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Lose Weight. Stay Fit. Track your Hypertension. Manage Diabetes. Look no further. TactioHealth has it all for you and your family.

> Weight Tracking
TactioHealth tracks Height, Body Weight, Body Fat %, Waist Size, Body Mass Index and Waist-to-Height Ratio from manual data entry or automated eHealth sync from Fitbit, iHealth, Withings or Wahoo Fitness scales.

> Blood Pressure Tracking
TactioHealth tracks Systolic, Diastolic, Resting Pulse and Mean Arterial Pressure from manual data entry or automated eHealth sync from iHealth or Withings BP Cuffs. TactioHealth also computes the user Heart Age from BMI and Lipid based data as well as health related profile questions.

> Daily Steps Tracking
Tracks Daily Steps from manual entry or automated eHealth sync from BodyMedia or Fitbit Trackers.

> Physical Activity Tracking
Tracks both cardio and strength physical activities by manual data entry or automated eHealth sync from RunKeeper App.

> Cholesterol Tracking
TactioHealth tracks LDL, HDL and Total Cholesterol by manual entry into the app.

> Glucose Tracking
TactioHealth tracks Fasting Glucose and Triglycerides by manual data entry into the app.

> Health Risk Assessment
TactioHealth computes the following health risks and displays charts to let the user know about the risk, its ranges and where the user stands in the ranges. They are Framingham 10-Year General Cardio-Vascular Disease Risk, Type 2 Diabetes Risk and Metabolic Syndrome.

> Nutrition Plan
Provides a personalized nutrition plan with day-to-day, meal-by-meal calories with the explanation of where this plan comes from in terms of resting metabolism, weight loss plan and physical activity. TactioHealth disables this function if user sets an "unhealthy" weight loss plan.

> Tactio Health Coach
TactioHealth delivers "just-in-time" personalized messages to coach the user to best practices of preventive healthcare. The simple presence of the app on ones iPhone or iPad generates reminders for weigh-in, BP, Cholesterol, family doctor checkup, dentist, eye exam, breast auto-exam, prostate cancer screening, etc... The Health Coach also brings advice from CDC and WHO based active lifestyle recommendations.

> Tactio Backup & Sync
TactioHealth provides an automated secured backup system of the user's data so it can be recovered on another device in case of loss or stolen device. TactioSync uses this online backup service as well as Apple iCloud to keep all the user's devices in sync with one another. So data can be logged on the iPhone during the day while charts can be analyzed in the evening on the iPad.

> Executive Health Report
TactioHealth generates a complete Executive Health Report right from the app in a single PDF that can be shared by email to anyone. All the data. All the charts. All the computed factors and colour coding.

> Electronic Health
TactioHealth supports a wide variety of eHealth interfaces to its partner's medical devices and apps. That includes various body scales, blood pressure cuffs, activity monitors and fitness coaching apps.

> Multi-User (Family)
TactioHealth supports up to 8 users for tracking supporting entire families. CDC growth data and percentiles are included from 2 to 75 years old.

> Multi-Media Notes & Journal
Supports note taking in text, audio or photo format. That can include anything from test results to food notes to an audio recording of any kind. All the notes are organized in a chronological journal.

Customer Reviews

  • Get heart healthy & stay heart healthy with Tactio

    by DrCMPatton

    If you want an affordable, comprehensive, & easy to use health tracking app get Tactio. I'm using it to make changes & keep accountable for my own cardiac, weight, & and activity levels. Best overall health app I've used. And I refer it to my patients too.

  • Innovative way to health

    by jimtx12

    I've only used TactioHealth for a short period of time, and mainly to track my cardio/blood pressure and I'm always surprised by its comprehensive nature. It's attractive and easy to use and such a great tool to keep my health in check!

  • Excellent tool

    by Hashem Alhashem

    Great app! It is the only app motivate me for healthy life style, and help me to loss weight without difficulties.

  • Great app

    by Pretender11

    Perfect for everything great way to monitor BP, HR , exercise, diet..

  • Wonderful App

    by Ralekato

    This app has really helped me with my health goals. This makes tracking my steps and progress so easy. Thanks for making this.

  • Best Health App Ever

    by iSeeiRead

    This health app is packed with features to track all your stats. You can input data yourself or let one of your smart health devices do it for you. The interface is very intuitive and user-friendly. Another plus is that you can add several people to track their health data as well. You get online and offline access to your health data as well. The app creates comprehensive health report effortlessly if you wish to get one. Everything is just a few taps away. TactioHealth is the best health app I've seen so far. Trust me, I tried many healthy apps and none comes close to the quality of this one!

  • Make getting healthy fun

    by Densford

    TactioHealth app is a great way to track your activity, weight loss and other health indicators. The interface is pleasing and it works well with my automatic Fitbit Force device so that I can keep up with my health easily. Highly recommend.

  • I Love this App

    by Ron1124

    I use this app every day. I have it synced to the fit bit site for my activity tracking and I enter my weight, glucose, blood pressure and heart rate. Since using this app I have become more aware of my health issues and have started seeing improvement in my health habits.

  • Great app that does it's job

    by RobStans

    This app has it all for following vital stats and makes it easy two input the numbers.

  • TactioHealth App is A+

    by garyandshirley

    I love this app!! I recently had my aortic valve replaced and this app keeps track of my BP, my weight, calories! It keeps track of your daily exercise and so much more. This app helps keep me honest with what I eat!! Love this app- wish I'd found it sooner!!

  • Very comprehensive

    by BAJ1

    I've been using this App for several weeks now and it's been easy to use and a fun way to monitor my health from weight loss to steps walked (using Jawbone's Up24). I just bought a scale that syncs directly to Tactio's App alleviating manual input. The report the App generates is fully comprehensive and provides a nice guide to help inspire work outs, weight loss or just better nutrition.

  • Such a helpful app

    by snevels

    Have everything you need about yourself in 1 app. Your health is in your hands. See/track your weight, track your daily steps (workouts too), body fat, cholesterol, nutrition & more. Connect to your electronic "fit" device, they'll work hand in hand. I use it to keep track of my daily movements & exercises. The nutrition part is also helpful. A big part is checking the Cardiac Risk button, it really open your eyes to your heart health & what actions you need to take. Everything is color coded so there's no guess work. It calculates daily calories of need & also what you need in order to reach your target weight. You can add photos, notes (both text & audio). It can be used for multiple people too. There's also online backup data service, you can set up. This is a great app, it tells you everything you'd need to know & then some.

  • Health conscious 50yr old.the new 30

    by Doug3dalex

    This app allow me to monitor all my health data from all my different devises. From my Withing scale to my fitbit. It's a great way for me to follow my progress and motivate me to continue.

  • Best heart health app ever!

    by Pehtros

    When it comes to getting a good health picture of where you stand in heart health or just about any category of health, this is the app. It provides resources for more research, suggestions based on health history, reports to gives you more details based on yours stats history, and even syncs with devices to help monitor your heart in pulse and blood pressure. And don't forget the health coach that encourages you to eat healthy and stay active for better heart health. Love this app!

  • Best Health App!

    by Cindy in AK

    This app is wonderful to keep track of all your health/heart related information. Info is displayed in a great format, lots of supplemental information available to help you interpret and plan to improve your health.

  • Best app

    by Sandie Root

    This app is the best app ever. I tried other health apps and found this to be useful in my daily life. Thank you for a preventive and useful app I can use every day.

  • Great health app!

    by New to KY

    I've been using Tactio for years - starting off with the weight tracker version. But I love this overall health tracker version even better especially since my doctor wanted me to start tracking my BP as well. I love that I can keep all my health info in one easy place. I even use it at my doctor visits to let them review the data.

  • For got to give you 5 stars

    by Gene'sApple

    Thanks for a well designed app easy to use and maintain I've lose 36lbs and staying at a healthier weight. Keeps track of it all with easy graphs to see my progress

  • How's your Heart

    by Hpshack

    Not only the BEST APP, Tactiohealth assists in prolonging your days by promoting your heart health - don't be left behind

  • Now there is a bug

    by ekayuan

    Cardio activity greater than 600 min, and it's insufficient!

  • Please Fix

    by Mel173265738/

    Boo!! I don't know what's going on but the new update causes all the things I input to appear incorrectly. I enter one mile of swimming and it appears in the log as .6 The same thing is happening for daily steps, distance and time hiking, everything. Please fix it! This was a great app

  • Too many bugs to write about

    by tBasco

    Crashes, weight plan approved by my doctor is too aggressive and will not track properly in this app.

  • No longer crashes

    by CJ Herr

    I have been using this app for years and have really found it useful, but the new update crashes on startup every time. Update: After uninstalling/reinstalling, app seems to be working correctly.

  • New version doesn't start

    by Ksucat90

    Update has broken app

  • Doesn't open

    by Paulo Bazaglia

    After last update, app doesn't open.

  • Fail

    by shushing3

    The latest update 5.2.181 crashes on opening, every time, on my iphone5. Tried killing the app, and rebooting, neither helps. I have years of weight and BP data that are now inaccessible. Argh! Revised: I was able to successfully delete the app, and reinstall. Then it made me reinitialize all my settings, but finally did restore my data from online backup. Scary. I really want to give this app a good review, because I like what it does for me. But they really made it worse, with the look and feel update. Everything feels more difficult to access. The BMI limit is ill-advised. When my wife goes into dialysis, they have a target dry weight for her, that this app will not allow me to enter, because it is below the BMI limit tactio has arbitrarily set. I guess I will have to lie to it, and tell it she is shorter.

  • Great app, but

    by Denraymond

    Been using the app for quite awhile. Now it won't open. What happened?

  • Horrible upgrade!

    by GoAvsGo!

    The current upgrade is horrible. When opening the app, it goes to a black screen and closes out. Fix this please!!!

  • Won't run

    by Run issue 99

    This application won't run after the recent update, even after restarting the app or rebooting the device. Worked previously.

  • Version published on 1/21/2014 crashes

    by Agahl

    Bug causes app to crash on iOs 7.1.4 Beta. Please fix.

  • Update crashes loses data and won't update

    by iPhone user987

    Installed update. Continuous crashes on launch so reinstalled. Lost last week of data - so much for TactioCloud. Now won't log weight changes, just saves same value again and again. Deleted and switched to another health app!

  • Don't upgrade

    by Hhhhahahhhh

    Great app but this version crashes and won't even open. Don't upgrade!

  • Crash on app start

    by FollyDude

    Crashes on start, both iphone and ipad.

  • Won't Open

    by Amber Nielsen

    Latest update causes app to fail to initiate. Don't update your app until a new version is released.

  • New version stop working!

    by AndFoster

    New update, now the app doesn't open!

  • $$ in app

    by hrleygirl

    Why don't you give the price for the diabetes add on and when you click more info you can't get back to the app.. Frustrating

  • App does not start

    by Kumria

    I just bought this app. I cannot open the app. It keeps crashing. Please fix! Sent support a second email today for help. I am guessing they have too many customers!

  • app fails to connect to m7

    by tRx!

    infinite spinning wheel when tries to connect.

  • Zero

    by Suspo65

    No calorie journal. What good does it do to have recommended calories by meal and day if you can't enter the calories you've consumed. Doesn't even give you a daily total target so you have to add 4 meals worth of suggested calories that differ by day of the week. Calorie search is slow and useless. It gives servings in grams, not something logical like half an avocado.

  • Constant Crashing

    by Joeycules

    This app was incredible at tracking my weight loss last year. But now it constantly crashes and will not open on the current iOS. It's very frustrating.

  • Asaf

    by Nickname1900

    This is a must have app. I tried so many apps but this is by far the BEST app for getting in shape and monitoring your weight, blood values and more. This smart app allows you to compare your status and progress based on universal parameters as well as individuals. It motivates you to make better choices and improve your health. It even creates a PDF summary report which you can send to your doctor right away. Well done guys.

  • Use with you doctor!

    by rowdy body

    I use this app every year to give my doctor a complete history. I love this app.

  • Thanks Tactio

    by Donna Shears

    I love this app!! Much more detailed than others I've tried. Thank you!

  • Love Tactio!

    by Zachary Culver

    Great app lets me keep track of weight loss goals, calories in/out and physical activity. Love the RunKeepee integration! Now I can keep everything in one place. I recently acquired an iHealth blood pressure monitor and it syncs the information flawlessly to the app. I will continue to use this app!

  • Long Time Companion!

    by ClubUgly

    I've been using this app for a long time now. It's a great companion for my daily activities and my young 6 yr old who just told me my Buddha stomach is now gone!

  • Christmas 2013 review

    by BTR pizza eater

    TactioHealth is great. Love the dashboard. Easy setup with my FitBit.

  • Displays my UID and Password for fitbit on screen

    by JayATS

    On the steps screen it displays my UID and Password for fitbit on the screen on the top left. Also, it does not sync to a polar bluetooth heart rate monitor.

  • Just started

    by Charlie0987

    I like that this app allows you to put in glucose readings and blood pressure

  • Best Health information aggregator

    by dtherio

    Great iOS 7 look and feel. Great job folks! I've been using TatciHealth for some time now. It is one of the best things that has happened to me regarding my health. I use it with my Fitbit Flex and Wahoo BP Cuff. Saving up for a weight scale to add to the mix. I even got my historical records from my doctor from the time that I was diagnosed with diabetes (about 6.5 years ago) and entered all of those blood suger, HbA1C, blood pressure and cholesterol numbers. Without TactioHealth I wouldn't be able to see at a glance how I am controlling my diabetes. I was also able to see that for me, fish oil was a bad thing (this isn't medical advice folks!). By looking at the graphs I could see that when I stopped taking fish oil my LDL numbers dropped by 30 points! I print out the health report and bring it to my doctor on every visit. Everyone in the office is impressed with the data that TatioHealth tracks and the informative report it creates. Download today. If you are diabetic, get the Diabetes add-on. It is worth it.

  • Great app!

    by JZ2bfit

    I use this app to track weight and blood pressure! Works great and user friendly. Thank you for helping me get to my goals!

  • Tactio

    by Srcenteno

    Me gusta

  • TactioHealth helps me determine which products I buy!

    by Ssssssssssssss0000

    I love the TactioHealth app so much, I now look to see which devices and programs sync with it. The best thing is there are so many options! I use TactioHealth with my Fitbit, my Withings scale and the Runkeeper app. The new look and update to the app have made it even easier to view my data and I can even share it with my doctor. Thank you TactioHealth!

  • Top-notch health app

    by Dbkill

    This is an excellent app for keeping track of health and medical data. I don't know how much stock to put in the predictions/calculations of cardiovascular health, but I do enjoy using it. I also like that it syncs with my Fitbit data automatically.

  • Thanks Tactio!!

    by Ferelii

    This app will help to change your mentality on health concern, keep remind and engage you everyday, remind key date that u always forget ie dentist. Cool app, I open it everyday

  • So nice to have one spot

    by Wakko37

    It's so helpful to have one spot to view/update/track my health info. Engaging healthcare Apps feels like the next big thing and this app helps keep it in control

  • Best!

    by Jessica Schrufer

    Even though I don't use this app to its full extent, it really offers a lot of information about and for you! I really like the badge option for your goal weight. It's good motivation watching it change! Multitude of menus screens and modes are simple, smart, and encouraging. I've seen this app through more than a couple versions and with each new one, I am more excited about the newest features.

  • Great way to track health goals

    by AlpacaLips

    App is a great way to track key measures of health and provides a handy way to communicate statistics to healthcare providers. It helped me lose 105 pounds, and get my blood pressure and cholesterol under control.

  • Excellent app!

    by Fanno

    This app is very usefel, It helped me alot and I lost weight! Beautiful UI and wonderful user experience. I recomend using this app!

  • Love it!

    by kolocha7

    Great app! Extremely useful. I use it to chart my weight mostly but it has a lot of good features.

  • Great health app

    by Therese Todtenbier

    This app has helped me track my weight loss and it also has helped to keep me motivated in the right direction.

  • Great App

    by coysuds

    Wonderful app to keep tabs on all your health info! Blood pressure, weight, Cholestorol, and more. Great easy to use app! Love using the app. Monitors all aspects of my health and fitness! Syncs with my Fitbit Flex without issues!

  • App does everything

    by k_9limo

    I love having all my health and workout info in one place. It syncs with my fitbit and iPad to make things even easier.

  • Great App for tracking your health

    by fastlane4136

    I love this app. I track all my medical history and use it to see where I can continue to improve my health.

  • V5 is Your Total Health Dashboard

    by ChetticusMaximus

    Outstanding app for pulling together all of your critical health data, including daily activity benchmarks.

  • I like it

    by MacCoach25

    Easy to input goals, graphs are easy to view. Handy way to track various health information.

  • Has potential

    by DoeRayMe24680

    Not my favorite app. I seldom use it because I don't find it to be very user friendly. Great in theory, tho. And better than any of the similar apps.

  • Latest version - works well !!

    by macjeffy

    I like the latest update v5.1 - works well !!!! Keep up the good work

  • Really love this app

    by Diebunnydie

    I use in conjunction with fitbit. I like the longer view reporting, and ability to pull in and track other health data. The reports are great, as well.

  • Part of my quantified self

    by C-Brook

    Tactio is my go-to app for tracking my heallth metrics—really useful and I highly recommend it.

  • Great app for your health

    by @@87

    This app has made me more aware of my Heath and activity. It's comprehensive and yet easy to use.

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