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Seller: AMZN Mobile LLC

• Bug Fixes
• Watch on your TV using HDMI and your Apple Digital AV Adapter (requires iOS 6 or later) - available since version 2.2

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Watch anywhere, anytime. Get unlimited streaming of more than 40,000 movies and TV episodes, including Amazon Originals you won’t find anywhere else. It’s all included with Prime Instant Video, available at no additional cost with an Amazon Prime membership. You can also watch any video you rent or purchase from the more than 140,000 videos available from Amazon Instant Video.

Download purchased and rented videos from Your Video Library for offline viewing on airplanes, road trips, or when a Wi-Fi connection is unavailable. When you find a movie or TV show you want to save for later, add it to Your Watchlist. It’s your custom list of videos chosen by the person who knows you best — you!

Start watching a video on an iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch, and Whispersync technology automatically keeps your place between devices. You can resume watching your video from where you left off on a Kindle Fire HD, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC, Mac, or hundreds of models of connected TVs and Blu-ray players. 

Amazon Instant Video for iPad requires a Wi-Fi connection to stream videos. Streaming over a cellular connection isn’t supported. You can watch your downloaded videos without a Wi-Fi connection. The Amazon Instant Video app for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch is designed for an unmodified version of iOS. 

With Amazon Instant Video, you can:

• Stream thousands of Prime Instant Video titles at no additional cost with a Prime membership, or watch videos you’ve bought or rented from the more than 140,000 videos available from Amazon Instant Video.

• Download purchased and rented videos from Your Video Library for offline viewing.

• Watch on your Apple TV using AirPlay (requires iOS 6 or later)
• Watch on your TV using HDMI and your Apple Digital AV Adapter (requires iOS 6 or later)
• Shop more than 140,000 videos available from Amazon Instant Video on the Amazon website. 

• Add videos to Your Watchlist from a PC, Mac, or Kindle Fire HD for later viewing on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch. 

• Subscribe to a TV Season Pass by visiting the Amazon website. Your episodes will automatically be available in your Amazon Instant Video app the day after the show airs. 

• Start watching on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch, and resume watching right where you left off on a Kindle Fire HD, PlayStation3, Xbox 360, PC, Mac, or hundreds of models of connected TVs and Blu-ray players with Amazon Whispersync.

Customer Reviews

  • Slow

    by spywax

    The latest version is so slow to load. When my toddler and I try to access our watchlist to choose what to watch together, it is painfully slow...this is not cool. We want the speed of the previous version which worked flawlessly! My daughter is at the age where everything is catastrophic, including waiting to watch Daniel Tiger and results in tears now.

  • It keeps taking me off the episode

    by March 7,2013

    Every so often, it will take me off the app. Then I have to type in the shows name again and resume it. Please fix this.

  • Subtitles won't turn off

    by Shue99

    Like that I can quickly watch a movie but am annoyed that the subtitles do not turn off. Nice to have subtitles on airplanes and noisy environments but really need to be able to turn it off. It is very distracting. Please fix!

  • Easier for kids!

    by Angela Vandenorth

    I love all the shows we get with our prime account!! BUT I WISH IT WAS SAFER FOR MY KIDS!! I have a 3 year-old, she loves all the Nick Jr shows but she can't always find them on her own! Need to develop a kids only area, that can be locked to her device, so she can always find her own shows!! Even her own profile! Something! AND DEFINITELY NEEDS AN APP ON APPLE TV

  • Crashes ALL the time

    by Amyjc514

    The only complaint I have with this app is it crashes all the time. I'll be in the middle of watching something and it'll just randomly crash. Sometimes when I'm trying to start a new episode of a show, it'll play for a few seconds and then crash, whenever I try to reopen to play it the same thing happens over and over again. Please fix the crashing!

  • Phone calls freezes phone

    by Richard Clarke

    Love being able to play over air play. However I encountered an issue while playing over Airplay. I received a phone call and my phone locked up and could not answer or press any buttons, except a hard reset.

  • Great

    by Cxddfzrhzrgzgfugsuhdudfhdgt

    I like it

  • Airplane Mode

    by Ohio Stalker

    I bought the most recent episode of Downton Abbey and I was able to watch it on Airplane Mode. I guess the stuff you BUY can be watched offline. That will be helpful for road trips and long flights. My only complaint is it takes a very long time to download but, that may be my wifi.

  • Good potential

    by jabrice

    Love the app would be soooo much better if they allowed in app purchases in the next update would be a 5 star app

  • Good

    by Hello3456732

    It works well, but it won't let me load the whole episode, so I occasionally have to pause it and let it load a little more. It would be so much better if you didn't have to be connected to wifi in order to watch something. Please change that.

  • Great App Still Need 3G Viewing

    by Staci J. Shelton

    Love the app, the shows and viewing quality. But it's not as good as Netflix without he flexibility I view on 3G if a wifi connection isn't available.

  • Chromecast please

    by fm2511

    Needs Chromecast compatibility

  • Add chromecast support

    by JackoFly

    Add chromecast support

  • Airplay still works!

    by World B. Free

    Not sure what people are complaining about. Airplay works just fine after this update. All we need now is an Apple TV app to cut out the middle man. Let's do thisssss

  • Ordering videos

    by Amalgamut87

    What good is this app when you can't even rent or purchase videos on it?

  • Good. But needs to be able to play without wifi

    by Brcrossman

    Good. But needs to be able to play without wifi

  • Subtitles on AirPlay

    by Butterfly014

    What have gave five stars but when go thru airplay annoying subtitles stay on. Even when I turn them off, it still shows. Just got update but did not fix that issue. Please fix.

  • Love it! But it needs a Bug Fix!

    by biebeskidrauhl19

    I love this app. I have a few seasons of both Sons of Anarchy and The Walking Dead and downloading them to my iPad is great for long car rides or if the internet goes out. But not all my episodes will download. It says "Downloads exceeded." All 4 episodes that this shows up for are not downloaded onto anything. I love this app and it has come in handy when the internet was out but they need to fix this bug. I really love the 4 episodes it will not let me download. It is really annoying. Please fix it. I would give this app a 5 star rating but because of this bug I will only give it 3. Fix it and I will make it 5. This app is amazing but the bugs need to be fixed.

  • Still no support for Mobile Network..

    by xDrizzyXx

    I have to be connected to WiFi to watch anything when my LTE connection can handle it just fine.. & I have unlimited data.

  • Please add Chromecast support!

    by Ifsbrds

    I find it odd one of the biggest sellers of Chromecast neglect to add capabilities to it's own video app. Please add :)

  • Would be worth it if...

    by Syntastic

    Would be worth it if the app didn't require wifi. Why would I watch videos on my phone if I'm in wifi range. I'd probably have my laptop or tv... Probably the stupid thing ever.

  • Terrible

    by Applefan14

    Selection has nothing I am interested in and the shows they have are offered on by each channel already online, so why pay?

  • Can not stream without wifi

    by Awsomesauces

    Can't watch a movie without being connected to wifi. Ridiculous.

  • Can't using 4g lte network.

    by Dosuuwu

    Can't using 4g lte network.

  • works but requires wifi

    by Troutsoup

    works good enough, but requires wifi. I'm mostly on cellular and have a decent plan and can't use it...

  • Airplay drops every 10 minutes

    by Kris Mortensen

    I can't figure out why but it keeps happening. I then have to retry the connection twice each time, like clockwork. I've closed the app, restarted my iPad, and restarted the Apple TV to no avail.

  • Where us Chromecast

    by Qb lover

    Totally worthless without Chromecast. Why would you write an app today without it.

  • The app is gayyy!

    by By cesarb633

    Its just hella gay.

  • Roll back the version please

    by Ravarlese

    This latest update keeps crashing. I can't watch a video for more than a couple minutes or is crashes, and sometimes it happens in seconds. This is a new problem, so I assume it is due to the new version of the app.

  • Not so gun to stream on your iPhone

    by Mars Gamo

    Takes too long to buffer and wifi not supported

  • Lousy

    by lyneagle

    After downloading, I was able to watch a movie, then when I went back to rent another one there were no longer any buttons for renting only the movie trailers. Kinda useless I'd say.

  • No lte....

    by Reviewer7778

    I understand that many people don't have unlimited data but for those that do this app is terrible. I understand making it not use data by default or even making it hard to turn on an option with a warning that you could go over your data usage but to straight up not give the option to unlimited data users is just bad.

  • Viewing

    by Scott sevenich

    Movies are difficult to watch. Can only watch movies on my iPhone when I hold my phone in a top-to-bottom fashion making it a small screen. Would be better if the movie 'screen' is larger holding my phone with a 'wider' format as Netflix does.

  • Awful

    by Alandric

    Apparently 4g isn't good enough. Most useless app on the store cannot even be used unless on wifi. This is pointless.

  • AirPlay functionality has regressed..

    by Tomso

    AirPlay has been completely borked by this update. It worked great prior to this, but now it's impossible to get through even a 22-minute TV episode without the AirPlay stream dropping multiple times. It's so frustrating I've basically given up using the app until it's fixed.

  • Crash all the time

    by Bradlg

    After the most recent update, the app keeps crashing every 10 minutes. Airplay stops working too.

  • Not great

    by Eestackhouse

    They need an Apple TV app bc while attempting to airplay it, the app crashes very frequently. It either turns of the video feed, sending it back to the device, or it turns the feed off completely.

  • Didn't download

    by Michael Dunn

    I tried to download this app but it's not appearing on my phone. When I go to download it again it says 'open', I click that and nothing happens. Hope this is just a problem with my phone.

  • No full screen

    by jbc18

    Can't play through hdmi to tv. Will be using netflix all the time.

  • Terrible

    by Biggytupac

    No play options for movies on watch list. Even after ordering.

  • Why requires wifi?!?

    by maximy

    Netflix doesn't require wifi so why do you? My 4g is fast enough for netflix.

  • Doesn't work on cell network

    by TheComputerHack

    Total fail. Why can't I watch it when and where I want to watch it? I pay for this service and for my data plan- I should be able to use it on the cell network.

  • Useless w/o a wifi connection

    by Aunt Bubs

    As others have mentioned, this app requires wifi. Unfortunately, I am not able to get internet in my home because I live in a rural area, therefore I use cellular data for all of my internet usage. This app is utterly useless to me as the only time I can connect to wifi is when I am at someone's house or at a public hot spot. Obviously in either of those situations I would not be watching a movie or TV show. Hope this problem will be remedied quickly.

  • Bad update

    by Lulu2323a

    This newest update is terrible mostly because I can't even open the app! Please fix this soon!!!

  • Crashes!!!!!!!!!

    by Augustopw

    I used to love this app but ever since the last update that said bug fixes this app crashes all the time. It seems to me that the last update has a added more bugs. please fix this. This issue needs to be addressed now!

  • Add to chromecast

    by Evan Campbell24

    Add to chromecast

  • can't stream over cellular

    by MobileBadger

    No use for a "go anywhere" app that doesn't work where there is no wifi connection. I pay for big data for a reason.

  • No Chromecast - not worth it

    by Robert Ossler

    Useless to me without Chromecast streaming support.

  • Airplay Won't Work

    by VintageLPs

    What is the matter with this app? Between my Apple TV2 and this app, Airplay works then quits and I have to constantly put the app back to Airplay. I have the latest app update (as of 2-2-2014) and also my Apple TV software is current yet the Airplay streaming won't hold. I also have hi-speed Internet access.

  • Requires Wifi to stream

    by Quickpull

    App will not allow you to stream content unless you have a wifi connection. This is a frustrating, arbitrary limitation. Use other services like netflix which allow streaming without wifi.

  • Would've been great if

    by Lamvann

    I could play stuff over 4G, LTE and if you guys fixed the annoying issue with the subtitles.

  • AirPlay

    by psychochick

    I have an iPad 1, while in AirPlay, only audio comes through but not video.

  • No Full Screen with Apple AV adapter?

    by Binavision

    Please add the ability to play full screen on my TV through the Apple AV HDMI adapter. This is a must... Fix and you got 4-5 Stars!

  • A mobile app that can't use mobile data

    by Blah blah nickname

    A mobile app that can't use mobile data... Seriously?!

  • Latest release broke airplay

    by TheDefender

    The title says it all. This was a great app, but without airplay it's usability is severely impacted.

  • Need wifi to play :/

    by Georgelalcantara

    Why develop an iPhone app that doesn't work unless you are connected with wifi? It would be a great app if it doesn't have this issue.

  • Requires WIFI!

    by Five-Oh the Ville

    That app seems to be great...EXCEPT that I cannot stream anything without a wifi connection! I was excited about having a convenient app for when I'm on the road or when the kids need a distraction but only if I have a wifi connection apparently. I have unlimited data for a reason!

  • Apple TV?

    by Saule Good

    Why can't Apple and everyone just get along? This app would be worth it if you could watch it in HD with Apple TV, or use your mobile device and air play. Hopefully the new update gets us a little closer.

  • ZERO stars

    by Furburgermeister

    Why in the world would you make an APP for mobile devices that WONT stream unless WiFi is present? I have Prime, so it really blows that thus is unusable. Kinda defeats the purpose, eh?

  • Good Movie options bad HDMI support

    by Larsky

    Please add HDMI support like NetFlix does. No full screen support on your TV.

  • Does not work without wifi

    by Magicbah

    The app is great, if you have wifi. It would be nice if the "anytime, anywhere" in the description were true for the Prime streaming. We are on the go a lot, that's why I give it 1 star, not being able to use cellular data to stream makes this app useless for me.

  • Brilliant

    by StreamingExpert

    What a great app!!! Next is putting that app in Apple TV!!!

  • Controls and purchases

    by Redline18c

    This app needs two improvements: the ability to purchase instant video directly through the app (right now you have to buy it online then come back and watch it on the app), and improved viewer controls especially as it applies to ff/rew. I am sure that the first is driven by Apple's reluctance to allow anyone to buy anything that didn't come from iTunes

  • Can't even access

    by Ej dhahfjjwjfjhahd

    How am I supposed to use this if I can't even access it!

  • No use for app

    by kristilei

    I have absolutely no use for this app if it requires wifi. I deleted the app immediately when I saw that was a requirement to watch anything. I can watch streaming videos on my television when I am connected to wifi at home. If I'm anywhere else, it's probably rude to be watching tv on my phone, since I'm with family/friends. When this is available for streaming on 4G, I will download again.

  • good

    by HeatherKayla

    It works great when I'm watching on my phone or iPad at home or school since I get wifi, but if I'm at home I generally watch it on the tv and not my small phone. It would be nice if it didn't just work on wifi, like netflix. I would like to be able to watch it on long car rides and ECT. Not in places where I only get wifi, which are generally places where I'm not really wanting to watch shows on my phone.

  • No longer works on ipad1

    by Rlk710

    Seriously, I had to blank my iPad and downloading discover the app no longer is compatible with the iPad 1. Netflix downloads previous version so it wins!!!! I am rethinking prime as a whole

  • Does not allow mobile data streaming

    by '''''''

    This is a mobile app that does not allow you to use mobile data to stream, thus it is useless to me. I'll use Netflix instead.

  • Chromecast

    by Justme6435

    Really wished this would work with google chromecast.

  • Wfi issue

    by Baseball fan 2014

    Always says I'm not connected to Wifi but I am fixes it Now STOP BEING LAZZY.

  • Awful

    by Dalizardman

    This app is useless. Even with wifi signal, it still refuses to playback. Keeps saying there is no wifi signal.

  • It's good

    by Deb669

    Got the closed captions issue to work which improved my satisfaction with the app greatly. Just some recommendations to make navigation better would be a recently watched area, and if all seasons of a show where on just one picture. When you click on the show you can see all seasons available and watch them there. It seems showing a new picture icon for every season is just to make it look like there are more shows than there really are. Also a new released category would be awesome

  • Why requires wifi?!?

    by maximy

    Netflix doesn't require wifi so why do you?

  • Serious feature gaps

    by ZeeJae

    No option to rent movies which are not included with prime membership

  • No more problems

    by landoos

    No more problems like I had in the past! Thank you!


    by The future Chiyo Chan

    I use this app all the time to catch up on shows or watch old episodes of TV shows. One of my fav apps (next to virtual families).

  • Garbage

    by Max E Maxxy

    I don't have Wi-Fi, I bought a mobile app for a mobile device, paid good money for television episodes, and I'm told I cannot watch them without connecting to the Wi-Fi network I do not have. This is an app for a mobile device, there is no technological reason why I shouldn't be able to watch my episode. I also spent quite a Bit of time trying to get it to download and the bar never moved. An absolute waste of money I spent on two seasons of Sunny in Philadelphia. I will never be able to view them, and I feel extremely ripped off.

  • Missed the century

    by BinClt

    Ok video streaming. Navigation is clumsy and inaccurate for video playback. Requiring slow wifi to play video vs my fast LTE is beyond insane. Flaming monkeys would know better than that. Much room for improvement.

  • Needs integration

    by stephaniedanger MN

    I would like to be able to purchase and rent movies from the app instead of having to log in through a web browser.

  • Can't stream without wifi

    by wellhithere80

    Need to be able to stream video over cellular connection if you want to compete with Netflix.

  • Great app... But wifi prob

    by Ginocity88

    To whom it may concern... You really should run this app without the need to connect to wifi... You know like how Netflix operates!!!

  • Barely Airplays

    by IamAirCastle

    Really needs an update to fix multiple airplay crashes. Happens across multiple devices and Apple TV's. 1-3 times per episode/movie.

  • Just ok

    by Michael Moro

    The price for prime is a little too expensive for tv/movie availability.

  • WiFi?

    by Idontwantastupidnickname

    I have an unlimited data plan and I want to be able to watch the movies included in my prime membership. Is this too much to ask? Why is WiFi required and not simply a setting?

  • WiFi?

    by Idontwantastupidnickname

    I have an unlimited data plan and I want to be able to watch the movies included in my prime membership. Is this too much to ask? Why is WiFi required and not simply a setting?

  • I mostly like it

    by Toddep23

    There needs to be a clear distinction between movies that are available to stream and movies that can only be purchased on blu ray. Also needs to be able to work over 4g

  • Missing the "Recently Watched" category

    by Signus

    App works fine but there is no "recently watched" category. This can be annoying because you can't quickly find what you were watching last, unless you added it to your watch list. If you did not add it to your watch list, hopefully you will have remembered the name of the movie or show and then you must type it in the search field to find it again every time. The Xbox, PS3 & Roku all have the convenient "recently watched" category that this app unfortunately lacks.


    by Cmkethan

    Seriously, I can manage my own data. Give me the option please! I live rurally and have a limited satellite data for wifi. I have a grandfathered unlimited data plan on cellular. Doesn't do me any good if I can't use it!

  • :P Ya’ll kinda whine a lot.

    by Beeval

    I have had the app for about a week and I have not had any issues that I did not expect. Sure every now and then I’ll hear the voices but the picture will lag… but give it maybe a second and every things fine again. It says in the description that it works only with Wi-Fi. It has done what it has said it would do.

  • Limited Reach Continues

    by RaceH2O

    Still cannot stream outside of Wi-Fi. For those of us with larger mobile data plans, we would like to be able to use our data. For those that don't have Wi-Fi (the mobile device IS their Internet), this is unusable. Netflix works using cellular data. You can provide safe guards (default to only allow Wi-Fi unless switched to allow cellular data), but ultimately make it our choice. Wi-Fi isn't everywhere and is often unavailable for mobile devices at the workplace. You can also offer scaled back quality (another option) to reduce data usage.

  • Pointless battery drain

    by I don't want a nickname ?!?!'

    This app didn't work well at all. On reliable, proven wifi, all it did was drain my battery. After 30 minutes it still hadn't loaded the show I wanted.

  • Wifi only ruins it for me

    by Techieman33

    If I want to use my cellular data connection I should be able to. A warning that I'm not on wifi would be fine, but it shouldn't totally restrict using a cellular connection. I'm sure it would be a painful experience on 3G but with so many of us having LTE it shouldn't be a problem to stream video.

  • Much better

    by SFhank

    Airplay. Finally.

  • OK

    by AmPrimeUser

    Needs Chromecast support.

  • Cellular support

    by TK2K

    This is stupid. Make it work like any other video service.

  • Wifi and disable purchases!

    by Bentley_J

    I hate that I can only stream over wifi! That should be a configurable setting. I also would like to be able to DISABLE all purchases on certain devices! If you want to compete with Netflix you need this. One thing I enjoyed about Netflix was that I knew my child could do no damage if I left him alone on Netflix.

  • Ahh

    by Outerspace026777

    Please help me whenever i go on this on my 4th gen ipod it ALWAYS crashes it doesnt ever let me watch anything please please fix its so annoying and there is so much that i want to watch that is the only problem with this again please fix

  • Terrible for mirroring

    by VioletPony

    This app seems to function moderately well on iPad and iPhone, though with more buffering issues than I'd like, but it is absolutely terrible for airplay/mirroring. Terrible. It constantly drops out, loses its place and begins again, and loses sync with sound and picture. The "resume" option just begins playing at the very beginning. If you're not going to have a native app for AppleTV, at least have a decent app from the App Store. If you want to compete with Netflix and iTunes, you're going to have to do a lot better than this garbage.

  • Works great for me

    by UnhappyShopper1

    I don't get why there are so many 1 star reviews. This app works great for me. No streaming issues, Closed Captions work, and Airplay works great. I love it. EDIT: Lately, I get constantly interrupted when streaming with a "Buffering" message that doesn't go away. If I close and reopen the video, it fixes it, but it is annoying to have to do that over and over.

  • Needs more work

    by GrimmReapers

    The quality when watching off my phone is great when I'm watching off the Internet. The problem with this app is the subtitles. The option doesn't show up unless you exit the app whole watching and then open it again and continue. Once you do have the subtitles on, the video you are watching will either loop to the beginning, lack response when touching the screen, or randomly have the play selection pop up and not disappear, or all of the above. This app has a lot of potential to play their videos, they just need to get these kinks out. Very annoying.

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