Free Music Download Pro - Downloader and Player Music App Review (iOS, $2.99)

  • Category: Music
  • Publisher: Alfadevs
  • Updated: Dec, 19 2012
  • Version: 1.4
  • Size: 21.8 MB

Languages: Arabic, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Swedish, Chinese

Seller: Alfadevs Inc.

- Stylish new iOS 7 interface! (for iOS 7 users)
- Redesigned browser with new Safari-style search field! (for iOS 7 users)
- iOS 7 bugs fixed
- stability improvements and other bugfixes

Customer Ratings

Current Version:
9381 Ratings
All Versions:
22169 Ratings


* Full-Featured Free Music & Video Downloader *

Download FREE and LEGAL music, videos, lyrics, ring tones and audio books.

Play, sort, organize your media files easily. Create native iPod style music and video playlists. Listen to your music in background and lockscreen modes with playback controls. Search for the songs lyrics online. Transfer music from and to your PC/MAC via USB and Wi-FI and enjoy other cool features.

App Key Features:

√ Full iPhone 5s & 5c support!
√ Skins Added! New iOS7 & iOS6 Skins!

√ Web browser
- Web Password Keeper
- Provides a user experience very similar to Mobile Safari
- Tap and hold to force download
- Full screen mode
- Bookmark manager

√ Download manager
- Ultra fast downloading speed
- Up to 10 simultaneous downloads
- Download in background mode
- Supports resuming of interrupted downloads
- Download files larger 20MB over 3G

√ Media player
- Background Video Playback
- Playback of mp3, wav, m4a and mp4 formats
- iPod-Like Playlists
- Background / Lock Screen playing mode
- Supports Air-play
- Free Lyrics Search

√ File manager
- Backup & Restore files to Dropbox
- Folders and sub-folders support
- Move, rename and delete files
- Video thumbnails
- Sorting by name, type, size, date
- Passcode lock
- Wi-Fi and USB transfer to PC and iTunes

Customer Reviews

  • Great

    by HollowGhost380

    I love this app, 5 stars

  • I like it but.......!!!

    by MzLeeeee123

    I like that mp3skull has an unlimited selection of music however when I bought the app I still have popups with advertisements !! Irritating!!!

  • Works

    by Rockstr33

    Works like it should

  • Wonderful app

    by CaseyShedd11

    I find anything I want or need!

  • Great

    by xxFea_is_a_choice

    This is great you should get it.

  • Hah

    by Dj too nice

    Great app

  • Music

    by Sunshine43790

    Great music app! Worth it!

  • G

    by DjRadda


  • Review

    by 123456789JJV


  • I'm only writing this

    by Zanpakutobankai

    Because it keeps asking me to rate it

  • Best app

    by Pedro dinamica

    Really good app

  • Good

    by ChenAlan92604


  • Good

    by Chase haynes


  • ...

    by Honeybee7676

    Great app!

  • Great app

    by Hahsjfkf

    Great app!

  • Cool everyday app

    by TreyMH

    Cool everyday app

  • Great with only one annoyance

    by Split1500

    This app has been great in every way with its easy downloading interface and the small price, however the one annoyance is their endless persistence with the review,( hence why, like many others I am writing this) take the nuisance away and it's a perfect five. :)

  • Great app

    by DP 2 in stink one in the pink

    If this app were a woman, I'd do unspeakable things to it.

  • Good.

    by MonaLisa..57533

    its a good app. paud 2 dollars for it. It was supposed to remove all ads popups and unlimited downloads but everytime i open the app it asks me to review it which is annoying considering the fact i paid 2 dollars to remove pop ups. anyways good app i love it

  • Country music

    by Country man 200

    I wrote this cause of the pop up every time i open the app up it asks if u will please rate this app other than that its a cool app

  • Not for music

    by MustafaAbban

    Iv usd dis app for dwnlodeing sum of dat adult intretanement. U no wut im sayin m8.

  • good app

    by Siegel22


  • Awesome!

    by CaptainOcho

    Worth every penny and one of my favorite apps

  • Great

    by KW_Swag25

    Great app.. Worth the $2.99

  • Great product

    by Ray Whittney

    I love this app it is totally worth the cost

  • :)

    by Learsi123

    Buena App :)

  • Once you figure it out it works great

    by Bcfletch

  • Not worth it

    by JarrettMaster

    Every time you click on a song it resets the shuffle option. When the song is clicked it stops the song and resets the shuffle.

  • Great

    by Kirkwood Crowns

    Great app

  • Sweet

    by Brett Harris

    Simply wonderful

  • Great app

    by Grneyedon

    Every feature u could want in a music app

  • Awesome app

    by Candy974

    Love it !

  • Not worth buying

    by Renz8726

    It's the same old story it's very complicated downloading songs and mostly trash you get! I immediately deleted the app after download, stick with iTunes then you know what you get

  • goood

    by dkimmm

    good app love it !

  • I love to get songs off of this app

    by sir thomas jackson

    I love to download songs off this app It's so useful I do wish there wasn't so many web sites It can't download stuff off

  • Great

    by J Gomes 1700

    Awesome App Its Pretty Good If You Know How to Use It !!

  • Great app!

    by Joy Nichole

    Worth its price !!!

  • by Ghemd

    So far I havent had any problems with the app

  • Great app

    by Nando100 Rodriguez

    This app is amazing, I didn't mine paying 3 dollars for this app because the music I'm getting is worth it and amazing quality, best app on the market period!

  • Hi

    by Dhdjhufjjcodpwpofkfk


  • Save your money and buy this app!

    by Oliver waters

    It's perfect saves you money and sounds great

  • Easiest download app I have encountered

    by PoloYolo366$

    It's a great app that's fast n easy!!!

  • Love it

    by Teeladonte

    Absolutely amazing !

  • Great app

    by Gshelby

    Love it!

  • by Wow bad lie


  • Ayeee

    by Makapote 24

    Hannnnnnnn ! It's poppin'

  • Really good, if I knew how to use it

    by Ruby Lucy

    I'm pretty confused on how to download videos & music I'm not sure on exactly how to use it

  • Really good, if I knew how to use it

    by Ruby Lucy

    I'm pretty confused on how to download videos & music I'm not sure on exactly how to use it

  • Great app

    by KorDemIs

    It's a great app

  • Perf

    by Sugersammie5432112345

    This app is perf

  • Best music app

    by Swim_11

    Best music app it's definitely worth it

  • Best app ive tried for this

    by Larsjarvis

    Great app, worth the three bucks. The browser is little slow sometimes, but overall its a solid production. I wish some of the options availible in this apps music player were used in the official apple music app.

  • Awesome app!

    by Emtp80

    So far so good

  • This app

    by Ecko.unlimited

    It is amazing

  • Very Good

    by Awsome90@$&

    I Recommend this app

  • Best app

    by Vincepolo

    I paid my cash I'm more than satisfied

  • Music

    by Rick Ross Remix

    With this I cam download any song that my friends like within 20-30 sec.

  • Great app

    by May Nhim


  • Good !

    by Linda Mariee ✨

    Pretty good app .

  • Super good

    by Melvin Rivera

    Cool you can download albums

  • Cool


    Cool app

  • Good

    by AveryDeSean

    Good music app just please stop asking me to rate...

  • Great

    by Fishdogman

    Love this app, just wish everytime I get on it that stupid rate it wouldn't pop up!

  • Great app

    by Ecko801

    Great app. I enjoy it a lot

  • Awesome

    by Fastmoney101

    Amazing app!!

  • Great !

    by w-fam

    I love it !

  • Cool beans

    by 738472672

    Easy and fun to use!

  • Love it, but has a few issues

    by shanabananafofana

    Annoying how the 'rate it' pops up every time you open up the app. This is my second review. Which I am now decreasing the stars. Every once and awhile the I have to re type the address I'm on because an 'error has occurred' Just an inconvenience.

  • Beast

    by j_2_the_d

    Great app. Gives the ability to download mp3 from multiple websites.

  • Great music app

    by Bigcat4823

    Best music app

  • Great app

    by The penches

    Awesome app but annoying it continuously asks to rate it.

  • Awesome

    by Chevelle1996

    It works great!

  • Gooooood

    by Homeboy245600069

    This is good. Makes listening to music nice

  • Use it everyday

    by Captain crunch -53727

    This is my number one most used app on my iPod 5 I love this app add more skins make like a red background layout

  • Awesome

    by Qnb33

    Only issue is you can't always find a song

  • Amazing

    by Zaidagee

    Love this app

  • Great app

    by ~*aviator*~

    Awesome music

  • Not to shabby

    by D Gauldin

    I love it but I wish there weren't downloads of half of the songs

  • Great app!

    by Florida-Red0994

    This app is excellent. Very pleased. I've referred it to several people. The only problem is it doesn't have ALL the songs right away. You may have to wait a few months or so.

  • I am confused??

    by Game fun time

    It's cool but all of the websites it gives you doesn't let you search, or download the songs you want!??

  • Go to MP3

    by Ronsaer

    This app works great if you go to mp3 and your get unlimited amount of songs

  • Awesome!!

    by _JessyNY1

    I really like it! I can download pretty much any song! Really worth my $3! Lol =)

  • Great app for songs

    by Ravneet Tung

    I been using this app more often than the iPhone music app

  • Cool

    by Murky Amax

    It's cool

  • Dope App

    by Briseida

    This app is by far the coolest thing ever. iTunes music accumulates and this this app you can load up as much music as you want. Thanks :)

  • App

    by Counsggh

    It easy an all honesty good.

  • Muy buena

    by Juan pablo Londono herrera

    Para descargar películas y música

  • Good

    by 12345123121


  • Good app

    by XxcolosoxX

    Good app

  • Awesome

    by Noooooooooooooooooooope

    I just posted this so it would stop asking me to rate

  • Upgrade

    by buhila

    Although I wish we wouldn't have to rename the songs and wish we can download songs on soundcloud without any problems.

  • Great App!

    by Ryan796

    Works perfectly, I love it! Recommend 5/5!

  • Wonderful app

    by Jojo221627953267

    I recommend for music downloads

  • Great app

    by Jloubiere

    I've gotten so many songs that you can't find on iTunes from this app and now they're straight on my phone without having to search for them.

  • Good

    by Starts forever


  • Awesome App But

    by Jennings smith

    This app is awesome lol greatest one I have tried out but they need to fix it to where when ur on to where it changes to a different thing


    by RichMcflyy

  • by AVATAR_1000

    One word ... GREAT

  • Whoop

    by Pimp Daddy2

    Good app, pay the dollar, find the music you want. Download. Easy, and freaking sweet

  • Great App

    by Joseph Ades

    Great app for music. The updates usually fix any bugs. Thanks

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