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SYMPLE An elegant symptom journal for your iPhone. Easy to use, and flexible enough to meet any set of symptoms, regardless of condition or disease.

Get started today and discover patterns in your symptoms.

- Track as many as 20 symptoms at a time
- Record medications, exercise & other factors that influence your symptoms
- Keep daily notes and photos
- Easily share your history with your doctor
- Export data to your favorite spreadsheet app



See how WHAT you do affects HOW you feel.

By tracking your symptoms & the factors that influence those symptoms (like starting a new medication, walking for 30 minutes, or adopting a gluten-free diet), you can discover what helps and what hurts.

Does exercise affect your mood?
Is red wine the cause of your insomnia?
Does prednisone reduce your bowel pain?

Beautiful graphs merge factors & symptoms into one, so you can see how they relate.

Simply swipe to scroll through current symptoms.


FIVE STARS "My shoulder pain kept coming and going, but I didn't know why. Tracking it with Symple helped me figure it out."

FIVE STARS "Remembering what happens between office visits is a breeze. And I love the Doctor's Report. Yay!"

FIVE STARS "Symple offers my patients a better way to report their symptoms and side effects, which lets us be more collaborative. Good work!"



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We can't get better without you.

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Customer Reviews

  • Helpful

    by Rogue0703

    An excellent app. So helpful for keeping track of my lupus symptoms and activity.

  • Simplest and clearest

    by invisible map

    Clear graphics and simple UI. I can record a lot of information and yet it feels uncluttered and easy to access. Thank you for a wonderful app.

  • Excellent

    by Lizzz B

    This tracker can be used with anything you can think of. Physical, mental, this app is completely customizable.

  • a personal health diary

    by Aerodyno

    Great interface, you can tell a great deal of thought went in to it. No annoying log ins/accounts, it just works right away. Very smart app.

  • Great App

    by PaPaSmUrPh11

    This is quick and easy way to track daily symptoms. I love the reminders and the way it graphs your symptoms over time.

  • Excellent

    by Lizzz B

    This tracker can be used with anything you can think of. Physical, mental, this app is completely customizable.

  • Best symptom tracker in App Store

    by benjherb

    This is by far the best symptom tracker in the App Store. That being said, it could still use some improvement, particularly with regard to the doctor's report. It would be a lot more useful if the report contained additional information other than the 30 day average and last symptom recorded, such as a symptom timeline or graph, factors, and diary entries. It would also probably be best to allow the user to choose what content appears in the report on the report settings page.

  • Floored.

    by Sharks6

    This app is amazing. How did I track my symptoms before!? This is awesome.

  • Awesome app

    by JJ Rate

    Great features, versatile and easy to use. I highly recommend. Doesn't ever crash!

  • Powerful and simple to use

    by RunningMan123

    Using to track ankle pain and ITB pain for marathon training. So easy, smart graphs

  • Use it every day

    by Sigma dime

    Best of the bunch by far. Clean and simple and sort of addictive. Learning to manage anxiety. Thanks

  • Cool app

    by nxtstar

    I just wish it had password protection

  • Not useful as a mood diary

    by Anon666

    I was looking for a good mood diary to track depression and symptoms.... This isnt it.

  • Very helpful

    by Denise Grubbs

    I don't review things - I read reviews, but I hate reviewing things. I've made an exception because of how amazing this app is. As a teen with a complex medical case, it is great to be able to chart symptoms to show my parents and doctors instead of thinking -"was the trouble this week or last week?" And having to guess after the fact. I just downloaded this app today and I'm very impressed. It's very user-friendly and it's nice to be able to just type in my symptoms that apply to me instead of scrolling through a bunch I don't have while trying to track what I do or even worse for the symptoms I have to not be listed. Some older reviews stated that you could only have about symptoms charted, but I think I have about 25 on there now. You can also put factors that might be triggers for you, and pause symptoms you've had before but aren't having now. Sorry this is so long, but basically I've had no problems with the app, I'm very impressed with it, and I'd absolutely recommend it to a friend.

  • VeryGood adaptable

    by Snooze master

    This app is very customizable. I haven't tried to export it but I think it will be good to see patterns to figure out what is good and bad for me and symptoms.

  • Good App Great idea

    by LtlRedX

    Good start

  • Simple, but no times

    by Vidoqo7

    I loved the simplicity, but only a daily recording option, as opposed to time. Location might be nice, too.

  • Easy & insightful.

    by bHammiam

    Aptly named, Symple is by far the easiest and fastest way I've found to log medical information. I love the design, love the automated graphs and reports, and most of all I love the fact that I need only invest 15 seconds a day to reap the benefits.

  • Seems okay

    by E_piphany

    It tracks ample symptoms. But, feels as though it missing something.

  • Fantastic app!!

    by WeathAR

    This is a great app for tracking. I have been using it for 6 months and it keeps getting better with every update. Thanks!

  • Only one entry per day?

    by 12332455443

    Allowing only one entry per day is not useful for documenting the the symptoms I experience.

  • I love this app

    by Raj2423

    A beautiful and simple way to track your symptoms. Allows you to create a report and save or email them to your doctor. Beautiful graphs and visuals make it painless to manage your health. Thank you for this!

  • Simple!

    by Womanhead1

    This has worked very well for me. It is a very simple app, but it allows you to track complex symptoms and factors that may influence them. No extra bells and whistles, just a straight forward tracking app with results you can share with your health care provider.

  • Perfect symptom tracker!

    by Kricket20002

    This app has made tracking my symptoms as easy as can be and given me the information I need to take back to my doctor. I cannot say enough good things about it. I have been raving about it to friends since I installed it.

  • Highly Recommend This App

    by mid.night22

    This is a really good app for tracking daily symptoms and also for factors that may contribute to those symptoms... I like how you can see which factors correlate with the severity of the symptoms, and that you can send info to your dr. I highly recommend this app! ^_^

  • Easy to use!

    by BelieverLyme3

    This app has made my life a lot easier. Recording my symptoms is very simple, and the graphs are so useful. I can record factors each day and see how that affects my symptoms, even months later! This app is great! I am excited for the upcoming update! Thank you so much for this wonderful tool.

  • Good idea

    by Brazilona

    It's a good app. Still work in progress

  • Fast and symple :)

    by Girrrrrl10356

    I never miss a day bc it's so easy. My doc loved the report.

  • Awesome app!!!

    by Sitara21

    Very simple and easy to use.

  • Easy & Conviniant

    by Marjorie Phipps

    Making my own symptoms to keep track of is really great. Also, the easy one touch rating on the intensity of symptoms in one simple list. Makes my life simpler.

  • Great!

    by Engmor513

    My favorite app for tracking my Lyme symptoms and the factors that I suspect are making them worse or better. The graphs allow me to make connections between my symptoms and factors so I can tailor my treatment and behaviors accordingly. I expect that some day soon my symptom graphs will plummet into the "none" range and stay there-- and it will be in no small part because of this app. I highly recommend it to all chronic sufferers. I think symptom tracking is the first step to recovery.

  • Not useful for managing children's care

    by SoCAliMama

    Would like the option to add profiles so more than one person can be tracked. Would prefer that symptoms had the option of being present or absent. Some symptoms are better tracked this way, not just factors. I haven't been able to figure out how to graph. I still like the concept, but these issues make the app practically useless

  • It COULD be great...

    by DreamyCAtcher

    This could be an amazing app but unfortunately as it is now, there is no way to correlate symptoms with possible causes! Very frustrating! I really hope they fix this!

  • So glad I found this!

    by inkymama

    Knowledge is power, right? Symple puts it in your hands. They identified a need, and have put together a fantastic app here. Wonderful for managing conditions, it's so awesome to have a way to view correlations. Finally! I emailed the developer to thank them, and got an *awesome* reply. So many great features are in the works! Get it!

  • Great Idea

    by SimpleNorth

    Good idea, but didn't work for my to track ADHD symptoms. Symptom field names much to short to handle complex/mental health symptoms.

  • Awesome Program

    by Barbara Henry

    This is so easy to use and modify for your own needs; I am deeply impressed and very grateful.

  • Easy to use but need to be able to group factors

    by sjanellem

    It's very convenient having this on my phone and being reminded to stop and take note of what's going on. It's too soon to tell if it will actually help me detect a pattern. The biggest challenge I have is since I'm still in 'detective' mode, I'm tracking a huge range of potential factors. If I were able to group them I think I might narrow it down faster.

  • Ease of use

    by Pagfaery

    This very easy to use and easy to set up for your personal needs. I Lil this about it the only thing I would change is how some of the rating is. I wish I could personalize that portion also.

  • Good

    by Dee4given

    I am finding this app very helpful and simple.

  • Organized

    by Aquarry

    I am liking this app so far. Only been using it a week. Wish I could associate a time of day with the symptom. I am using another app for a food diary in conjunction with this app.

  • Great for broad trends, not as good for specific instances

    by Ofrabjousday

    What it does (tracking overall symptom level for the day and whether certain factors were present at some point that day), it does well, and it's easy to log every day. I just wish there were a way to log specific instances of a symptom - like an attack of nausea at 4pm, and then whether triggers were present immediately beforehand or at the time of the attack. It's hard to determine cause and effect for these kinds of short term symptoms when I can only see if triggers were present the same calendar day, not before or after.

  • Ok but didn't fit my needs

    by sunflwrgyrl

    This app is probably very helpful for tracking certain things but I didn't like that "factors" are categorical (yes/no) while symptoms are along a continuum. Some things may be both a symptom and a "factor" and the app makes you choose how to record it in a way that limits how you can look at relationships between things later. Because of this significant limitation, it did not meet my needs.

  • Symplicity

    by Tv1950

    Works really well. Simplicity is key to actually using it!

  • Works good!

    by Kaziemom

    Easy way to keep track of symptoms!

  • Easy yet effective

    by Thek9copswife

    So simple yet effectively tracks my mood swings. Love it

  • What a godsend

    by Ellienod

    I can't wait to bring this with me to my next dr appt. it will be great to have real daily data and a graphical depiction of how I've been feeling rather than just memory at my visit. The reminder timer is essential for me and the factors gave helped me to be more mindful of my symptoms and what I do to influence them. Thanks for a great app.

  • No reset junk

    by Cat lady Cleo

    It is so nice to not have to deal with other people's choices. You put your own items that you want to track.

  • Awesome! Easy! Helpful!

    by Emtrulpar

    Every time I go to the doc, I can't remember my problems. This makes it so easy to let the doc know exactly what your problem is... And it's also great for you to discover some patterns of your health problems that you might be able to solve before needing to see the doc. I love this ap! It helps me log everything I've been wanting to for years but couldn't do it easily enough until now.

  • Great tool!

    by Amy folder

    It is actually very easy to use- I usually tend to forget to record symptoms, and having multiple factors and symptoms is extremely helpful. What pushes it up to 5 are the easy to read graphs! Thanks!

  • Very Easy to Use

    by Brittany Stevenson

    This app is really easy to use and really gives you a clear picture of patterns between symptoms and factors. Great design! Symple could use a larger character count for each symptom's name, and perhaps a way for the app to display simple graphs or analyses without use of an external software (right now you must export data to analyze relationships between symptoms and factors)

  • Great app!

    by Itskem


  • Inadequate as a medical log

    by YoHoHo&aBottleOfRum

    Want a log to track multiple medical issues. This app cannot do the task. Factors affecting symptoms are global, not per symptom. Something that is a factor for allergies won't be a factor for pain or GI issues. Deleting this one. Thank god I didn't pay anything for it.

  • Great app!

    by Onefish2fish

    Really easy to use! It would be even more helpful if they allowed customization of the rating scale for tracking symptoms.

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