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Thanks for all your feedback since our iOS7 update! That's what keeps us going and thinking about how to deliver the best universal life management experience to you.
In this quick update we focused on two things: fixed a bug with the password screen, and - brought you the badge counter back. Taking it away to simplify the app was a bad call on our part. Many users don't want to miss it. Turn the badge counter back on under More. Add individual items to the counter with Edit.
Hope you enjoy this update. You can tell we put a lot of detailed effort into the design. The visual calendar has a complete new look. If you like the app, please write a review in the store. This is very important for our ranking and sales. This enables us to keep working on future upgrades. Also, check out our other apps.
Next we'll work on new features. Help us prioritize features by sending us an email to support @
Thanks for 4 years of an amazing collaboration! We love to help you change your life, keep us up to date.
All the best,
Uwe and the Track & Share team

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Track Visualize Act - revolutionary life tracking - independent label. Thousands use TracknShare for self-help, coaching, teaching, care: regular folks, US olympic athletes, people with chronic pain, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, ADHD, ...

Excellent reviews from our users and from >> University of Nebraska-Lincoln Tech EDGE >> Mac Life >> Psychology Today >> The Best Life ... Check out our website for references.

Five Stars: flexible
This is the best app I have found to track things... I have chronic migraines & this app has been the most useful to track migraine related things as well as much more!

Five Stars: Going on 2 years and loving it
I have been using this app for nearly two years now... THIS IS MY MOST USED APP - I couldn't live without it! Due to its high level of customizability, I use it to track all kinds of things. There is no end to what you can use this app for. I love the newly designed interface. A must-have app for everyone - it should come pre-installed!

Five Stars: Incredibly Powerful App
Every once in a while you find an app that changes your life. Sounds extreme but it's true ... This program is simple but its configurability makes it powerful. The power comes from configurable items, groups, screens, combined with powerful reporting, graphing, and exporting tools - with everything simple and intuitive. I have selected 12 things across the following areas to track: eating habits, weight, sleeping, exercise, vitamins, etc. Then I set up a screen of the 3-4 things things to remember first thing in the morning, during the day, in the evening, and then a wrap up screen to review before I go to sleep.Even when I get tied up and don't make entries for a day or two, that's ok - I see the overall trend and just start back up again

Five Stars: One of the most useful apps in the entire iTunes catalog!
Track and Share is brilliant! I love it! I have a knowledge of stats so understand the concepts they've used; the implementation is clean, straightforward, and effective and simplifies the process of collecting and analyzing data so anybody can do it, easily, AND use the results for positive change. Congratulations to Track and Share for creating one of the most useful apps in the entire iTunes catalog!

How to use TracknShare
Track anything that matters to you - Just one tap to enter data - Capture notes along the way - Share results & notes - View powerful graphs, spot trends - Understand how things are related - Make changes to your life and measure results


5 categories are already set up:
My Health Items - My Mood Items - My Sleep Items - My Food Items - My Gratitude Diary

Create your own custom items from scored icon sets. Available scales: not at all -> very much, pain, severity, completion, bad -> good, grades, level, weather, in love, low -> high, light -> heavy, note items that store photos

Icons & numbers for keeping track: 60 scored icons to describe how you do, different formats for number entry, more than 250 icons total

Powerful graphs let you compare different items at a glance in vertical and horizontal view. Graphs by days, weeks, months

Visual Statistics Tap to cycle through ∅ Averages ∆ Max ∇ Min ∑ Totals ⊥ Last

Visual Calendar of all values and notes at a glance.

Take screenshots of your graphs and share via email

Data export Password protection

Users of TracknShare Lite
Lite allows 12 entries per item. Set up and all entries get moved from Lite to Pro. We offer Lite to help you decide if this app is right for you.

Illustrated user guide at
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Customer Reviews

  • Outstanding!

    by Marlen Darlin

    Takes a bit of set-up, but I'm already motivated to improve my life! This is a fantastic app, exactly what I was searching for. PLEASE do not sell out and become another "used-to-be-great" (like Slacker) app. This one does the big circus tricks, and you won't be disappointed.

  • Better than I thought!

    by FrenchyReader

    I read reviews of various similar apps. most were less visually appealing. This one had no reviews but looked like it might work for me. I figured it would be really limited, but worth a try---so pleasantly surprised at how awesome it is and easy to use.

  • Love

    by andrewbatz

    The current trend in everything Is continuous recording, and I love seeing something of an open life database. Constructive criticism: work on making the UI more attractive, and maybe large report exports. Love this.

  • So customizable AND elegantly designed

    by Mindig

    It takes a while to work out what you can change and how, but once I did it's easy to see how elegantly designed this app is. I removed most of the preset categories and trackers and started from scratch, building a really simple reporting system just for me. There's definitely functionality they could add, but overall I'm really impressed.

  • Love this app!

    by Deb&Kasmir

    Simple, but very, very effective. Easy to customize, and visually appealing.

  • Keeps me on track

    by 15964kn

    Really appreciate the flexibility and excellent visual presentation of this app. I use it daily!

  • Lovin' It!

    by MoakleyJo

    JUST downloaded tonight. I was looking for an easy way to track migraine triggers and found a way to track so much more! I get too busy sometimes and like having a way to track that I'm being productive and making progress toward big projects without forgetting the little ones (taking vitamins). This app is great for both. I've already set up a way to see if (and which of) the lifestyle changes I'm making (diet, etc) have any affect on these annoying headaches. Very flexible app!!!

  • Holistic app, easy to monitor

    by Scrappy975

    A very holistic app, it's quick to update, easy to personalize.

  • Loving it

    by Katebran

    I love the app it covers just about everything. The only thing I don't like is the graphs, it is kind of confusing to me. But overall I would truly recommend it to everyone that has health problems. Keep up the great work guys!!!!

  • Great app

    by Pink tink 222

    I love how you can change things to fit your needs.

  • Excellent

    by Kimisan007

    I never write reviews but this app deserves one. Thank you to the developer for not just a well thought out design, but for a one of a kind app that can be tailored to fit ANYONE's needs. The help section is thorough, but hardly necessary as the app is very intuitive and easy to maneuver around. Hoozah. Thumbs up.

  • Good app....

    by Sassiebrat

    This app is good... it does come with preset things to track, but you ca easily track just about anything you want to.... It is a bit confusing to set up, does require spending some time to make it the way you want... but that is really what is great about this app.... and having a lite version makes it easy to try it before you buy it... the only thing that would make this app perfect.... would be a purple color option!! lol

  • Great in some areas, but not all around

    by delicious natalicious

    I find the food diary and gratitude diary to be the best components. I love checking in every time I notice myself feeling appreciation, and find myself actively striving to be grateful. I also love how you rate your level of happiness, as opposed to your level of depression. The food component really has me mindful about getting enough water and fruits/veggies every day. The charts on my data are a little messy and confusing. I have bipolar disorder and my mood, energy level, stress level, etc fluctuate throughout the day. Even though the graph claims to be organized by day, week, and month, the day section actually shows your whole week. One of the preview pictures for this app shows this. I contacted the developer and was still confused after I got a response. On the positive side, I got a very timely response. If you're looking for more insight on your mood disorder, there are some great aspects to this app not offered by any other mood diary app, but I would suggest supplementing it with something that offers better insight when you check in multiple times a day. So far, my favorite app on this end is My Mood. All in all, this app is one of the most unique wellbeing trackers out there and it had really helped me be more mindful and intentional about my physical and mental health.

  • Perfect!

    by SCW1313

    I love this app. It's perfect for tracking and finding out what causes certain things. Love it!

  • Set up confusing

    by Reni620

    Set up was a bit confusing. Did not know how to slide top bar to switch categories at first. Have only used it for 2 days but think I am getting the hang of it now. Wish there was an easy way to edit when you are in the learning phase. Love the overall idea and will keep tracking.

  • Great little app

    by Nytetears

    Lts you track nothing you can imagine tracking and very easily. Took a bit of trial and error to figure out how to get it to work as the help file tells you what can be done but very little how to do it. Over all a wonderfully helpful app.

  • Quick and Smart

    by Kikime13

    Before upgrading to the full version, I got the LITE and found it to be an easy tracking tool to use. Worth checking out. I quickly moved to the PRO version and am happy with the flexibility the interface it provides.

  • Great!!!

    by rn8643

    WOWW it's perfect for what I needed. Does everything I'm definitely going to purchase the full version it's worth it. Everything is organized and all my data is tracked nicely. Thank you guys...

  • Loving and living by Track & Share

    by Moonstarstudio

    I was just looking for an exercise tracker … but this app is soooo good I now track lots of things, like my energy, treatments, symptoms, key foods, sleep, mood, on and on. I even use it to track daily personal goals. It's great to have one place to go for all my tracking needs. I'm getting insight into what helps me and what hurts me, and how I'm doing with my life overall. This is a great app for an individual. But it's even better to enhance the information flow between a coach or therapist and an individual. Two weeks later I can't remember how I was doing. But bring up Track & Share and the data's all there. Quick and accurate. We're a two-person, two-iPad, two-Track & Share household. Now we just need to get the cats on board ;-)

  • Almost there...

    by Annu92

    I really love this little app. It lets you track just about anything and is invaluable for tracking medical symptoms. However, I'm not so keen on the visuals of the latest upgrade. The screen is now way too bright white! It's hard to look at. And, I hate to say it, but the icons got a little annoying. They are very bright and in an attention grabbing color scheme that makes it difficult to focus on data entry. The visuals are the only thing keeping this app from 5 stars for me. Still a great app overall!

  • Ripoff! Waste of Time!

    by Shannalee29

    Trying to keep calendar of migraines. When I got to Day 7, it said I'd used too many days and must pay $4.99 to do more! All that work for nothing! Scam Artists you make me sick!

  • Bait only

    by Scubywho

    Nice interface. This version is so restricted you can't do anything with it. Don't bother to download.

  • Crashes

    by Pilot_Sully

    App crashes every time I open it. I have not spent more than 30 second in the app before it crashes. Opened it on 3 separate iPads and same result. Couldn't tell you if the app is good or not because I can't use it.

  • great update

    by JB2367

    really effective tool

  • Enjoying the App

    by coachtanya

    Changed my orig opinion to rate higher. After I figured out how to add custom items this is so much better. Would be great to have quick tutorial within the app.

  • simple and easily customizable

    by *pani*

    this is a nice, simple app for tracking what you need to track. I have only been using it for a week but have found it easy to use. it's simple to set up and edit, with a good selection of parameters to choose from. worth checking out to see if it fits your needs.

  • Messy and slow

    by LoveBeeCharmer

    Could be better, but it's not

  • Not quite there.

    by NaeKit

    Having read tons of the reviews and played with the trial version: I'm not going to waste my time or my money on the paid version. First thing I noticed off the bat, I looks a bit unfinished and when I tried to add my first new entry... The button wouldn't work. I already have the "mysymptoms FOOD" tracker which WORKS and can do most, if not all, of what this app can do (I use it to track pain instead of food allergies): It also exports to email, Evernote and more. Also, the interface on MSF is better in my opinion, even if it's not very pretty. MSF was a LOT cheaper too!! [Correction of price] $4.99 is still a bit high when I'm not actually upgrading if I switch to this program. I think I'll stick with what I have. It works and frankly, there doesn't seem to be anything better out there at the moment.

  • You have to pay sooner or later...

    by InfinKitty

    First of all - this is a great app. Extremely versatile, tons of ways to customize, and incredibly useful. That said, the lite version is a trial only. I went two weeks happily tracking along when it suddenly told me that if I wanted to keep inputting data, I had to upgrade to the Pro, which is $4.99. On top of that, it doesn't sync the data you put into Lite - you start all over. Personally, I've never seen another app this versatile and useful so I upgraded. I just wish I had known earlier in my tracking that it was going to force the upgrade because once I determined that it was really going to fit my needs, I would have upgraded then and not had to lose all of my data. Overall, though - amazing tracker. YOU figure out what you want to customize and throw out what you don't. You can use their categories or create a ton of your own. You can also modify or create the WAY that you want to track something. Let's take food, for instance. You can track calories, portions, ounces, servings, colors, categories, food group... It's endless. And because you can create your own categories, you can track everything under the sun. Literally. Great app.

  • Easy to use, fun & fully customizable

    by Wd12345

    I love to track things but handout off trying this app because I thought it'd be too complicated to figure out, I was sooo wrong. It's super intuitive to set up and you can customize 99% of the settings to suite your needs. Even the reporting comes with several built in options and if they're not enough. You can export your raw data and build your own offline. Once set up, it's also easy to do the actually tracking every day so not only can I track what I want, how I want, I'm actually maintaining my daily logs bc they're fun and easy to do. I also haven't had any problems with the app crashing (knock on wood). My only request would be the ability to control which items show in my graph reports and it what order. Otherwise, this app gets an A+ from me.

  • Love it! Upgraded to Pro

    by Enjaye

    The title says it all. I have fallen in love with this app. I have been trying for nearly 3 years to consistently track my "DMO," daily methods of operation, for my business an always fell off the wagon, never really knowing how to duplicate my great months and analyze what needs to improve. I've never been this consistent in tracking for this long and I can feel personal momentum building. I'm excited about raising the steaks now. I spent time customizing my icons for the categories I created and something inside of me gets excited to check them all off! I can't wait to update the results I produce in my businesses from using Track & Share! Thank you!!!!

  • Good app, very configurable.

    by echo6d

    A little challenging to figure some things out, at first—but pretty darn good!

  • Very flexible

    by Suebie

    This is the only app I could find that was flexible enough to meet my needs. I haven't found anything it can't track yet. It's remarkably easy to use as well. I recommend it.

  • Useful

    by LittlesZees

    It's useful. I use it a lot. Like the graphs n easy to use.

  • Need more trial entries

    by EyesAreMosaics

    Seems like a potentially useful app, but there aren't nearly enough entries allowed in this lite/trial version to let me determine if I want to spend money on the full version. Therefore I probably won't.

  • Great app

    by Declan_Odette

    I've been using this app for about a month now and it's brilliant! It's very customizable for my needs. The ten bucks is pricy but worth it.

  • Great app!

    by gwenbru

    I love this app and the ability to track my progress in my health and in any other ways I choose. I want to upgrade to pro, but for some reason every time I try, iTunes gives me an error message that it currently can't process credit card transactions, but that only happens with this purchase!

  • Useless

    by Vegastowerssucks

    All this app does is crash, completely unusable

  • Great

    by ErinAmelia

    Got this as part of a plan to change some bad habits. I think it will be super useful, if I can remember to make entries every day. I love that you can export the data to analyze and cross reference.

  • Track all

    by Jacqln

    This is only my 3rd day w/ it but it is useful. It has default items to measure (which are beneficial) or you can add your own specific needs. Great way to analyze your habits!

  • Track all in one spot

    by flipflopnic

    I like that this app has all the things that are good for my overall health in one spot. Helps me see/realize where I might need to do something when I click through all the areas that I might have forgot about (i.e drinking more water when I realize how little I actually drank so far). Helps me see where I am in the big picture & keeps all the areas I need to focus on in one app.

  • By far the best!

    by NotReallyMe3

    I am amazed at all the things I am able to track. From illnesses, meds., moods, health, weight, foods, and any thing else I want to keep track of. The amount of items under each category is endless. Customizing it was the most fun. Now I can track things I'm really interested in instead of being forced to track something I don't need or want and waste half the app. This app truly is made for me!!!!! I might just have to check out the full version because the lite is great!

  • Good App but...

    by M2tall2

    This is the most customizable app I have tried. I like that I can track all my mood symptoms and health/sleep, medications and things unique to my personal illnesses, like sun exposure. The bad is that it seems like the in app graphs are a bit tough to read if you have more than a couple items to track in a category. The ugly is that the trial version, which is what it should be called got me less than a week in some tracking items: not enough time for me to decide if it was worth $9.99. A month time out would have been better. After a month, I could have maybe seen one little pattern and know if I would keep up the habit of using the app so i wasn't wasting $10. Since I don't use the badges and will export graphs, I am going to keep researching apps, maybe just a spreadsheet before plunking down cash on something. But so far this seems to be the best out there for lots of variables and symptoms.

  • App seems like it will help my health

    by Nix grove

    I like it so far...

  • Dissapointing trail app more than a free app

    by Levanchod

    This is a trial app not a free app it stops working after a while, asking to buy pro in order to continue inputing the data, and to be honest paid up is overpriced.

  • Terrible app

    by Electrofemme

    I downloaded this app yesterday and it worked fine. Today, for no apparent reason, it's stuck on one screen and has lost all of its functionality. I don't have the patience to spend much time troubleshooting, so I'm deleting it.

  • All I can say is WOW…

    by fjcinzion

    This app is already making a difference after only a couple of days. I’m looking forward to it helping me reach my health goals. I’ve tried a few other goal tracking apps but this one surpasses them all. When I get new software or an app I make it a priority to understand what it can do for me before I really get into using it and this one has totally blown me away. So make sure you put lots of effort into understanding what this app can do for you and you'll never be sorry! Good luck reaching your goals whatever they may be! I’m sure you will reach them by using this app!!!

  • Great way to track everything!

    by MntDewDan

    It takes a little bit to get used to, but it is very powerful if you want to track anything in your life. Thanks again for creating a wonderful app.

  • Wonderful App

    by happy1137

    Love it. It is so easy to ue. it is must to have for people who like to track their mood or any kind activity. Thank you developer.

  • Best of the trackers

    by Woodsrat#1

    A must have app.

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