  • Exceptional.

    by Potliquor

    This app offers the usage of many online programs as well as integrated. Very recommended.

  • Amazing

    by Number one user

    Work wonders for me. Easy to navigate through app, and actually somewhat of a joy to use. A great investment.

  • Great

    by Amanz733

    Lags sometimes but tottally worth it

  • Like it but can get better

    by Johnskid7

    I think that there is still room for improvement

  • Nice ?!!!

    by Zombie lover3

    You gotta know where to find the downloads but that easy so great app !

  • Pretty good for $1

    by This guy409

    I can download as many song as I want and put them anywhere I need. The browser is a bit glitchy. But, that isn't really needed expect for downloading! No advertisements either.

  • Solid App.

    by Bjkool85

    Does what it says it does.

  • Great

    by Dgsweetman

    Could have a better GUI but it's good

  • Great!

    by Sergio14st

    great app! At first I thought it was a waste of 3 dollars when I didn't know how to use it then I learned and it's very easy and useful. Love this app use it everyday!

  • Fantastic

    by Shauzz109

    I've been using this app for a looooooooong time and it works perfectly!

  • Cool App

    by Tiara T.

    Cool App but I wish I could change the order the songs in my playlist the way that I want them, with out it changing every other playlist order too but that's about the only problem I have LOVE THIS APP!!!

  • Good

    by DaChampp

    Great app

  • Bueno

    by Chels.Wallace


  • Love it!

    by Dani7185

    I love this app!

  • Great

    by xhannulax


  • Amazing!

    by Domin8tor789

    I get all the music I need. 5/5 :)

  • by Ind. Rep.

    Great app

  • LOVE

    by Curten

    awesome! has 99 percent of the songs I want, it's fast, and I definitely recommend it!!

  • Very helpful

    by Gaga1876

    Is actually a good app. You won't lose out if you buy it!!

  • Awesome

    by indierocker06

    This is a great app

  • Digging this

    by Zombellagorejena

    Just wish you could save music to phone. Other than that this app is awesome!!!!


    by Itz.kenya

    I've had this app forever and it's perfect. Top notch.

  • by Lovely_bidness

    I don't like it I want my money back thank you

  • Très bien!

    by Tbudlarge

    J'aime bien le zique!

  • Very nice

    by Elijordan1

    The app works good. I've only had trouble finding 5 songs out of 200. Downloads are moving very fast.

  • Good

    by Liljjkiop


  • by BelleMimi

    I love this app. Best dollar i have spent in a while.

  • Awesome

    by Kev363036

    Awsome app worth the money

  • Great

    by Angel L. Rivera-Cotto

    Greatest music app I've ever used. Awesome...

  • Can't find good music

    by Endergirl331

    I can't find any good music I might pay .99 but I don't think I would pay 2.99. Kindof a waste of money.

  • GreAt

    by Taj Pittman

    Best .99 cent every spent so easy to use, great quality and an excellent browser. 5 stars

  • Good app

    by djslushy

    Works just gotta know where to go for the music

  • No complaints here

    by stfuximshelli495

    Simple and easy. Upgrading was definitely worth it.

  • Best music app

    by Samcasey040404

    Love this app!!

  • Stop it

    by shane allen

    Keeps asking for a review and has tons of other bugs. I honestly think this trash should be removed. Apologize and remove this disaster until you fix it.

  • perfection finally

    by immmfrombrooklyn

    Perfect for downloading everything i need while i'm away from my computer. If a song pops up on my mind, i just download it on the fly. Perfect for Shazam. So easy to use.

  • LuvIt

    by WandaRenee

    Amazing! I listen to it while I'm at work!

  • Music DL

    by KingKaee


  • Awesome

    by pushandswitch2013

    Worth every penny

  • Great! How do I transfer

    by Razarro

    How do I transfer the music from my iPhone 4 to my new iPhone 5 ?

  • Awesome!!!!

    by Pb24yt

    This app is great. Fully functions and use mp3skull and can find a lot of music!

  • Finally music I can download fast

    by Hollie g.o.v.e.a

    I love this app I can finally download music and it's fast and unlimited

  • Great app

    by Mitch112511

    Amazing app! Definitely should get this

  • Amazing

    by Grimcowboy

    Soo.... Yea

  • Ray

    by RayBubba7

    Small error but works well

  • Pretty cool

    by Memh133

    It's a good app for music

  • Excellent

    by AmyJB

    Such a good music app, honestly so worth wasting the money!!

  • Awesome

    by Tsgoben1

    A wonderful app that lets. me do everything I need to do

  • Great app all around

    by Cheo973

    Downloads music fast and easy.. A must have if u like to download lots of music to ur phone

  • App

    by Niaa217

    Great app

  • I Like It!!

    by @sammyboy_11

    It's a good app!!

  • Good App, Some Minor Problems

    by .…,)(;


  • It's good


    It's good and easy to use

  • Music dl

    by Lagooooooo

    Dope well worth $4...use!

  • Great App

    by GetThisAppASAP


  • This was definitely worth every penny

    by Masterninjapanda

    Great app I love how easy it is to download and no limit on music is a most definite plus keep doin what you're doin

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