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  • Category: Music
  • Publisher: ASPS Apps
  • Updated: Dec, 12 2012
  • Version: 1.4
  • Size: 19.51 MB

Languages: Arabic, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Swedish, Chinese


- iOS 7 minor bugfixes

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4465 Ratings
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17967 Ratings


** #1 Free Music App in 44 Countries **
** iOS7 and iPhone 5c / 5s Ready! **

Fully featured music downloader. Download free legal music, videos and audio books to your iPhone, iPod and iPad.

√ Full iPhone 5, 5c and 5s Support!
√ Skins Support + New iOS 7 Style Skin!

√ Browser
- Single tap music downloads
- Listen songs before downloading
- Download all music files from the page at once
- Tap & hold video to download
- Bookmark manager
- Web password manager

√ Download Manager
- Download songs while listening them right from the player!
- Fast Downloading
- Multiple downloading at one time
- Pause, resume, or cancel downloading
- Live download progress bar
- Downloads badge
- Auto-rename music files from mp3 file tag

√ File manager
- Folders manager
- Move, rename or delete files
- Video Thumbnails
- Sort by name, type, size, date
- Export Videos to Photoroll
- Search by filename

√ Playlists
- iPod-Like music playlists
- Video playlists

√ Media player
- Full featured music player
- Full featured video player
- Album covers
- Sleep timer
- Equalizer with BassBooster
- Display lyrics while listening to music
- Lock screen playback controls
- Fine scrubbing
- Background music playback (iPhone 3GS, iOS 4.0 or later)
- Background video playback

√ Media library
- Tag Editor
- Lyrics Editor
- Import music from iPod library
- Songs Rating like in iTunes
- iPod style Smart Playlists
- Tabs for Songs, Albums, Artists, Videos

Customer Reviews

  • Hhhhhoray

    by Financial investor

    I love it

  • Gr8!!!!!

    by sltyler1 

    Best mac game goes iPhone

  • Seriously?!

    by Byung Soon Yang

    Seriously.... Why can we download only 15 songs maximum.... That's bad.... Can you change to like 40 Or something? Please ..... ㅡ3ㅡ

  • vahdani

    by e-vahdani


  • Cool

    by 367366,;$6;6:fu

    15 songs gay

  • Great

    by AbbeyWester<3s TIny piano

    It's the best music app I have found so far but you can only have 15 songs at a time... You should download it...but not if you want to get a lot of songs

  • Asdf

    by silveresp17

    This is awesome! =O

  • Absolutely PERFECT

    by  Hivhsb

    DO IT!

  • Great app

    by Kjp27

    I like this app! It is so easy to download the music that i want. Fast and convenient. I purchased the full version and i think it is worth it. Good job!

  • Good

    by Tubbaz

    Wish u could have more than 15 songs but still good

  • Great

    by LaxGoalie4

    Good app

  • Amazing!

    by Rafffffeh

    I love music and it is such amazing apps

  • Muy buena

    by Betolin1963

    Estoy bajando canciones

  • Frustration

    by 11 stolen

    I like this app but,It wouldn't let me download this song.It just popped up those yellow exclamation points at me.. But other than that it's awesome!

  • Casi perfecta

    by Jose tomas cabrera

    Muy buena app, pero deja descargar solo 15 canciones

  • uea

    by meoomoorev


  • Great App.

    by bu lik lik

    I love this app so much. I like how it's easy to download songs and that you don't need wifi to listen to your playlist. I do wish however, that there would be a higher limit then only 15 songs. Sometimes I have to delete songs to get better ones. Tough decisions, tough decisions.

  • So good!

    by airbear37 

    I have been waiting this for so long and finally it came! Awesome work!

  • بلا منافس

    by Abdullah-KSA

    الأفضل على الإطلاق، مع تحفظي على الترجمة العربية .. يجب تعديلها.

  • Amazing

    by IMpAcT XxTempxX

    Love this app really easy too use and has every single song I listen to :)

  • Why only 15 songs?

    by Junior Marín

    Why only 15 songs?

  • Horrible

    by Yesdom

    It's a terrible app. I can't download anything songs, and when I did they were only 30 secs long. They won't allow you to use any website you want unless it's the one they gave. Just horrible. DONT DOWNLOAD IT

  • متجر

    by سجاد المندلاوي

    جيد جدن

  • Like more musice

    by a&k92109

    I want more music.

  • Polished APP

    by Frozen North 

    I love it! Great for showing off!

  • No download button

    by Osider1519

    I would give this app zero stars because i cant seem to download songs a i find it says they cost $1.29 what is up with that?!?!?!

  • Good

    by Nate the great 1

    I like it.

  • Yay

    by AceFramer


  • Love this app

    by LoverGirl777111

    I think this is a great app. Has a lot of good music and downloads fast make ur playlist. Easy very good app

  • Top 10 best apps

    by Zzmartin 

    I love it!

  • Best music download app

    by Michellejfox88

    Though the limit of songs you can download is 15, it's a great app with no ads. The Internet and downloads are really fast. Some songs on are like blocked by ads so you can never download them but this app is so cool that it lets you. ABSOLUTELY NO ADS!

  • Like it

    by Chare7805

    Great app

  • Legit!

    by Swagguace

    Great app!!!

  • Great

    by Lilrere14

    A must download

  • I would give you more stars if I could! An ABSOLUTE MUST HAVE!!!!!!

    by Big Daddy Kash 

    Good app.

  • Bring back the old version

    by This person was here

    I understand you wanna make money, but do it with ads. This new version allows 15 songs then you're done. Relentless popups and 15 songs calls for a poor rating.

  • Great app

    by Ali888888888888888888

    What I use to download all my music, great app! :-)

  • Great app

    by 1Roughneck

    Easy to use

  • Review

    by Gamerpeace

    Great app but confusing at first

  • Great

    by Hide the good games

    Downloads every song you want just if you can fix where it doesn't change the song name I might rate it a 5star app

  • Awsome

    by Dnahvkenn

    Herat jusnt g

  • Ye

    by  Ghost Stories Freaking Rule!

    Good app to have

  • Confusing

    by Gnaxb

    Gives you all these things to do and it is complicated to download a single song, especially if it isn't on their music list. Never had a single song downloaded.

  • Good App

    by _Sweeper

    This is great app but wish they gave more downloads.

  • Only let's you download 15songs

    by Lovelyboricua

  • Good

    by NaeraM

    It's a good app. Needs a little work here and there but good.

  • Hi

    by DynamicChaos

    Love it

  • Great app

    by Shahad١٣٢٥٥٧

    I love it!!!

  • Awesome

    by Namk2014

    I love it

  • Deletes playlist if you turn off phone

    by LoLextian

    Every day when I turn my phone off for class, I turn it on again later and launch the app and its deleted all my playlists, the downloader is easy, and nice to use but it's annoying not having the ability to always have your music sorted out.

  • Amazing!!!

    by Andrew Ace

    Loved it!!!

  • Help

    by SantanaWms

    How do I download music?

  • Great app

    by Ariaamor

    Just go to put the name of the song and bam I just wish it could be added to my iPhone music but it's on the app instead but it's all gud!

  • The most amazing technology I've ever seen!!!

    by Kenneth Hill666

    Most of the programs around the world is covered!

  • Download

    by Olubowale

    This app is extremely impressive, aside from the limited amount of music you're able to download.

  • Good

    by Elradar

    I like the app

  • Music Is My Life<3

    by LandonsBabyGirl

    Just helpin out. Thanks for proving a great app.

  • Pretty good

    by ksa06

    Only lets you download 15 song but other than that it's great

  • Great app

    by Qaud boss

    First off I like this app but I had trouble till I read reviews when u search the song you are looking for you have to put in mp3 then in google skull music comes up hit that. And look how long songs are because they have so that are 30 seconds long and some 4 minutes long. Over all great app I use it every day .

  • Wifi

    by Jfhcjejiehvje

    Do u need wifi

  • Music

    by One_love2

    It's a great app. But you can't download too many songs without having to post songs your listening to. And nags you to write a review. Other than that it's great.

  • Awesomeness

    by TrackStarBrandon

    No problems for me

  • :]

    by Montyydude

    Pretty awesome

  • Great App

    by Bobcats3736

    This is a very good app I recommend this for anyone!!

  • Great App

    by Mauricio Cardoso

    Easy and direct download, must download it and get pro version...

  • Music!!

    by Minhngu618

    Great app!!

  • Garabage

    by Skooliscool

    Sites are impossible to navigate and filled with interrupting ads and downloads are hard to find and not worth the time. Total waste of time.

  • Not good

    by Seymenim

    It is not good, you dont have to buy this app and they have to improve this program,subtitles are not working and design so bored

  • Music

    by MOMO_SIXX

    Is My Life

  • Great!

    by TaintedPrettyLilLiars

    Love this app so much, really wished I could download more than 15 songs.

  • Clean

    by Tooner_

    Clean app..

  • Like this app!

    by JoseRM7

    I love this app!

  • Cool

    by Imcourty

    It's cool

  • ..

    by Edertron

    Good app


    by Morris104

    This is the best app ever but there are too much pop ups.

  • Love it!!

    by Tchdsky

    I like this app soo much I can listen to music anytime

  • Mrsssss

    by Gkfhnfykve


  • Problems

    by 12grad

    It keeps taking me to google and searching instead of downloading the song I want

  • It's a cool AppS

    by Emefe Godwin

    It's a great apps

  • ❤️❤️❤️

    by tofi-27

    i lllllove it

  • Music Downloader

    by Blanche25

    J'aime ! ❤️

  • Sayyyyy whattttt

    by TlCBLF

    Yea you gotta rate it to download it and get passed the pop ups

  • Okay

    by iTunes4good

    It's good but it needs to get these explicit websites that keep popping up!

  • Dhasla

    by Dashla


  • Mp3 skull

    by Daisukedylan

    Using the website mp3 skull is really good with this app

  • Music download

    by brooke latty

    Does not work good. Have to answer at least 4 adds before I can pick a song. Also always sends me too App Store when I didn't click anything.

  • Best

    by Ravi Ahir

    Siiiiiiiiiickkkkkkeeest app brooooooooio

  • Nice

    by RandySLB

    No i dont want the pro

  • Good

    by R.reid1218

    Works well

  • Good

    by Dbustin2333333

    Awesome App

  • Outstanding

    by RNB LayLay

    This app is outstanding only thing is that it's a 15 song limit

  • Best ever

    by  HendelTBD

    Love this app!

  • Music MP3 quick upload

    by Steven Esho

    Finally an app that does the job thank you guys it's actually fast and worthy!!

  • Very nicexxz

    by Pretty goobvmh

    Works great-getting full version

  • Great but...

    by StefHoneyLove

    It's a little difficult to use without help from my bf.

  • It's amazing.!!

    by _J_T_3_

    I thought this app would be a piece of crap. But it's really not. You need to download My Media. Because this app only allows you to download 15 songs. But other than that it is a great app. For the browser I use ( ). Anyways love it.

  • Music downloads

    by Manny one

    Great app! Easy to use!

  • Great app for music lovers

    by Sheru4uall

    I like this app daily to download new songs and play them. It's really cool

  • Bb

    by Jennifer Posadas

  • Not good

    by Amandapanda3075

    You can't even download music

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